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Hey! I had some time on my hands, so I started on the list of requests. I’m so sorry it’s so late~ I’m terrible. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this non the less. And thank you to the beautiful person that requested x 

Request- I really loved your Yoongi smut !!! Could I request One too??? Yoongi and Idol Reader WHO Are in a secret relationship make out at an Award show (of course backstage) bc both looking hot. 

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Lol I just love that GIF 

This scenario contains mild mature content. Please do not read if that is not your cup of tea… Enjoy anyway!  

You and your group just performed at MAMA. It was a big deal for you and your group as tonight you won your first award, Best female group. You had a rush of emotions. But all you wanted to do is jump in the arms of your boyfriend! But unfortunately you were in a secret relationship. 

You had been dating Min Yoongi for the best part of two years now. You were so in love with him in was crazy. It broke your heart when you would go weeks without talking to one another, due to your busy lives. But that was all made up when you would see him again. He would always make the effort to make you feel special. You knew he was a little cold, but when you two were alone he loved just being in your embrace, he was squashy. 

Being in a secret wasn’t that hard. His members found out and helped you both hide it. Jungkook and Taehyung always sent you snapchats of him when he was away. Which you really loved! 

Yoongi had performed before you and fuck wasn’t it hot… He looked amazing.. His voice.. Were you drooling? Probably.. All you wanted to do was kiss this beautiful being all over, and never stop! 

You walked down the narrow hall to get a drink. Suddenly, you were pulled into a dressing room, pushed you against the wall by Yoongi. You let out a gasp, surprised by is sudden actions. 

“Yoongi, Jesus you scared me! Are you okay?” You say with a hand cluching your chest, trying to calm your heat beat down. 

“Baby, are you trying to kill me?” He says inhaling your scent. 

“What are you on about?” You ask, confused by his question. 

“I mean look at you in that short skirt, it was so hard to sit still while watching you. You look so sexy tonight, Y/N. Well, I mean you look sexy tonight, but dancing like that… Wow” Yoongi said with his voice dangerously low. You were doing the same as you were doing to him. Turning you both on. You both already found it hard to keep your hands off each other when in public together as it was. Now that it was sexy dancing racing heart beats.. you just had to… 

You grabbed is shirt in your hand and pulled him closer. Yoongi took your hips in his hands, pulling you even closer. Inhaling each other, content with one another. But it was all more exciting not that you were in such a public place, with thousands of people ready with there cameras to catch the next scandal. 

“What if we get caught” You ask, but was the use you didn’t care all you wanted was Yonngi. Right here, right now.. 

“I don’t give a fuck. Let them know who I love.” You giggle at his boldness. Even though you knew he most likely would not like to get caught, you still like this daring side to Yoongi. It just turned you on more. 

“Then hurry up before they come looking for us.” You say pressing your lips flush against his. It didn’t take long for the kiss to get heated, his hands roaming your body, as you put your hands in his hair playing with the strands. He moaned into the kiss and you took it upon yourself to side your tongue into his mouth. You tried to be dominant, but yeah no, Yoongi won that. 

“Fuck, you’re so sexy” he says as his hands have a grip on your ass. 

“As are you, Suga” Yoongi loved to be called that when your were in closets making out while working. His hands went under your skirt and swiftly pulled your panties down, as his month worked on your neck. Careful not to mark it. 

He picked you up, wrapping your legs around his torso. His kisses were hot and sloppy, he was so intoxicating, his scent, his touch… He was melting you. You reached in between your bodies and unbuckled his pants, pushing them down to let his member spring free. The position he had you in wasn’t the best for this, but it was so fucking hot. Your back against the wall, Yoongi pinning you up against it. Fuck you were so wet, he could just slip right in with ease. 

“Yoongi, I need you now!” You say breathlessly against his mouth. He nods in response, not able to make a coherent sentence. 

He lined his member up with your entrance, he pushes in inch by mind fucking inch. You were in such a wonderful bliss, he was stretching you out wonderfully. You moan out in pleasure. 

“Baby, you have to be quite.” He says begining to kiss you to muffle your moans. He starts to move in and out of you. His pace slow at first, but begins to speed as he fucks you against the wall. Lucky he started to kiss you or your moans would be louder than the music inside the concert hall. 

You were consumed by Yoongi, he was invading all your senses. His touch, taste, sound, smell and sight… Everything was all him and you loved it. Being with him was were you always wanted to be. He was your world. 

He continued to thrust in and out of you, hinting you g-spot over and over again. Your grip on his hair gets tighter as you begin to reach your high. As you begin to tighten around Yoongi he moans into your mouth, his member twitching inside you. Your orgasm hits you hard, Yoongi soon follows. He continues to thrust inside you, to ride out both your highs. 

He comes to a halt, leaning his head against yours. He looks into your eyes, with love, lust and he looks tired. He puts you down, you cling to the wall for balance. As he goes to get a cloth from the bathroom. He comes back and cleans you up. You breathing is still not settled, he pulls your panties back into place and straightens you out. 

“You were amazing, baby” he said giving you a light kiss on the forehead. You smile you at him. 

“I don’t want to leave” You say pouting up at him. He chuckles at you. 

“I know baby, believe me I know. I’d kill to be able to come home to you every night, instead of those nosy fuckers.” You giggle at his rant and also at the fact that he thinks about living with you. 

“Fix your hair before you leave, Suga.” You say kissing him one last time before leaving the room. As you open the door you hear “Yah! Whose fault is that” You giggle.

You made you way back to your group. They didn’t seem to realise you were gone, they were all dancing along with BIG BANG. You feel your phone vibrant in your pocket. You pick it up and open the message. 

Yoongi- “Babe, your coming home with me tonight” 

You look in the direct of his seat, he’s already looking at you with a smirk. This bitch is going to be the death of you. 

What a wonderful death that would be, with you and your little secret… 

As always, thank you for reading! Feed back would be great, I’m still trying to get the hang of writing smut. Ugh, I hope you all liked it and it wasn’t to shitty! And I’m so so sorry this is late! 

-Admin Abe x

Missing Stuff

I’ve been thinking about the stuff we saw during setlock, but didn’t see in the show. 

I keep forgetting my full list of stuff, but hey, I can start:

+ Teen Sherlock

+ Did we see kid!Myccrft?

+ 26-pg scene

+ John’s solo scene

And there’s stuff from TAB:

+ Walking with the dog

+ The bed scene inside the church (or maybe that was just a false rumor).

I’ll keep adding to the list as I remember more stuff. Feel free to help me, too.

Hey, I’m going to start a list of reasons you want to wake up and see tomorrow, feel free to add on, I know a lot of people are struggling right now

-the faint colors dawn makes
-Cats. Dogs. Pets. Soft happy animals and wriggly animals and excited animals who will wake up tomorrow and still want to play
-the smell of soup on the stovetop
-new socks
-the smell of detergent or fabric softener
-speaking of, warm clothes just out of the dryer
-really really hot showers where you can cry and let yourself relax because you try so hard day to day not to cry but there you can sob and let it all out
-chocolate covered pretzels
-spicy food that really makes you feel and clears your sinuses
-wet, rainy days and the sound of rain on the rooftop and windows
-opening a fresh new notebook
-cuddling when you need it. not all sexy-like, just the presence of another human that you sorta like
-stained glass coloring floors with sunlight
-fresh air

man, don’t know about you, but i have spent most of today just kinda trying to hold myself together

so hey, wanna make a list of happy things? i’ll start:

  • the memory of my cousin’s three-year-old going absolutely APESHIT with joy when we convinced the d.j. at my brother’s wedding reception to play her favorite song (from the madagascar 2 soundtrack, natch) and the adults (including my brother’s super-hip friends) enthusiastically danced along and let her take little solos

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm starting to think I might be autistic??? I saw a giant list of traits of ppl with ASD and I fit with A LOT of them, but apparently my parents had me 'tested' or something when I was younger and I'm not? But I'm not sure at all because I fit with so many things and I identify with a lot of stuff I've seen autistic ppl talk about on this blog and others like it and I guess I'm wondering if it's possible the doctors screwed up before? I'm just so confused rn. Help? Love ur blog ✨💜✨💖✨

it’s totally possible for doctors to screw up and misdiagnose! if you think you might be autistic then i say you should totally try again/self diagnose as long as you’ve done a lot of research! 

here’s the diagnostic criteria for an american autism diagnosis, but it’s honestly a bit confusing/poorly worded at some places (in my opinion)… there’s also been made this alternative one by actual autistic people! i suggest checking both out if you haven’t already!

right, so before i start listing off everyone’s names and getting emotional, i just want to say how amazing of a year this has been for me in bandom. you’ve welcomed me into your circles and allowed this silly blog of mine to grow into something i’m extremely proud of. in celebration, here’s a list of people i love and admire from the bottom of my heart. thank you all so much. ♥

this is a shoutout to my current mutuals. you’re all my faves. i love you.


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once again, thank you. have a great time! 

Also hey can I just start rattling off a list of entities everyone seems okay with worshiping that are actually just really old pop culture entities like you guise know the main source for info about Herne is Shakespeare, right?

Figures from Arthurian legends? Fuck that is like one of the biggest collaborative works in history. Everybody added their own stuff to the canon.

Columbia? Columbia dates to the 1700s, and I know certain people who were very enthusiastic about honouring her and extremely anti-PCP (and conveniently ignoring her associations with colonialism and all that fun stuff).

Also hey better not touch those fairy tales because fairy tales were originally dirty peasant entertainment (you might say they were “popular”) so if you’re going to be anti-pop culture Pagan I better not see you using fairy tale imagery in your rituals.

Seriously though it pisses me off when people go on about working with Merlin but gods forbid you include Batman in your rituals!


Hey everyone~ I’m starting up commissions now, or well I’ve had it listed on my description for awhile now but I’m in a bad position at home right now dealing with heavy mental and  emotional abuse and I’m in dire need of some extra money in order to escape here’s what I’m willing to do because of college getting in the way of my drawing time:

shoulder up:
$5 quick sketch
$10 lined
$15 coloured
+5 for extra character

waist up
$10 sketch
$15 lined
$20 coloured
+$5 for extra character

I’m more than willing to do selfship and some nsfw as well as long as its 18+ no underage.

message me if you’re interested and I will give you my paypal.