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What'cha readin'? || Jack Maynard Imagine

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— Y/N’s POV —

Invested, completely invested in this story.

I shouldn’t be, it might be seen as weird but once I’d done one page for a video I needed more. More suspense, more romance… More of everything it included.

This story - or as its more commonly known, FanFiction - is just too good to put down. I can’t tell Jack, it’s about him so that would just be awkward, I mean reading a fanfic about my boyfriend? What the hell would he say?.

As I’m sat, reading away at the pages that bring butterfly’s to my stomach, I hear feet padding through the bedroom and into where I’m sat. My queue to lock my phone.

“Mornin babe” Jack says, landing with an ‘umph’ on the couch next to me, then resting his head on my lap and closing his eyes as the sun burns through the blinds and into his eyes, causing his sleepiness to be abolished.

“Morning!” I say, acting as cool as I can to cover up my dirty little secret.

We talk for a while, then get breakfast and again it comes time for him to go to meetings. More time to read.

Don’t get me wrong, when he was at meetings I missed him more than anything I really did, his strong arms around me, his breath against my neck, but it was also nice to read about it.

— Few Hours Later —

Two more pages and I’ve finished it. Completely. I’ve read over 30 pages since Jack left at 12:30 and it’s now 2:30 in the afternoon and I’ve almost completed the story.

It’s weird how your mind gets so worked into these things. The addiction, the tension. It drags you back in, makes you want more. The thought of what happens next, why what happened happened, you want more.

You need more.

Just as I’m invested in the last page, a few more paragraphs and it’s over I hear it. His voice. Directly over my shoulder.

“What'cha readin’?” He says, in a calm tone as usual, but still very curious. Home early, typical the one time I just happen to be doing something I didn’t want him to know about. Great.

“Nothing, just the news.” I say, immediately locking my phone and stuttering over my words slightly.

“Well, Mrs. Tomato, clearly it’s not the news.” He mentions, making a reference to the colour of my face.

Being easily embarrassed never helped In these situations. At all.

He grabs my phones, and Jack being Jack knows the password and is also a lot taller than me so he unlocks it and holds it above my reach.

After many, many failed attempts at getting it back, I retreat from my spot on my tiptoes and step back, hanging my head in shame.

“Fanfiction eh? Never really took you for a fan Y/N!” He says in between giggles after he comes down from his fit of laughter.

“Look, I just started reading it for a video and realised it was interesting and wanted to see if they knew you like i do!” I say, quickly grabbing the phone out of his hands while he’s distracted just for a moment.

“Babe, it’s fine stop getting so embarrassed it’s cool. I get why your interested.” He says softly as he comes closer to my face and lifts my chin up with his fingers.

“Yeah I know, it’s just weird your boyfriend finding out that your reading a fanfiction about him.” I say bluntly as I plop back down on the sofa.

“Heeeeey, come on. It’s nothing.” He says, sitting next to me and putting an arm around my shoulders and pulling me closer.

It’s nothing.

New Old Captain

Read here on ao3 (x)

Lardo was hunched over her laptop working on a write up for her final art project and Ford was across the table from her, finalizing room assignments for the boys’ upcoming (and final) roadie, when the front door opened and a voice called out, “Hello?”

“Jack?” Lardo scrambled out of her chair and into the front hallway. Ford leaned over to save Lardo’s document, then slowly followed after her. She didn’t think she had met anyone on the team named Jack, but who else would be coming to the Haus? She ran through a mental roster of the team, but didn’t come up with anything.

She found Lardo wrapped up in what looked like the world’s comfiest hug with a man who had to be a foot taller than her, and if he wasn’t some sort of athlete, Ford would eat her rooming assignments. His arms, good lord.

“Who’s this, Ris?” He asked, catching sight of Ford.

“Ford, our new manager,” Lardo’s voice was muffled into his chest. “Ford, this is Jack. You should have told someone you were coming, Ransom and Holster made an extra practice today and everyone else is at the rink.”

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The Pastas but with kids

Slenderman: no thank you -teleports away-

Jeff: uhhh….hey there….omg I can’t -kills kid-

Ben: -is playing Mario Kart with the kid-

Jane: - best mom 2017-

Laughing Jack: hey kid you want some candy -insert devil laugh-

Masky: -thinking “Omg what do I do it’s looking at me oh god”- Just take the crayons and paper and go away

Hoodie: -best dad ever-

Toby: hEY kID WAnnA PLAY tAG?!?!? OKAY I’M IT -the small child runs as fast as they can away from the maniac who’s about to trample them-

Clockwork: hey kid you want to play hide and seek? I’ll count! One, two, three -kid hides far away from clockwork-…four, bye bye little bug!

Eyeless Jack- here just take my 10 dollars and go away.

Being Jason's Girlfriend and like a Sister to Damian Headcanons

Prompt: Headcannon of Damian being really close (like in a sister way) to Jason’s girlfriend and them fighting for her attention


Dating Jason and Damian looking to you as a big sister would include:

> Jason was a great boyfriend, and with him came his family of vigilantes - Damian taking a liking to you in particular. You were basically his big sister and he treated you as such.

> Damian stopping by your apartment at random times and even during patrol.
“Hey (y/n)!”
“Morning, there’s hot chocolate on the side if you want it.”
“It’s 2am. I’m fine thank you.”
“Oh really? It’s got marshmallows and cream. Plus I made it and not Jay.”
“I suppose it’d be a shame to waste it.”

> Having the Batmobile parked outside of your home and Damian arguing that no one will mind. Jason threatening to jack the wheels if he does it again.

> The boys fighting over who gets your attention, Damian usually winning but you’d make it up to Jason on the rare occasions you get to spend alone. Supporting Jason 100% and he knows that despite insecurities and Damian being argumentative.

> Whenever Jason leans in to kiss you Damian manages to interfere somehow if he’s in the area.
Your boyfriend sighs before speaking, as this happens far too often for his liking.
“Are you kidding me?”
Jason knows better than to kiss you in front of anyone that age so he picks you up and takes you to another room much to Damian’s displeasure.

> Damian mostly using the window since Jason often refuses to let him in.

> Damian always taking your side in arguments with Jason, numerous threats have been made which have lead to you covering Damian’s mouth.
“Those words should not come from someone as young as you Dami!”
“And you thought I was bad (y/n).”
“You can shut it as well Red.”

> Damian acting like an overprotective big brother and actually being kinda scary, though Jason usually finds the whole ordeal amusing.

> “Jason get away from my sister!”
“I introduced you to (y/n), and they’re my girlfriend demon spawn!”

> If anyone hits on you with Damian around he’s willing to fight them.
“I apologise but this young woman is dating my… brother so back off before I -!”
“Todd may be an insufferable human being but I know he loves you and will protect you at all costs. He’s worth more than this jerk.”

> They can agree on a few things despite their consistent bickering.
“Todd, where is (l/n)?”
“Y'know I’m not actually sure…”
“Oh, (y/n) is in the infirmary -” Barbara claimed strolling into the room.
“Woah is she alright?!”
“What the hell happened?! How could you let her get hurt?”
“Is it serious? Can we help?” Came all at once before the red head could even finish her explanation.
“Jason, Damian - (y/n) bumped into some furniture so it’s nothing serious.”
“Are you sure Babs?”
“I’d say Gordon knows what she’s doing Todd.”

(Note: All real nhl teams are populated by fake fictional people in this fic.

Also note: I’m sorry this is disjuncted, I just needed to bang this out.

Triple note: yes this is a pride and prejudice au. 

edit: Part 1

“Brah, brah!” Shitty burst into Jack’s apartment. Jack was sitting next to his counter with a protein shake and smiling down at his phone dopily. “You gotta listen to me.” 

“The emergency key is for emergencies, Shits.” Jack sent a smiling emoji to the other person and received a string of unintelligible emojis in return. It was adorable. 

“There are two emergencies today,” Shitty said. “No, strike that, make it three. So the first emergency is that I wanted to see you.” 

“You can’t keep using that excuse to burst into my apartment whenever you feel like it.”

“Shhh,” Shitty put his hand over Jack’s mouth. “Just let me love you.”

“The second emergency is that I finally ran Chad Wickham out of Providence and I wanted to celebrate that with you,” Shitty plopped a bag of booze and snacks onto the counter.

“Shits, I’m not eating that junk,” Jack said, still looking down at his phone. “Anyway, Eric left some pie and pastries we can eat if you have to celebrate this.”

“That’s the third emergency, brah.” Shitty said seriously. “That bro is bad news. You gotta ditch him.”

Jack’s phone buzzed twice. 

Eric: Omg Shitty is there? Tell him hello from me! 

Eric: I left some banana pie in the fridge for him tell him to help himself!!! UuU

The two of them looked down at the text. 

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Jack and Mark’s Demons

Alright, Dark and Anti theory time!

(Just giving you a heads up, it’s a bit long so thank you in advance if you take your time to read this!)

So, we all know about Antisepticeye and Darkiplier, right? (well, obviously ahah). Ok I’ve been thinking. What if @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier sold their souls to demons for the fame and subs?

So it’d be like “hey so I sell you my soul and in exchange you make me YouTube famous and give me a lot of subs, how bout dah” and the demons would be like “yeah man, I gotcha, but in exchange you’ll let me take over your body once in a while, and no one would even notice because I would act the same way as you, it’s just that I can have a little freedom every now and then” and Jack and Mark would agree on those terms.

So, that’s what happened. They made the contract, gained their subs and fame and in exchange they would let the demons take their body occasionally as we can see on some of Jack’s videos such as Split personalities| reading your comments #47, and I think it’s safe to say kill or be killed| undertale #9  (and other undertale videos) when Jack did Flowey’s voice, or Mark’s videos such as Don’t Blink and don’t move, amongst others. 

Obviously, the demons did an amazing job at pretending to be Mark and Jack as we all caught on that something wasn’t right. In fear of being exposed, they shut out their demons and carried on with their normal lives. After all they already had a good fan base so even if the demons abandoned them, they could carry on gaining subs just by themselves, without supernatural help. 

This, obviously wasn’t well thought by Jack and Mark. If there’s one thing I know from basic knowledge and research and the Supernatural series (pfft) is that, if you mess with the supernatural, you’re fucked. These two shut out the demons they made a contract with. Obviously that pissed them off. After all the things they did for Jack and Mark, after all the subs and fame, this is how they treat them? That’s not fair! So, they started working on ways to get back at them for betraying them. They both worked towards a simple goal. Hurt their humans in the worst way possible for them.

For Jack, losing his voice, the thing that makes him stand out the most from other youtubers, would be the worst thing that could happen to him. Not being able to talk would be torture (and we all know Jack loves to ramble, he can pull a 20 minutes’ video out of his ass just by talking about pineapple pizza!), and he would lose his subs and fame and everything he worked on. So what did Anti do? He sliced Jack’s throat. He took Jack’s voice away so he could take over his body again. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Anti’s voice is so glitchy now. In the past, you could understand him just fine (in the split personalities video and the undertale videos), but now you can’t understand him that well and that’s because he ruined jack’s most valuable thing about himself, even if it was temporary, or a symbolic thing. But the wound is open now and Anti can take over Jack’s body more easily again. Another proof? Jack got sick after is Pax panel 2017. What happened in his panel? Anti made an appearance. What was the most affected thing when jack got sick after that? His voice.

For Mark, hurting the ones he loves the most would be the worst thing ever. We all know how Mark is so caring about his fans, you can see that every time he cries for us, those tears are real. And Dark knows it. He knows we’re his weakness. At first, he tried to hurt Mark, as we can see on the video Relax. But I have the feeling Mark is one of those people who would rather be the one to get hurt to protect the other person. So Dark decided it would be useless to hurt Mark. Specially since he already hurts and tortures himself every time he does something like the ice bath challenge ahahah, I can just picture Dark facepalming while watching Mark doing these kinds of videos. anyway, Dark decided to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike back. The perfect opportunity to finally be able to hurt the ones Mark loves. And when did that happen? On valentine’s day. The day you spend with someone you really care about. It was the perfect timing to attack. And that’s what Dark did. Not only would he get to hurt and mentally torture us but he would get to do the same things to Mark. Dark threatened usI can specially take you to the places where you don’t want to go”/ “THERE’S NOTHING YOU OR HE CAN DO TO STOP ME!”/ you’re never, ever going to escape me, and mentally tortured us by

1)      Putting us on a loop every time we chose the “Exit” option, which would drive us crazy since we were the only ones aware of the fact that this was a never-ending loop of either watching Mark dig the floor with a damn spoon  -____- or us being attacked by the crazy cook every time we wanted to escape;

2)      Making us choose which Mark to kill and the fear of killing the wrong one (I don’t know about you guys but when it came to the time of choosing which Mark to kill, it gave me anxiety xD)

And as for Mark, not only was he tortured as well, by watching us go through all that, he was also killed and more than once! Killed and brought back to life multiple times can’t be good for you.

The reason Anti and Dark had different approaches to Jack and Mark was because they’re different types of demons. Different types of demons for different types of people. 

This was Antisepticeye and Darkiplier’s way of showing Jack and Mark they can’t back down on a deal made with demons.

Now that we know about their existence, ţ̶̜̫̝̽h̴̟̱̳̬͒̌̈͛͑̅͘ȩ̷͕̘͕̦̋͋̐̉͛r̵͉̭͂e̶͕̮̘̍͐́͒͑̆̊'̸̼͎̋̽̊̀̾̉̅ͅŝ̵̛̹͕̻̳̰̂ ̷͔͇̱̜̣̉ͅͅn̷̛̹̺̆̇́ȯ̷͖́̋̚͠ ̶̢̡̰̤̘̮̋̽̓̉p̶̛͕͉̯͙̈́̌ö̸̤̺́͑͊̈́̓̕͜i̴̗͚̦̥̳͍̋̓̽͊͊̓͠n̶̡̢̢͈̹̹̿̅̑͝ṱ̵̛͕̳͎̾̌͘ ̸̢͉̳̫̣̜͇̐͗̏̆́̌͠i̴̢̩̙̣̫̽͊̕n̷̙̞̄̏̀͑͘̕ ̷̡̗͖͔͍̿̆̉͗̾̈́h̵̳̹̻̜͇̿i̴̲͙͒̓̈́͑̒͂d̸̜̰͎̟͆̄͑͌͘͜i̴̡̖͙͔̞̲̋n̶̡͍̮̘̮͛́͠ͅg̷͚͈̓̇̆̊̎̚ ̸̥̥̼̒̾̉͆͂̍å̴͚͓͘n̶͓̆ͅỷ̶͔̱̄̉̃m̶̘͐̒̅̂͑͝o̴̡̻̖̹̬͌ŗ̶͍̜̭́̒̿́̄̚ȅ̷̠̥̜̬͚̺̘̓͆̆̄̈.̸̛̙̩̝̫̺̈́̌͆͑̎͆͜.

(jokes aside, we all know Jack and Mark gained their subs and fame for their talent and kindness because they’re genuinely amazing people)

edit: it looks like part of my theory looks like this specific theory that is absolutely amazing as well, but I don’t want it to look like I’ve stole it from the person who wrote it so I’m crediting them. if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do because it’s really good! @fandombandomrandom42 I just want to apologise again for making you think I stole this idea from your theory without crediting you :/

Modern TSOA Headcanons
  • After getting into a fight with his neighbor, Patroclus is sent to a boarding school.
  • This is where he first meets Achilles, the son of Headmaster Peleus
  • He doesn’t like Achilles at first. Patroclus thinks that he’s too in over his head.
  • He blames this on the fact that everybody constantly showers him in affection.
  • Everybody except this one teacher.
  • His name is Chiron, and he treats the students equally. That’s why Patroclus likes him.
  • Also he’s more of a hands-on teacher rather than a lecture one. Which is good, since Patroclus has a hard time paying attention to lectures.
  • His perspective on Achilles changes when he ditches History class one day
  • Achilles finds him lounging in the mess hall, munching on a fig
  • Much to Pat’s surprise, Achilles covers for him, and even shows him this neat trick which involves juggling figs.
  • From that point on, Achilles and Patroclus are officially bros™
  • Achilles requests his Dad to tweak Patroclus’ class schedule so that they share all their classes together
  • They totally go through a “bro™”stage
  • “Hey, Pat, do you think an undercut would suit me?”
  • “idk, bro, your hair is pretty cool when it’s long”
  • “hmmm alright, alright, thanks bro.”
  • “Anytime, bro.”
  • It takes some time for them to come to terms with their feelings and admit to themselves that they don’t want to be just bros.
  • Patroclus makes the first move.
  • They’re in Achilles’ room. It’s way past curfew and they’re watching Brokeback Mountain on Achilles’ laptop.
  • It’s in the heat of the moment, really. As Jack and Ennis kiss, Patroclus leans in and kisses Achilles too.
  • It takes about a five seconds for him to register what he just did and he quickly pulls away.
  • He expects Achilles to be disgusted, but he’s surprised when he realizes that Achilles is blushing.
  • Their relationship develops from there
  • It isn’t obvious at first, they still act normally.
  • Then as time goes by, they begin holding hands in public. Every now and then, Achilles throws his arm around Patroclus’ shoulders.
  • After a year, they disgust everybody with their constant displays of PDA
  • Peleus doesn’t really mind that Achilles is gay and in a relationship. As long as it doesn’t affect his grades, he’s chill with it
  • But Thetis
  • Oh boy, that’s another thing.
  • Thetis isn’t mad about the fact that Achilles is gay.
  • She hates the fact that he chose to go for Patroclus.
  • “He was sent here because of disciplinary issues! What if his rowdiness rubs off on you???”
  • “MOM his disciplinary record here is spotless ??”
  • They hang out a lot with the older kids
  • Even if some of them Agammemnon are douchebags
  • “Ughh if you two are gonna make out then go do it somewhere else! Some of us have a hard time eating lunch while watching you guys shove your tongues into each other’s throats!”
  • “Aw, come on, Agammemnon! Let the kids do what they want!
  • “Shut up, Odysseus! They’re almost as bad as you whenever you talk about Penelope!”
  • Achilles is in the track team and specializes in Javelin Throwing
  • Patroclus often helps out at the clinic
  • They have a rival school that’s just a couple of blocks away.
  • During one of the “friendly tournaments”, they meet a girl from that school called Briseis
  • She and Patroclus hit it off immediately
  • Achilles is highkey jealous
  • There’s this Student Athlete from that school that rivals Achilles’ track record
  • His name is Hector.
  • Achilles refuses to challenge him directly since he begrudgingly respects the guy and bc he knows that he could wipe the floor with hector’s ass anytime
  • But then, during another friendly tournament, Hector accidentally elbows Patroclus in the ribs because of the tightly-packed wave of students
  • “Oh my God, I am so sor-”
  • Inevitably, Achilles beats Hector.

Just, an AU where everybody is alive and happy and nobody has to die pls 

UPDATE: I made some modern Briseis headcanons as a companion piece to this! Check them out here !

I wrote a thing:

The apartment is far too quiet when Justin finally gets home.

Adam always makes it home first, when they work on the same day, and he’s usually in the kitchen making dinner, or singing along to something in the living room, or perched precariously on the table in the front hall, waiting to tell Justin all about his day.

All of the lights are still off, and Justin heads blindly in the direction of the living room, brow furrowed in a mix of confusion and worry.

He lets out a breath of relief when he sees Adam’s head poking over the back of the couch.

Justin flips on the floor lamp just past the doorway and walks around the couch.

Adam doesn’t move. He’s pulled his feet up onto the couch, and is hunched over his emergency pint of ice cream, glaring at the opposite wall silently. He has a blanket wrapped around his shoulders, but he’s still wearing his dress pants and button up shirt.

His suit jacket is on the floor in front of Justin, and Justin picks it up, placing it over the back of the couch before settling himself down on the middle cushion, close enough that he’ll be able to touch Adam if Adam wants, but far enough to maintain a bit of space in case he doesn’t.

“Hey,” he says quietly.

Adam doesn’t say anything, instead shoving a spoonful of vanilla and cookie dough into his mouth.

“Rough day?” Justin continues.

Adam shrugs, keeping his gaze firmly on the opposite wall.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Justin offers.

“No,” Adam says, as though  that question had been particularly stupid.

“Okay,” Justin says, shrugging and ducking his head to hide his fond smile.

Grouchy-Adam is kind of adorable, but Grouchy-Adam definitely does not appreciate having that pointed out.

“Can I sit with you?” Justin asks.

Sometimes Adam finds cuddling helpful; other times he needs to be alone, and will come find Justin whenever he’s ready.

This time, Adam shrugs again, and lifts a corner of his blanket.

Justin stops trying to hide his smile as he shifts to settle himself under Adam’s arm, pressed up against his side.

Adam wraps his arm tightly around Justin’s shoulders, bringing the blanket with him. It’s too small to adequately cover them both, but Justin figures it’s more for comfort than warmth at this point.

“Want to watch something?” Justin asks.

Adam shrugs again, jostling Justin’s head where it’s resting against his shoulder, and Justin wiggles out from under his arm to go grab Adam’s laptop from the bedroom. He impulsively grabs a pair of sweatpants and an old, worn t-shirt as well, then heads back out.

“Do you want to get changed?” Justin asks, “I’ll order something for dinner.”

Adam nods, face still pulled downward into a frown, but he’s glaring slightly less so Justin will count it as a win.

He passes over the change of clothes, and gets the laptop set up, sending off an order for pizza, then pulling up a random episode of 30 Rock.

Adam settles down next to him just as he’s pressing play, and leans his head on Justin’s shoulder, picking his ice cream back up.

“You’re not going to have any room for pizza,” Justin test-chirps him, half-holding his breath while he waits for a response.

Adam snorts something that could be considered a precursor to a laugh and Justin relaxes.

“I’m a giant,” Adam grumbles, “I can eat as much as I want.”

“You’re only two inches bigger than me,” Justin points out.

“And those two inches are entirely ice cream.” Adam shoots back.

“As a medical professional, I’m going to have to disagree,” Justin says.

“Well as an ice cream professional, I think I’m the authority here,” Adam says, eating another spoonful for good measure.

Justin is about to respond, but suddenly there’s a spoon shoved in his face and he has no choice but to join Adam in ruining their dinner.

Being grown ups sucks, like, most of the time, but being able to eat ice cream for dinner definitely helps.

“Does this mean I’m going to grow two inches?” Justin asks, stealing another bite that Adam definitely intended for himself.

“In your dreams,” Adam huffs.

They settle into comfortable silence, only broken by the arrival of the pizza, which they still manage to eat most of.

By the time they head to bed, overly full, and still wrapped around each other in their blanket, Adam seems nearly back to normal.

“Hey,” Adam says, as they crawl into bed, getting their limbs tangled in the most comfortable way possible, “Thanks.”

“Any time,” Justin tells him.

Adam falls asleep with a tiny, almost invisible smile.


Important notes about the thing:
1) I feel like we, as a fandom do not do enough with the fact that Holster is canonically the most giant grump on the face of the Earth. (Except for maybe Jack, but that argument was never resolved to my satisfaction)
2) No, this has no plot. I didn’t even try, tbh.
3) This could kind of take place in the nebulous future where they live together and somehow got together and Ransom still refers to himself as a medical professional (whether or not he is one)
3) I had more things to say before I got home. I may remember them later and add them in.

Reunited - Two

A/N: This is a Jensen x Reader series. I’m choosing to call it an AU, because there will be a few inconsistencies here. For the sake of this fic, Jensen is single and he grew up in Austin. Thank you to my awesome beta @thorne93, and also to @melonshino for letting me test the story out on her, You guys all rock…

Characters: Reader, Jensen, Readers mom.

Warnings: Alcohol, Language, awkward situation.  

Wordcount: 2210

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Originally posted by frozen-delight

“So, Jensen, how have you been? I see that life in Hollywood has treated you well,” your mom questioned as you pulled the salad out of the fridge and put it on the table.

“Hollywood is great, but you know me, I’m a Texas boy,” Jensen answered.

You were about to get some glasses for the lemonade when your mother asked Jensen if there was a special someone in his life, and you decided that if you were gonna get through this lunch you would need something stronger than lemonade. You pulled out three wine glasses and got a bottle of white wine from the fridge.

“A little early for wine don’t you think?” your mom asked, sending you a stern look.

“Special occasion, right?” you responded, putting the bottle on the table. “I have lemonade if you prefer that.”

Your mom rolled her eyes at you when you filled your glass almost to the rim as you joined them at the table. You tried your best to ignore the both of them, eating and drinking as the two of them chatted.

Jensen told you about this show he was working on, Supernatural, and that they had just been picked up for a fourth season. You had heard about the show, Rose was a huge fan, but you had avoided everything that had Jensen in it, and after about two year’s, Rose had stopped nagging you to watch it. It was one thing to break up with someone, but when that someone suddenly showed up everywhere, on TV, in magazines and all over the internet, it was much harder to get over them. Every time you saw his stupidly handsome face you were reminded of the heartbreak, so you had decided to try and avoid him altogether. Bang up job there (YN). You zoned out, poking at your food as your mind started playing the memories from way back when. It wasn’t until your name came up that you snapped back to the present.

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Video Greetings (Cal Request)

You had no idea what you were about to watch. This was just a link on a tweet with a specific time to skip to in whatever video this would be. Usually, you ignored these. They were stupid videos that you had no real interest in watching. But the excitement from everyone replying to this certain person’s tweet made you curious to click.
As the video began, you found that it was a guy you knew as JJ from general YouTube meetings but the other two were unknown to you. Soon, you could name them as Callux and Calfreezy. The video was smash or pass which you had seen going round on YouTube quite a bit recently. Part of you, because of their easy comedy and outgoing personalities, made you want to watch the whole video. So, curled up in bed with a laptop on your lap, you decided to watch.
But, as you reached roughly halfway through the video, you found that your name was mentioned.
“Bro, funniest female YouTuber hands down” Lux, as they called him, said instantly.
“Oh for sure” JJ responds, “And I’ve met her a couple times and she’s proper nice”
“Definite smash” Cal, who you had to admit was quite cute, says, “She’s basically wife material”
“Oh shit” JJ chuckles, “Cal’s got a crush”
“Wait she’s going to that event on Monday” Lux reminds him.
Today was Monday. The event was a ton of YouTubers meeting and essentially having a party in the night after usually meeting some fans beforehand and having a big YouTube meal full of themed food.
“Well, she’s gonna get linked this video” JJ grins to the camera.
“Fucks sake” Cal grumbles, a hint of red washing his pale cheeks.
You find yourself smiling at the tall dirty-blonde haired boy and suddenly feel a sense of nerves creeping in for later. You would be leaving in 2 hours. It started at 7 and you’d sort of spent the majority of your day already editing and watching videos in bed. Time to get prepared.
A shower, a change of clothes and a small amount of makeup for photos later… You were ready to go with an Uber waiting for you outside. Just be yourself. If you met him, he’d be the nervous one. If you didn’t, you’d meet one day…
The venue was already fairly busy and you were lucky enough to bump into some of your fans outside before going in.
“Aww I love your top!” You smile to one of the waiting girls wearing some of your merch.
“Thank you so much” She grins, overwhelmed tears in her eyes.
“Aww no don’t cry!” You chuckle, engulfing her in a hug, “You’ll ruin your mascara”
She laughs and holds out her phone for you to take a few photos with her.
“I’m so sorry, I’m gonna have to go but thank you so much for coming” You nod, giving her a final hug before waving goodbye and being led inside by your manager.
You recognized some people here already and were instantly welcomed by Joe, Jack and Josh.
“Hey guys” You greet them, giving them a welcoming hug.
“Well, looks like you’re the talk of the town at the minute” Jack laughs.
“Oh shut up Mr 1 million subscribers, congratulations” You grin, giving him a big hug.
“Come on, did you watch JJ’s video?” Josh raises his brows.
“Oh god” You laugh.
“Hands down, married by next year” Joe states and you hit his arm jokingly.
You roll your eyes and continue talking to them for a while before you’re all called to your seats.
Being a YouTube event, nobody’s really put into places so you sit with the boys and are soon joined by the rest of them- Oli, Caspar, Conor and Mikey.
From the corner of your eye you notice the sidemen boys who you had always been friends with. They were the loudest as usual and amongst them sat Cal, Lux and Sarah. A blush crept onto your cheeks.
“(Y/n)?” Oli raises his brows, “Do you want a drink?”
“Yeah, sure thank you,” You shake from your daze.
“Like I said, married by next year” Joe mutters from beside you.
~~~Time Skip~~~
The party was already in full swing by the time you walked in after having to take a call.
You walked through the crowds of people until you bumped into JJ and his friend.
“Hey (y/n)” JJ grins, giving you a hug, “How are you?”
“I’m good thank you” You smile, “What about you?”
“Yeah I’m great” He nods, “Oh shit right, (y/n) this is Simon, Simon this is (y/n)”
“Yeah I’ve watched some of your stuff, you’re really good”
“Ahh well thank you so much” You reply to the tall boy, shaking his hand in greeting.
“To be honest, I think I know enough about you already” Simon laughs before noticing your confused face, “Cal talks about you all the time”
You roll your eyes at him and try to avoid the topic.
“Come on, I need to introduce you guys” JJ urges.
“No fuck off” You shake your head.
“At least come over and say hello to the rest of the boys” Simon suggests.
You think about it for a moment before following behind the guys to where the rest of the sidemen were all sat in a booth.
“Ayy its Mrs Freezy” The bearded one of the group laughs.
“No no no Josh” The one you had met before and knew as Vik shakes his head, “Its Mrs Airey”
“Talk of the devil” Simon grins, turning you around to face Cal.
“Hi” He mumbles, not clearly audible over the loud noise.
“We’ll leave you to it” JJ comments, clasping your shoulder before heading off with all of the reluctant boys.
“Good to finally meet you” You say. What a stupid statement. You’d only known who he was since this morning.
“Yeah you too” He nods, “Sorry about the video” He mentions, scratching the back of his neck.
“I don’t see why its due an apology” You respond, “I saw it as a compliment”
“Oh, okay” He chuckles, “So, how about a drink?”
“Sure” You smile, “I can get them”
“No don’t be ridiculous” Cal shakes his head, “I think I owe it to you after causing all of this hype on your Twitter and everything”
“My Twitter?” You frown, having not checked much social media after you watched the video. You’d assumed the boys were only talking about the video.
“Looks like I have a lot of explaining to do” He smiles sheepishly.

Touchy Feely || Joe Sugg Imagine

As I sway to the beat of the music that is being pumped through the speakers. I feel familiar hands come to rest on my hips. I laugh, “What do you think you’re doing Sugg?” I tease.

“Dancing with my girlfriend? What else?” He breathes, breath stinking of alcohol.

“You’re being your touchy self, go find Caspar,” I spin around so that I’m facing him.

“But he told me that I was too drunk.”

“Because you are?”

“You’re no fun, can I have fun Y/N back?”

“Please don’t tell me that Jack was feeding you shots again?” I ask.

“Jack Maynard would never do such thing,” Joe says holding his hand to his chest.

I laugh and lead him through the mass of bodies. My tiny hand gripped in his large one. We weave our way until I can see the older Maynard.

“Where’s Randy?” I ask. Eyes raking over the packed club.

“He told me that if you came to find him to tell you that he’s sorry and he’s dead,” Conor says laughing.

I roll my eyes, “He got touchy feely here drunk.”

Conor’s eyes make their way to the drunk boy that has wrapped himself around me. “Well,” Conor begins, “Yeah I’ll find Jack and smack him upside the head for you.”

“Thanks, Con,” I say softly, “I was originally planning on getting absolutely wasted but with this one being so gone, I need to take him home.”

“Don’t worry Y/N/N, I will take you out to get smashed tomorrow night,” He says laughing at me.

“I’ll hold you to that Maynard.”

When I try to take a step I remember that Joe has his arms wrapped around me and head tucked into my neck.

“Hey, Joe?”

He hums in response, “We’re going to go home now.”

“Nope, I’m too drunk,”

I shake my head and move towards the exit. We make our way outside, and my mostly sober mind calls an Uber. And before we know it we were home.

anonymous asked:

H-hey can you do a hc where s76 has a chubby s/o and just general cute things t-thanks bro

I have been waiting for a request like this forever, thank you!!

  • Will take every opportunity to cuddle you from behind and have his arms around your waist
  • mmmmmmMMMMMMM gotta grab dat ass
  • He always comes up with cute nicknames for you - ‘Squishy’, ‘Muffin’, ‘Squish Muffin’ are his favourites
  • On your bad days, he’ll let you steal his clothes so you feel more comfortable
  • Understands that sometimes restaurants can be overwhelming and is always happy to rearrange as long as you are.
  • Lowkey buys you clothes that are a size too small because he likes how they look on you
  • Loves your figure more than anything else
  • Hopes you never change drastically because he loves his Squishy
Sleep Deprivation- Conor Maynard Imagine

Author’s Note: Ok guys this is my very FIRST imagine! So please be nice. I just wanted to try and write this cute idea that came to me randomly, I hope you like it!

Word Count: 763

Summary: You and Conor recently had a baby. With being a new parent, Conor back in the studio, and sleep problems, it gets to be too much. However you don’t want pull him away from work. You want to handle it on your own. 


You were a new mother. It had been a little over 2 months since you and Conor had your little man. A beautiful baby boy named Everett. Everett Colin Maynard. For the most part he was a pretty happy baby, but he seemed to hate it when his dad was away.

Conor’s a great dad. Very hands on and involved. Which you loved, but he also had to go back to work. He was putting a lot of time into finishing his second album. Which meant many late nights in the studio. Leaving you and Everett alone. You didn’t want to make him worry and have him put his music on hold. You wanted to prove you could handle being a new parent. But sleep deprivation was starting to wear on you. The house wasn’t very tidy and you were getting stressed out. For whatever reason the past couple nights Everett would cry on and off nonstop. You just could not get him to sleep. You tried everything. Bouncing him, rocking him, feeding him, giving him a pacifier. Nothing seemed to be working. 

One night, you were sat in the nursery with your wailing infant. Rocking back and forth, trying to soothe him with a soft voice. 

“C'mon Everett. Shh…baby it’s ok. Please try to go to sleep. Mommy is so tired!” you pleaded.

 You instantly knew you needed some help, but you weren’t going to bother Conor. You looked at the clock which read 1 am. Surely Jack would be awake. You reached for your cell phone on the changing table and dialed him. 

It rang a couple times before you heard a sleepy voice say, “HHelllooo? What is it (Y/N)? Everything ok?" 

"Hi Jack, I’m sorry to wake you..but I could really use some help. I’m just so tired. The baby won’t stop crying….” You started to sob. “I’ve tried everything and Conor’s in the studio recording and I…I.." 

 Jack interrupted you, ”(Y/N) alright, alright. Try to take a deep breath for me.“

 You took a few deep breaths. 

"Good. Very good. Ok, I’m going to hang up now and come over to help straight away alright?" 

"Thank you Jack” you sighed.

~A few minutes later you heard the door unlock~

“Jack, we’re in the nursery."you called.

 Footsteps drew close to the nursery and the door creaked open. Everett still crying in your arms. You turned around in surprise to see not Jack, but Conor standing in front of you. 

"Hey! What are you doing home? I thought you weren’t going to be back for a couple more hours.”, you cried and pulled him in for a kiss.

He stood there and smiled at you. 

“Jack called me and said you were in tears and sounded absolutely exhausted. Why didn’t you tell me you were having a hard time with little man love?” he asked.

“I don’t know. ” you whined. “I guess I just didn’t want you to postpone your music any farther. I thought I could juggle everything and handle this new mom thing. But I’m not going to lie, it’s really fucking exhausting." 

He laughed. He brought his hand to your chin, so your eyes were level with his."Hey look at me gorgeous. We’re a family. Family is everything to me. As much as I love music and how hard I’ve been trying to complete this album, you two will always come first.”

Your heartfelt moment was soon interrupted by baby cries. 

"Now you give him to me and go to our room to get some rest. Go on! We’ll be fine!” he insisted. 

You handed the baby over to him and walked towards the door. Before you headed to go back to bed, you decided to look in on the boys. As you crept back towards the nursery, it was quiet. You peeked through the crack in the doorway to see Conor sat in the rocking chair. He began singing a lullaby and rocking gently back and forth. 

“Light up, light up.. As if you have a choice. Even if you cannot hear my voice I’ll be right beside you dear…” (Run- Snow Patrol)

He sang Everett one of his favorite early covers. Yours too.

You stood there thinking about how grateful you were to have Conor. Not only was he an amazing man, he was an amazing father. Even though you were exhausted, the house was in disarray, and you were kinda clueless about this whole parenting thing, you had your boys. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Positive”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: N/a

Word count: 806

Requested: yes || Request are open

Summary: Y/n gets pregnant with her boyfriend Joe’s kid and goes to Conor and Jack for advice.

A/n: I’m sorry if you have requested something and its taking forever. I have been coming up with a lot of ideas lately and been trying to write everything at once. I also think that I’m going to have a few really long ones (3 or more parts) I have 2 started so I look forward to that :)


Positive. Positive. Positive. All three of the pregnancy test read positive. There was a knock on the bathroom door. “Baby girl I’m getting ready to leave,” my boyfriend Joe said. I quickly hid the tests and opened the door. He smiled at me and I smiled back giving him a quick kiss before saying goodbye. “Are you alright? Do I need to Reschedule?” He asked looking at me. “Joe I’ll be fine,” I reassured him. “I’ll probably go to Jack and Conor’s anyway. I love you,” I said. “I love you too. Be careful,” he said with a smile kissing me one last time.

 He went to walk away but I pulled him back reconnecting our lips. “I love you,” I said again. He smiled pushing hair behind my ear and he kissed my cheek. He walked out of our flat to go meet Caspar and Josh to eat then go to a meeting. I  grabbed the test out from their hiding spot and ran my hand through my messy h/c hair.  I pulled out my phone and called Conor. “Holaaa,” he said through the phone. “Hey, are you and Jack busy?” “We are never too busy for you Y/n,” I heard Jack say in the background. “Is it alright if I come over?” I said. “Of course. Are you alright?” “No I’m kind of freaking out but I’ll tell you when I get there,” I said quickly, hanging up.

 I threw on one of Joe’s hoodies and kept leggings on. I threw the test into my purse and threw my hair into a ponytail. I walked to my car and drove to Jack and Conor’s. Knocking on the door, it only took Jack a second to open the door. “Hiiiii,” he said greeting me. I smiled lightly, “Hey.” “Come on in,” he said opening the door and holding it for me. I walked in and saw Conor. “Helloooooo,” he said hugging me. I hugged back. “Are you okay?” Jack asked me.

 "I have to tell you guys something and you will be the only people to know and I don’t know what to do,“ I rambled. "Okay?” Conor said. “I’m pregnant,” I said. “Joe doesn’t know?” I shook my head. “I’m scared to tell him,” I admitted. “Why?” Conor asked. “Because I don’t want to make him upset. His career is really hitting off and his third book is going to be released soon which means there will be a book tour and I don’t want him to have to worry about me and a baby,” I said. By the time I finished, tears were streaming down my face.  

 "Hey calm down,“ Jack said comforting me by rubbing my back. "I just don’t know what to do,” I said sitting on their couch.  They both sat next to me and were silent for a second. “You are for sure you’re pregnant?” Jack asked. I pulled the test out of my purse and handed them to the boys. “Okay, I think you should tell Joe as soon as possible. Where is he now?” “He went to meet Caspar and Josh then to a meeting,” I said. 

“I think when he gets home you should just be like ‘hey can we talk’ or something then tell him,” Conor advised. “I honestly think that Joe will be happy about it. He always talks about how he wants children,” Jack added. “I literally love you guys so much. You guys are like brothers to me. Thank you so much,” I said wiping my eyes. “It’s no problem,” Jack said. “Now let’s do something to take your mind off of it,” Conor said making me smile.


“Joe, can I talk to you for a second?” I asked after Caspar finished telling a story. He nodded and got up. The plan was to tell Joe as soon as he got home. However, Josh and Caspar came back with him. I grabbed his hand after we had walked out of the room and walked him to our bedroom. “Are you okay?” “Um yeah just need t tell you something,” I said nervously. “Are you pregnant?” He asked. “What- Who- How did you know?" 

"Well the other day you bought the tests and I looked in the bag and because your time of the month was last week and you didn’t complain about cramps or ask me to go buy you anything,” he said. I smiled wide, “It’s cute how observant you are,” I said. “So you’re pregnant?” Joe said smiling wide. I nodded with a smile. “I’m so excited!” he said smiling wide and hugging me. “Good I was scared you would be upset,” I replied hugging back. “Why would I be upset? I have a child with the woman I am in love with and honestly don’t know what could be better.”

((My musey @SkeleyKing has a southern drawl and spouts southern idioms all the time, this was sort of inspired by all the times that I was a European guy was confused by the stuff he said))

[Overwatch Channel: We’re all gay now]

HANZO: Gabriel I need your help deciphering something McCree said.

GABE: What?

HANZO: ‘It’s colder then a witch’s tit in a brass bra’

GABE: It’s cold… that’s it



[Overwatch Channel: Shopping at Soup]

TRACER: Gabe can you tell me what Jesse meant when he said something?

GABE: … okay

TRACER: ‘running around like a chicken with its head cut off?’

GABE: Running around like an idiot

TRACER: …why didn’t he just say that?

GABE: Because it’s Jesse, Lena


[Overwatch Channel: Sound War The Reckoning]

SATYA: Gabriel, I wish to ask you something, if I may?

GABE: What idiom did Jesse say now?

SATYA: I believe he said that I should not act so much like a long tailed cat in a room for of rocking chairs?

GABE: Acting nervous

SATYA: Why would Agent McCree not just say that?

GABE: Aesthetic


[Overwatch Channel: Busted Walnuts Ver 2, Crushed Almonds]

GENJI: Gaaaabbbeeee

GABE: … what did he say?

GENJI: ‘Pitchin’ a hissy fit with a tail on it’

GABE: Pissed off


GABE: He’s got a reputation to keep Genji


[Overwatch Channel: Sombra has your browser history and she judges]


GABE: What did he say?
SOMBRA: I got the internet I can look this up

SOMBRA: I’m just wondering how you know any of this shit?

GABE: Well when you work with someone from the south you either look this shit up or think critically about what they mean in context and work from there

GABE: Also Jack’s from deep farm land, you don’t think that sometimes he pops off a dumbass southern idiom from time to time



[Overwatch Channel: The Title is now locked because of last week’s incident you hooligans]

GABE: Hey Jackie

JACK: What

GABE: You’re a tall glass of sweet tea

JACK: Thats really cute Gabe, thank you

MCCREE: *furiously takes notes*


HANZO: I thought we all spoke English, but apparently not.


HANA: Gaaaayyyyyyy

GENJI: You’re dating that cowboy disaster brother

SATYA: I will never understand idioms and slang.

GABE: Aesthetic, Satya, aesthetic

Jack stared at his Godmother with disbelief, he wanted to shout at her, to thank her and arrest Marian all at the same time. “Oh chin up Skippy, you’ll get over it.” Marian stated

“Somehow I think it won’t be that easy, you’re the Head of the MM gang I have to take you down.” Jack replied, wishing that he had never come to this funeral.

“You heard what Fru Fru, Nick and Robin said, we have to work together to bring down the Underworld trio.” Marian persuaded handing Jack a Vodka martini.

Jack gave the vixen he once trusted a Questionable look, if he agreed to this alliance his and Skye’s carreers could be over but if he didn’t he would never have justice for his family.

HEY FOLKS THIS IS A SNEAK PEEK AT THE NEXT CHAPTER OF TAKE A STAND!!! The amazingly brilliant @reddoshirousagi06 has drawn this meeting of Maid Marian and Agent Jack Savage, thank you so much Dude this drawing is great!!!

Next Chapter is out on Sunday but if you want to catch up here’s a link… https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12105029/1/Take-A-Stand

You're Single || Jack Maynard Imagine

“No.,” I say.

“But-” Jack starts.

“No!” I cut him off, feeling anger rush into my being.

“Please!” Jack begs, holding my hands in his.

“I said no! You almost died! Don’t you understand that? I almost lost you!” I feel tears gather in my eyes and all anger disappear, replaced with fear.

“I didn’t almost die, I just passed out,” Jack laughs pulling me into his chest, “I’m alright like the doctors told you.” He kisses the side of my head.

I push him away from me, “Jack, you were in the hospital, You were in a fucking coma!” I shout tears brimming my eyes.

“But Y/N, I’m fine now, please just let me go out with the boys,” he says taking my hands in his.

“I almost lost you! I can’t deal with that again!” I shout running my fingers aggressively though my H/C hair.

“By not letting me go out? Y/N that won’t help me!” Jack shouts back.

“I’m fucking sorry that I was scared!” I shout back.

“Will you please just let me live!” He shouts back. His chest heaving up and down.

“I’m just trying to protect you!” I yell, spinning away from him so that he can’t see the tears that are now staining my cheeks.

“I don’t need protecting from a girl!” He yells I spin around fast my mouth wide open. Anger rushes through my veins. My eyes narrow at him.

“Are you fucking serious?” I shout. My anger from before doubling. “With all that’s happening in the world at the moment, you think that it’s a good fucking idea to say such a sexist thing like that to me?”

I watch as his body shrinks away from me. I grab my jacket and my phone.

“I’m going out, don’t expect me to come back for a while,” I spit at my boyfriend.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now? You’re really leaving because of a stupid comment?” He asks.

I nod my head, “And until you can see how fucking rude that comment is, you’re single,” I say slamming our apartment door shut.


I had been staying with Joe for the past week. Jack had been to his place a twice. During them visits, I would go to London and wait for Joe to text me that he had left. But today I wasn’t as lucky.

I hear a knock at Joe’s door, figuring that it’s the pizza I had ordered, I make my way over to the door and open it. There stood a worse for wear Jack Maynard.

“What are you doing here?” He asks, shock evident on his face.

“I had nowhere to stay, Joe offered,” I mumble standing in the doorway, “Oh yeah come in.”

“I’m sorry,” he says instead of stepping inside, “Please come home.” He pulls me to him hiding his face in my neck.

“Jack,” I sigh, “You said some pretty shitty things.”

He removes his head from my neck. Tears shining in his eyes.

“I-i know,” He sighs, “And I know I’ve don’t nothing to deserve you, but please just come home.”

I run my hand over my face, glancing over his features. His eyes don’t have the sparkle in them, eyes and cheeks hollow.

“You look like you’re sick again,” I say prodding his face with my fingers. He chuckles.

“I’m fine, just a little tired, I haven’t been able to sleep without you,” He shrugs like it’s nothing.

“You’re so lucky that in hopelessly in love with you,” I say kissing him.

“I’ve missed you so much, I love you,” He says kissing my face between each word.

“Thank god, now I don’t have to deal with you both being so mopey, And I can have my house back,” Joe says, startling me and Jack.

I laugh, “Hey, you offered I didn’t ask you,” I point my finger at him.

Joe holds his hands up in defense, “Yeah I did, but now you guys can go back to being the in love bunch of nerds, that I love.” He says ruffling my hair.

“Thank you, Joe,” I say breaking away from my gorgeous boyfriend grasp. I give Joe a hug, “I’m always here if you need anything,” he whispers into my ear, “After all that’s what best friends are for.” He kisses my cheek softly.

I turn back to Jack a smile on my face, “Home?” I ask. Jack nods taking my hand. “Home.”  

i’m really fond of the idea that somebody in the fake ah crew brings a dog home purely because

i mean, obviously it’s jeremy, bleeding heart and easily swayed and showing up at the penthouse awkwardly at one in the morning with a bedraggled puppy tucked into his coat like, “so, scooter was afraid of him, and i figured i’d just. bring him here?”

(“no,” says geoff.
“sure,” says jack.
traitor,” says geoff.)

and everyone except for geoff is basically like this is great and ryan’s an asshole because he definitely starts calling the dog boss and inevitably that becomes the dog’s name and geoff is unbelievably full of vinegar about it, sulking and complaining loudly to anybody who will stay still long enough to listen

one morning gavin claps a hand on geoff’s shoulder and says, “we decided to take pity on your pathetic arse. renamed the dog.”

“thank fuck,” geoff mutters.

“hey, geoff!” says michael, walking through the front door.

“hey,” geoff replies.

michael walks right past him. “not talking to you,” he says, and kneels down to greet the excited puppy. “hey, geoff,” he says again, cooing, and jack’s shoulders are shaking with silent laughter.


IDFC- Joe Sugg Imagine

Word Count: 1,058

Request:  PLEASE WRITE AN IMAGINE BASED AROUND IDFC BY BLACKBEAR!!!!!!!!!! preferably with conor, jack or joe but if you think a different boy would fit better then that’s ok!

Author’s Note: I love blackbear and this song, so it was a fun one to write!


You remember taking shots with a couple of your friends. You lost count after three. The music was blaring and you were dancing the night away. Going on nights out was your favorite way to blow off steam.

You weren’t entirely sure how long you’d been out, but you knew you were drunk. Stumbling into the booth where you left your bag, trying to locate your cell phone. You moved your hand across the seat until you finally felt a hard, square object. You lifted it up, pressing the home button to make sure it was yours. Your lock screen was displayed on the screen. The time read 3:30 am.

“Shit.” you groaned, finishing your drink you left on the table. You knew you should probably head home. You were definitely in no condition to drive. You could take an uber, but you never liked riding in one this late all alone.

As you struggled to find to the door, you finally made it outside to make a phone call. You held your phone up to your face, not wanting to bother with dialing or accidentally drunk texting the wrong person. You knew exactly who you were going to call.

“Siri, call Suggy.” you managed to say clear enough for your phone to register.

The phone rang a few times before you heard a sleepy voice answer, “Helloo?”

“Suggy! Can you pretty please come pick me up? I’m drunk and I need you.” you said sweetly.

You heard let out a deep sigh into the phone, “Yeah, sure. Where are you (Y/N)?”

“I’m outside of DRAMA.”

“Ok, just let me throw on some clothes and I’ll be there in like 15 minutes.”

“Thank you babe. I’ll be waitinggg.”

Joe POV:

I sat outside of DRAMA in the car waiting for her. (Y/N) had called me to come take her home again. This has happened several times in the past few months. Almost every weekend, she calls me drunk and I come to her rescue every time.

I ask myself, Why?

Why do I let her do this?

When she sees me, she kisses me on the cheek, slurring her words, whispering in my ear. “Suggy I freaking love you.” I can smell the alcohol on her breath, but it doesn’t really phase me anymore.

I never know what’s the truth and what’s not. Does she really care for me? Or am I just the one who’s available at her beck and call?

I don’t care

This time was no different. She opened the door and basically fell into the seat. There was no denying she had had a few. She adjusted herself in the seat, placing her hand on my thigh.

Leaning her face towards mine, pressing a tequila filled kiss to my cheek, “There’s my Suggy! Thanks for rescuing me.” she smiled as she bit her lip. I just brush it off.

The whole car ride she talked about the guys she met and how much fun she had at the club. And also just chatted absolute nonsense, before passing out in the passenger seat.

I arrived at her flat and put the car in park. I looked over at her asleep with her heels in her lap. She was a mess. Her makeup was slightly smeared and her hair out of place. Yet she still managed to look beautiful.

I reached my hand over to her side, gently shaking her arm. “(Y/N)! Come on. We’re here. I’ll help you up.” I got out and opened the passenger side door. Holding my hand out to her as she stretched and gathered her things.

She batted my hand away. “Thanks for the ride Joe, but I go it. I don’t need a babysitter.” she snapped, then letting out a laugh.

I wanted to tell her off for being rude, but I just stayed quiet and let her pass by. She made her way up to her flat, heels and purse in hand. All without saying another word to me. Which isn’t unusual.


After I dropped off (Y/N), I went over to Jack’s to film.

I entered his living room to see him on the sofa, scrolling through his phone. “Hey bro! How’s it going? You look terrible.”

I laughed, running my hand through my hair, then rubbing my tired eyes. “Thanks man. Yeah I’m knackered. I just got back from taking (Y/N) home from DRAMA.”

Jack looked up from his phone with a smirk, “Again?”


He shook his head and laughed to himself, “I can’t believe you woke up and took her ass home again. Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”

I was about to answer, but Jack interrupted waving his finger at me. “I’ll tell you why, it’s because you still care about her! Even after she friendzoned you.”

“Nah mate.” you scoffed. “I’m just a good friend, who doesn’t want her going home alone when she’s drunk. What if something happens to her?”

“Joe you know that’s bullshit! She could’ve taken an uber or something. You still care and you know it.”

I continued to shake my head despite what was running through my mind. I’m a fool for you

“I don’t fucking care honestly.”

Jack stood up with a sigh, putting his hand on my shoulder, “Yeah keep telling yourself that.”

I was done with the conversation. “Can we drop this and go film please?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “Alright, alright! Let me go get the lights and the tripod.”

When Jack went into the other room, I sneakily slide my phone out of my pants pocket. Quickly, I typed a text and sent it to (Y/N).

Reader’s POV:

You had just gotten out from being sick in the bathroom, you were exhausted and hungover. Your head was pounding and all you wanted to do was sleep.

You climbed into bed throwing the duvet over your head. Avoiding letting any light in to disturb you. You were just about to doze off, when suddenly you heard your phone chime. You slipped your hand out from under the covers, blindly searching for your phone on the nightstand. Once you grasped it, you let your eyes adjust so you were able to read the screen.

It was a text from Joe that read: We need to talk.