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!!!!!!!! Ah, here’s another response for the anon that asked about that one specific art (it’s a bit long and i was kinda late with answering it so I gotta reply like this^^’)

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anonymous asked:

Yo hey u fab artist u, I gotta a question. Um, I kinda want to start an artblog but I don't really do digital art, and I think not all of ur art is digital, so how do u get good quality pics of traditional art? When I try to take pictures it looks fuzzy, and u can't really see the lines that well, or its just bad quality and then I don't want to post it. Any tips on how to fix that?

Hey you, fab anon!

It’s great that you want to start your own art blog. I think every artist should do that, even if they think they’re not good enough, because, after a while, your followers and even yourself will be able to see how much you’ve improved and the best part is that they can be witnesses of your growth.

As you said, most of my art is traditional; I love black and white drawings with ink and coloring with comic markers, and, to be honest, it’s a huge challenge to get the digital image to look as good as the original piece.

I don’t usually “take pictures” of them. I use a scanner connected to a pc or a laptop where I edit them using photoshop. I you use photoshop, it’s important to know how to use the infinite editing options that the program offers.

Start with the image adjustments and play with the options there; learn what each of them do to your piece and think of how do you want to turn out. Do you want to change the colors? Or do you want to look as much as possible as your original piece?

An usual problem is that the whites aren’t as white as the paper so you can use ‘levels’ to fix that, even to darken the colors as much as you want, making the contrast more visible. 

To fix the colors (if they’re not as cool as on your original piece) use ‘selective color’ to fix each color separately: reds, yellows, greens… even neutrals, blacks and whites. Be careful to not to change them too much, being subtle is better.

 If you see that your image is too yellowish or too blueish use 'color balance’ to fix it (remember to use the complementary color to do it).

If you’re not happy with the results, I encourage you to keep playing around with the options! If you’re inexperienced I assure you that you will improve in no time.

It is true that some times I take pictures of them, the stickers I make, for example. If you don’t own a scanner you will have to use a camera to show your art to the rest of the world. My first advice: don’t try to use it as a scanner, don’t try to take pictures to make them look like you scanned them, all straight and from above the piece. For aesthetic purposes, you can set the materials you used to create your art next to it, like pencils, pens, markers… 

The key is to try to make your pictures as bright as possible and the colors vibrant. If you can get to make the picture clear enough to to make the strokes of the pen, marker or brush, visible, even better. Because that is what is so cool about traditional art, that you don’t have to fake the texture of the paint or the paper.

The most important things:

Light! Take the picture during day light. Use a lamp if you feel like you need to to fill the shadows from the opposite side of the window, but have in mind that natural light will give you a blueish color on the paper while the bulb light will add a yellowish one.

Editing! If you use your phone to take the picture I’m sure you will have some apps to edit pictures. Try to turn up the exposure and the contrast to make the whites even whiter and the blacks even blacker xD

Filters! If your drawing is a black and white piece you can alway try to use a b/w filter!

And the most important thing: CLEAN THE LENSES before taking the picture! It has happened to me before that the camera was filthy and it took me a while to realice why my pictures were so shitty lmao.

Sadly, in the end, the quality of your camera has a lot to do with the final results.

I hope this will help you! And if you start your art blog, don’t forget to send me the link because i will love to follow it!!

Imagine Barry Allen, your older brother, realizing you are into Julian Albert

Request by Anonymous: Hi I totally loved your latest imagine with Barry and Julian and was wondering if you reverse it the reader being Barry’s younger sister who is a brilliant, ambitious, sassy legal aid lawyer who ends up at the CCPD all the time getting information from cases so she runs into Julian all the time and Julian developed a crush without knowing she is Barry’s sister!? I understand if you don’t want to. Keep up the great work either way!

Words: 562

Note: Hi Anon, I’m not sure if I put all the things you requested into this imagine. If I didn’t, please feel free to hit my ask box again. Hope you enjoy this one! :D The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner. *The Flash 3x05 Spoiler-alert*

“Hey.” Barry spotted you from the corner of his eyes. He pulled away from the microscope and turned around to face you.

“Is Juli –” You weren’t able to finish your question as Barry snatched the Big Belly Burger paper bag from your hand in a blink of an eye.

“You bring Big Belly Burger. Great. I’m starving.” Barry rubbed his hands, taking the fries out from the bag.

“Hey!” You protested, attempting to get the food back while Barry was using one of his arms to hinder your movement.

“This is not for you!” You exclaimed once you saw Barry began to stuff the burger into his mouth.

It’s too late, Barry had already taken a big bite of it.

“What –” Barry started coughing when the burning sensation overtook his tongue, “It’s hot!”

He immediately poured the coke straight into his throat while his face and ears were turning red.

“Why did you buy that?” Barry panted, fanning his tongue with his hand, “Neither of us can take the spicy food.”

“That’s why I said that’s not for you.”

“I thought you’re going to have lunch with me.” Barry furrowed his brow, “So what brings you here?”

“Well, as a legal aid lawyer, I have to get some information about the recent attack.”

“Yeah, but that’s Julian’s case…” Speaking of Julian, something came up to Barry’s mind. He remembered Julian loves spicy food.

He looked back and forth between you and the table full of fast food. A crazy idea suddenly struck him.

“Oh no…” He muttered, shaking his head and covering his mouth with his palm.

“What?” You asked insecurely, secretly hoping Barry didn’t notice anything.

“You’re coming here to see Julian, aren’t you?” Barry pointed out, narrowing his eyes, “The whole getting-information-from-case thing is just an excuse. You want to have a lunch date with him, that’s why you brought Big Belly Burger here.”

“Um… Actually… I…” You hummed and hawed, wanting to say something to deny but your brain having problem searching for words after Barry found out your little crush secret.

Your reaction just confirmed what Barry guessed was true. He crossed his arms in front of his chest, “Julian Albert? For real?”

“Allen.” A British voice sounded at the entrance of the lab.

“Yes?” You and Barry both answered and turned to the door frame at the same time.

Julian frowned at the two of you. Did you just react to the surname ‘Allen’?

Julian was a man of intellect, it didn’t take long for him to figure out the relationship between you and Barry.

“Y/N, you’re Barry’s sister?” Julian asked, taking a glimpse at Barry.

“Yeah.” You nodded.

Julian was shocked for a moment, but soon he gathered his thoughts and cleared his throat, “Barry…” He drew a breath as if what he’s going to say needed a certain of courage, “About you giving up the lab… Forget it, you can stay.”

“What…?” Barry’s mouth dropped open.

Julian ignored Barry’s unbelievable stare and asked you with a pleasant smile rested on his lips, “Lunch?”

“Sure.” Your cheeks couldn’t help but flush a little.

Barry’s eyes widened, he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. Did Julian just ask you out underneath him?

Barry’s protective-brother mode was totally being activated, he shouted behind Julian, “You giving me back my lab doesn’t mean you can date my sister…!”

anonymous asked:

a salty ask that's tangential to that anon you got about no important shiro questions on panels: it's okay guys we atleast have popular fanon L@nce that if you close your eyes is just Shiro's character with Keith's insecurities with Larry's face. Just think of all the fanart and comics of him as what is essentially a sheith fusion. (I'm sorry jojo ignore this if it's too much, I don't wanna bring negativity to your day I'm just not ready for the crap that'll go down after S4)

//deep breath.

fanon lance stans: uhhh hey can we get a POC character with a lot of development? and a plot-centric story line? and canon angst? and ptsd? in a position of leadership? who also has a close bond with keith? like please????

vld: you mean shiro? takashi shirogane?

fanon lance stans: no not that one

anonymous asked:

it's true that Levi will bond with someone else?

Hey Anon, I take it your ask is prompted by the editor’s note (??) in chapter 95? I can’t find the original source for this, all I have is this, which I picked up on twitter.

To be honest I’m pretty damn sure this is a rhetorical question in which case the answer would be NO.  

However there’s another reason why the answer is most likely to be no.  Allow me to introduce Betteridge’s Law of Headlines.  This is a real, if somewhat facetious, law that states:

“Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no.“ 

This law is also known as the “journalistic principle” and is described by the Tech Journalist Ian Betteridge as follows:

”…any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word “no.” The reason why journalists use that style of headline is that they know the story is probably bullshit, and don’t actually have the sources and facts to back it up, but still want to run it.”

So in answer to your question Anon, I’m invoking Betteridge’s Law and calling bullshit. 

No.  Levi will not bond with anyone else.  He will keep fighting for Erwin till his dying breath. 

Levi himself can answer this question more succinctly. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think about "Chosen ones"? My story has the main character developing into sort of one (only person with special Powers, etc) and it's bugging me a bit. In books like HP, Harry himself was just lucky enough to survive most attacks most of the time. He was just at the right place at the right time with the right tools. Same could be said of other stories with "chosen ones". I don't want my story to revolve around serendipity over skills. Thanks!

Hey anon!

I think that the best approach for this question is acknowledging that there are multiple versions of the Chosen One trope. While the protagonist is generally the subject for a reason, the weight placed on their shoulders is determined by the world they live in and the circumstances of the narrative.

Most of the stories I’ve read that make use of the Chosen One type follow three specific types:

  • The Figurehead —  The person chosen by the people to represent a group or movement
  • The One Foretold — The person predicted by a prophecy to fill a specific role
  • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy — The person who fulfills the outcome predicted by a prophecy

I’m sure there are other types and combinations that would lead to different interpretations, but they generally boil down to one of the above. Each of them are typically handled in a different way, so the first step is deciding which one of these best represents your story and the type of character you want to portray.

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anonymous asked:

Mack, I saw your answer about what books you used to learn how to draw. How you learned to draw with Loomis' figure drawing? His book helped me to draw heads but I can't understand his full body construction method... I know it's a weird question and probably the answer is not simple. Forgive my english.

Hey, Anon. It’s not a weird question at all! And your question is pretty clear.

So, I guess you have a problem with few first part about all that crazy perspective lines and some boxes, right? Sorry about messy doodle! I left my copy in Korea, I cannot remember what’s the title of that part. Anyway, I hope I guess it correctly. 

I totally understand your situation, Anon. To be honest, I’m not a text-friendly person. I couldn’t understand those parts clearly even though it’s written in my first language. Maybe it’s because I had zero knowledge about perspective and so on, but I was kinda person who wanted more images, not bunch of texts. I personally think I can learn more better when I draw rather than trying to understand whole meaning of texts in the book, and I tried to study this book as much as I could understand. I actually read whole book, but the only thing I still remember is Mr. Loomis’ drawing.

And I found this part. I felt this way of sketching with rough&simple lines helped me to learn how to draw full body more believable. This is also simplified skeleton structure, so it’s much more easier to understand anatomy (and it’s actually really fun to draw!) I started with those simple lines, then moved on to muscles. Speaking of anatomy, I’ve never tried to memorize muscles’ or bones’ name, I more focused on drawing them “correctly.”

Summary (step by step) : Simple line drawing of full body bone structure - More detailed(or maybe realistic?) bones and muscles - More more detailed muscles of each parts (Arms, legs and so on) - Head, hands, feet - Perspective

Even though a book gives you all that informations, you need to find a way how to learn, interpret, and use it to your art. And I think you don’t have to follow that book exactly. You can use it as you want. I thought I wasn’t smart enough to understand whole meanings, so I found the easiest part and then moved on to more deeper part. I’m not saying that all texts in an art book are useless, it sometimes makes me super confused and it leads to time-wasting. I don’t think my answer is the right answer because everyone learns differently. If you put effort on finding your own way to use books, you’ll get what you want. Hope my answer is not confusing! I’ll be glad if this helps you at least just a little. Good luck!

anonymous asked:

ok but imagine aliens reacting to neurodivergent humans like, 'i fear they may be something wrong with my human, they react to things other humans enjoy with pain, and they often mimic the sounds of "cats" and move their limbs similar to "birds". when questioned about it the respond by saying its called "stimming". they also behave quite differently to other humans, and appear to be adverse to contact, while the other actively seek it out' i have great ideas but no more room so call me stim anon

Hey Stim Anon, sounds like you should develop that into its own post or something! Sounds good!

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm an ENTP and I have a question. I have this thing where I see how ENTP's are described, and it bothers me? Especially the descriptions of ne, and how it's different from Ni. You two are Ni-Doms, so could you explain it to me? From what I understand, Ni is seeing things without knowing why (or something like that), and Ne is seeing all the possibilities. I feel like that since a young age, I've had to learn how to see different ways things can go, to get through life, y'know? [1/2]

[2/2- same anon] And I feel like I have had to teach myself that as a skill, or rather to the way it is now. Another thing I just crave (probably Ti), is that I want ideas to be consistent with what is possible, and practical. Sometimes I get like pissed off when my friends get off task when we’re behind on shit, and they’re goofing off. I’ve started to digress. But anyway, that’s my context, and I guess I’m kind of wondering what Ni truly is and if it’s something I’d have? Or if I’m really entp.

Hi, anon!
Oh, but the ENTP is such a great type! And Ne dom never ceases to amaze me. I’ll go straight to the explanation + comparison between dominant Ne and Ni. 

Ne & Ni 

Both are constantly looking for motives, causations, roots and origins behind the details, but they work in a very different way:

Ni does it by focusing on how these causes are applicable to a single matter that they’re working on. It’s possible to say that Ni looks for the most probable or reliable idea and then simplifies it to its core in order to work on it. 
Ni dom users normally focus on few specific goals, they are constantly looking for patterns and principles that can determine the utmost trustworthy course of action. How they work on it depends on the auxiliary function:

- In INTJs, Te uses this information to take action employing the most efficient and direct method available. Te aux is a pragmatic and executing function. 

- In INFJs, Fe is not as pragmatic, it’s more focused on communicating these ideas and thoughts, taking collective values into account. 

As a dominant function, Ne is looking for more causes, principles and origins behind the details and identified ideas. It recognises a deluge of possibilities and it wants to explore them all. 
For this reason, Ne users jump from one idea to the next; one concept makes them think of something else (the idea of the “scattered brain”). 
Again, how this is developed depends on the auxiliary function: 

- In ENTPs, auxiliary Ti uses its internal logic to pick the most consistent idea. It identifies how the logical system existing in the outer world can be exploited to work to their best interest. 

- In ENFPs, auxiliary Fi helps its user identify which of these possibilities is more connected to its inner values. 

Ni vs Ne

Ni: connects existing ideas.
Ne: creates new ideas.

Ni: single focus. 
Ne: multi focus. 

Ni: simplifies one idea to its core –> focused on depth.
Ne: wants to explore all possibilities –> focused on profusion. 

Ni: grabs one idea and works with it –> focused on probability.
Ne: explores all ideas and adds new information –> focused on possibility. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! So it's not necessarily a question about this zine, but I figured since you both have experience you seemed to be good people to ask... what advice/info would you give to someone interested in organizing a zine? For instance, how do you fund them, since printing can get rather pricy? How do you decide the number of writers/artists? Sorry if you'd rather not get into it, and thanks for your time anyways!

Hey Anon!

We welcome all zine-related questions and queries! :)

The answer is quite long and detailed. Okay. SUPER LONG AND DETAILED. I AM SORRY but I hope it helps you out!

I wish you all the best for the zine you wish to organize and hope it does super well and you have fun with it. :)

If you have more queries/questions you can contact me personally  and we can talk one-on-one too! Happy to help! ^^

Thank you!

- mod aish

1. Have fun with it. No matter how intimidating it looks/is, how stressful and nerve-wrecking it can get, the ups and downs, whatever, try to enjoy it to the fullest. ;)

2. Choose the topic of the zine. Fandoms, original, any-content, theme-related, rating, etc. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH.

3. Know about the target audience as it will help you estimate the avg. response and you can decide if you wish to go forward with it right away or hold it for a while longer.

4. If its your first project, I’d 100% recommend starting off slow and little. Invite your friends or artists you like to take part in the zine, keep the participant number in range to 10-15. This is because, irrespective of your sales, chances are high that you can compensate the participants by sending them their own copies. THAT’S IMPORTANT.

5. In general, an ideal size of the zine is A5 with 24-30 pages. It can be more or less, it entirely depends on the organizers.

6. If you decide to do a non-profit charity zine, its best you refer to organizers who’ve done it similarly to help you advise how and where to send the money, which charities are legit/scam, etc.

7. If its a for-profit zine, you can either split the money per page (artists get money/page they’ve illustrated) or divided it equally between the no. of artists (irrespective of how many pages an artist creates.)

8. Its up to you if you wish to take a little % for yourself as you’re organizing the zine, will get it printed and shipped. It depends on an individual but there are zines where the organizing team also takes a %.


10. Be as organized as possible! Make plenty notes, communicate a lot so that everyone is in the loop, be as open as you can about it. This will also help your fellow artists-writers know a little about the process it takes with organizing a zine.

11. Respect their wishes if they wish to remain out of the loop. Be kind. AND PATIENT. Don’t rush things.

12. Always keep an extension ready. Like, just take an est. of 7-10 days with deadlines and the whole schedule.

13. Things can and will go wrong. Try to compromise, adjust and overcome it.

14. If you are going to get the zines printed, its best you first try and find a local printer in your area. Ask, Printer-san if they get books/magazines printed or not. If yes, browse through the multiple page types/qualities and ask about the price too. Depending upon this, choose the paper quality suitable for your zine. If its 30-40 pages, you can have a more thicker paper, but if it exceeds 40+ its best you choose a lesser thick paper. Gloss/semi-gloss is idea. And looks pretty.

15. Usually, printers will print if you give them an ideal quantity/batch, be it 25, 50, 75 or 100 copies. Otherwise, its also possible they can get a single copy printed too. Try to bargain :’) and get it as low as logically possible but listen….this is how they earn too, so ask for the min. production costs per batch size (25/50/…)

16. If not a local printer, online is the way! You can easily go through various websites which explain paper quality/quantity/size/price, etc.

17. Once you can get an est. price of a SINGLE ZINE, try and find shipping est. for locals and international customers. This will help you determine an est. for the production and shipping costs of a SINGLE ZINE. And then you can multiply it with as many zines as you wish to/hope to sell.

18. Once you have an est. production and shipping value of a single zine, you can determine the RETAIL price of the zine. (How much to sell it for?) Be up-to-date with the current costings of other zines too and price it accordingly. It isn’t fair to a customer if you oversell it, unless that is an only option and it isn’t fair to the creators if you under-price it, especially if its a for-profits zine. THIS ENTIRELY DEPENDS ON THE PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING COSTS OF THE ZINE.

19. Ask yourself if you, YOURSELF, will be able to buy YOUR ZINE at $X or $Y and go with it. (Don’t overprice-underprice it!)

20. Keep a detailed list of all the budget being spent, printing the zines, shipping them, shipping materials (envelopes, tape), etc.

21. For an art-only zine, its important you pay attention to how many artists will contribute a single page submission or multiple page submission, etc. This will help you know how many pages the zine will be.

22. For a zine with writers, choose a word-limit and stick to it! When you have the layout of your zine ready, make a mock page with the fic in it to know which font style you wish to use, the size of it, spacing, etc.

23. Try to reach out to people who have organized a zine before and request for their help. It’s the best as they can guide you well and this way you can make newer mistakes, instead of making the old ones. LOL. I AM SORRY BUT REALLY THAT’S TRUE.

24. OH! YOUR STORE! Where do you wish to sell the zine?! Tictail, storenvy, etsy. That’s up to you!

25. Also, keep a margin est. of the online fee deduction which stores and PayPal do. So that your own budget estimations are as accurate as possible.

26. Chances are you won’t break even (cover the production-shipping costs) and don’t lose hope. I will get back to you ASAP in case it happens with me. HOPE NOT. But I believe you will break-even if you price it well, promote it better and produce an awesome product.

27. Chances are you will do great! If so, CONGRATULATIONS!

28. Try your best to choose applicants according to their skill levels and not friendships. Really. It will be tough as heck…but right then you are the MOD, don’t half-ass it. If you can’t, make a zine with invite-only policy and ask your friends to take part in it. ;)

29. Schedule it in a way that you yourself can give it as much time as possible as YOU ARE THE ONE DOING IT FIRST. The zine comes to life thanks to the artists and writers…but you are an important PILLAR. Don’t over-exert yourself, take breaks, time it well, ask for help whenever you need.

30. Promote the zine well, be kind, be open to changes, but stick to your deadlines and schedule. Have as many discussions as possible and keep in touch with your whole team.

31. PLEASE BE POLITE. DON’T BE A RUDE-ASS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. Really. Be calm, even in crises. Take a break and think things over before you say/do something unkind. A zine is supposed to be a fun and exciting creation to bring together people from all over the world, different artists/writers, new artists/writers, customers, friends, etc. MAKE IT FUN. BE KIND.

I think I have covered many things. I can share more about budgeting, pre-orders, etc. but its best you contact me personally as I am too exhausted to add more to the list. I am sorry. These are the things which came to my mind like WOOOSH! If I have skipped a topic, let me know! If I remember something in the future….or learn something myself, I will update the list. :D

If someone strongly disagrees with a point, please know that these are 100% my own opinions, from my experiences and research.

anonymous asked:

French curse words question - what does "foutre la merde" mean? have heard it around but not sure what's its English equivalent

hey anon, was is too hard to say hello?

‘foutre la merde’ means making a mess - mostly abstractly. if you tell A that B is cheating, you have foutu la merde in their relationship. if angry sports fans break stuff and get into fights after a defeat, ils sont en train de foutre la merde.

hope this helps! 

anonymous asked:

I love your fic Watercast so much! I must have read it a hundred times, but i have one question I thought i'd ask. Do avians migrate? I know its sounds kinda dumb, but i got the impression that mers migrated from the fic, so is it the same for avians? Do they, literally, go south for the winter?

Hey anon it’s not a dumb question i love love love getting questions about universe building stuff ahha so thank you!

Merfolk do “migrate” in the sense that some regions have huge temperature fluctuations or other seasonal fluctuations (e.g. their food source migrates). So depending on the area, merfolk will migrate between usually 2 spots depending on the season.

With Avians, this is less pronounced. Remember they’re also mostly human so cities etc that are built have heating etc and trade means they don’t have to follow their food source (just like us in RL). so Avians tend not to migrate out of necessity - though they do travel! And due to the conflict with the galra, a lot of agricultural trade is difficult - and so for avians who live on “islands”, it’s more difficult for them and some have had to move.

anonymous asked:

hey, do u think hq will end soon? or do u think its gonna end after the national, and then maybe they will make a movie like knb, they go against a team from another country. or maybe hinata will meet the little giant?

That’s a good and tough question, my dear anon friend. In my head there are two possible scenarios:

  • It will end with the end of this year’s nationals (DON’T YOU DARE FURUDATE)
  • It will end with the last game Hinata and Kageyama will play in their third year of high school

The only thing I hope is that it won’t stop at the end of the nationals. Let’s face it, Haikyuu is a hella big and popular franchise, basically a cash cow, it could literally go on forever if they only want it to. The setup for next year is already done and we’re all here for it.

It’s true that we’re gonna lose some great and very much loved characters like Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Bokuto, Kuroo, Daichi, Suga, Asahi…but remember that “Haikyuu!! is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate that revolves around a high school volleyball team and the relationship between players Hinata Shoyou and Kageyama Tobio”What makes me think that the manga would probably go on is that their relationship has so much more room for development. They’re just laying the foundations for what will happen in their third year of high school, they’re the main protagonists and I think the story would just be beheaded if they’re not gonna show how beautiful the flowers of the kagehina tree are.

As we say in Italy: “As long as there is Kagehina, there is hope”.

And as for the little giant, I have a lot of hc about how he could play a big role in the development of the next gen arc. So yeah, I think Hinata will meet him, but the outcome would probably be very different from what we all expect it to be. 

the chain of events that always ends up occurring on this site
  • white: makes questionable (at best) posts about characters of color
  • poc: hey this seems a bit stereotypical and it makes me and others uncomfortable?
  • white: wow i cant believe you would call me a racist how am i being a racist GOD everyone's attacking me
  • 20 anons: uwu ur so right! idk why poc think they can talk about racism or something
  • poc: its still racist?
  • white: i was sent Death Threats! online activism is fake anyways and i will now whitesplain racism to u

anonymous asked:

hey imagine like pidge and coran making an AI system for the castle that the paladins can interact with from anywhere in the castle to ask it questions, etc. it can also monitor them and it's programmed so that it'll say things like "alert!! keith has a fever and he's not going to tell anyone"

Keith: It’s lying

Pidge: Keith this is a highly developed program with specialized scientific technology 

Keith: SCIENCE is a LIAR sometimes

anonymous asked:

hi emily, I really love your art style, it's gorgeous :D also, i was wondering if you had an about page? i wanted to know what timezone you go by (if that's ok) and also how you first started out drawing? I'm always curious about how people start out.

hey mate, I don’t have an about page but I’m always happy to answer questions, best thing to do is send me a non-anon message so I can reply privately. I’m really sorry to the anons I haven’t replied to but if you’ve messaged me to tell me you like my art, thank you! it really means a lot.
I’m in GMT btw, and I started drawing properly in like 2007 because I forgot to dual class into a necromancer and accidentally put all my stats in art

anonymous asked:

Hey, will SvtFoE ever get a CD or some other purchasable release of its soundtrack? Friend of mine desperately wants Just Friends in lossless quality. Friend. Not me. Someone who isn't this anon asking the question.

I have no idea, but I’m replying to this question because I appreciate your honesty.

anonymous asked:

What would be like being sand siblings lil sister? + Your opinion? Do you think that from their village ppl would call her " a bastard child"? And reaction of the siblings? Would they let it like that ? Sorry for the bad English it's not my native language :(

Hey there, anon! Thanks for the request :) I’m guessing you want some headcanons for this? And don’t worry, your English is perfectly fine :)

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