hey i used a texture


I saw someone on youtube do this and I thought the idea was adorable. Second thought was: Arnold would be a big enough of a sap to want to do this if he saw it. He’d also be artistically talented enough to want to paint it himself.

Helga was kind of ‘eeeh’ about it b/c it would be washed away afterward so what would the point be but she could tell he really wanted to do it so she was like ‘FINE’. She’s trying not to laugh at how focused he is, also it kind of tickles too. She ends up really liking it ‘cause it’s cute.

This is basically how they let everyone know what they’re having.

By this point Helga isn’t freaking out as much about the pregnancy or the impending motherhood, at least not as much as she did in the beginning. 

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Okay, you obviously have permission from him and answered nothing in my ask, lmao. My question is WHY don't you credit him? Be polite to your "best friend", it makes it that much worse. Unless you specifically asked him, "Hey, mind if I don't say anything about me using your textures? Is it okay if I leave the credits panel blank on my tsr creations? :)"

This is exactly what I did. When I started to create hair I got a message saying I am a bad person because I don’t give credits to anto for the texture. I literally took a screenshot of the message and sent it to him asking “hey, do you want me to put a credit under my downloads? I don’t wanna be rude or anything” and As I supposed he was like “u serious? Of course not” . And here we have stopped talking about this. He saw also the last messages and we spiked about it. So yeah, I hope this will help you understand why I don’t post it “LMAO”.

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hey I really love the textures you use on your icons and I was wondering where you got them??

They are actually shapes that you have to load into ps

The bird shapes in these ↴

can be downloaded from here

The tree shapes that are in these 

can be downloaded from here

and the shapes used in these

can be downloaded from here

the rest of the shapes I use are already loaded into ps (well cs6 I’m not sure if all versions of ps have the same preloaded shapes)

to get to the shapes just click the Custom Shape Tool that looks like a little star and then the drop down menu 

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Hey Dee! =) Tell me please, am I allowed to re-use your textures for a different clothing project?

Hi! Oh, yes, go ahead! They’re not really my textures anyways, most of them are Eaxis ones converted from other games, and the rest is by other creators that I reused (but Sims 2 creators are generally fine with it, just give credit!) :)