hey jared i love you too

little things about the Dear Evan Hansen cast album

- evan’s “oh… ://// good… :////” in the opening

- the perfect teenage logic of connor’s (not word-for-word) “oh you don’t want me to go to school high, then i won’t go, glad we agree *leaves*”

- heidi and cynthia’s harmonies yas 

- okay but waving through a window is actually v sad especially when you know the storyline and it’s messing me up and ?

- the transition from “do you ever really crash or even make a sound” to “did I even make a sound” like!!!!

- the musical silence from “will i ever make a sound” to when the chorus starts again LoUDLy

- ben’s VibRaTooOOoOoOoOoO

- “i’m on the ground, my arm goes numb.” pause. “and i see him come to get me.”

- the desperation in evan’s voice when he repeats “he’s come to get me” like babe no

- evan calling connor “buddie” pls my heart can’t take this

- the implications of evan, when creating connor in his head, immediately imagined that connor had helped him after falling from the tree like frick

- “Why would you write that?” “I’m just trying to tell the truth” i love you jared

- jared’s sarcasm, “ s m oking d r u gs?”, “KINKY!”, “very specific”

- evan calling connor “dude” lol bro nice try

- even when evan and connor specifically do their “no homo” it’s still very gay 

- HEY HEY HEY HEY ***harmonies****

- cynthia can i hang out with you pls thx

- “that YoUUUU ARe NOt the MONSTER that I knewwww”

- the vibrato on the word “he” like

- ben’s voice so seamlessly transitions from low to high it’s

- “i’m just trying to remember the best ones” too precious

- “you looked really pretty–er–uh–*cough*–um–ah–it looked pretty cool”

- the progressions of the “I love you”s 

- mike’s voice is so pureeeee

- the little final whispered “disappear”

- the growth of YOU WILL BE FOUND to the full chorus just BLASTING their beautiful HARMONIES

- michael park is such a dad, i’m emotional

- can i fight evan’s actual father asap

- “you don’t have to be scared you’re not enough”

- BEN AND LAURA’s HARmonIEs Just!!!!!

- how quickly evan responds, like he’s just so excited, these two

- the hand-drums during “only us” yes 


- g u i t a r “I’m SORRY that I’m NOt EnouGH, THANk GOd They RESCuED You” like fuq let it out heidi

- alana and jared’s harmonies!!!!! their voices are so pretty!!! and strong!!!! petition for an alana and jared musical 

- how quietly ben starts until he’s absolutely BELTING “I gotta find a way to STOP it STop IT just let me OOOOOOOOOUt”

- someone nominate Rachel Bay Jones for a Tony

-ben’s breathing in “words fail” someone help him

- the throwback to “waving through a window” i’m not crying you’re crying

- actually now we’re both crying

- who the fuck approved evan going off his meds like dr. sherman wtf

- how ben emphasizes certain words and it’s so painful i can’t talk about it this song is just so–too-i

- “would they like what they saw…or would they hate it…too” 

- i cri

- hope at the end but i’m still crying

Love & Uncertainty

SPN FanFic

~Sometimes, the best decisions are the hardest.~

Jensen x Reader, Jared

2,464 Words

Warnings: Angst! Smidge of implied smut. SFW, generally. I think there’s fluff at the end…

A/N: This is for Kari, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing , who caught me off guard with a Jensen gif yesterday and then gave me a prompt. It didn’t exactly go as planned, but I dig it. Hope you do too. Also, thanks to @lovelyrocker who titled this through my post. ;) Please enjoy!

~Feedback is Gold ~ My Masterlist ~

Jensen threw his hands up in defeat and turned away from Y/N, his aggravation growing with each syllable she uttered.

“I said, we are not discussing this right now!” he roared as he spun around, and Y/N’s eyes narrowed at the finality in his voice.

“Excuse me?” she hissed and took a step towards him. It wasn’t a question, or a plea, it was an accusation. “Who says you get to decide when we talk about things?” The anger and hurt in her voice pulled at Jensen’s heart, scaring him a bit, but he did not turn back. “You promised me. I waited and waited and you promised we would have a serious talk about this!”

Jensen dropped his head and sighed. “Now’s not the time,” he said sadly.

“Now’s the only time.”

He turned then and nearly broke down when he saw the look on her face. Dawn was breaking just outside their apartment windows, and the orange hues lit the tears as they spilled from her Y/E/C eyes. He wanted to reach out and wrap his arms around her, but stubborn anger kept his hands at his sides. He was fighting exhaustion after a horrendous week on set, and arguing with Y/N was the last thing he wanted to do.

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Too In Character

 Pairing: Jared x Reader
Words: 758

-Jared and the reader do a breakup scene that just feels too real for Jared-

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, let me know.

          Jared had been kind of worried ever since he had seen the script. You had been teasing him, but he legitimately seemed like this scene was going to be a problem for him. The two of you had never had that big of an issue when doing a scene together for Supernatural.

           “Jare?” you made him look at you as the two of you sat together before the scene was going to be shot.

           He looked up, “Hmm?”

           “You’re thinking too hard.”

           He shrugged, “This scene is just going to suck.”

           You laughed slightly, “Babe, you do fights with all kinds of monsters and this is the scene that stresses you out?”

           He nodded, “Yeah. It is.”

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The Call

Pairing:  Jensen x Reader (Female)

Summary:  It’s been a tough day on set for Director Ackles until he receives a call from the reader.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Dirty talk, bit of smut… I think that’s it…

A/N: This is for Kari’s Favorite Things Challenge hosted by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing !!! She’s a fantastic writer so go check her out! My prompt was talking on the phone with Jensen, and it’s my first time writing Jensen, so any critiques is appreciated! Also I’m starting a new tag list so let me knopw if you would like to be tagged in anything

(Gifs are not mine)

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Sending Our Love

  Jensen hated that he was so far away from her, especially in a time like this. He hated being away from her period but this weekend just seemed to make it all the worse. He knew that she needed him, more than ever actually, but she insisted that he go and be with the fans. She was always so supportive of his career and what he did. After all, he met at her because of his career. She practically packed his bag for him and pushed him out the door, not taking no for an answer. She knew just how much it meant to the fans to see them in person. She wasn’t about to take that away because she wasn’t well and needed him. 

  He couldn’t take his mind off of her the entire time and he was so damn sure it showed. His heart was back in Austin with his wife and no matter how hard he tried to keep his mind off of her, he couldn’t. Jared had kept his eyes on Jensen all day, reassuring him that Y/N was okay back in Austin with Gen and the boys. Y/N was a strong girl, and both of them knew that.

  “My question is for Jared,” the fan said into the mic. Jensen turned to face her anyways, trying not to stare into the wall behind her. “If Dean were to let Sam get a dog, which dog do you think he would get?”

  Jensen felt his phone vibrate in his pocket while Jared listened to the question. He pulled it out of his jean pocket and looked at the screen to see his wife’s face on the screen, requesting to FaceTime. He couldn’t deny her the call, especially if she needed him. He nudged Jared, showing him the screen. He nodded, giving Jensen the go look. 

  He pointed his finger up at the crowd and made his way backstage, sliding the accept call button. Moments later, her face popped up on the screen. She looked tired, wearing one of his red flannel shirts, laying in what looked to be their bed back in Austin. She was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. “Hey sweetheart,” he smiled. “Everything okay?”

  “It is now. I missed you and I needed to hear your voice. I’m sorry if I called at an inconvenient time,” she frowned, worry etched on her face. 

  “I’m in the middle of the afternoon panel. Do you want to say hi to everyone?” he questioned. She nodded her head profusely, a smile crack upon her lips. Jensen carried the phone in his hand and flipped the screen so she could see Jared’s back and the crowd on the screen. He picked up his mic, Jared looking at him with concern.

  “So, as you may know a little while back, Jared and a very significant other of mine came up with the Always Keep Fighting campaign. Have you guys heard of it?” he asked the crowd. The room went wild and Jared began to smile, knowing exactly where this was going. “Right now, my girl is at home, fighting her own battle like the badass woman that she is. How would you guys like to send her some of the love that Jar and I both know this family has for her. I’ve got her right here with me. Hey sweetheart, there are some people that want to say something to you,” he smiled. The whole room clapped and screamed for her, chanting her name amongst wishing her the best. 

  “Jar and I love you too, baby girl. We’ll be home before you know it,” he smiled at her, blowing a kiss to her through the screen. Jensen could see the blush rise upon her cheeks and it made his heart skip a beat. 

  “I love y’all, too!”

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Becoming a Father Overnight Part Nine

Series Summary- Jared x Daughter!Reader. Jared Padalecki’s life is flipped upside down when he gets a call from a teenage girl saying she’s his daughter.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

Becoming a Father Overnight Masterlist 


“So….” Danneel started once the kids were off playing. “How are you?”

Gen chuckled, such a loaded question recently, “Well, my ankles are currently swollen as hell.” She sassily answered.

Danneel rolled her eyes at her friend, “You know I wasn’t asking about the pregnancy. How is everything else going? Y/n’s going to be here in like 3 days. You have to be thinking about that a lot.”

“How could I not be?” Genevieve laughed a ran a hand through her hair. “Tom and Shep don’t talk about anything else. Shep’s birthday Christmas are both pretty much here. Usually that would be all the excitement, but I’m pretty sure they don’t even realize that.”

“Yeah, and how are you feeling about this? Are you still okay with her coming?”

“Of course, I never pictured I’d wind up here, but the best thing to do is embrace it. I haven’t really talked to her yet, but Jared and the boys have and they are obsessed.”

“Your handling this much better than most. I can’t imagine,” Danneel said as she adjusted Arrow in her arms.

Gen shrugged, “Whether I like it or not, Jared has another daughter. She’s a part of the family and it would be wrong of me to deny her that right. I’m excited to meet her.”

“If I were her I’d be most nervous to meet you.”

Gen frowned, “Why?”

“Well, you guys haven’t really talked and like I said, you’re being handling this really well, she might be nervous, you aren’t happy about this all. Obviously, Jared and the boys are embracing her, when she gets her and sees you are too, y’all will be best girlfriends.”

Gen bit her lip as she sat nervously in bed that night. She didn’t want Y/n worried that she didn’t want her down here. Genevieve wanted her to feel welcome, like part of the family. She grabbed her phone, opening up the messaging app. She opened a new text, Hey, it’s Gen. Jared gave me your number. I just wanted to tell you how excited I am for you to come visit. We’re thrilled to spend the holidays with you and have so many fun things planned for your trip. I’d love to have a girl’s day away from the boys if that’s okay with you?

Gen read it over once, before smiling happily to herself and hitting send. Gen picked at her nails and waited impatiently for a few moments before accepting that it was late and she might not get a response till morning. Just as she was setting her phone down, it lit up with a new message, Hi Gen. I’m super excited to come down and yeah, a girl’s day sounds fun. Goodnight!

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Closed Set

Request:  Hiii so I know you write mostly Sam and you claim you don’t write Jared, but would you be willing to write a Jared story? I want to request: Imagine filming a sex scene with Jared. And maybe he gets really into it, which isn’t in the script, but you can obviously take it wherever your heart desires. -@impalaimagining

Jared x Female Reader

Summary: Filming a love scene with Jared is a little more than you bargained for. 

Warnings: This is what I would consider smut adjacent, nothing too graphic.

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: Beta’d by the always amazing @elliewinchesterr

Possibly part one of two, I’m always skittish when I write Jared. 

“How do those feel?” Tabitha, your wardrobe assistant, gestures to the round flesh colored stickers covering your nipples.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 34: The Sun’s Warmth

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was the squealing of little children that woke you the next morning. With a groan, you went to move your pillow over your head when your hand came into contact with a warm and naked chest. Lifting your head up, you found that you were using Jensen’s chest as your pillow, your legs tangled with his as his arm wrapped protectively around your waist.

Glancing at the clock, you saw it was past nine in the morning. It didn’t surprise you. Both of you had stayed up late, talking about nothing and everything, enjoying each other’s company, feeling somewhat free of the past. Jensen seemed more light hearted, carefree then he had before, and you were coming to realize how important his talk with Danneel had been.

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Relationship: SPN Cast X Sister!Reader

Words: 3,468

Summary: After fighting for so long, the Reader finally loses her battle to depression. But when she gets a visit from a little divine intervention, she’s able to see that everyone means something to the world.

Warnings: MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING!! Suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt (pretty graphic), self-hate, depression, lots of angst. Please, please, please read with caution.

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @deathtonormalcy56

A/N: This is some super heavy stuff, guys. You’ve been warned.

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

A single tear traced your cheek, sliding around the curves of your tired features, before splashing quietly onto the paper below. With an unsteady hand, you placed the pen down on the counter, and stared unseeingly at the note in front of you.

This was it. Your final words. They would come in here, your friends, the men who had become your family, after everything was said and done, to clean out your trailer, and you hoped they would understand. Hoped they would read the note and see that this was for the best – for everyone.

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Talking To God
  • Me: Hey God, I'm gay and lonely, can you give me something to cheer me up?
  • God: *gives me Dear Evan Hansen*
  • Me: Fuck, okay. I meant happy but this works too. *cries because Mike Faist*
  • *2 months later*
  • Me: Never mind, this is happiness. *cries because Mike Faist*
Our Own Little Fairytale

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, mentions of Rob and Richard

Words: 2188

Summary: Jared and Jensen are talking at their panel, and Jared gets to talking about his wife.

Italics are Flashbacks

This is my own entry for Kayla’s Birthday Challenge! :) I chose to do the quote  “Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.” and the date Dance classes. :) Some of it is from Jared’s perspective, which was fun to write. So enjoy the fluff!

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Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: Jared kisses you before he leaves for Vancouver. Can you make the distance work, or will he be just another fling like every other shoddy relationship you’ve ever had?

Word Count: 1,077

Warnings: self doubt, talk of past abuse, fluff

A/N: A very late submission for @iwriteaboutdean‘s challenge, and my song was Push by Matchbox Twenty. I swear I’ll get better at deadlines. This took forever to write, and I have about six different versions of it floating around in my empty headspace, but this is the one y’all get. Enjoy!

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been good enough.” You looked at your feet as you scuffed them across the pavement. “It’s… been a long time, Jared. I just - I don’t know if any of them have ever really loved me.” You slumped against his side.

“Of course you’re good enough, [Y/N]. You deserve so much more than they could ever give you. You deserve someone who treats you like a queen. You deserve-” He wanted to keep going, but you stopped him.

“Someone like… you?” You dared to look him in the eyes.

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Reunited - Five

A/N: Part five of ?? I really don’t know how long this series will be, but around 10 chapters. I was gonna keep the angst going at least one more chapter, but then I made a deal with @supernatural-jackles, so here comes some fluff…. A special shout out to my beta @thorne93, you’re awesome. Feedback is always appreciated.

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Lexi (OFC) and of course… Jack;)

Warnings: Some angst and some fluff.

Wordcount: 2775

Catch up HERE


When Monday arrived you were still curled up in a ball on your couch, you hadn’t been outside or talked to anyone all weekend, except for texting Rose that you were alive. Jensen was still on your mind, the smell of him, the taste, the familiarity of his touch, the feel of his lips on yours… why had you kissed him? Now you were right back where you were eleven years ago, heartbroken, but this time you had no one to blame but yourself.

Around noon you realized that you wouldn’t be able to make it into work today, Lexi and Sarah had the day covered, but there was some paperwork that needed to get done. You called Lexi and asked if she would be able to bring them by your house on her way home from work, something she agreed to do. You didn’t know what you would do without those girls. You made a mental note to get them something for all the extra help you had gotten over the past week.

You padded around your house in a pair of shorts and a tank top, your hair tied in a messy bun on the top of your head. You didn’t bother to change into anything else as you knew you weren’t leaving the house that day either. You didn’t even want to go to get your mail in case you ran into Jensen. How did you get yourself into this? Jensen and his stupid, candy green eyes was definitely a part of it so you decided to blame him a little too.

Around 4 pm Lexi was at your door, bright smile and a bunch of papers in her hands.

“Oh.. is that all?” you asked sarcastically.

“Yeah. You know, if you had gotten your butt into work on Saturday, it wouldn’t have piled up,” she teased. Lexi had worked for you for years now, resulting in your relationship turning more friendly than boss/employee.

“Funny,” you said dryly. “You want coffee?”

“You wanna tell me what’s going on?”

 “No… You want coffee?” you asked again, letting her know you weren’t in the mood to talk.

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Undeniable Heat 55: Planning

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1550 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s POV

I couldn’t hide the huge smile on my face as I made my way toward the stage. Seeing those amazing engagement photographs made me realize that this was actually happening. Sure, proposing to Y/N had been a spur of the moment idea, but I had never been more excited that she was soon going to become my wife. I loved Y/N, and everything that we had gone through had just cemented that love even more.

I couldn’t wait to get a copy, maybe a wallet sized one to carry in my back pocket. Maybe another to keep in my trailer. I was sounding like a love-struck teenager, and I actually didn’t care. Knowing that the engagement announcement was coming out soon, that our relationship was going well, had a spring to my step.

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Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 13

Summary: Jensen tells the truth of what he thinks it happened in Rome.

Author: sleepywinchester {prev; deanwinchester-af}

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared, Gen and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev = Faceclaim)

Words: 1.5k

Warnings: Hella Angst. 


Note: Guys… Don’t hate me? ITALICS IS FLASHBACK.

Title: It’s All Too Much. 


After having another successful and fun weekend with the fans in Rome, the cast decided to go out one last time to celebrate. Jus In Bello was everyone’s favorite convention of the year, they let them sing, curse and even drink booze as they spent quality time with their fans.

“I have to do a toast,” Jensen stood up from his seat, raising the glass of bourbon to the sky.

Everyone turned remained silence as they heard him speak.

“We had a blast,” he said, “thank you for being such an awesome group of people to work. I love y’all!” Jensen shouted.

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The Joker (Jared Leto) x Reader-  “Trick or Threat?”

For Halloween, you and Jared like to borrow kids from your friends and go “Trick or Treat” with them. It’s been a tradition for a while but this year is a little bit different: your boyfriend decided to surprise you with something he knows you will love and he has no idea you have a little something for him also.

You rush down the stairs, eager to open the door: he probably forgot his keys again. Jared wasn’t home when you woke up and sent just a short text:

“Be back around 12pm,” with a heart emoji.

You open the door and freeze:

“Trick or threat?” the husky voice asks and you are stunned.

“Oh my God, Jared ! Why didn’t you tell me?! I would have been Harley!”

“Who the fuck is Jared, woman?!” he growls and you giggle. “Are you cheating on me?!” and J uses his cane to open the door wider and walks inside the house, groping you in the process.

You’ve been begging him to be The Joker for Halloween all year and he refused, saying it’s too exhausting.

“Baby, you really should have told me,” you approach and he looks around, snarling.

“Fancy house, you sure are sooo spoiled,” he ignores your complaint, stopping in the middle of the living room. Jared is wearing your favorite outfit from the movie: the black pants and white shirt from the club scene. You adore it because you think it makes his perfect butt stand out. You get on your toes and wrap your arms around his neck, frantically kissing him.

“Thank you,” you caress the green hair, smiling. “You know I have a kink for your Joker.”

“Watch the make-up, honey. They’ve been getting me ready since 6 this morning,” Jared suddenly emerges for a few moments.

“Oops, sorry,” you back out and he spanks you.

“I’m joking, Princess, Daddy likes it,” and he kisses you again while you can’t stop laughing. “Did you decide on a costume yet?”

“No, I keep on debating. Come on Jared, help me decide,” you jump off his arms, dragging him upstairs.

“Who the hell is this Jared?!” he gets pissed, in character again.

“Nobody you should be worried about, Mister J,” you play along, thrilled he did this for you: if this isn’t love, then you certainly don’t have a clue about it.

“Then why are you wearing this skimpy little nightgown, hm? Was he just here and you had fun with him? I’m gonna kill the bastard!” the tirade continues as you enter the master bedroom upstairs.

“Nooo, let’s not kill him,” you plead, pointing towards the three outfits on the bed. “We might need him later. Sit down and I will get dressed, then tell me what you think, ok?”

“Hurry up Doll, I don’t have all day!” the feistiness kicks in and it gives you a boost of energy.

“Of course, Mister J !” you grab the first item and run inside the walk- in closet to change. After you’re done, you step out and your sexy presence is greeted with a whistle of admiration and purring.

“So you like it…Daddy?” you wink, licking your lips.

“Don’t play with my emotions, you evil woman!” The Joker snarls, talking deep breaths.”I have a thing for nurses.”

“Oh, I know,” you zip down your top, tossing it in his lap.

“You’re wicked, “ he concludes, enjoying the striptease show.

“Oh, I know,” you repeat, now in just your bra and panties, grabbing the second outfit and try to get away but he snatches you and starts kissing every piece of skin he can get his lips on. “Bad Mister J,” you enjoy the pampering then manage to escape. “You told me to hurry up so be patient.”

“Patient?! What does that mean?!” J gets worked up, and you chuckle, getting dressed with the second outfit.

“Taaaa-daaaa,” you come out and he’s standing by the dresser.

“Wooow, Cat Woman! Look at those curves: I approve,” Jared grins and the silver teeth make you weak in the knees. There is something else standing out.

“Are those socks in there or are you just very happy to see me, baby?” you slowly come closer, staring at his crotch.

“They’re socks,” he adjusts his gold chains, grinning.

“Let me see,” you unbutton his pants, stick your hand in there and…pull out a pair of folded socks. You burst out laughing, amused.

“You’re so goofy,” the laughing continues as you pull out… a second pair of socks.

Jared tries not to laugh.

“That’s it, no more socks, the rest is natural,” he whispers in your ear. “Daddy saved it all for you, Pumpkin.”

“Are you taking advantage of the fact that I worship your Joker?” you jump in his arms, pecking his neck tattoo.

“Totally,” Jared shamelessly admits, heading towards the bed with the sweet burden of his existence.

“Are you sure your make-up and tattoos will be allright?” you double check because you are aware how long it takes to get him ready.

“I’m sure; they’re made to last for hours.”

“Don’t you want to see my 3rd outfit?”

“Nope, you can be Cat Woman,” he mumbles, placing you on the bed and has one more question while impatiently undressing you. “You still didn’t answer: trick or threat?” Jared purrs when you take off his shirt.

Threat !” you moan when his hands go down your waist, cupping the side of your thighs.

“Mmmm, good girl,” that devilish smirk and the blue eyes make you lose it. “Let’s see…I’m gonna steal you from that Jared guy and have my way with his woman all over this house.”

“Sounds more like a treat,” you sigh and squeal when he bites your lip.

“Depends how you look at it Doll,” he grumbles and you dig your nails in his back. “So who do you want: Jared or The Joker, huh?” J licks your swollen lip, finding your fascination with his character irresistible.

“Both, “ you are fast to reply. “Can you take turns?” and you seem so excited and desperate there is no other choice.

“You’re such a perv, woman!” he snickers. “Exactly my type.”

The sentence makes you eagerly scratch his soft skin and the request is quick to follow:

“The Joker first, please.”

“No problem, Kitten,” and he cracks his neck, prompting a very enthusiastic scream from your part.


You already went to a couple of houses with Jake and Sarah into a new neighborhood. They are siblings: the little boy is 4 and the girl is 5, aka Spiderman and Cinderella. You ”borrowed” them from your friends for a couple of hours for some Halloween fun like you always do.

“Trick or treat?” the children inquire when the door they knocked at opens up.

“Treat!” and they are offered a bunch of candy they stash in their bags.

“Duuudddee!!” the guy exclaims when he sees Jared. “You look like The Joker; perfect cosplay, you really look like him!”

“Thank you,” he puckers his lips, amused.

“Hold on, my wife loves The Suicide Squad Joker. Honnneey!… Emma !! Hey! You gotta see this!”

“What is it?” you hear the woman’s voice and she is mesmerized as soon as she sees him.

“Jesus, you look like Mister J ! Can we take a picture?” she keeps on fangirling.

“Of course,” he agrees, the comment pleasing him.

“I thought Jared did an amazing job as The Joker! I am so obsessed with him. Sorry babe,” she addresses the husband when he rolls his eyes.

“Yeah, he wasn’t too bad,” Jared flashes his smile for the picture and now she wants another one with both of you.

“Not too bad?! He was phenomenal!!!” she keeps on praising and it makes you happy.


More walking around, more candy.

“Hey, Joker !!” a bunch of young guys dressed as Hobbits shout in your direction.“Where’s Harley, man?!”

“On vacation!” Jared yells back and it prompts laughter. “I have a bad Kitty with me instead!”

“Hot Kitty !!!” one of them yells and the others start howling.

You hold on to Jared’s hand, chuckling while he admonishes:

“Watch it !!! This is my Kitty, find your own!”

More laughter while they distance themselves from your small group. The kids are already ringing the doorbell from another house.

“Oh, “ the lady gasps in surprise when she notices you two waiting for the cute heroes to return by your side. “ You sure have great costumes! I have to admit that Leto butchered The Joker though,” she nods her head in denial, dropping sweets in the bags.

“Such a lack of talent,” Jared sarcastically admits. You want to say something but he squeezes your waist, signaling you not to.

“Indeed! I can’t believe how bad he was,” she goes on and you are getting irritated.

“The worst ever!” J agrees and you frown more.


“Why are you silent?” Jared intertwines his fingers with yours, awaiting on a reply.

“That lady annoyed me,” you sulk and he kisses your hand.

“I don’t care, I’m used to it. You like my Joker and that’s good enough,” Jared smiles but you know the negative comments hurt, especially after he worked so hard on the character. Contrary to what some people believe, he is human after all. “Speed up, those kids are far ahead.”

More walking, more chocolate, more candy…

“These stilettos are horrible,” the uncomfortable grimace on your face lets him know.“We’ve been walking around for two hours, I’m kind of done.”

“Just a couple more houses and then we can return our rental offsprings, ok?” J negotiates and you agree.

“Fine, but no more than that; I can barely walk.”

“Must be because you had too much fun having sex with two guys in the same time,” he snorts, teasing.

You lift your shoulders up, your cheeks burning under the mask:

“Can’t help it ! A girl has to have her fun.”

“Daddy will show you more fun after we get home, hm?” the hot breath on your neck gives you goosebumps.

“If you insist…” you pretend to be indifferent but the anticipation is making you impatient. “Can we hurry up?”

“Yeah, no problem,” he pinches your butt through the skin-tight latex suit while Jake and Sarah knock on another door.

“Get out of here: it’s my nemesis!” he turns his attention towards the young boy dressed as Batman coming out of the house to hand out candy with his dad. The 7 year old stares with his mouth open: he glances at Jared, then at The Joker action figure in his hand, then back to Jared, then back to his Joker action figure.

“Amazing cosplay, man!” his father laughs and Jared kneels by his son, entertained.

“Are you following me around, Mister Batsy?” he asks and Batman’s eyes get big. “We are actually friends, you know that, right?”

The boy can’t make a sound, just nods a yes, captivated.

“Here, a token of my friendship,” Jared takes one of his bracelets off, placing it around the kid’s wrist. “Shake hands?”

“U-hum,” the child agrees and your heart melts.

“Awwww,”  you sigh, touched by the scene unfolding in front of your eyes.

“What do you say for the gift?” the dad has to intervene in order for his son to remember his manners.

“Thank you Mister Joker,” the shy voice speaks up and it makes you teary thinking about something you found out this morning you didn’t share with him yet.


“Trick or treat?” you step in the bedroom, wearing something he finds super seductive: two strings, held together by some kind of loop, then your breasts hardly covered by a few more strings and one small bow miraculously still in place. All pink.

“Holy shit, honey! Definitely a treat!” Jared decides on the spot, already in bed, fidgeting with his boxers.

“I was hoping you’re gonna say that,” you crawl in bed, holding something behind your back. “Here’s your treat,” you casually show him the positive pregnancy test and he fights with himself in order to contain the overwhelming happiness.

“This…this is the best treat I ever got in my entire life!” Jared confesses, not being able to maintain character; he still has the make-up and tattoos: they won’t be removed until tomorrow morning when he will drop by the studio.

You nervously blink and start crying, already worried about everything.

“Why are you crying, hm?” he caresses your face and you sniffle when your forehead gets kissed. “This is truly the best news. We don’t have to borrow kids for Halloween anymore, right? I mean, we still can so we can have a crowd,” he takes the pregnancy test out of your fingers, studying the red positive marking for a few seconds.“But…who’s the father?”

“What?!” you rub your eyes, waiting to hear about an over the top assumption for sure.

“Is it me or The Joker? You sleep with both, how do we know?”

This is enough to alleviate the tension and your body relaxes, a big smile appearing on your lips: Jared was counting on it since he noticed how anxious you were.

“I’m not sure…” you answer, watching him hide the test under his pillow.

“Stop fooling around, woman,” The Joker takes over, helping you get on top of him.“You know I’m possessive and jealous!”

“Are you?”

“Extremely! Now give me my other treat!” he yanks your hands away so you can get really close to him. He notices the hesitation. “What now?”

“Can I…can I have my Jared?”

“Ughh, you’re killing me, Y/N,” Jared complains, his voice returning to normal.

“The Joker can wait for his turn, I still want him,” you pull on his bottom lip and he debates.

“For the record, this is harder than any movie script, do you understand?” your boyfriend really wants to emphasize his hardship.

“I think there’s something else that’s harder,” you taunt, grinding against him.

“I swear no socks are involved,” J laughs and you giggle, tracing his jaw line.

“Certainly not,” you kiss him and whisper in his ear: “Are you excited we’re going to be parents?”

Jared’s hands hold you so tight you can’t move.

“I’m so happy…” he whispers back and lifts your chin up so you can look at each other.“But are you asking me or The Joker?”

“Both,” you humor him.

“I’m happy and he feels cocky because he’s a stud and he got the confirmation he can impregnate everything that moves!” the speech makes you laugh like crazy as you slide off Jared, snuggling to his neck in the process.

“You’re such an idiot and I love you to death,” Jared hears as he pulls on all those strings you’ve been teasing him with since you showed up in the bedroom.

“Daddy will punish you for being so disrespectful!” The King of Gotham makes his presence known once more and you protest.

“I said I want my Jared !”

“Don’t care! I’m the one doing all the difficult work here: I have to act, I have to have sex, I have to satisfy my demanding woman, I have to pay attention to all the details, I have to…”

You cover his mouth.

“Fair enough, baby,” the lecture is abruptly interrupted by your candid acceptance and he grins, victorious, while switching off the light. You gasp, enticed: the green toxic hair glows in the dark.

“You like this new turn on my Joker?” he wants to know as he tears the flimsy strings apart one by one.

“This is soooo cool!” you run your fingers through it. “It’s very Halloween-ish,” and his rough kiss leaves you breathless.

“Shut up and let me enjoy my treat, woman!” J growls and your comeback delights him:

“I’ll do whatever you say, Mister Joker.”



It Doesn’t Matter

Pairing: Richard x Reader
Words:  1400
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi *waves* Would you write a smutty oneshot with Richard and x reader? Where he’s hesitant to be with her cause she’s over 20 years younger than him, but she doesn’t even like guys her own age and she’s been crushing on Rich for a while. So whey they do fuck it’s like rly hot and passionate cause they’ve both been pining after each other for a while. I was gonna challenge myself to request this off anon, but then I couldn’t lol. If you don’t think this is too weird I might un-non myself XD 

Warning: Smut!

          You were watching him onstage, entranced by how much energy he had while performing in front of everyone. Everything about him mesmerized you.

           “You’re staring,” Jared said, coming up behind you.

           You nodded, “I know.”

           “Talk to him,” Jared said simply.

           “He knows,” you shrugged, “Just won’t say he likes me too. I’m honestly not even sure of his feelings.”

           “He likes you,” Jared said, “I know he does.”

           “Well, you might want to inform him,” you said.

           Jared chuckled, “I’ll do what I can.”

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White Roses Chapter One: Iced Cinnamon Mocha

Chapter Summary: On the six month anniversary of being left at the altar, you have some flashbacks. One of the regulars at your job asks you out on a date.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this! This is my first ever Jared series and I’m super excited! Flashbacks are in italics.

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Warnings: language, suggested smut (both in flashbacks)

Word Count: 2.8k


Originally posted by itsokaysammy

This was finally it. The moment you’d been waiting for, for years. The moment you’d dreamt of since you were a little girl. The moment you’d planned for, for over six months. Your wedding. You couldn’t have been more excited. You were getting ready to marry the man of your dreams.

Your dress was fluffed, your flower girl had been sent down the aisle – sprinkling handfuls of rose petals as she walked ahead; and as you stepped forward and everyone rose to their feet, you noticed the look of worry on everyone’s faces.

Chris wasn’t there at the end of the aisle waiting for you. Your heart sank down to your stomach as you looked around for him, as you looked behind you, as you looked at his family’s faces, as you looked at your family’s faces.

Here Comes The Bride played on as planned and you continued walking forward, eyes glued to the floor, and your hands fidgeting with your bouquet of white roses.

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Is this the Sequel? - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Is this the Sequel?

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Henry Cavill x Reader

Word Count: —

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: @earthquackles actually once messaged me this: how about… henry cavill x reader?? are you a fan? Or maybe Jensen jealous of reader and Henry? Probably because he is in love with her and doesn’t want to lose the chance to say he loves her. 

I wasn’t a fan back then because I had not seen any of his movies and didn’t know him much but now oh damn yes! So of course I came up with this now! Enjoy!

“I insist though, it was clear. Batman so totally had it. I mean first; he had pinned him he could just as well kill him like that and second; dudes it’s batman! Even without seeing the movie I was sure he’d win!” Jensen mumbled next to you and you shared a look with Jared before you both chuckled.

“Hey Jensen, easy. Your Dean is showing.” Jared said laughing as Jensen only rolled his eyes at his friend.

“That and- I don’t really think it was that obvious. Maybe Superman could have won if the situation was slightly different.” you said with a smirk, taking a bite of your food. You loved acting, and you loved goofing around on set with the boys but lunch break when you actually had the time to talk was the best of all.

“Of course you’d say that.” he huffed “Everything for your Henry.” he seemed a little too annoyed and you knew it wasn’t for you teasing him or even disagreeing. No that had happened a few times before and his reaction wasn’t like this. You knew that it was about the person in specific.

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