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Unexpected Consequence 2

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Chapter 1

A/N: Hey guys! Here is the second chapter of my Got7!Gang au. We are pretty proud of this chapter. We really hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: This story is not in any way shape or form true. This is purely fiction. All the boys from Got7 are very sweet and charming guys that wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love them all so much. So please, check them out! They are amazing people.

Trigger Warning: There will be swearing, kidnapping, holding hostage, torture and mentions of killing and drugs. So if you are uncomfortable with any of this, please don’t read!

Chapter 2:

        You groan as you start to regain consciousness. You try to move your arms, but as soon as you try, they wouldn’t budge. ‘What the?’ Your eyes instantly widen. Unfortunately, it’s too dark to see anything. You try moving your feet this time but they also don’t budge. ‘I can’t move, I can’t see… this isn’t good’. 

        Suddenly you hear a noise within the blackness. “HELLO? W-WHO’S THERE!?” You yell into what seems like never-ending darkness. You didn’t mean to sound as panicked as you felt. The room starts to illuminate with a harsh, flickering light and you hear a couple faint chuckles. 

        You squint your eyes trying to adjust to the sudden brightness. You see a group of 7 very handsome boys; all around your age, leaning against the wall. None of them approached you instead they just kept staring. ‘Is this just another one of my weird dreams? No…This feels too real. My heart is ready to jump out my chest!’.

        “What the hell is going on? Who the hell are you? And why am I tied to this chair?” You blurt out with your voice laced with anger. As you focus more on the group of boys in front of you, you notice something familiar. “Hey! You two were at the bakery this morning! What is the meaning of this?!” ‘Well, so much for my dream theory’.

        One of the brunette’s steps forward and playfully nudges the blonde boy you saw earlier at work. “Yo, Mark, you never said she was THIS annoying,” he said all the while staring you down. ‘Yeesh…What’s with this guy? Did he really just give me a look of disgust?’

        The blonde, Mark, proceeds to roll his eyes right back at the other. “Well, why didn’t you just gag her then, Yugyeom? Since you like to complain,“ Mark gave him a swift shove.

        The two boys immediately start to bicker back and forth while ignoring your presence. You start to tense up and grind your teeth. You have little patience to begin with, which means you get angry just as fast. Just then the other brunette steps forward, catching the attention of the group.

        “Guys, shut up. We need her to talk, remember?” He says sternly under his breath.

        Yugyeom nods. “Right, JB. I forgot because of her annoying-ass voice.”

        You were about to retort when something in your head clicked. Your eyes widen. “W-wait. Mark, Yugyeom, and JB? I know who you are. Y-You guys are the notorious gang, Got7!” You almost whisper the last word in fear.

        JB smirks at you and comes closer. ‘What’s he about to do? Oh, hell no.’ He brings up your face to level with his by tucking his pointer finger under and thumb firmly pressed against your chin. “So, it seems our reputation precedes us. Well, good. So introductions won’t really be necessary at this moment.” You shake your head free. 

        Your fear turned straight back into anger. With your eyes locked with his, you said, “well, are you going to tell me what the hell you want from me? Why am I here?”

         JB’s smirk grows wider. “Well, long story short, your father seems to owe us something quite important, my dear”. He says while circling you like a vulture with its prey.

        Your eyebrows bunch in confusion. “M-my father?” With your dad’s recent past with drugs and run-in’s, you shouldn’t be so surprised. ‘But, he’s clean and broke all ties to that…so I thought…”

        Then, Mark steps forward and crouches down right in front of you. His beautiful face abruptly molded into an expression so chilling that you couldn’t tell if you were scared or…turned on? ‘God what am I thinking at a time like this’. “Yes, Y/N, your father owes me a lot of money. You’re probably are aware of his bad…habits.” It really, really doesn’t help that he’s quite attractive.

        You nod your head slowly, still not understanding. “Okay? And what the hell does that have to do with me?”

         Sighing in frustration, the purpled-haired boy you saw at work earlier speaks up. “Damn, you’re quite dense. Well, we couldn’t seem to find your dear old dad. So, we took you as compensation.” His face twists into a creepy smile. You felt your skin crawl with every inch covered in goose bumps and hairs on end. “You’re going to tell us where he is or else this could end VERY badly for you.” He laughs maniacally. 

        ‘That voice…’ You suddenly were able to put the pieces together. “Hey! You were the one that grabbed me and knocked me out!” You scowl at him.

        His smirk turned into an unsettling grin baring all his teeth and as he starts to bow, his arms were outstretched to either side. “And I enjoyed every second of it. Bambam, at your service.”

        You growl at him, which you instantly regret because it caused him to wink at you. You roll your eyes. “Well, it just so happens that I have no clue where my father is. And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you fuckers.”

        Suddenly it went dead quiet. Too quiet. The tension in the room became very thick. JB tilts his head and raises an eyebrow at you, while Mark’s face is unreadable.

        Nonetheless, another blonde that hasn’t talked yet lets out a chuckle, slapping a hand on the back of a black-haired boy. “Well, Jinyoung. Looks like you’ll actually come in handy this time. This one’s feisty.”

        Jinyoung stands there with his arms crossed, looking down at you with pure disgust on his face. “Shove it, Jackson.” This retort made Jackson laugh.

        Bambam’s smile somehow continues to widen, which you didn’t think was possible. “Oh, I like her. Can I keep her? I’ve always wanted a pet. Right, Gyeom?” He says this giddily while licking his lips. Feeling completely sickened by his comment you shudder in your bound chair. The last thing you wanted was to be was anyone’s pet.

        Yugyeom nodded and sneered; you could see the wheels turning in his head. All the boys stared squabbling again. You look off to the side and notice the only other one that hasn’t said anything was another black-haired boy. He was quiet the entire time.

        JB clears his throat, ignoring the other member’s comments. “I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear you say that. Maybe a few hours alone will change your mind.”

        JB nods to the rest of the gang and they follow him out. Jinyoung takes one look back at you, conspicuously. You match his glare, which makes him roll his eyes and turn off the lights. The door closes and you are once again consumed by the room’s darkness.

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Hey,im sorry if bothering but could you reccomend me some good biographies of Wilde to read? I don't know where to begin Thank you in advance and i want you to know im in love with your blog and i think you're a pretty damn amazing person yourself.your post always make my day.Im sure as hell Wilde would be proud of you.

This is so lovely thanks honeybee 🍯🐝 First of all I will shamelessly do a self promo and say that I am working on a new podcast about lgbtq history atm and the first episode will be about Oscar Wilde so please give it a listen! I will upload it at some point next (probably Saturday) and post a link on here and it will hopefully give a good overview over Oscar Wilde’s life!

Now to some written biographies. I’m not home right now so I might forget some but here’s the ones I’ve got the most out of:

- Thomas Wright, Oscar’s Books: this is my absolute favorite I love it so so so so much!! It talks about Oscar Wilde from the perspective of which books he read during his life? So like when the writer talks about Oscar’s childhood he also discusses which books he might have read and how that might have influenced him?? It is such a great concept. The book tries to argue the case that he would be turned on by the physical books themselves and like the feel of them?? and there’s some uhm-iness in regards to how he speaks of sexuality in general, but show me the biography about Oscar Wilde that is not a little uhm.
- Neil McKenna, The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde: this is partly over the top but A++ for trying to (as I think it says on the cover) “re-queering” Oscar Wilde, meaning it puts a lot of focus on him as mlm and as an active participant in the mlm community of the time

I would also recommend reading the complete letters but I have in truth not got through them all so there’s that. At some point in my life I will be able to read all there is to read about or in connection with Oscar Wilde but alas

Monsta X reaction to their innocent s/o doing a dance cover of CL’s ‘Hello Bitches’ with the same clothes as her

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Shownu; The boys recently found out about your youtube channel and they were practically surprised to see you doing dance covers, especially Shownu. It was during break time when Shownu decided to watch some videos on your channel when he saw your recent video, a dance cover to CL’s Hello Bitches. Clicking it without thinking twice, the video of you wearing the exact replica of CL’s outfit got him flushed. And with you dancing just made him turn into another shade of red. He never expected that you’d have that in you and well, this boy would be freaking proud and…. turned on. And maybe after seeing this, he’d actually ask if you want to do a cover with him… that involves touching okay im just kidding

“Hey, babe. I just saw your recent dance cover and it was awesome.”

“H-huh?! You found my channel?!”

“Yeah, do you want to do some dance cover with me in the future?”

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Wonho; The moment your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches starts playing in his phone, he’d already be gawking at it. He’s never seen this side of you so he’s pretty much surprised at the sight of you totally wearing the same outfit with CL. Wonho would be speechless to the point that he’d be quiet throughout the whole dance cover. When the boys would ask him about what he’s watching, he’d just look at them blankly since he couldn’t fathom what he had seen.

Hyung, what are you watching?”

“*shows them his phone without uttering a word*”

“….. WAIT. IS THAT [Y/N]?!?!?!?!”

“*nods head and pulls his phone away before they could take a good look of how hot you were*”

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Minhyuk; This boy would be wondering when did you shoot this video. He’d be surprised but then just like the other boys, he’d be surprised. But then he’d be really curious about it to be honest. Like the two of you were always together, how were you able to study and learn the choreo and even buy the same outfit as hers and like when did you film that when we’re like 24/7 sticking to each other. And being the Minhyuk that he is, he’d for sure leave a lot of comments in your dance cover since supportive boyfriend.

“Babe, are you Minminmoong?”

“H-huh? What are you talking about?”

“Well, Minminmoong just left me a comment that I’m so hot that he can’t wait to have me to himself tonight.”

“A-ah… hehehe… Oops, I did it again? Hehehe”

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Kihyun; Just watching the very first seconds got him excited. He’d be freaking turned on to be honest. But then he’d also be surprised and ecstatic to see this side of yours since you’ve always been innocent in his eyes but now, you’re also badass and sexy. Just seeing your outfit would literally not let him take his eyes off of you. Like he’d be focused on your body, then face then back to body then back to the face. Kihyun would also download the video… so that he can watch it when he’s missing you.

Babe, where did you buy your outfit from your dance cover of CL sunbae-nim’s Hello Bitches?”

“Oh, I bought it online.”

“Really? Then can you wear it tonight?”

“W-what? That outfit is at the laundry shop tho.”

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Hyungwon; Hyungwon would be shook. So shook that he’d just be staring at the screen with a bottle of water in hands, and he’d be in that same position for the whole dance cover. But then by the time your dance cover finishes, he’d look at his members then back at the monitor, only to finally notice your outfit, making him choke in his own saliva. He’d rewatch the whole thing again to be honest, until someone from the boys stop him from drooling over you.

Hyung, for the nth time, we have to go now and stop staring at [y/n]’s body!”

“But… dang… I didn’t expect [y/n] to have this side…”

“So what now? Are you turned on or have fallen more for [y/n]?”

“I think…. so… Omo…. My heart’s beating so fast right now.. I think I should watch this again then watch [y/n]’s other videos.

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Jooheon; Jooheon would be freaking proud to be honest. Not only his baby’s innocent but also has this wild and sexy side. He’d be watching the video with Changkyun and would throw lots of praises and compliments on your performance and he’d even thought of having you as his main dancer for his performance. But then, he’d also be like Kihyun to be honest… he’d also download the your dance cover just in case you take down the only video with you wearing that kind of outfit. And he’d be surprised to see so much swag from you. 

Honey, where did you find this video of me?”

“Youtube. Changkyun and I found your youtube channel and wow, you’re pretty amazing baby.”

“B-but… Oh gosh, this is embarrassing.”

“Don’t be. I was even thinking, would you want to be my lead dancer for this performance that also involves that kind of outfit?”

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I.M; Changkyun would be up for it. He’d be constantly rewatching your dance cover and he’d even share it with the boys!!! It was the first time that he’s seen you wearing that so he’d better flaunt it to the boys, telling them that your his and he’s sorry for them and whatnots. Changkyun would also be that type of person who’d tease you until you die from embarrassment. He’d take multiple screenshots, and those screenshots are….. on the sexy side… 

Dang babe, when I saw your dance cover of CL’s Hello Bitches, you literally turned me on that I had to see you right away that night.”

“Shut up, Changkyun.”

“Man, I never thought that you’d have that side of yours. You were sexy and cute at the same time… even when we’re–”

“OKAY CHANGKYUN, I THINK I’VE HEARD ENOUGH. U-uh, why don’t we go and get some i-ice cream? Yes? Alright, let’s go.”

Hey y'all i just wanted to share my full Miracuclass Zine ( @miracuclasszine ) piece cause im actually super proud of it !!
It took a lot more time than I was expecting and is generally something kinda different than what I usually do. All of which is why I havent updated Miraculous Night at all lol. (I have a couple pages almost done worry not)

All of the artwork in the Zine is centered around the character’s civilian life & their class and friends outside of their superheroing activities, and features pretty much every kid. The artwork is excellent, and is full of cute and funny moments.

Anyway regardless, yall should definitely look into getting the full zine (more info here: @miracuclasszine ) if you wanna see this & other pieces in their full high quality glory lol,,,, it’s pay what you want, but all donations go towards UNICEF & their humanitarian charity work, so it’s really a good cause.


🌲🍄 Welcome to Aurora! 🍃🌻 5A00-0080-3078

Hey guys! I’m so proud to finally share my town’s dream address with you! This is the most work I’ve ever put into a town, and although some parts are still a work in progress, there are many pretty areas for you to discover. It is currently updated for the fall season, and I’ll be updating each time the seasons change and whenever I make more progress in development. I would be so happy if you visited and shared any photos you take! Please enjoy! ♡

The Girl Who Cried Fanfic (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: When your family is desensitized to your screams, because they usually just meant you were reading a fluffy fanfiction, the hero you’ve been reading about is the one who saves you in a time of actual danger.

 Word Count: 3228 

Requested: Nope 

A/N: Second fic on tumblr ever, first ever Peter Parker. I had this idea when my friend told me that she screamed at the fluff in one of my other fics, but that nobody in her house came to check on her. Jokingly, I called her “the girl who cried fanfic” and well, the rest is history.

You lay in your bed late at night, the only one awake in your small New York apartment. As you scrolled through your Tumblr, you saw a new post from your favorite account, a superhero fan account that loved hearing about the shenanigans the Avengers got into. Clicking on it, you saw this one was about Spider-Man.

Weird, you thought. Spider-Man isn’t really well known outside of Queens. Maybe you knew the owner of this account.

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Lost in Reality (Luke Hemmings)

this is kinda like my miniseries where i write the agt auditions except this is the voice and u and luke are judges and also dating okokokokok

i dont want to make this a series pls dont make me


“This is gonna be the one, guys,” you stated as the lights dimmed while the last contestant of the day was coming onstage, “I can feel it.” The three other men looked at you and chuckled as the music started.

You all listened intently, wanting to be sure you wanted the girl on your team – and she’d picked such a demanding song that you wanted to hear her get through a few more notes before you made your own decision. And when she hit the note that brought everyone to their feet, you immediately hit your button. The girl’s voice wavered slightly in shock but she kept going, happy she’d made it onto the show. However, you noticed out of the corner of your eye that Luke’s arm had moved slightly, making your head snap over.

Don’t you do it, Hemmings!” you threatened. Luke simply laughed, leaning back in his chair.

You turned back to the stage, putting your elbow on the front of your chair and resting your chin in it. You couldn’t see Luke, so when the song came to an end, you thought for sure you had this performer on your team. Unfortunately, you heard a chair turn at the last second, making your head snap up as the girl onstage honestly looked like she was going to pass out.

No!” you screamed at Luke, jumping up from your seat, “You can’t do that!”

“I think I can though,” he smirked, not looking at you, “Because I did.”

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Hey sarah, *suddenly grabbed your cheeks* You are the reason bts always proud of their army.You're talented and you're pretty. I swear not only bts will protect you.All of our army will too


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hey im a butch lesbian and a high school senior and im going to wear a suit to prom this friday. im really excited but also pretty nervous so do you have any thoughts or words of encouragement for me? thank you so much.

I just went to a grad school prom in a suit and got lots of compliments! I wish I’d had the courage to dress authentically back in high school and I’m super proud of you for that act of self acceptance and celebration of your identity. I’m sure you’ll look dapper as hell and make all the wlw (whether out or closeted) swoon! 

Go out there and rock it, and remember that if straights give you any shit, their opinions on lesbian fashion mean literally nothing. You’re gonna be gorgeous to the people who matter. 

i t s d o n e oh my GOD

@baptismonfire ok ok ok so i have been working on this for literally three days… like the first day was a completely different drawing but i restarted because it looked HORRIBLE and then this version took the other two and im pretty proud of it !!
im a pretty big fan of your videos (although i havent been watching you for that long, ive known about you! my motivation is just v bad aha) so i decided hey!! why not!! (i looove that hat btw)

RADIOSCIENCE, a playlist by radioscientist on Spotify
a sappy acoustic playlist dedicated to my favorite couple

hey guys, remember when i said i’d make a cecilos playlist? well guess what! in honor of my new url, it’s here! BUT the thing is: it’s not finished yet.

SO i decided to make it collaborative though I have literally no idea how that works, so maybe you guys do know??

anyway i’d appreciate it if you guys could reblog this because im pretty proud of it myself ^^ plus i remade my spotify so i need more followers 

silver and gold - a playlist for rachel and annabeth

for @pjofemslashminibang and an accompaniment to @girl-of-ink ’s fic

// a bout - bad bad hats // silver & gold - wild // sucker - the big moon // emotions and math - margaret glaspy // on + off - maggie rogers // ribs - lorde // ease my mind - hayley kiyoko // down in flames - ella vos // only a girl - gia // hey there delilah - jasmine thompson // make them gold - chvrches // girlfriend - icona pop // trying not to love you - caroline smith // our youth - sonny alven, emmi //

open in spotify


Testing some new CC from @kotiij and oh my god this hair and the rune markings are sooooo pretty! I had a lot of fun on this edit too, very interesting trying to cut around the hair XD

family portrait

also merry christmas and happy birthday victor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey i was at mcm yesterday and in my tired state i took absolutely no photos so enjoy these ! i finished this veronica cosplay at 2am and ngl for the week i had to do it in i was pretty proud. also if u saw me at all pls message me if you have any photos! 💙💙


here’s my face yay
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