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Prompto x Fem!Reader: Chocoboy Is Typing...

Word count: 5190
Warnings: None, SFW

You are one of the best King’s Knight players on Eos.

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It started as a chance encounter.

You reported a bug in the official forum of King’s Knight by writing a really long and detailed explanation on how your game constantly crashed on the same quest after the latest patch. Your text had been more pointed than usually as your anger had gotten the best of you. Soon after posting it, the responses of other frustrated players had flooded in.

One of them messaged you directly on the forum.

Hey I saw ur post. I’ve had the same bug too.

You frowned. What an odd way to put it.

Yeah? Looks like everyone does lol

I have a work-around, pls add me. Chocoboy#4323

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I love how Antis are telling people who like Killing Stalking to die or kill themselves. Ha, sorry kid but I’m not going anywhere nor am I killing myself because

1. I’m not going to have some random idiot on the internet tell me how I should end my life

2. I know when to separate fiction from reality because guess what, I’m not an idiot.

But you know what, center your life around a comic you hate and telling random people you don’t even know to kill themselves because hey, what else are you going to do with your life?

Seriously, grow up and do something more productive then going after a comic. Honestly, this is why Tumblr is a joke to everyone and why people don’t take antis seriously.

Yooseven Library AU

Requested by @lurokol

“Hmm how about yoosung and seven meet in a library while picking out the same book? And they haven’t seen each other since the party that mc helped host?”

It wasn’t because he didn’t have enough sleep. It wasn’t because he had been overworked in any way. So why did Yoosung feel so drained? To be fair, it was a slow day in the library. It’s not like being a librarian was the hardest job in the world. Honestly, it was easy. Painfully easy.

Sometimes he wondered if “librarian” was the right term he should use for what he was. Library Assistant? Nah. There was no one to assist. Nothing sounded quite right. He operated the small public library by himself most of the time, and honestly he was all the library needed. Customers left just as fast as they came, and Yoosung tended to every single one.

The library was like a second home to him. He’s been “working” there since he was fourteen, so he pretty much knew the place from the back of his hand. Granted, the library was much more booming before there was Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and all that jazz, but he didn’t blame kids his age for rather being on their phones than hanging out at the library. To be honest, he was on his own phone most of the time, when the library was just too boring, and working at the same quiet, lonely library was literally always too boring, but something about the atmosphere of the place just put him at ease.

On some days he hated the library. On other days he loved it. He wasn’t sure which one he should ultimately decide on, because it was all just a matter of perspective. On one hand, he was nearly eighteen, in this big bad world, and he was working at probably the most boring job any eighteen year old should ever have, but on the other, he lived in what seemed like the smallest, most mediocre town in the world, and he successfully operated a library all by himself.

Yoosung grew quite fond of reading when the days alone in the library really got to him, and in some ways he was thankful for those lonely days. Today was one of them. It was a hot afternoon in the beginning of summer, not to mention, a Sunday, and there had only been a few people come in, one being his mom dropping off his lunch.

He audibly sighed, and sat down his phone. Today just happened to be one of those days when he hated the library. He couldn’t help but think of what other kids his age were doing right now. Of course, he knew what kids in this town were doing; either sports, having sex, or nothing, just like him. Nothing ever really happened in this town.

Memories of that certain trip flooded into his mind. If only he could go back.

He and his family went to New York City for New Years two years ago, and it was by far the most fun he’s had in his life. Everything was so big, eventful, and just different. He somehow snuck his way into a New Years Countdown party organized from some company called the RFA, and had the wildest night ever. Being only sixteen at the time, he did some pretty irresponsible and illegal things that he most certainly didn’t regret doing. He may or may not have had his first shot that night. Or his second.

For Yoosung, that was crazy because it was the only time he had ever been out of this town in his life for something fun. It was also crazy because that night was when he got his first kiss.

And he owed it all to him. At the party, he met someone. A boy. A boy with red hair, the goofiest yellow glasses, and an even goofier smile.

Long story short, because it was midnight, and everyone around them seemed to be sharing a New Year’s kiss- You get the picture.

Yoosung just wished he could do stuff like that everyday; go out to parties, meet people like him, have a little fun every now and then. He couldn’t, though, because he lived in the hell holes of this town.

If only he lived in New York. Parties like that probably happened all the time, and he just missed out on them. Yoosung groaned. He’d live in New York someday. He’d go to parties like that. He’d be getting kisses from guys he didn’t know left and right.

By the time he caught himself thinking about it for the hundredth time, Yoosung decided that he should probably do something more productive, and stop daydreaming. He walked over to the ‘new releases’ section, and noticed someone there. He must’ve been so caught up in daydreaming that he didn’t notice the boy walk in. He didn’t really like seeing kids from school at the library. It was kinda awkward, if you think about it. “Hey. I’m Yoosung, and this is where I spend all my free time.” He awkwardly bowed his head in hopes to avoid any awkward eye contact. Once he was there, awkwardly standing right beside of the kid, he decided to look up. Still avoiding eye contact, his eyes darted to the books until he found the one. Trials Of Apollo. He smiled. He saw it when he was putting it on the shelf for the first time, but he had never actually read it yet himself.

Glad that nobody had taken it yet, he extended a hand, and went to grab it, only to bump into another hand. He looked up to see who the hand belonged to, and memories of the party came flooding back to him.


He was standing by himself at the stairs, eating ice. Maybe coming to this party wasn’t such a great idea. Maybe parties weren’t all they’re hyped up to be.

His thoughts were interrupted by a cute red-head. Scratch that, a hot red-head.

“Hey.” The boy leaned against the hand rail, next to him.

“Uh hi.” Yoosung half-smiled.

“Not to be rude, but aren’t you a little young to be at a party like this?” He quirked an eyebrow.

Yoosung swallowed. Was he that obvious?

“I um- yeah. I’m sixteen…”

The other boy smiled. “Seventeen.” He extended his hand for Yoosung to shake. That meant that the other boy was too young to be here, also.

“What are you drinkin’?” Seven asked, looking into Yoosung’s cup.

“Well, nothing.. I just-”

“You managed to sneak into a 21+ party, and you’re not even drinking?”

“Well, I’ve never drank before, and I don’t think-”

“C'mon. Have some fun. Drink a little. I won’t tell anyone.” He winked.

“I- okay.” Yoosung let his hand be taken by the other boy, and lead into the kitchen.

“Wait,” Yoosung asked, and stopped them, “I never got your name.”

The boy just smiled at him, and continued to lead him to the drinks.


Yoosung instantly drew his hand away, still eyeing the boy.

“Hey, Yoosung.” The boy smiled.

Yoosung’s breath hitched. He remembered him.

“Hey..” he looked to the ground.

“What are you doing here?”

“I work here.”

“You work here? As in, this is your job, and you live somewhere around-”


The boy smiled again. “Well, how about that? I thought summer here was going to be boring.”

Yoosung looked back up at him, frightened. A summer with this kid probably wasn’t the greatest idea. It be fun, yes, but this kid’s idea of fun was kissing strangers at midnight, and sneaking into adult parties.

“Awh. Why that face? Do you not like me?” The read-head put on a fake pouty face.

“I, uh-” Yoosung started, only to be interrupted by the boy, once again.

“You seemed to like me that one night at the party. Remember when it was midnight and we-”

“I don’t remember anything from that night,” Yoosung lied, “I was drunk.”

“I’m calling b.s. You weren’t drunk. I remember.”


“Maybe, but that still doesn’t hide the fact that you,” he pointed at Yoosung, “kissed me.” He pointed back at himself.

“You kissed me.”

“Yeah. After you had done started kissing me.”


Yoosung went to take another shot.

“Woah, take it easy. It’s your first time drinking. You should probably go a little slower.” The mystery boy laughed.

“I’ll be fine~” Yoosung smiled at him.

Something about that was really sweet. This seventeen year old kid who apparently had a history of sneaking into parties like this has stopped him from taking his third shot. He was concerned for Yoosung’s well being. This kid, who knew it better than anyone, stopped him.

The boy grabbed his hand, and made way to the dance floor.

“It’s almost time for the ball drop,” he started, “lets go count down!”

Yoosung trailed behind the kid, trying not to bump into any of the gross, sex-driven 21 year olds grinding on each other, even though the music had stopped.







Yoosung and the boy looked at each other, and started counting with the rest of the house.










It suddenly got a a lot quieter all of the sudden, and Yoosung looked around. Awkward. It seemed as if every single person on the dancefloor was kissing someone.

Trying to find a way to make the situation less awkward, Yoosung decided to hug the boy. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? Showing the boy some affection, but not full-on kissing him? Yoosung, and the boy separated.

“Thanks.” The boy smiled sweetly.

“I um… no problem…”

Don’t get him wrong, Yoosung did want to kiss the boy, but he wasn’t sure if that’s what the boy wanted. If only there was a sign that the boy wanted to kiss him back.

Slow music started to play, desperately trying to add to the “New Year’s kiss” kind of mood, and that’s when Yoosung got an idea.

“Wanna dance?” He asked, blushing a bit.

The boy nodded. “Sure. Wanna be the boy or the girl? You’re a little bit shorter so, I assume you wanna be the girl?”

Yoosung didn’t think about that. He had never danced with another guy before, only girls. He had always been the boy. What did being the girl feel like? He wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with being the girl.

“I’ve never..” he trailed off, still looking into the red-head’s eyes.

The boy sighed happily, most-likely understanding. He took Yoosung’s arms, and put them on his waist right before putting his hands around Yoosung’s neck. It was a little awkward because he was taller than Yoosung, but only by a few inches, so it wasn’t too unbearable.

That made Yoosung’s heart thump. That whole gesture. The boy understood. Although it was the better choice to have Yoosung dance the female part, he took Yoosung’s feelings into account, and let him dance the male. He may have been a little wild, but this kid was sweet. The blonde’s eyes darted up to look into the taller boy’s, and his stare was met. The other boy’s eyes eyes trailed down to look at Yoosung’s lips, and then back up to his eyes.

‘Now or never’ Yoosung thought. He closed the space in between them, and kissed the other boy softly. It was obvious that the read-head was taken by surprise, but he kissed back only moments later. It only got heated from there when the taller boy’s hands went from around Yoosung’s neck to his cheeks, kissing him more forcefully, and Yoosung pulled his hips closer.

They both weren’t sure how long the kiss went on, but it was nice.


“It’s not like you didn’t obviously hint around that you wanted me to.” Yoosung said, looking away to avoid the eye contact that he oh so hated.

“That’s true. I did want you to kiss me, and if you didn’t, I probably would’ve kissed you myself.”

This made Yoosung blush. He was so flustered at the moment that he couldn’t think of any words to say, so he changed the subject.

“So why are you here?” He asked, looking back up to the boy who had gotten taller since he had seen him last.

“Ah. Funny story, actually. Turns out, my parents caught me sneaking out for another party, and basically found out that I’ve been going to them for years now. My grandma lives here, and I guess it’s my punishment, being away from my friends in this place with nowhere to go, and nothing to do all summer,” he smiled, “guess it isn’t such a punishment now, is it?”

Yoosung blushed again. “You never even gave me your name.”

“Seven. Call me Seven.”

And from that point on, the library got a lot less lonely.

(I really hope you still enjoyed it, although I changed a few things. Thank you sososososo much for the prompt. I loved writing it!)

anonymous asked:

Just wondering, do you have any references of GOOD cartoon-y art styles? CalArts look fucking ugly, in my opinion.

I think because cartoons allow for so much diversity and uniqueness in the art style, you really just need something that is YOU, looks good, and do it well. Calarts falls short because it is manufactured and samey, doesn’t look good, and can have some questionable production quality.

I think you should stay away from something as extreme as the Powerpuff Girls (the girls themselves) and Total Drama Island, and instead go for something more like Hey Arnold, Kids Next Door, and Adventure Time if anatomy fuckery is what you enjoy.

Similarly, for inhuman characters, you should stay away from Camp Lazlo, and instead go for something like Foster’s Home and Chowder.

This is one we have to stress a lot: if its going to be intentionally ugly and/or gross, DO IT WELL. Its very difficult. Stay away from Mr. Pickles and the Problem Solverz and instead go for Misadventures of Flapjack and Ren and Stimpy.

Psuedo-anime doesn’t really count as a cartoon style, there’s not very much to do with it. A lot of it is… Meh. Anything that doesn’t do whatever the fuck is up with Voltron’s knives-disguised-as-chins is okay I guess.

Character design also plays a part in it, simplicity vs detail and a basis in realism vs complete fantasy.

I would also like to give some honorable mentions to My Life as a Teenage Robot, Ed Edd n Eddy, and Samurai Jack.

I know ya asked for only good styles, but I figured it would help to have contrast between similar objectives to show what did and didn’t work.

- Habit

anonymous asked:

i wanna be productive ! people have tried suggesting me i should start a 100 days of productivity challenge / and i have also seen people post about it but i don't quite understand how it works? i'm a very lazy person and i need help )';

Hey there! So if you want to be more productive the 100 days of productivity challenge is a great idea for you! The challenge is about trying to do something productive every day, it can be productive in general or productive related to school thing, remember that you make your own rules on this challenge! 

So, you don’t have to be productive every single day, you can keep track of the days you completed with THIS super useful printable by @nerdybun The great thing if you have a studyblr is that you can also upload a post showing what you’ve done to be productive every day and in the description of the pic write the day you’re on, for example, 21/100 days of productivity, that way you’ll see that every day you are closer to your goal and you’ll feel more motivated to stay productive! Hope this helped you a bit and we’re here for you if you have any more doubts!

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Hey so I'm trying to get something to really moisturize and plump up my skin. I have been using rosehip oil the last 3 or 4 months and it was ok I guess? Marshalls, this store that sells discounted products that were overstock or something, has some face oils but most aren't just the oil. They have soybean oil or other ingredients. Is that ok or should I stick to buying more pure oils at the grocery store? I hope you're doing well!! Oh and if you could be any animal, which would you be?

that should b okay if youre not acne prone but if youre looking to plump up your skin you should be drinking enough water or teas and add hyaluronic acid and a gel moisturiser or something rich in glycerin to your routine. you should definitely look into korean skincare since most of it (if not all) is focused on plumping up the skin.

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hey brit, my hair is becoming extremely thin and idk what to do :( idk if it's my shampoo or something but i'm worried cuz it looks like i have less hair in the front. do u know what i can do??? is there any good hair products to make hair more strong

you should try the ouai hair supplements for thin hair my friend raves about it and she has extremely thin hair

anonymous asked:

hey hey i think what that reply meant was that it should be "incapable of productivity",, not "incompetent". "incompetent of productivity" isn't a real phrase

as far as i know both incompetent and incapable can work in that context? also the specific reason I chose to say incompetent is because usually my mentality is that I can’t do something because of a literal lack of skill, not just because something is hindering me from having the ability to do it

thegreatfandomdragon  asked:

Please feel free to ignore if you've gotten this question, but I'm wondering. I'm outside SG fandom, but I keep up with ship stuff sometimes, and I was wondering - what do you think the right response would have been to the song Jeremy sang? I get what you mean about it being a bit overdone, but the song was still kinda rude, I think. Do you think it was wrong for ppl in general to be offended, or would it have been more productive to have more of a "hey man, not cool" response?

I think pointing out that it was rude would’ve been a perfectly reasonable response, because it was. It’s no different than when you have That Friend or That Classmate who like … doesn’t know when to quit and says something completely ridiculous when they should know better. Saying, “Dude, making fun of people is mean” or “This hurt my feelings because X” or “This makes it seem like you think same-gender attraction is a joke” is a very different story than projecting non-existent motives onto strangers and screaming at them to go kill themselves, or making defamatory accusations about their personal lives, or distorting reality and spreading rumors about things they didn’t actually say at all.

The fact that the response was disproportionately hostile compared to the offense has actually set us all back, because the reaction from fans outside of tumblr has largely been “shhh, don’t listen to those crazy people.” And I’m pretty sure that’s not the reputation most of us are aiming for when it comes to advocating for better LGBTQ representation in our media.

ariabellagato  asked:

Hey so like. I used to be involved in ace discourse and like? You can chill about things. A discourse blog is such uneeded stress like. The community at large has decided aces are allowed so arguing on Tumblr doesn't do anything. I still hold my opinion, I guess I would be called an exclusionist but??? There's nothing left to do?? You're just making drama? Pls find something productive it feels so much better

YEAH, people should just lay down and take whatever the majority throws at them!

also, FUCK GAY PEOPLE, amirite?????

adelinaofthenightcourt  asked:

Hey girl! I really appreciated the boy aesthetic. My boyfriend is a little squish and I adore him. I'm v sorry all those nasty people had to chime in with rude comments. They should go find something productive to do instead of being hateful. Keep smiling :) you're awesome

Thank you so much! :0 I’m glad you found urself a lil squish <3 Ur awesome too, love :D


And this is what happens when I don’t have homework. Based on this imagine. 

External image

“Bilbo, will you braid my hair for me?” The question slipped out of your mouth before you could stop it. It hadn’t been meant to sound so “implication-like”, as he would call it later on, but it had already come out, and there was no avoiding it now. 

The hobbit blinked bleakly in your direction. “You want me to what?” he squeaked when he found his voice. 

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Hey Kim! have you ever ordered from/through tictail? Is it a safe site? I want to order something for the first time. Since im not from america, im not so sure? The creator should get my infortmation, right? Do i just select the thing i want, put it into my cart without having an account, then pay via paypal and fill out the 'form' with my adress? :o does the creator of the product get an email with my adress on it then? ;_;

hey! yeah i order from tictail all the time, it’s a very trustworthy site! i do, however, recommend shopping directly from the artist’s store so that they don’t have to pay extra fees ;; (just go to their [storename].tictail.com) but yeah, it’d be nice to sign up beforehand tho but you could order still without having an account. but to answer your question, yes you can pay via paypal as your form of payment and then fill out your address and other info! but your paypal account also should have that info on your account too already so the artist should receive all of that info. also!!! if you create an account, you can go back to look at your prev orders so then you can see the details of your name and address, items you ordered, tracking info, etc

˻ anime & manga prompts ˺

→ because my recent strange addiction should at least be used for something productive. ( ◞・౪・)


  • You really are an idiot, huh?
  • I’ll always be watching over you, so don’t worry.
  • H-Hey, don’t start rumors!
  • Then to decide, let’s do rock-paper-scissors.
  • …Isn’t it painful? To keep those feelings to yourself?
  • I-It’s not like I care about it!
  • Even though you have all these people around you, you still choose to be alone when you’re down?
  • You’re so childish, just grow up already.
  • Haha, you look so cute!
  • A-Ahm, please stop crying, Miss/Sir…
  • _____, transform me!


  • Send  for a fantasy setting, where my muse will be declared as the sudden ruler of a kingdom.
  • Send  for a beach episode between our muses (and optionally other characters as well, depending on the muns’ decisions).
  • Send 🎁 for my muse to receive chocolates during Valentine’s Day from your muse. (Send it 2x for your muse to receive it instead.)
  • Send for my muse to confess their feelings towards your muse.
  • Send 🚑  for my muse to be suddenly rushed towards the hospital by your muse.


  • Hidden Desires?: my muse suddenly becomes a tsundere-type character for an amount of days (decided by the anon).
  • I’m an Otaku!: my muse will sudden declare they’re long-hidden obsession towards Japanese cartoons to their friends, this in which will last for 3 threads.
  • My Life’s a Shoujo Anime: my muse will have romantic anime-type events occur to them for the following two days.
The Demons Apprentice 6

I’m sorry for that long interval, and on a cliffhanger too! 

but worry not here is the next part!:

[part 6]

[Chapter 3: Greedy Little Thing:]

Dark … dark… Everything dark… Where was he? It’s so hot… How did he get here? Why was he here? He couldn’t remember anything… Why couldn’t he remember anything? Where-Who was he?! He couldn’t see… he could n ‘ t … b r e a t h e …h o w …


Mystery Shack:

Now this wasn’t really what she expected when she walked down to the basement. She expected the three of them to be passed out, waiting to be dragged to bed, just like all the other times. So finding books and candles tossed about the room and chalk drawings smeared all over the walls and floor caused her a bit of alarm.

“Uh…Guys?” Wendy called out.

Mabel crawled out from a pile of books in the corner, Stan walked into view, and Stanley waved from up on a bookshelf.

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Hey Chloe beauty guru help, do you know any natural product that helps with bags under your eyes, that u can put under ur eyes. I don't wear makeup

A lot of eye creams in general are good for that in general I think, like firming/collagen creams etc! I don’t really notice myself getting dark circles so it’s not something I focus on that much but eye creams seem to be the way to tackle that without makeup. If anyone has tips you should reply to this!!

chardude  asked:

as a 300lb dude who wants to be a Z-Fghter too, what would you say is a good way to get started?

I’ll tell you what I tell everyone and thats the importance of keeping a log book,You literally track your progress and Gainz, and you EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE Your progress in Anything you want to succeed in.

Heres one of mine from last year.

A Log Book is very useful for having a productive day and getting all the goals you want done. For me this is my own one, I have about 3 of them and how I like to do it is I monitor 4 things, My Mood, My Meals, My Goals for the Day, and My Workout of the day.

I monitor my mood because it helps me see if I’m actually pleased with how I’m doing today and I have 5 levels,

5: Means I’m feeling like GOD, like everything is perfect and I want it to stay this way. I hit 5 when I set a new record in my training or if I get to do some “fun cardio” with a lovely babe ;)

4: Means I’m feeling good, nothings wrong, I’m just in a good mood, thats how I am the majority of the day.

3: Means I’m Okay, I could be better but right now I just feel meh.

2: Means I’m either sad or pissed off or just feel down.

1: Means I’m either so enraged I want to murder someone or I’m so sad I feel like contemplating suicide. I’m rarely if ever at this state. Anyways track your mood it helps.

Then I focus on meals, and watching what you eat actually does effect how you perform through the day. If I wak eup on an empty stomach and the first thing I eat is Pizza and burgers with Soda

then the rest of the day I’m just going to be sluggish and tired

. But If I wake up and eat some oatmeal, eggs, and some oranges with some green tea or whatever healthy breakfast i cook that day

I’m gonna feel great through out the day and Now I know I can make it through whatever the day gives me

So Tracking meals is important, you can write them down or usehttp://www.myfitnesspal.com/

Now the main thing of a Log Book is your goals for the day. These should be done preferably back to back cause you realize “hey i am actually being productive I dont wanna waste time on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc etc just yet”. My examples would be I have to

  • Workout
  • Floss teeth, cause I dont floss enough like I brush
  • Do yoga
  • Meditate
  • Eat Healthy
  • Maybe read for 30 minutes
  • and then whatever goal you want to accomplish, I set something that is going to help me build up to that goal.

So Get a Goal,

Get a Plan,


The Last thing I do is monitor my workout just to see if I’m improving physically.Am I getting stronger?
Is my conditioning going up?
Can I do something that I couldn’t do 2 weeks ago?

I know a lot people go “well thats too much work to be doing all that” and thats why they remain the same and don’t improve. If you really want something you’ll do it or you’ll make an excuse

Everyday I become a better person. Not for anyone, but myself.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm gonna go on vacation in Sicily, but I'm vegan. Do you know any good places where I could eat something? At least Gelato?

Hey there! Most places I’ve been to had a vegan menu, maybe a little scarce, but it definitely was there, you just need to ask sometimes. I don’t know the names of the places because I have 0 memory, but you should be good for that! (Of course, going to restaurants where they serve mainly fish or meat traditional foods may not be the best idea, lmao, but some traditional dishes don’t include animal products or there are vegan versions, so it’s chill!)

Most bars have vegan gelato if you ask, usually not all flavours but the most popular ones like chocolate (also some fruit flavours don’t include milk in the original recipe!). If you’re worried about the cone not being vegan, you can just order it in a cup!

I hope this helped, and enjoy your vacation! Feel free to ask me anything else if you have doubts, though I’m definitely not an expert.


prestigehongkong.com Interview with Choi Siwon | 151101

Korean actor and musician SIWON CHOI, who stars in a film for watchmaker and jeweller Piaget, talks with VINCENZO LA TORRE about life as a global phenomenon during a post-shoot interview in Seoul
It’s hard to believe that as recently as a decade ago, South Korea suffered from an inferiority complex, often looked down upon by more prosperous and culturally influential neighbours such as Japan and Hong Kong. How things have changed. You don’t have to travel far to see that the country is now experiencing an incredible cultural renaissance, its soft-power diplomacy extending from Beijing to Tokyo and our own shores. First it was K-Pop, the musical wave that has supplanted J-Pop and Cantopop as the soundtrack of teenagers’ lives all over Asia; then the huge popularity of Korean dramas, religiously watched on TV and streamed online by millions of devoted fans; and finally Korean beauty products, prized for groundbreaking innovations that are imitated even in the West.
Although some blame the Korean entertainment industry for its cookie-cutter approach to building young stars and turning them into flawless and sometimes soulless performers, there must be more than meets the eye, given that young people all over the world can’t get enough of stars such as Super Junior, G-Dragon and Girls’ Generation.
Entertainment companies such as SM Entertainment are behind the rise of Korean pop culture. Their talent agents trawl the country in search of the next big thing, plucking kids from obscurity with the aim of turning them into superstars. Known for the extremely intense training of the new recruits and the competitive streak they foster among wannabe stars, these talent agencies are true conglomerates, churning out stars at breakneck speed and building their careers.’

While many such performers turn out to be one-hit wonders, there are some with real staying power, natural-born entertainers who can move beyond the strait-laced role of the pretty boy or girl dancing on a stage and spewing out catchy tunes. Super Junior, the group that started the craze for Korean boy bands, turned 10 this year and its leading man, Siwon Choi, has managed to transform his image as a young heart-throb into a successful career as an actor, with roles in international productions and a fan base that transcends the screaming tweens who go hysterical whenever he makes an appearance.

The handsome 28-year-old, who recently starred in a film produced by watch and jewellery brand Piaget titled Beyond a Gift, was set on his path to stardom from a very early age. “When I was a kid, I wanted only to be famous, a celebrity. I thought that I would do my father’s job or something like a boring job, always studying and always taking courses, but I really didn’t want to do that,” he says when we meet him on the set of the film in a leafy suburb of Seoul.

It didn’t take long for the then 16-year-old to score an audition with SM Entertainment before being picked out two years later to be part of the global phenomenon of Super Junior, whose best-selling single, “Sorry, Sorry”, propelled the band to international stardom. “The funny thing is that I didn’t want to be a singer or an actor,” says Choi. “Not that I didn’t want to do it, but it’s not that I wanted to do at first. Mr Lee [Soo Man], our chairman, just called me, ‘Hey, come to my office, what do you want to do? What can you do? Maybe drums or taekwondo or something?’”

After that, the two engaged in a long conversation, during which Lee realised that Choi had great potential for international appeal. “He said I should go to China, so I went for three months,” reveals Choi, who since then has mastered Chinese and acted in a series of Chinese productions alongside stars such as Andy Lau and Jackie Chan.

Fluent in both Mandarin and English, Choi realised when just a teenager that language barriers were keeping many Korean stars from making it big on the worldwide stage, and decided to master both languages. “In 2007,” he says, “I went to LA, to an event at the Hollywood Bowl, this huge concert for Korean people. Everyone was speaking English and they asked me something, but I couldn’t understand. Then I was really motivated and I started studying by myself.”

That same dedication is evident on set, where Choi displays a tremendous work ethic and doesn’t indulge in any of the antics of the jaded and spoiled superstar. After a long day filming the Piaget short, he kindly spends a few extra hours on location to shoot this cover story, showing an earnest and friendly attitude that’s at times quite disarming. When asked about his positive outlook, he mentions an early episode in his life that shaped his personal philosophy.

“When I went to New York, I saw The Lion King on Broadway and I met Matt Damon in the theatre. I said, ‘I’m Siwon Choi from Korea, and I’m part of Super Junior, like the Asian Backstreet Boys.’ He said, ‘Wow that’s good! Have fun in the States!’ He was very encouraging, very friendly. I thought, ‘That’s a Hollywood star, wow!’ I was a kid to him, I was 20, and he was really famous.

“I then promised myself that if I ever meet someone, anywhere, if they introduce themselves to me, I would be even friendlier than Matt Damon. I promised myself then. I built my philosophy then. I made my own philosophy. It was very inspiring and motivating. He’s a really good actor, a good father, also a good husband.” Choi further attributes his positive thinking and strong discipline to his Christian faith. “Maybe it’s because I’m Christian,” he says. “I also respect Islam, their culture. They really obey. “Everyone says that they love Jesus, really love Jesus, but then they do what he hates. Christianity is a huge influence on me; religion first and then my dad. He has his own philosophy, his own way, he never does it another way, always does it his way. I really respect him so much.”

Choi is also grateful to father figures such as Andy Lau and Jackie Chan, early mentors who guided him on his foray into acting. “Andy Lau is very professional. He pays a lot of attention to details. I was 18 when I worked with him. He’s been in more than 90 movies in his life. He controls everything he can on set but he respects the director because he never oversteps, only tells him what he’s thinking. Mr Chan is really professional too and he works hard. He wants to be a really good coach to the next generation, like me.”

As someone who’s constantly under the spotlight and who’s the focus of the relentless attention of countless fans who follow every move he makes, Choi seems to take everything in stride, without letting the surrounding mayhem go to his head. He’s definitely not one to complain about the pitfalls of fame and stardom.

“A lot of people would love to get this attention, with so many fans who like them, so I thank God, I don’t complain,” he says. “Second of all, I feel very responsible to the next generation of people. If I do something wrong, if I make a mistake, I can accept it. But for the next generation, I want to be a good influence, a role model.” Even though he grew up on the stage and has been an entertainer for most of his life, Choi doesn’t believe in mixing his personal life with work and reveals that he would rather date someone who doesn’t come from the entertainment world. But for now, family and career are his priorities.

“I’m still living with my parents,” he reveals. “I promised them that I would live with them until I do my military service. You know, Korea is still two separate countries, so I have to do it too, and I promised my parents that until I go to military service I will stay with them.” His close bond with his family also inspires Choi’s charity initiatives. “I’m planning to work  on a Unicef project with Super Junior. I want to do something for children. When I open my eyes, my parents are there for me, Mr Choi and Mrs Choi, my parents. They care about me. But think about it, many children when they open their eyes have nobody and have nothing, no parents, no future, no life. So, if I go to heaven in front of God and he asks, ‘Hey Siwon, good to see you. What did you do for me? I gave you love, what did you do?’ I want to say, ‘I was trying to help poor people, children, somewhere.’”

All this talk about doing good, however, doesn’t keep Choi from focusing on his ultimate goal of becoming an international star on a par with other Asian and Hollywood A-listers. He says that he sees a future career separate from Super Junior and that his goal is to become the first Korean actor of global renown. “If someone asks Western people, ‘Who is your favourite Asian actor or celebrity?’ they always say Jackie Chan, Jet Li or Chow Yun Fat, and all of them are from China or Hong Kong, never Korea,” he says. “Why? Even if it’s hard work, I want to try to make it happen before I regret it, so maybe in five years, when they ask, ‘Who’s your favourite actor in Asia?’ Siwon Choi, yeah me! That’s my dream.”

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arebelformusic  asked:

What if LLFTX cheated on Mc

Since you don’t specify if you want to know MC’s reaction or how do the guys act after they cheat, etc, I’m making different scenarios.


Takuto: Takuto would be more quiet. He would be angry if you asked him more questions. He’s afraid that you would discover his infidelity.

            You entered LRN and saw Takuto eating his usual pork noodle. Your face brightened up as you sat in front of him. He was still deep in thought and did not realized you sat across from him.

You waved your hand to get his attention, “Hello? Anyone there?”

Takuto was startled and chocked on his food. You patted his back.

“I’m sorry to surprise you. Are you okay? You look like you have a problem, Takuto. Want to talk about it?”

He put his chopsticks and stood up.

“Boss, I’m leaving first tonight.”

“Hey, Takuto!” you grabbed his arm as he prepared to leave. “Why are you so distance suddenly?”

“No reason. I just don’t feel like talking. Let go of me,” he said coldly.

Riki: Riki would be prone to cheat by having a one-night stand when he’s drunk.

Riki held you tightly and refused to let go.

“C’mon, it’s only one time. In the past.”

“Doesn’t matter. We were in a relationship already so you cheated on me,” you said coldly.

“ I was drunk.”

“Riki, it doesn’t matter what that is. Cheating is cheating. Period,” you peeled his fingers from on top of your stomach and shoved him in disgust.

You turned and saw the desperation in his eyes, “______, I only love you.”

“We’re done. Good bye,” you picked up the bag that fell to the floor when you tried to escape from his embrace and left his room.

His head hung low as you looked back one more time, trying to leave all your memories with him behind.

Hiro: Hiro would be extremely generous and nice to you (even more than usual) because he would feel extremely guilty if he ever cheated on you.

            “Hiro, why are you suddenly buying me all these clothes?” you took the edges of your skirt and pulled the skirt out.

“You will need more dresses in the future because you are my fiancée,” Hiro smiled and put his hands on your waists. “It’s a nice fit for you. You’re beautiful.”

He pushed your back so that your body molded to his. Hiro kissed you passionately and his tongue seek yours. You felt like you would melt if he continued doing that to you.

Suddenly his phone rang. He pulled away from you and checked the screen on his phone. His eyes squinted in displease for a moment but then the smile returned to his face.

“I need to pick this up but feel free to try other things as well. Whatever you want, I’ll buy it for you,” he said cheerfully and stepped out of the store to pick up his call.

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