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Andy Samberg and Gigi Hadid team up for a game of Catchphrase and things get lowkey competitive. [x]


Constantine meme ||  [1] H E L L B L A Z E R
            ↳ John Constantine (+HELLBLAZER)


hey everyone! i am very excited b/c i’ve finally kicked off my redbubble with the heroic Stevonnie print i’ve been working on, neat!!! :D (fun fact, their outfit is based loosely around what connie wears in the opening of the show!)

currently, this is the only thing in the shop, but over time i plan to fill it with super neat stuff! both personal prints and more fanworks! give it a look!

redbubble | duo-prints | lion sticker | stevonnie sticker

tempo of ivory pauses

summary: the piano from the other side of the wall becomes a part of phil’s night and he’s adjusted to it even though he doesn’t know why. 

excerpt: Dan smiles at him, glances exchanged from the corner of eyes, and he nods and says, “Thanks,” and in the daytime Dan is less piano and more black band t-shirts and friendly eyes but Phil can’t separate the two, can’t dissect neighbourly Dan who smiles at him from the pianist who’s taken over Phil’s three in the morning, who’s now a part of Phil’s day just as much as eating breakfast is.

note: clearly based on this prompt and don’t ask me why because tbh i don’t know




Hours are sounds, the same way they’re colours and they’re habits and they’re instincts, embedded under humans’ skin never to be removed. They’re in the way five in the morning is birds chirping and the mellow orange of the sky and the sound of sleeping, that isn’t the same as silence because it isn’t death, isn’t the absence of life, but rather the calm that takes over before the day is set to begin. They’re in the way seven is the sound of alarm-clocks and students yawning and fighting off sleep, midday is the colour of bright yellow and pinks and lazy alertness, the afternoon is laughter and tea and the bone-deep relief of returning home, and the evening is dark blue and slow movements and shuffling around, drawing the day to an end.

Only the small hours of the night, they’re not the same – because one and two and three in the morning, they’re all black, calm, silent. They aren’t sounds and aren’t colours and aren’t habits, because the world is asleep at night – and those who aren’t, they don’t make sounds and their oxygen is the colour of nothing, because they’re too busy twisting from side to side and wishing for sleep to come, or too busy making themselves as transparent as they can, wishing to be swallowed into the walls.

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