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hey everyone, so i just hit 1k followers!! i’m super excited and can’t believe how fast i’ve hit 1k, i’m beyond happy that you guys have decided to join my journey into medicine even though that won’t be happening for awhile… anyway, to celebrate, i’ll be doing blog rates for awhile!!

rules !!

  • a follow for this gal (it’s me!) would be highly appreciated but not necessary :D
  • like this post! reblogs are extremely appreciated too + i’ll add on 3 blog compliments if you do reblog!
  • send me an ask off anon with a 🌟 and your favorite organ! or if that’s too weird your favorite song works too lol
    • tell me your original content tag if it’s not easily accessible
    •  if you’re a side blog, please tell me the blog you want rated

format !! 

url: wot | basic but you make it work | radicallll dude | how’d you get that??!! | your url is my sexuality | dm me for a url trade ;)

icon: don’t understand | not my style but still snazzy | wow i love | as awesome as you are :D | GIVE | literally in the top 10 icons i’ve ever laid eyes upon

mobile theme: what the darn | cool beans | ohh that’s pretty | y e s | cries i wish mine was as nice as yours | i will never leave your blog 

desktop theme: default | awesome sauce | that is nice indeed | how much time did you spend on this don’t lie to me | i needed this in my life thank you | i’m adding this to my bookmarks bar

original content: none | not my cup of tea but still fantastic! | hmm rebloggable | your posts need to meet my queue | thank you for blessing me with this | can i just be you tbh

overall: appendix | kidney | lungs | brain | HEART 

(i’m a medblr i’m allowed to rate with organs lmao)

following: no, but i still <3 you | am now!! | yESS | it would physically pain me if i weren’t 

comments: (blog compliments will be here if you reblog!)

if this gets under 20 notes let’s just pretend it never happened heheh. please don’t let it flop! will be tagged with #lenas1kblogrates so blacklist if you’d like to not see these! thank you all again so much for 1k, i love and appreciate every single one of you :) like, reblog, and ask away!

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hey look it’s your daily reminder that it costs $0 to be kind and respectful to broadway performers


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i’m so hippie tbh 🌞🌺


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!