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hey isis can you recommend me some jikook fics???

yes yes i can baby here we go

  • long fics (not finished)

let’s not fall in love (142k, chapters 14/16) 

river between the stars  (space opera!au) (35k, chapters 4/?)

shared leadership  (gang!au) (43k, chapters 5/?)

things half done things half said (childhood bestfriends!au) (14k, chapters 2/3)

your voice (college!au) (65k, chapters 10/?)

imperfectly perfect (132k, chapters 20/?)

  • long fic (finished) 

never judge a book by its cover (english student!jm, skater!jk) (25k, chapters 4/4)

riptide (canon!au) (62k, chapters 18/18)

  • short fics 

wish i may wish i might (space au!, alien!jm, magic au!) (ligh angst, fluff,13k)

you drive me crazy baby (cheerleader jm!/football player jk!) (smut, 2k) 

watch your back i’m right behind (summer camp leaders jikook!) (fluff, 5k)

park and recreations (jikook playing laser tag) (smut, 7k)

the abc’s of college jikook (college!au) (fluff FLUFF SO MUCH FLUFF, 7k)

babysitter (tattoo artist!jk/single parent!jm) (fluff/smut, 24k)

baby i like your style (amateur porn tumblr au!) (smut, 4k)

all of you all of me (bad boy!jk) (light angst, smut, 11k)

dear diary, holy crap i think i’m in love with park jimin (college au!, house sitting au!) (fluff, 10k)

your body is a place to stay (tattoo artist! and single dad!jk) (fluff light angst FLUFF, 8k)

as day goes by you hold on tight another day you’re wondering why, you know why (bestfriends!au, college au!) (fluff, light angst, 9k)

on the edge (canon!au, boyfriends! jikook) (smut So Much smut and fluff, 9k)

let me know if you want more!!!!! 

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hey <3 i was wondering if i could get a prompt about even being sad over sense8 or the get down being cancelled (i'm feeling sad and really nostalgic about skam ending so yeah, i would love to see even going through something similar)

HALLA DEAR SENSE8-ANON (as i started calling you in my head) <3
So the thing is, I never watched either of those shows (i know, i know, shame on me) but my bestie max ( @thatpretentiousdesignstudent ) helped me a lotttt with this and gave me bullet points on what Even would be sad about so your takk should go to her (she also read over this mess) 

Isak cames home he found Even on their bed. He was laying in star fish position and was just frowning at the ceiling.

“Halla, what’s up with you?” He asked as he toed out of his shoes and made his way over to where his boy was laying. Isak unceremoniously slumped down next Even (well, half way onto Even – which resulted in a little “oof”).

“You’re heavy.” The complaint didn’t sound too serious since Even pulled Isak even more onto him and gave a quick peck to Isak’s forehead, mummering a quiet “Halla, baby.”

“And you’re sulking. So, tell me,” Isak lifted up a bit on his elbows that lay on Even, hands tapping a impatient rhythm on his chest. “what’s up?”

Even heaved a heavy sigh and looked back up at the ceiling. “It’s dumb.”

Isak rolled his eyes and nudged Even, waiting. With a shrug Even looked back down to Isak.

“I’m… I’m mad because my two favourite shows got cancelled. But it’s not just that but” He hastily added “it’s also that it was two amazing shows with an amazing cast and they stood for so much! The representation! In the get down we have all those poc kids back in the seventies and the music was so great and-“ Even’s rant was interrupted by Isak tipping him on the chest with his index finger. “Was that the Baz Luhrmann one?”

“Yes! But that’s not why I loved it so much” Isak shook his head at the frowning look on Even’s face.  

“Of course, you made me watch the first episodes remember? It was a good show.” Isak leaned his head down and put a kiss to Even’s shirt.

“A great show!” came Even’s protest.

“Yeah,” Isak replied with a soft smile on his face, because he loved it when Even got passionate, “it was. So, what was the other one?”

Even gasped as if he just remembered the audacity off the cancelation of the second show.

“That the other one got cancelled is even worse!” Isak only raised his brows to say oh?

“The other one – Sense8 – had so much lgbt representation! It also has poc rep and I mean it’s the only show I can think of – and I have seen a lot” He looked at Isak who nodded “No other show has a pansexual character. And I’m … I just felt heard by it I don’t know.” Even ends his rant and looks down to Isak’s hands that still lay on his chest. He suddenly looked shy and Isak lifted one hand and combed that Curl™ out of Even’s forehead, that somehow always found its way out of the perfect coif.

“Of course, baby. It’s important that there is more reputation for all the different sexualities. It sucks that the media only shows gay characters and those mostly in a gross way or making one of them die or I mean most of them are man right?”

“Yes! And and in Sense8 there is also this lesbian couple and they also have gay men. Lito and Hernando, they are so awesome, their relationship is just,” Even makes a vague hand gesture that somehow looks like their relationship is perfect.

“Is that the couple from that scene? With- where they went to pride?” Isak asked and squinted his eyes a bit when he remembered that scene.

“Yeah, exactly. That was when the cluster finally met!”

“The cluster? Like … the group of people? The Squad?”


Isak lifted his shoulders in defense. “Ok, cluster.”

“But yes, that’s when they all met.” Even was silent for a second – really, only a second – and then he seemed to remember something else because he gasped again. “And! And we will never find out now what happened to Wolfgang!”

Isak snorted at that which got him a disapproving frown. “What kind of name is Wolfgang?” Isak asked, a grin on his face.

“It’s a common german name.” Even answered and rolled his eyes, even though when he pulled Isak a little closer when the other boy giggled and repeated the name once more.

“No, but I can see that that sucks. Is there no way to get it back?” Isak now lay his head down and buried his face into Even’s shirt. Even shook his head and pouted. “No, I mean people are trying to send letters or emails and stuff, but what’s the use.” He lifted a shoulder in dismissal.

“Hmm.” Isak hummed and they stayed silent for a while. Even was drawing circles on Isak’s back and Isak did the same on Even’s stomach. “You know, I think you should write them, too. Just send a letter with the stuff you just told me. Who knows, maybe it’s the one that makes them change their mind.”

He heard Even breath out in a way that told him his boy had a soft smile on his face. “You mean my letter will change it all? My words convince them?”

Isak smiled to and pressed another kiss to the spot he was laying on. “Well, you managed to convince me, so.”

“And you’re so hard to convince. Especially from me.” The grin was audiable in his voice as he nudged Isak’s shoulder.

Isak huffed, a huge grin still on his face. “Excuse you, Even. I’m super hard to convince. And I don’t play favourites.”

He felt and heard Even laugh and got a kiss to his curls. “I know, you’re the master of not getting convinced easily.”


So, obviously Even did write an email, making his case, running it by Isak who nodded along and encouraged Even when he sent it, standing behind him and massaging his shoulders slightly. And when months later the press release came that it did help, Even just stared at it for a minute. Then he scrambled to his feet and found Isak in their kitchen. He shoved the phone with the article in Isak’s sleep grumpy face.

“Babe! Look!” Isak took the phone from Even and frowned (he was in the process of getting his morning coffee, god damnit, was nothing holy?).

“What?” he asked as he scanned over the words. His brows lifted when he got to ‘the good part’ as Even called it in his mind.

“Hva faen, Even.” Isak lowered the phone and a surprised smile spread over his face.

“Your email did it!” Even just laughed and pressed several kisses to Isak’s face. 

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Just out of curiosity, but have you ever thought of how Yami Ishizu would have been like? I know there's some people who wonder if Ishizu was the one who developed a dark half instead of Marik, but what about you?

Hey there~

Mmh if Isis was the one to develop a darker side, it would derive, like Malik,  from the pain of being a tombkeeper and the injustice of it all. However, due to having not been directly subjected to the ritual and to Isis’s own personality, that one dark side would be likely a lot more discreet and controlled.  Judging from what I’ve seen in canon, Isis is a level-headed individual with a great deal of lucidity and self-control. Contrary to Malik, we don’t get to see her complaining a lot about the tombkeeper’s condition or about their duty to the nameless Pharaoh - it’s something she (at least apparently) seems to have accepted, even appropriated to some extent. 

Given Isis’s self-contained nature, I’m not sure if this darker side of hers would even manifest itself in the open the way Yalik did. An inner voice, intrusive and cynical, that would express her supressed doubts over her family’s condition; the pain and anger fueled by years of seeing her peers and brothers’s predicament, seems instead much more likely. Something that would make her determined to protect her brothers and her Clan at all costs. 

While it wouldn’t lead her to do something so extreme such as killing her father, I can certainly see her reaching a breaking point, a few days before Malik’s ritual, going to steal the items intended for performing the said ritual, or maybe even fleeing the Clan with her brothers. Which sure would make for an interesting twist on the canon!

How to stop TERRORISM

I think a lot of people in the UK think that Brexit would help to prevent terrorism. But as we’ve seen, in the last few months there huge surge in attacks.

Controlling borders doesn’t stop terrorism. Only inclusion can do that.

Because when we see an attack, and we start treating innocent Muslims, or Arabs as if they’re dangerous, and we refuse to give them jobs, and we exclude them from our society, then what happens is that they becoming vulnerable. 

They feel hated, and then you have a situation where a small minority start thinking “You know what, fuck these people, fuck the West”.

And then groups like ISIS say “Hey, we know what you’re going through. We’ll offer you a home, a community, and social status here with us”. 

And that’s how it starts. With ignorance. With hate justified by patriotism. And we ourselves can stop this. 

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Hi! 😳🍎🍏

Hey, Isi!! <3

😳 - Any crushes?

Hmm, I think I don’t? I like Sanji, but honestly not as a crush. I don’t even think I have a crush, haha.

🍎 - Fave Devil Fruit power?

Already answered!

🍏 - Would you eat a Devil Fruit if you had the chance to?

Well, I think it would depend of what type is, tbh. But I think I would… Yeah, why not? hahaha,

Thanks for asking!! c:

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Ethan Imagine for Isis

It was a warm day your best friend Ethan had invited you to go spend the day at his house. So you had packed all of your essential and went over to his house. As you approached the door it swung open to reveal Ethan standing there with a smile on his face. “Hey Isis come on in.” He said moving out of the way to let you in. “Hey Ethan what do you have planned for today?” You ask walking in. “Well we are going to go dirt bike riding you up to it.” “Yeah sure let’s go” you said. You both went out back and put on your helmet and Nike shoes instead of sandals which you were wearing before. “You ready” “yeah let’s do this” you yelled as he started the dirt bike. You held him tightly as you took off. It had been a rainy week so the yard was full of mud and water. Soon you were both covered in mud and dirt. You were washing off the dirt bike. When it started to rain. It started to pour you went to run towards the house but ethan grabbed your wrist and pulled you back. He looked kinda nervous. “Ethan what’s (gco)” his lips were on yours you didn’t kiss back at first but soon started to kiss back. When you pulled apart you Ethan rested his for head on yours. “What was that for?” You ask “Isis I’ve liked you since the day we met will you be my girlfriend?” “Yes!!” You say kissing him again. You both hear yays and hollering from the back door. You both turn around to see Grayson and Cameron yelling out the door “What are you to yelling for!” His mom yelled “Ethan and Isis made it official mom.” Said Cameron “its about dang time he made a move.” Said his dad. You and ethan laughed. And that was the start of a beautiful relationship.


: S

Kenapa mulai membandingkan hidupmu dengan hidup orang lain? Bahkan jika semua sama. Percayalah suara dan gaya berfotomu akan berbeda. Belum lagi jika dihitung perbedaan lain, seputar urutan ritual mandi, cara melipat pakaian, sampai bagaimana dirimu mengucapkan “aku bahagia”. Jelas berbeda.

hampir dua tahun belakangan kerianganmu begitu mudah dikalahkan oleh sumbangnya suara orangorang. Hey! Bahkan jika isi dunia ini sepakat mengusikmu baik di dunia nyata atau alam mimpi, selagi kau ingin tetap riang, ya rianglah.

Teruslah mengucap mantra setiap bertemu Tuhan. katakan apa saja. Ceritakan semua yang ingin diceritakan. Jangan lupa berdoa, mudahkanlah hatimu lapang dan menjadi diri sendiri.

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can u believe marvel gave the ms. marvel title to a fucking moslem? ms. marvel is supposed to be a hero, not isis

Hey Anon, I know you’re a troll but you can fuck right off our blog with that shit.

Kamala Khan is a hero and you’re a racist scumbag.

-Mod T

I hate war. Period. But there is nothing more awesome than hearing that a woman, the UAEs first female pilot led the airstrikes against ISIS. A muslim woman who wears hijab with her gear. Love it! The best aspect is the rebuke this implies towards ISIS’ ultra conservative ideology and further proving that there is no difference between men and women. Especially when defending their country. Hey ISIS, you were just bombed by a woman!

It blows my mind how people on this website just choose to ignore the fact that thousands of refugees have died on the European coast and the ones who haven’t are now being treated in a way no human should be treated, dealing with racism and islamophobia on a daily basis, not to mention the ones who stayed in their home country and are now getting tortured and killed by ISIS. But, hey, some lives mean more than others right?

I Know I'm Not the Only One ☁

He was going to relapse. Twirling her ring around on her finger, Isis couldn’t stop thinking about the possible mistake she had made. As much as she loved Connor Woods, he wasn’t exactly a man of his words. It always had been like that since they had first met, and she had recently seen it in action again. The only thing that got her mind away from the man she was engaged to was yet another man who had rested his hand on her shoulder. “Hey Isis?” He asked quietly, waiting until she turned to look at him to continue. “Did you get the…” He trailed off after a few words after Aaron noticed she wasn’t really paying attention. She need not be blamed though, since he had a pretty good idea about what she was thinking of. But he had no idea what she was thinking of when only seconds later her lips were being pressed against his. Isis thought it was a perfect idea, a good way to thank him for months earlier when he had saved her  from all of Connor’s heroin friends. This was a thank you to the night in shining armor that Aaron had proven to be, and might end up continuing to be if this engagement went south. Before Isis could get his jacket off, he was already working her blouse out from where it was tucked in to her skirt and pushing anything he could off her desk. Connor’s name was no longer buzzing around Isis’ head.