hey i should do something productive

I loved seeing Kym back in the ballroom. I’m sad she probably can’t stay too long. Their dance/production was good, but not a lot of cha cha of course and Mr. T messed up a little, but hey he’s not a dancer and he is old. What dance should they do next? Paso doble? He can walk around looking grumpy quite well. haha Or maybe a waltz. Nice and slow.

I’m hoping to see something cute from Kym and Robert from last night. Together on one photo. Please!

Not like this:

˻ anime & manga prompts ˺

→ because my recent strange addiction should at least be used for something productive. ( ◞・౪・)


  • You really are an idiot, huh?
  • I’ll always be watching over you, so don’t worry.
  • H-Hey, don’t start rumors!
  • Then to decide, let’s do rock-paper-scissors.
  • …Isn’t it painful? To keep those feelings to yourself?
  • I-It’s not like I care about it!
  • Even though you have all these people around you, you still choose to be alone when you’re down?
  • You’re so childish, just grow up already.
  • Haha, you look so cute!
  • A-Ahm, please stop crying, Miss/Sir…
  • _____, transform me!


  • Send  for a fantasy setting, where my muse will be declared as the sudden ruler of a kingdom.
  • Send  for a beach episode between our muses (and optionally other characters as well, depending on the muns’ decisions).
  • Send 🎁 for my muse to receive chocolates during Valentine’s Day from your muse. (Send it 2x for your muse to receive it instead.)
  • Send for my muse to confess their feelings towards your muse.
  • Send 🚑  for my muse to be suddenly rushed towards the hospital by your muse.


  • Hidden Desires?: my muse suddenly becomes a tsundere-type character for an amount of days (decided by the anon).
  • I’m an Otaku!: my muse will sudden declare they’re long-hidden obsession towards Japanese cartoons to their friends, this in which will last for 3 threads.
  • My Life’s a Shoujo Anime: my muse will have romantic anime-type events occur to them for the following two days.