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Prompt: Hey! Do you do crossovers??? If so can u do a sam Winchester imagine where he meets your ex who just so happens to be The joker (jared Leto) and the joker totally freaks sam out? Thanks 💚💜
A/N: i personally love crossovers! and i really like your blog too!


You love Sam Winchester – he’s sweet, he’s a good man, but most of all he’s stable. And in the right mind. Not psychotic in anyway. Completely normal. Well, ignoring some questionable things that happened in the past, his brother complex and immense daddy issues, Sam is what you call a catch.  

Unlike your ex, who was the complete opposite.

Sam only heard some tales from you about him – about his tattoos, violent mood swing and over all chaos that always followed after him. He never actually thought he’d get to meet him.

But he did. The Joker stood a couple of meters away from the hunter, a first emotionless look morphing to curiosity and lastly mad glee. Sam glanced at you by his side, finding you extremely annoyed.  

“Well, well, well” The Joker started, lowly, a twisted smile rising on his lips, “Fate loves bringing us together, (Name).”  

“Fate can shove it.” You blurred, grabbing Sam by the upper arm and urging him to leave with you, “C'mon, Sam, let’s go home.” Your actions were quickly stopped when Joker pulled out his gun, pointing it straight at Sam. You frowned. Sam frowned, “Don’t…move…” You whispered to him.

“Boring doesn’t suit you, (Name).” The Joker said, his face twisting into a scowl as he glared at the taller male, “Come back to daddy, now.”

“If you really love me that much than you should let me be happy.” You told through gritted teeth. The Joker smiled, almost lovingly.

“…You always were the caring one.” He cocked his gun away from Sam, pointing it at some random passenger in the parking lot as his finger pulled the trigger. A loud bang echoed in the lot. Your blood ran cold. Sam freed himself from his grasp as you ran to the injured person. He tackled your laughing ex.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”


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Looking between the lines pt. 1

So this is my first real attempt to write a story.. It’s alo posted on AO3, http://archiveofourown.org/works/9564770/chapters/21627455 , and I want to post it on Wattpad as well but hey! Who knows. Please tell me what you think! (Correcting errors are welcome too.

.xx Elsatxx

Pairing: I havent decided yet..
Word Count: 1,002
Warnings: None yet..

Story under cut.

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Imagine being Jared's sister and Jensen is your husband.

“I’ll let her watch, if it’s like a light scene. You know if it’s like Jared and I are talking in the or the motel. And you know it’s nothing violent.” Jensen shrugged softly.

“I mean even when I am not home- I know that’s what (Y/n) does too. And sometimes- I’ll be like, ‘Hey, JJ. Who is that?'”

“'And she’d be like, “Daddy.'” he mimicked and they both chuckled “ 'And who’s- who is he with?'”

“And she- 'Uncle Jared.’ That’s right. The Padalecki blood runs through her too.” he laughed with a shake of his head.

“She loves her uncle Jared just as much as (Y/n) loves her brother.” he nodded his head with a proud smile.

“She took that from her then huh?” the interviewer asked and he nodded his head again with a wide smile.

“Absolutely! I mean (Y/n) and Jared are like- like Sam and Dean and obviously JJ took a little bit of that as well. She seriously loves spending time with Jared and her cousins very much!” h laughed, running a hand over his beard.

“That is honestly adorable!”

“Yeah yeah absolutely! You know after the first 'You’re dating my sister?’ glare everything went into place.” he chuckled.

“Oh wow he is a 'Dean’ in real life huh?”

“Definitely! I mean when we decided to announce (Y/n)’s pregnancy he was the first one to find out. Other than you know both (Y/n) and I wanting him to know, because of how close we are, he is actually her older brother and has an important place in her heart. So uh when the day came-” he rubbed the back of his neck, letting out a small laugh “-he was touched let me tell you, and he did cry! Oh yes!”

She laughed “Well, you did cry when JJ was born too!” she pointed out.

He laughed with a shake of his head “I can’t deny anything only because (Y/n) twitted it a couple days later.”

“But really-” he spoke up again “-after the initial surprise and tears and all the congratulations he may or may have not mentioned how… I was the one that got her pregnant.” he made a face, laughing soon after “Yeah well he is up to this day trying to forget that or else they will need to cast someone else for Dean! I will be unable to move for more than a year!”



“And not to mention how I still need to clean my mind with bleach!” Jared’s almost disgusted but certainly playful, voice was heard from behind the camera.


You held your stuffed stitch close to you as you made your way up the drive way.

As you laid eyes on the familiar faces of your second family, you couldn’t help but light up.

They were taking pictures together, with others that you couldn’t quite see too well.

But as you got closer, the little boys you loved so much, noticed you from afar and jumped in joy.

“Auntie Y/N!” Tom yelped, running towards you.

You belted out in laughter as you watched his costume bounce around.

He ran straight into your arms, crashing into you.
“Hey kiddo!” You cackled.

Shep wasn’t too far behind and before you knew it, he collided into you as well, wrapping his tiny arms around your neck.

Both and Gen and Jared let out chuckles, making there way over.

“Do you like my costume auntie Y/N? I’m toothless!” Tom spewed.

“I love it! You all look awesome!” You spewed.

Shep tugged your arm, catching your attention. He pointed at your stuff toy. “That’s stitch.” He muttered.

You nodded, flashing a smile. “Wanna play with it? Keep him safe?”

Shep’s eyes grew and he smiled.

“Hey beautiful.” Gen squealed, taking you in for a quick hug.

“Hey gorgeous.” You cackled, embracing her.

Pulling apart, you were able to see every feature of her costume. Jared walked up from behind, making you belt out in laughter.

“Holy crap dude. You look freakin awesome.” You stated.

He chuckled to himself, shrugging his shoulders. “I know, I look like such a babe.” He teased.

“Let’s not get carried away now.” You heard a familiar voice mutter.

Your heart skipped a beat as you met the pair of green emerald eyes. It was jensen, the guy you accidentally kissed 7 years ago at a New Year’s Party. And ever since, you had always felt something for the guy. Which killed you.

Because he was married to an amazing woman. And their daughter was beyond the most adorable little girl you have ever met.

“Hey stranger, long time no see.” Jensen smirked.

Your lip quivered and your breath shook as you inhaled. “Hey.” You hesitated.

You felt like the world stood still as you both looked intently at one another. You have tried to keep your distance from him. To push the feelings aside, but it was hard.

“How about you boys go start the barbecue while we take the kids trick or treating for a bit?” Gen muttered, snapping you out of your daze.

“Okay, don’t forget the guests should be arriving here around 7. So don’t be late.” Jared exhaled.
He pecked gen and made his way inside, as jensen followed behind.

You almost didn’t notice Danneel, until she and JJ walked over to you. “Do you know who Y/N dressed up as?” She asked her daughter.

You turned your gaze to them, flashing a smile as your stomach felt as if it dropped.

“LILO!” JJ yelped, giggling in Danneels arms.

“That’s right bug!” You cackled.

“We better get going. The boys have been driving me nuts!” Gen chuckled.

“Alright, whose going to be my buddy for the night?” You asked, looking at both Tom and shep.

“Me! Me!” Tom yelped.

Without hesitation, he took your hand looking up at you. He was the man of your life, and probably the best little kid you have ever met.

“Shoot, I forgot Shep’s bag.” Gen exhaled.

“I’ll get it.” You smiled.

Walking into the house, you ran straight into broad shoulders, making you fumble over yourself.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there.” Jensen muttered, helping you balance yourself.

Looking up, you met his gaze and immediately feeling your cheeks flush. Why did he have so much affect on you?

“I-it’s fine.” You chuckled. “I’ll live.”

Jensen belted out in laughter, taking the wig off his head and tossing it on to the couch.

“How’ve you been? It’s been a while!” Jensen stated, crossing his arms over his chest. “I’ve really missed you.”

Those words made your stomach flutter.

“I-I’ve been good. Just working and stuff.” You exhaled. “I missed you too.”

He inched closer to you, making your breath hitch. “Well I’m glad you were able to make it.” He smirked. “You look really beautiful, by the way.”

And just like that, you forgot how to breathe all together.

Your heart was beating rapidly, and your throat felt parched.

“I-I better go. The boys are anxious to leave.” You whispered.

Before he had a chance to say another word, you grabbed the bag and made your way out of the house.

Jensen looked out of the window, following your silhouette. Since the night he kissed you, drunk from all the alcohol, he hasn’t been able to keep you off his mind.

And he hated himself for it.

This was going to be a long night.


Title: Red Velvet Cake [AO3]
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mutual Pining. Angst. Emotional Hurt/Comfort. Jealous!Possessive!Jensen. Hurt!Jared. Baker!Jensen. Mentions of Stephen/Jared.
Word Count: 2,5k for this year’s spn-springfling
Summary: Baker!Jensen AU. Jensen met Jared twenty-six years, four months, two weeks, and one engagement ring too late.

But thankfully, he also met him one wedding cake too early.

Imagine Jared comforting you during a storm [Requested]

I jumped back as lightening struck the hills behind the house, and in that moment the house went dark.


My boyfriend Jared still hadn’t come home yet and I was starting to get worried.

He finally answered my third phone call.

“Hey baby.”

“How far away are you?”

“Two exits down. I’ll be home soon.”

“Ok. I love you. Please be careful”

“I love you too. Don’t be scared…”

We hung up as I watched the waterfall that was being made by our overflowing gutters. The wind was bending the trees and the smaller branches and leaves were scuttling across the concrete.

Small pellets of hail were beginning to splatter and bounce along the ground as the rain and wind continued.

I hate storms. I always have ever since I was little. Jared was well aware of this fear having been with me for close to two years.

I went back to sit on the couch, wrapping myself in a soft blanket as the sky lit up again. The cracking thunder was deafening and shook the house just as Jared came in from the garage.

He came to me and wrapped his arms around me tightly and kissed my forehead. I couldn’t help but shake and wipe away a stray tear as he held me.

“I’m here baby. I’m here.”

The feeling of him holding me and rubbing my back began to soothe me. He took me upstairs and to our bedroom where he lit a few candles and readied himself for bed.

We snuggled down under the covers and listened to the sounds of the rain. His body nestled next to mine and keeping me calm.

One more thing: my husband Michael didn’t come into the panels with me. He was sitting in a back hallway trying to get away from the crowd and Clif came out a door and looked at him. Michael goes “I’m just waiting for my wife.” And Clif just kind of chuckled and walked back into the ballroom where the panel happened. Then he walked out again with Jared and Jensen. They glanced down at Michael and Michael looked at Jared and said “Hey- I know you! You played Thomas Kinkade in that Christmas movie!” And Jared said “Oh god” but Jensen just lost it. He laughed so hard that it made Jared laugh too. I love my husband.


Requested: Yes, by @jared-padaloveme
Thank you for the request dear! I hope you like it.

Summary: Hey! I really love your work and i was wondering if you could write a drabble for me with the prompts 36 and 91 with Sam. I hope you don’t mind me being too specific but i don’t want them to be in a relationship but she likes him and he likes her but they don’t tell each other. Thanks!!!

Prompts: 36. “Sorry, I thought I was alone..”
91. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about.

Triggers: Mentions of abuse (mental, physical, verbal), PTSD, tears, insecure reader

A.N.: hey guys, I know this was meant to be a Drabble but it ended up a little longer. I hope you enjoy it. THIS POST DOES NOT EXCUSE ABUSE! Abuse is not okay. I simply used the idea to give the character a tragic backstory. I’m very sorry if it offends anyone.
The first time Sam Winchester saw her she was beheading a vampire, chest heaving, blood splattered all over her skin and clothes. Both brothers had been impressed with her abilities, and after a few drinks and long conversation, they’d invited her on the road with them. It didn’t take long for Sam to notice the nightmares, the crying out in the middle of the night. There was something dark in her eyes, something guarded. They saw scars she refused to explain, scars that could only come from deep cuts. She’d flinch when they moved too fast, eyes downcast. She only talked when spoken too, and she kept to her own space, no matter how much Sam tried to bring her out of her shell. She was broken in a lot of ways, but there was a brilliance in her that he wanted to know all about. She was kind and loving, always making sure the boys were taken care of. She made sure Dean didn’t drink himself into a coma, and that there was enough food in the bunker. She made sure they didn’t fall into a pit of depression and alcohol, and Sam couldn’t thank her enough for that. Dean on the other hand was too occupied with the Mark of Cain to notice. That was another reason he was thankful for her. She was a good friend, a person to confide in when he knew Dean couldn’t be that. Sam had to be the strong one now, help Dean through this. That was his job, and she was more than happy to help. If only she’d confide in him. If he was being honest with himself, he had feelings for her, maybe even loved her. What he didn’t know, is that she felt the same, but didn’t feel worthy. In fact, she was currently in her room, sitting in front of the mirror, tear stains on her cheeks. Just as Sam walked by her open door, a whimper left her lips, and he stopped, looking into her room. His heart broke at the sight of her, head buried in her knees, shoulders shaking with sobs. He couldn’t help himself. He stepped inside, walking slowly over to her. His hand fell on her shoulder, stepping back when she jumped to her feet. She looked down when she noticed it was him, furiously wiping her tears.
“Sorry, I thought I was alone” Sam’s shoulders slumped at that. Why was she apologizing? Why wouldn’t she talk to him?
“Y/N, what’s wrong?” She shook her head, plastering on a fake smile.
“Nothing, I’m fine.” Sam scoffed.
“Come on, you expect me to believe that? You think I haven’t noticed the nightmares, the flinching when we move too fast, how you never look us in the eye, or how you don’t talk unless we ask you something? We’ve noticed alright? And we’re worried about you! I’m worried about you!” She set her shoulders, holding her head high as she stared him down.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Sam.”
“Don’t lie to me! Please Y/N! Talk to me! I care about you alright?” She gulped at the confession, and deep down, she knew what he was saying, but she didn’t acknowledge it. She didn’t think she deserves too. She slumped in defeat, sitting down on her bed.
“I was in a relationship with a man named Ryder for seven years before I met you boys.” Sam had sat down beside her, staring at her as she talked.
“At first he was kind, compassionate and caring. But then he changed. He was drinking all the time, he left at all hours and came home smelling like a bar and someone else’s perfume. He started verbally abusing me, telling me how worthless I was, how pathetic. I let him get to me. I was upset of course and confronted him. That was the first time he hit me. The abuse got worse as time went on. He broke me, made me hate who I was. It wasn’t until a few months ago when I found out he was possessed. My mother had passed, and I tried convincing him to go to the funeral. We’d fought about it, and I saw his eyes go black. The pastor at my church knew about hunters, and he told me everything when I’d gone to confide in him. He helped me tie Ryder down and exorcise him, but he was already gone. I became a hunter after that, and then I met you guys.” He didn’t say anything, just pulled her into a tight hug, holding on until he thought she’d break when he felt her start crying. He took in a deep breath, pulling away to make her look at him.
“You are not pathetic, you are not worthless. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. You’re kind, and smart, and compassionate, funny, brave, courageous and outgoing. You always take care of us, making sure we eat and sleep, and shower. You make sure Dean doesn’t drink himself to death and that I remember to take care of myself when I get too focused on research. You are the most important member of our team, the most important person to me! And I swear I will spend the rest of my life proving it if I have too!” She was crying by the time he’d finished talking, unable to form words. He pulled her back into his embrace, feeling her doubt, her still lingering insecurities. He knew this wouldn’t just go away, but he’d be there, every step of the way.
“I promise”

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Don’t Hurt Yourself

Reader x Supernatural Cast

Warnings: Don’t Think There Is Any

Words: 880

Request From Anon:  Hey, so I was wondering if you could do a fic where the reader is a new actress on the show and befriends cast members and Jared has a slight crush on reader, but reader is gay and comes out to the cast? But have Jared be supportive? Maybe…

Okay, I’m sorry this is shorter than my other fics, but I love how it turned out, and I hope you do too Anon. Let me know.

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So, J2 panel is literally over now. Apparently there wasn’t a single question about Ackles twins or even a simple congratulations from spn fans. Like, yeah, spn fans light candles to honor Jared, ask all kinds of silly, useless, not-show-related, personal questions to Jensen all the time, demand Jensen to strip-tease or kiss Misha on stage for entertainment, but hey, I think one simple congratulation, one honest moment to show support or love was just too much, right? Is this fandom for real?

Like, I get it now fandom, I perfectly get it. Why would you even want to congratulate or talk about something that is important to Jensen? It’s totally a waste of time because it is about Jensen, correct? Jensen might even think that he is loved and appreciated and cared for–he might even think that he’s part of the so called spn-family and we can’t have that now, can we?

I just have to laugh at the “we are spn-family” bs now. Family? yeah, some kind of family it is. No wonder Jensen thinks he is the least loved of the crew, no wonder.

I always said if I ever got the chance to make it to Comic-Con and get my picture taken with Jared I wouldn’t gush over it and parade my experience on the internet but that’s exactly what I’m about to do so, bear with me…..

As soon as I got there he said “hey babe.” And like an idiot I didn’t say hi back, instead I said “OMG, I love you soo much.” And he said “thank you, I love you too.”( I’m sure he says that to all his fans but let me have my moment.)
My hands are shaking cause I’m freaking out so he holds my hands and tells me it’s alright and that I dont need to be nervous then asks me what pose I wanted to do. I ask him if I can have a squishy hug and he replies “hell yeah you can, come in here darlin,” and proceeds to pull me into the tightest hug I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Afterwards, I tell him thank you as I’m trying not to cry and he winks at me. So yeah, I guess I can die now! I’m fangirling so damn hard !!! 😍

Request: So basically the request was a sequel to one of my post and basically she asked for Steve to catch Joker and you sleeping together in bed so now you’re a traitor and has to go on the run with him. I can’t find the request and honestly I’m too lazy to look  :P

http://darlingpanslove.tumblr.com/post/125634101641/prompt-hey-loved-the-smut-please-could-you-do <<<the first one


You would never know if Joker purposely did it.

Sleep in your hospital bed that was located in SHIELD.

Joker always wanted you to join his side. To forget about my old life. To forget my friends and family and how much it would hurt them if I left one day to join one they despised. To forget about hiding out secrets in the shadow. To forget all the things that make me me and instead join him. To remember how much I mean to him. 

And it was these things that made you wonder if J wanted you two to get caught or that the one time he let his guard down it happened to be the worst time possible.

But it happened.

Joker was underneath you, on of his hands weaved into your hair, the other on your back, your hospital gown itched up to loosely pool around your waist. You were laughing on top of him, hugging his sides, until you heard an earth-shattering scream.

“Y/N, GET OFF THE BED!” Steve screams, holding a gun at you. Steve and you were basically really good friends, so seeing you like this he didn’t know whether you were being attacked or you were betraying them.

Not taking his comment seriously, due to the sleepiness still fogging up your brain you groan, “Shut up, Steve or I’m telling Tony that you destroyed his machine.” “Yeah and while you’re there tell him your sleeping with out worst enemy.”

Hearing the last part you spring up from the bed, your eyes now wide and afraid. Holding your hands up in surrender while Joker watches from the bed amused you plead, “Steve, please do not get-” “What upset? Sure,” he begins swinging his gun around like a mad man, “lets not get upset that you’re in a relationship with a guy trying to kill us.”

Joker sitting up onto he bed with his elbows propped up announced, “Well actually I’m just trying to take over the world. And if I have to kill you I will. But I’m only trying to kill the other Avengers, and you too Steve. But not Y/N,” Not helping.

Steve’s body begins to shake slightly and his eyes grow bigger in sadness while he hears that his friend betrayed them.

“Y/N, how could you d o this to your fami-” “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen!” “WELL IT DID! IT DID HAPPEN AND NOW,” You could tell he was struggling to say this to you, “now you have to be turned in.”

Your eyes were bewildered by his statement. Fury would do everything to make sure he knows everything and basically a daughter or not, he will sacrifice to save a million.

You were about to start begging Steve until Joker interrupted, “Yeah…this suddenly got a lot less intresting. I’m just gonna-” he stops his sentence and throws the blanket off of him revealing a gun. Quickly, he shoots Steve in the leg, jumps off the bed, grabs you by your head and you both run.

Before you leave the room you bend down and with ylur free hand steal Steve’s SHIELD.

The two of you were suddenly met with dozens on SHIELD agents that you didn’t know what to do with. Most of these were your friends and you cared about them dearly, some probably would defend you, but you knew you couldn’t bring them into this.

Some pointed a gun at you two, but you quickly held the shield up to both of you, quickly defending yourself.

“Shit, the elevators are blocked.”Joker cursed.

“Its okay, follow me.”

And without even wincing you throw yourself out the window from a ten story building and use the shield to break your fall.

“Remind me not to piss you off ever.” Joker chuckled.



You were both walking back to his headquarters. You hand was laced tightly into his, swinging them back and forth. There was a dawning silence between you two.

J stared at you and knew that the life you left behind wasn’t something you left behind in your heart yet. He knew you were gonna miss it, and he knew that you loved him enough to put that all behind you for. 

“Its not that bad you know. I mean you get to do whatever you want, you don’t have to pay bills and I can steal you the prettiest diamond ever…We can also have sex whenever. Does that make you feel better?” he softly asked.

You giggled half-heartedly, hiding your face in your hair. “I guess, I’m just gonna miss it. But I do know it’ll be okay, because I have you.”

Joker lets go of your hand and instead pulls you closer, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. Rubbing your arm, he kisses you head promising, “I’ll make sure you’ll always be okay. I promise.”


Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Drinking

Request from Anon: I know you’re working on the Lucky series, which is AMAZING by the way! But I was wondering if I could request one where the reader is Jared’s PA on set and she doesn’t show up one day cause she was in an accident and he freaks out and realizes he’s in love with her?

Yay my first Jared fic!!! This was so much fun to do….I sorta got a little carried away, so it’s a little longer than my others, but I think it’s totally worth it. Hope you all enjoy it, including the anon who requested it! Love you guys!

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Here’s something I thought of that I think is a big reason I love Silicon Valley:

I think deep down it’s this really sweet show about friends who care about each other and about trying to remain idealistic in this world. But, the characters almost never touch on that or when they do it just comes out incredibly awkward (Richard struggling through telling people he wants Pied Piper to be different in the pilot, Richard telling Jared he cares about him only to immediately become uncomfortable with the emotions in Jared’s response and back away as he murmurs at him to not cry).

I’ve realized this is a recurring theme when I’m talking about loving the show. It’s subtle. It doesn’t hit anything too hard. It’s much less overwritten than so many TV shows. And specifically with the D&G relationship, I’ve gravitated to it so much because they’re basically two people who will never, ever hug and say “hey, you’re my best friend and I appreciate you” they’ve just silently settled into this arrangement of spending all their time together and being in each other’s corner.

And I think I’ve been thinking of this purely as appreciating the show from a writing and craft standpoint, praising it for not being on the nose. But, I think my appreciation for the lack of articulated expressions of emotion goes much deeper.

It speaks to me that Pied Piper’s idealism is only expressed in murmured, trailed off sentences aimed at the floor and that the friendships are all a mess of lack of affection and actions speaking louder than words. Because I think people think of me as this cynical, closed down person and I know on the inside that’s not true at all and I have so much optimism and affection that people just aren’t seeing. And I think that’s what these characters capture. Even a character like Gilfoyle has this code he lives his life by and this loyalty. He and Dinesh will make fun of Richard and Jared, but then they’ll feel incredibly guilty about seeking other jobs unless they’re totally sure Pied Piper is over. It’s a show about people who care and have no idea how to express that without weirdly reciting the plots of every Julia Roberts movie.

The one character on the show who’s able to talk about making the world a better place in a well-articulated way is Gavin Belson and he’s the villain. The one beautifully phrased, confidently delivered speech on friendship was Gavin speaking at the funeral of Peter Gregory, someone who he treated absolutely horribly. 

It’s fundamentally a show about how there’s so much more to people than what they’re able to express on the outside and I love it for that.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I love reading your awesome metas (and your fics, too!) and I was wondering since Jared said that he'd be all for non-straight!Sam whether you've got any meta on Sam's sexuality? If not, what would you think of it?

You’re so kind! Thank you! I was really excited to hear Jared’s interpretation of Sam. Sam’s sexual and romantic on-screen relationships have been with women without exception, so I completely understand why Jared says that he believes that Sam is probably supposed to be straight in canon, but I loved that he was open to the idea of canon queer!Sam.

I haven’t written anything worth reading about Sam’s sexuality, but I’d be happy to share my thoughts. First, though, I feel like I should point you to these amazing places, where you’ll find that people have expressed themselves way better than I ever could.

Everyone you’ll find above has said it first and said it best, and I know any headcanons I have are only that until the show tells us otherwise, but these are a few things I find interesting about Supernatural’s portrayal of Sam’s sexuality:

  • While Dean, for whatever reason, has stated that he is straight multiple times, Sam has never made any definitive statements about his sexuality in the show.
  • Sam has summoned male crossroads demons twice, and crossroads demons are meant to be alluring to the summoner in order to help seal deals (except in cases where another demon butts in on a deal or a specific demon is summoned or used).
  • Sam in 5.21 was very interested in whether or not Bobby and Crowley kissed. (Irrelevant, but I liked it. Ignore me.)
  • Sam has used neutral phrasing to refer to past relationships. He mentioned dating “someone bendy” in “The Purge,” for example.
  • Sam was a very clear parallel to Jesse in 11.19, who was not straight. Again, this says nothing about Sam’s sexuality and was likely meant to parallel the way they both felt like outsiders in their respective communities, but it’s quite interesting.

These are just some things that I like about the way the show portrays Sam. They leave plenty of wiggle room for headcanons (and for development if the writers ever wanted to go there)! Thanks again for taking the time to message me!