hey i took these


shower sharing, yes?

swingxilly  asked:

Hey, may I ask if you have a connection to Germany?

I took four years of the language in high school.  I’ve lost a lot of it now but I love learning languages and I still enjoy seeing german-related content on my dash. ^u^

anglejoyce  asked:

Hi, are you doing okay? I hope so - we all do. ^^

Hey. Yes, I’m doing okay. I took some time off because I was feeling numb, and apparently that’s disassociation so I just stayed away from everything. I’m doing better now. I’m going to be updating some writing tonight. And I’m okay for surgery next week so that’s at least over with. Sorry for worrying anyone.

anonymous asked:

Do you have a tutorial on how to make gifs properly?

sorry, i don’t have a tutorial but i basically gif like everyone else who uses ps cc so you can find a lot of tutorials online! you can find some tuts here: http://yeahps.tumblr.com/tagged/gif+tutorial1

hey kim have you listened to blackpinks’s new song? if yes then what are your opinions on it?

hey, i have! it took me a few listens to start liking it tbh and everyone looks so pretty in the mv!!!!

Im sorry but i need to let it out somewhere because fucking shit im fuming. Someone deadass took MY gifset, saved it and just made it a tad bit lighter and reposted my entire fucking gifset ? ??? how can some people seirously do that lmfao are they THAT desperate for notes and followers to not only just steal, but to RE EDIT SOMEONE ELSES WORK AND CLAIM THEM? bitch the entire framerate the sizing everything is the same its so obvious yet they still.. MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING GIFS U REPOSTING ASSHOL

:-( ah i hate when that happens so i’m sorry that you have to deal with it jskfada it’s so disrespectful? and yeah, if a reposter can download someone else’s gifs and tweak them to change them up then why can’t they just make their own gifs???? sigh :-(

arturum-expectare  asked:

Just so you know I now hc that otabek learned how to braid hair from practicing on his little sister. And now he gets to practice on yuri. Okay bye! <333

MY HC TOO!!! I also hc that yuri and beka’s sis fight over who beka braids first >:3c

“hey what if i took this running joke that kids in the lgbt community started online for fun and apply gay stereotypes to it, making gay people the butt of the joke, that would be really cool and fun”


““I don’t understand why you’re so afraid of the ocean.” Lance said.

“It can kill me.”

“So can I.”

“You wouldn’t, though. The ocean doesn’t care. We’re just bits of flotsam. It’d bash me against the rocks just as much as it keeps me floating here.”

“It’d do the same to me, though. We’re all just bits of flotsam to it, just like the earth would be a bit of flotsam in the sun, and the sun is nothing but a bit of flotsam in the galaxy- which is nothing but a bit of flotsam in the universe. I’m just as much to the ocean as you are.””

The art for my fic blue lightning and the red bandit, chapter eleven Go read it!


there is a 100% chance that Bail did not call Breha ahead of time and just showed up on Alderaan, got off the ship with his cape fashionably covering one arm, and was like “Hey babe, remember when we talked about getting a kid” and he just dramatically pushed back his cape to reveal baby Leia

Honestly, whenever you don’t feel good, or stressed out, just go take a nap. Grades stressing you out? Take a nap. Bad social situation?? Take a nap. Bad vibes trying to punch you in the gut??? Swerve. Take a nap. Just ten minutes usually helps. If you still don’t feel super fantastic, you can sleep a while longer. Don’t procrastinate, but your mental health is more important than whatever is trying to get you down.