hey i miss u baby :(

psychic: *reads my mind*

my mind: im thru with wishin things with u n me, could be so good (SO GOOD) time to wake up or no makeups, can make me a fooool (me a foOOOOOOl) too much history now it comes down to onE THING, so long (LOONG) im gooone (goONE) u can leave a message for me after the *clap clap* toooOoooOOWOOAHHYEAH! you called.. i missed it…. you called…. i missed iiiiiiiit… you called.. and i missed it *clap* badOOBADOBOPBOPBEEEOOOHH HEY HEY HOW YA DOIN sorry u cant get thruuUu (woahohaohhaohhh) why dontcha leave ya name and yo number (yo numbaahhhhh), and we’ll get back to u (HEY! HEY!) ooOOOhooh hey (hey!) how ya doin (doIIIIN) sorry we dont mean to be rude (heyyeayeyeaHHH) why dontcha leave ya name and yo number (number), and well get back to u! i kno that u keep ! callin (u keep callin) my phone (my phone) but baby there aiNT (there aint) NOBODY HOME (nobody home) SO WONT U LEAVE YO ! (YO NUMBER) NAME AND YO (YO NUMBER) NUMBEEEER LETS! BREAK! IT DOWN! WHOOOO! (hey) youuUUUUUUhoouwhoooaa HOW YA DOIN (hey) HOW YA DOIN aaaaaaayeayeayeaah (hey) HOW YA DOIN hey HEY hey HEY hey HEY heyyEAHHHH youuUUUUouuuOOOH OH WOAHH HOW YA DOIN nooOOOoooww (hey) HOW YA DOIN HEY! heeyeyEE(HOW YA DOIN HEY!)YEEAAHH well never get back to youuuuu

psychic: what the fuck

Trying Something New (Smut)


Request: Can u do a kinky Shawn smut??? Thanks!!

Word Count: 1,663

Trying Something New

From Favourite boy toy: Hey babe, just letting you know, I land at 5 today. Can’t wait to see you.

To favourite boy toy: Yay, I miss you so much. Mine or your place then?

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Olicity in Heaven


O:C'mere baby.I’m so proud of you. 

F: I’ve missed you. 

O:When you’re not around it just makes me realize how much I need u here. 


Originally posted by thedreamyreadergirl


F: I never wanted to let you go. 

O: I know &I never really left. 

F. I know. I still felt you.. 

O: *interrupts* In your dreams? 

F: Yes! 

O: C'mere baby 

Originally posted by lyricalarrow


O: Felicity, is that you? 

F: Oliver…where am I? 

O: You’re home.


O: Felicity, is that you?

F: Oliver…where am I?

O: You’re home.

F: *looks around*

     But, if I’m here…I failed.

O: Hey hey. You didn’t fail. You’ve never failed.

    You were amazing and I’m so proud of you.

    And right now? Right now I need to kiss you.


F: Oliver!

O: Felicity, baby, c’mere.

F: I guess I didn’t make it, did I?

O: You did. You made it back to me.

F: I never believed in that ‘til death do us part’ thing, anyway.

O: Oh?

F: I always knew we’d never truly be apart.

O: We have an immortal lock, don’t we.

F: Yeah. Yeah, we do. I love you, Oliver.

O: I love you, too, Felicity. Forever and always.


F: Oliver, you’re…alive?

O: Felicity, I…I’m not.

F: Does this mean I’m…

  Oliver, I’m sorry.

O: Hey. Don’t do that.

F: Do what?

O: Apologize for being you, because that’s who I love.

   God, Felicity. You were amazing.

   You outlived us all. If anyone should be sorry, it’s me.

   I left you all alone.

F: I was never alone. I felt you there…you were with me every step.

O: I was. You didn’t need me even if you think you did.

   How’d you get to be so strong?

F: I took my lead from you.

wesleymason5501  asked:

Hey Donnie, if I had four baby red eared slider turtles 🐢 I would name them after U guys. It's because I love baby turtles:) I know how you miss Master Splinter. I really liked that time when U & your brothers visited the past to see Tang Shen & Young Splinter & Miwa.

When you take away the giant fire, the betrayal, the possible split family, and the death and destruction-it was kinda fun to be there.

If I had the chance again, I’d go back and just soak in what it was like for Sensei in his homeland. See our history. I wonder if the ruins are still there sometimes. Maybe someday my brothers and I can go back. 

  • Umi: Hey, could you tell Hanayo to stick to her diet?
  • Rin: NO!
  • Umi: H-huh?
  • Rin: It sucks and she hates it and I hate it
  • Rin, pulling out her phone: And look, she doesn't need it
  • Umi: H-hey, what --
  • Rin: That's us on the beach. She's so cute
  • Umi: Uh?
  • Rin: In this one we are taking a bath together
  • Umi: U-um, wait --
  • Rin: Here, she thought she was ordering like, an actual baby doll, but... it looks so good on her, right?
  • Rin: The next one's a video. Hang on, gotta turn up the volume
  • Umi:
  • Rin: Umi? Look, you're missing the best parts!
  • Rin: Hello? Hey? Umi?
  • Rin: Wow, rude
Seokjin, Namjoon and Hoseok react to: Their gf drops something down her shirt in front of the rest of BTS

Requested by an anon:  Can you do a BTS reaction where their gf has big boobs and drops something down her shirt in front of the the rest of BTS? Please٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶

SEOKJIN: (you were having dinner with the boys at their dorm)
Y/N: *piece of food falls onto your boobs and down your shirt * ‘ fuck’
 MEMBERS: *notice the piece of food that fell down your shirt* *jaws drop*
TAE: Uhhuh… You got something on uuhhh your chest *blushes a million shades of red*
Y/N: Uhh thanks Tae.. I’m gonna go get cleaned up haha *runs off to the bathroom*
SJ: *waits  for you to leave* *turns to Taehyung* I’d appreciate if you keep your eyes off my girlfriends boobs thank you 
TAE: Oh sorry.. *scratches the back of his neck* Its just that.. They’re so.. BIG
SJ:… *tries to grab Taehyung**is being held back by Namjoon* BOI SAY THAT AGAIN AND LETS SEE WHO FEEDS YOU

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

NAMJOON:  (You guys were eating out with the boys)
-stupid slice of a strawberry with chocolate falls on yo boobs and into your shirt-
Y/N:*looks down at the  slice of strawberry that is forever lost in your shirt * Aww man I was looking foreword to that strawberry *frowns*
BANGTAN: Uhhh *they’re all blushing except Namjoon*
Y/N: What?
NJ:*staring at you* That was so sexy… I now understand Jin’s food Kink
SJ: Hey its not a kink! I just enjoy food a lot
YG: Yeah it’s not a kink
YG: If it were a kink he would at least get laid 
BANGTAN EXCEPT SEOKJIN & YOU: *laughing their asses off*  

Originally posted by ygnj

HOSEOK: (you guys are throwing marshmallows at each other trying to get it inside the others mouth)
HS:*Throws marshmallow but misses your mouth and ends up going in your shirt*
Y/N: Uhh Hobi wtf * tries to fish it out the marshmallow* FUCK
BANGTAN: *Just staring like pervs *
JK: Hey baby I can help you with that *smirks*

Originally posted by spearjimint

Hope you liked it :)

anonymous asked:

Hey. I've been following you for about two years now. I was initially attracted to your blog cause of Howard. RIP. I just wanted to say that your transformation thus far is wonderful and you're highly attractive. Have a lovely day.

i think all of my followers are from howard tbh i miss him literally every single day rip :’( but thank u sweet baby

anonymous asked:

I love that they're all doing their thing and i'm super fucking proud of them but i miss my babies together :( come back to us you dorks

oh anon, i know. but sometimes when I get all :((( about 1D I just think about all they’re doing now – EDM, R&B, rock, folk – and I consider how that’s going to influence their next album??? i mean, imagine Little White Lies-type sound but bigger, Through The Dark-type sound but /more/… 1D hasn’t even /touched/ on the music Lima and Harold are doing…. can you just imagine it? and how much more electric and exciting and fascinating their concerts are gonna be?? especially once they get back on stage together??? still the same goofy, loveable, dorky boys but with a lot more experience under their belt. and harry and louis’s interactions being incorporated back into that!?!?!! LIKE!!!! yes yes i miss 1D so much. more than i /ever/ thought i would or ever thought it was possible to miss them but also when i think about what the future holds for them it’s so exciting? because we’re watching the things that are going to /shape/ that future unfold before our very eyes. so it makes the waiting so much easier, like discourse/drama/whatever aside i would wait forever for those boys, because when they come back they’re gonna do it in such a huge and explosive, beautiful way and i am gonna be here for it!!!!!

I’m Back

Request:  ooooo can u do an imagine where y/n is famous and on tour and hayes isnt and like either hayes surprises HER on tour or like y/n surprises hayes at home bc he misses her

a/n; I wasn’t sure if the anon who wrote this meant Hayes just wasn’t on tour or Hayes wasn’t famous at all, so I’m going to try and keep it as neutral as possible!

Word Count: 612

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Hey.” I answered my phone with a smile on my face, “hey, baby.” Hayes said, I let out a sigh as I laid back in my little bunk. I’m currently on tour with Digi Tour. “How are you?” I asked, playing with a loose thread on my shirt, “I’m good. I miss you though.” He responded, I could hear it in his voice. “I miss you too.” I assured him, holding back the excitement in my voice, knowing that I’m going to see him soon. Except- he doesn’t know that. 

“When do you get back?” He asked, trying to remember, “three weeks.” I mumbled, pretending to be sad. He sighed through the phone, I could hear him throwing himself down onto the couch. “It’ll be here before you know it.” He tried to sound happy, thinking I was sad, 

“Yeah, it will. But I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.” I explained to him, needing to start packing up my stuff. “Okay, bye, love you.” He responded, I replied with a simple love you bye and then hung up. 


The familiar house came into view, making my stomach fill with butterflies, I grinned, starting to feel all giddy as I realized I’m going to surprise him for once. “Thank you.” I told the taxi driver, handing him the money before I grabbed my suitcase and turned to face the house. 

Slowly I started walking towards the door, my suitcase rolling behind me. “Here we go.” I said under my breath as I rang the doorbell. I started smiling as I saw the door knob turning, only to be slightly disappointed when it was Elizabeth standing there and not Hayes. She knew I was coming to surprise him. “Y/N!” She said quietly, hugging me quickly before motioning for me to go inside.

Skylynn ran over once she saw me, I happily embraced her. “Hayes is in his room.” His mom explained, I nodded, “he’s been up there most of the day.” She added on making me frown, but then I got an idea. “Can I borrow Skylynn for a minute?” I asked, glancing down at the little blonde girl, who seemed excited to be part of the surprise. 

Elizabeth nodded, I gave her a thankful smile and started walking towards the stairs, telling Skylynn my little plan. 

I had Skylynn knock on the door, “I’m busy, mom!” Hayes groaned through the door, even though we all know he’s not busy, he’s just moping around. “Will you play with me, Hayes?” Skylynn asked, in her normal cheery voice, I heard him sigh and start moving around, I motioned for Skylynn to go to her room. She smiled and ran off leaving me standing there for when he opened the door. 

The door swung open and it took Hayes a second to realize what was happening. “Y/N?” He asked slowly, and then he reacted, rushing to hug me tightly. “Y/N!” He grinned against my shoulder as he hugged me, my feet slightly lifting off the ground. Out of instinct I wrapped my legs around his waist and held onto him like my life depended on it. 

“I thought you didn’t get back for thre-” I cut him off, finally moving my head back to look at his face, he was still holding me up. “I lied.” I shrugged, he shook his head and set me down. Simply smiling at me, “I’ve been gone for over a month and you’re not going to kiss me?” I teased him, he reacted and put his hands on my cheeks, kissing me softly. “You’re never leaving again.” He mumbled, laughing under his breath. “Deal.” I responded, kissing him again. 

MPHFPC  movie review ***SPOILERS***

-I’m making this review as a way to put in my own personal opinion on the movie. I am also doing this so people who are skeptical about seeing the movie can decide whether they want to spend their money or not.

-This review will have a brief over view of the movie as well as a Pros and Cons lists, a comparison of Book to Movie.

-Like I said, you all are welcomed to put in your own thoughts or add anything you thought i missed! 

-Or just send me a question if you have any I’ll be sure to answer! :))))


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anonymous asked:

90s sexting through a chat room with Eric?

You go to your computer after dinner and wait for it to turn on, leaning back in your chair with a small sigh. Eric had been sick today and you missed the flirting at your locker and stealing kisses during lunch. Finally AOL loads and you smile when you see he’s online. You start to type when a message pops up:

REB DoMiNe: hey baby. how was your day?
Y/u/n: hey Reb! it was good. I missed you. are you feeling better?
REB DoMiNe: I missed you, too. yeah, I think it was a stomach thing. I’ll be back tomorrow. I thought about you all day
Y/u/n: I did too. I got your assignments too btw. what did you think about me?
REB DoMiNe: thanks. you know, the usual stuff ;)
Y/u/n: are you sure you’re sick? ;)
REB DoMiNe: I’d be there in 2 minutes if I wasn’t still coughing. you don’t know how bad I want to see you
Y/u/n: how bad?
REB DoMiNe: so bad… I’d sneak in really quiet so your parents won’t hear
Y/u/n: I’m wearing my red bra and underwear
REB DoMiNe: fuck. you know how much I like those. I’d pull them off with my teeth if I was there
Y/u/n: you getting turned on Reb?
REB DoMiNe: you’re making this hard baby

You sit back in your chair, grinning. I wonder how far I can take this…

Y/u/n: I want to suck it

Eric immediately begins palming himself over his jeans.

REB DoMiNe: I love your mouth
Y/u/n: you always taste so good. remember that time with the chocolate syrup?
REB DoMiNe: I loved that. tell me more
Y/u/n: touch yourself, Reb

Eric glances down, his hand already firmly working inside his jeans.

REB DoMiNe: way ahead of you. I want to come over so bad
Y/u/n: get some sleep and we’ll see about tomorrow ;)
REB DoMiNe: wait don’t go

You giggle and chew on your lip. There’s no harm in finishing him off.

Y/u/n: I want you to fuck me like an animal
REB DoMiNe: fuck
REB DoMiNe: I have to clean my keyboard

You start giggling more, raising your eyebrows. You must have quite the effect on him if that’s all it took.

Y/u/n: night, baby ;) love you
REB DoMiNe: love you too. you’re mine tomorrow

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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After School - Dressing Room

SHINee - Evil

Boyfriend - Stop It

f(x) - Rainbow

VIXX - Say Love / What Do I Do

LunaFly - What’s Your Name

EXO - Black Pearl

Jaejoong - My Only Comfort

Super Junior - My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

BIGBANG - Bingle Bingle

B.A.P. - Save Me

U-KISS - Can’t Even Breathe

G-Dragon - Without You

BTS - Coffee

f(x) - Beautiful Stranger

After School - Love Beat

Jay Park - I Love You

Block B - Halo

Teen Top - Hello

Girls Day - I Don’t Mind

Miss A - Lips

SNSD - Oscar

TTS - Baby Steps

SHINee - Obsession

Seungri - Come to My

2NE1 - Pretty Boy

TVXQ! - Hey! (Don’t Bring Me Down)

Super Junior - Rockstar

Super Junior-M - It’s You

Orange Caramel - One Love

Teen Top - Intro


4MINUTE - Whatever

Boyfriend - Soulmate 

BTS - Let Me Know


Hey baby !i hope you’re sleeping well ! i have had a really good night with logan and sam and it’s been chill ! i really miss you and hope i can see you today! i really wanna snuggle u n just be with you ! i love you a lot , goodnight snuggles !




anonymous asked:

OH ITS FINALLY OPEN!!!! Do u have any mpreg fanfics in ur mind? I kinda have read most of them and who knows if I've missed some he thank you!!!

hey theeeere! have you read all fics on our MPREG TAG? If not yet then I suggest you do ^^, Additionally here are some mpreg fics on the top of my head when someone asks: 

- Admin Rose :>


— — — —

“Baby I miss you.”

“I know, sweetie. You have two months left on the tour then you get to see me.”

Kian Facetimes me every time he’s free to remind me how much he misses me but I couldn’t help it. I had no way to get to him.

He sighed, “I gotta go. I have to get ready for rehearsal. Bye, I love you.” He kissed the screen, making me want to cry.

“Love and miss you, Kian.”

He ended the call. I sighed an went on his Instagram, pouting at all his photos. I really miss that boy.

— — —

[Kian’s POV]

“Jc, I really fucking miss her. Like I’ve never missed her this much before. I just want to see her beautiful face in person.”

I ran my fingers through my hair, looking up at Jc. I slipped on my vans and leaned back on the couch.

“Dude, I know you miss her but we only have two months left. Im sure you wait.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know man.”

— — —

[Jc’s POV]

Kian left the tour bus, most likely going to get some air. I grabbed my phone off the charger, dialing (Y/n)’s number.


“Hey, (y/n)!”

“Oh, hey Jc! What’s up?”

“I was wondering if you’d be down to fly down here and stay with us till the end of the tour since Kian misses you so much.”

“I’m down!”

“Okay, buying your ticket! See you soon!”


I carried my luggage onto their tour bus, falling down onto the couch.

“Kian and Jc should be done with their show soon.” One of their body guards said.

“Thank you, sir.”

“You’re welcome, ma'am.”

He left the tour bus, leaving me there to binge watch tv shows on Netflix again. I sighed an clicked on Netflix, choosing ‘Friends’. I grabbed the nearest blanket and tossed it across my body. I really can’t wait to see my baby. My phone buzzed making me sigh.

From Kian 💗: I miss u

To Kian 💗 : I miss you

I heard the tour bus open then Kian and Jc’s loud voices coming from the front. I covered my smile behind the blanket. I looked up an seen Kian’s dark brown hair.

“Oh hey, (y/n).” He turned around but jerked back around. “Baby!!” He jumped on top of me and kissed me.

“Hey baby.” He snuggled his head in my neck and left tiny kisses on there.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you.”

He leaned up and smiled down at me, kissing my nose.

“Let’s go to my bed.”

I nodded my head. Kian got off me and pulled my body up. I followed him to his bed, shutting the door behind me. Kian tossed me my favorite shirt, making me smile. While I got dressed, Kian told me about all the tours and meet and greets.

I crawled to the top of the bed and got under the covers, facing towards Kian’s back. He ran his fingers through his hair an laid down, facing me and giving me a kiss on my forehead. He pulled my body into him and rubbed my back.

“I’m so glad you came. How’d you get here?”

“Jc. He called me and told me that you were being a baby about missing me so he bought me a ticket and now I’m finishing the tour with you two.”

He blushed, covering his cheeks. “Dammit, Jc.”

I smiled an kissed his bottom lip, earning a smirk. He gave me one more kiss, telling me good night.

“Good night, baby.”

I kissed his cheek then pulled up my snapchat and took a picture of me kissing his cheek while he was asleep.

'Finally got to see my baby after 3 months. Happy ❤️😍’

I posted the picture and fell asleep in his arms, finally happy again.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! ^^ with all that's happening with jungkook and the flower crew thing, I felt really down but your stories really help cause they're so fluffy and they make me feel warm inside, SO THANK YOU RIN❤️❤️❤️. Side note, umm if it's not to much since your accepting prompts,(if u have time) prompts: all the hyungs reaction/feelings watching the vlive of the flower crew show and them coddling baby bun~(yoongi probs gonna use this for cypher part 4👀)-🌹anon

Hey rose anon (can I call you that?)! I’m glad you like my writing so thank you! You’re super sweet >.< Also, thank you for giving me the idea to write this. I hope you and others enjoy this super fluffy drabble!

This is pretty much fluffy jungkookxeveryone with hurt/comfort. Two of my favorite things~

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Hey everyone, it’s Tiff! I’ve recently reached 2.5k, a big follower goal of mine, so I decided to do another one of these to thank the people I follow, my friends, my mutuals, and of course my followers for making my Tumblr experience so wonderful. You’re all great and I love you ♥

So without further ado, here are some amazing blogs that all of you should follow! (If I’ve missed anyone, you can find them in my blogroll!)

Bold: mutuals 

italics: favorite blogs/editors 

♥: friends (ily ;u;)


174cents​  ♥ | 4x61 


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Of course I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without my awesome followers, but since I can’t include them all in this post, here are ten blogs I see often in my activity and deserve a follow. Thank you for following me! I will try to come up with something more to thank you all properly in the future  

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can u imagine coming to cal layin in bed half asleep watching something on netflix on the tv and he’ll see you and smile and be like ‘hey baby how are you? i missed you’ and smiling real big when u say youre good and climb into bed next to him and he wraps you up in his arms and promises youre not leaving for another 24 hours