hey i make other things too

friends with adhd is this a thing that happens?? like you’ll be talking about something and then in your head you’re making connections to something but then what you say out loud skips several points in thought???

Like the other day I was talking to my friend while we were driving and I saw a street sign that said “Edinburgh” and I was like “oh it’d be nice to go there again but I’d like to see outside the city too” and then a few minutes of silence later i was literally like “hey if we drained Loch Ness maybe we’d see if Nessie is there” and like obviously in my head I made the connection Outside Edinburgh city>Loch Ness>Nessie>DRAIN LOCH NESS.

idk if I explained it that well

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No offense, but maybe you should focus on making your mods available for all races instead of trying to shove your oc and fic down everyone's throat.You keep acting like its going to be the next looking glass or message sent or something, but its not. If it were, you wouldn't have to try so hard. And look at people with popular ocs. People ask about them and draw them because they are interesting, not because their muns are begging for attention with ask memes.


Again, not trying to be mean, just saying you’d be better off focusing on the things people care about instead of trying to make them like your oc.

Hey anon, welcome to my blog! If my title gives you any indication, I love Lavellans. Adaars and Trevs and Cadashes and completely non-canon characters are all amazing too, but I am unapologetic about my soft spot. 

I’m really sorry I haven’t had a chance to convert my mods for use by other races yet! I do intend to try to figure it out, but I’ve actually never done it before and am not totally sure how. 

But why are all my mods EF? Each mod takes me weeks, since I painstakingly adjust every angle vertex-by-vertex. Because they take so long, I actually make them for Avira first, then share them in case anyone else wants to use them, too. I know that seems self-centered. It is. It’s almost as though I am doing this for free in my limited free time.

As I’ve said before, I always welcome feedback on how I could make my blog a better experience for my followers. That being said, messages like this do not exactly motivate me to drop everything to accommodate your requests.  @feynites​ and @aicosu​ are both mutuals of mine and wonderful people, and I am sure they don’t appreciate you using their well-earned successes to denigrate a small-scale content creator.

I promote my fic because I’ve been working really hard on it, and it’s something that I am quite proud of. I know I don’t have a huge reader base, but I value each and every one of them because I enjoy sharing the world that I am building. The power of stories is in their telling, after all. 

And as much time as I’ve spent on the fic, I’ve spent even more developing Avira. I am disappointed that you don’t find her as interesting as I do! If you have any more specific thoughts on how to improve her or her character page, again, I am willing to listen.

I use ask memes because they give people a framework through which to discuss our characters. Anecdotally, I’ve had the experience where I see an oc on my dash that I want to know more about, but I’ve had no idea where to start.   To me, the love and care people pour into their OCs is what makes the DA fandom so great. I want to get to know other people’s ocs, and I want them to get to know mine. And I will absolutely not apologize for that.

So anyway, here’s Avira’s page, and here’s Uprising. I am very fond of both. If you are not interested in hearing about either, feel free to blacklist them.

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About Claudia I don't understand this one thing. If she was killed and Vincent too isn't it super heartless too bring her back now? Idk it feels completely selfish and I don't see why Undertaker would even make her suffer just for his own sake if he loved her???

Hey Anon :)

Well that’s the thing though! UT is 100% very desperate + sad + lonely + hurting in his feels so him wanting to bring back people he cherished (not just Claudia mind you, but also the other lockets) is 1000% a completely selfish decision (as far as we know as always, of course).

Like, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore UT, he’s endlessly fascinating and I fell in love at first sight but the more we discover about him, the more I feel that this guy is probably almost on Kelvin’s level of being a stalker, except that he isn’t sexually interested in kids (or in becoming beautiful since he’s canonly the most beautiful character lmao). 

I’m probably pushing it with the analogy but that’s on purpose, just to say that the more Yana-sensei allows us to see his true personality, the sadder and scarier it gets. 

I remember myself, one and a half year ago, thinking “yeh maybe UT is a psychopath” since, you know, the guy was laughing all.the.time and that was the only thing we ever saw about him and then…

Chapter 105 happened. And then 3 months later…

That was another arrow in the kokoro

And then, when I thought I could hardly be surprised anymore (’cause he’s my dude and I sometimes spend half my days wondering about what he could be thinking about), ch120 happened…

…Which means that we went from a creepy mortician to a homicidal maniac Shinigami to a Very Desperate and Sad Guy Who Actually Killed Himself Years Ago to him holding someone’s hand with the most peaceful expression he ever had in 24+ volumes of Kuroshitsuji.

That screams character complexity and development but also big issues in my book Anon, which is why, let’s say he’s actually trying to bring back Claudia in the current arc, it’s 100% completely selfish on his part (because he loves her and misses her, because he’s lonely, because he’s scared, because he’s getting mad….), but at this point I think he couldn’t care less and might even admit it, should someone (like Ciel) yells at him that he’s been inconsiderate and mad for a while now. 

Not that I blame him for being completely desperate: we know he killed himself even if we don’t know why + we know he deserted, probably because being a Shinigami and being forced to watch countless cinematic records only made him even more miserable, so let’s say that he actually learnt to live through meeting these people whom he cherished, then losing them to death (or worse, murder) might have been unbearable to him.

Also I don’t know if you noticed but Claudia’s locket is the most recent on his chain: out of the those 7 people, she’s the one who died last, so maybe losing her (or losing Vincent) was the trigger to the BD project and him becoming completely desperate about protecting what’s left of the family of the woman he probably loved, on top of trying to bring her (and the others) back, no matter what the cost was (even if that means indirectly killing a thousand of passengers or bleeding to death London in its integrality, assuming he’s the villain behind the current arc).

At this point, it’s obvious there is not just one factor that led UT to behaving the way he is right now, it’s an ensemble of sad things that he lived through and I really have a lot of feels for him, but yeah, if somehow he is bringing back Claudia and that he succeeds… 
Well, just poor Claudia, poor UT too (even if he’d be the guilty party behind his own misery) and poor Frances (because Claudia is her mom too). Also, that might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I think this whole tragedy of UT succeeding in bringing Claudia back even if just for a short time might be what Yana alluded at through Vincent’s words…

And all in all, it only gets sadder when you think about the choices that UT made so far because inherently yes, even if it’s completely selfish, “it was for love” (cool motive still murder.gif) but it reached such a scale that it probably won’t make Claudia happy and things just won’t get back to what they used to be (and honestly once he’ll be forced to realize that, I think that’s when UT might break down). 

……Ahem, I’m so sorry for rambling -_- You just asked about one of my fav subjects so now that I have some time, I’m just… writing a post about UT’s character from my own perspective.

Well in any case, I hope that managed to more or less answer your question. Thanks for passing by Anon! :) 

(A little AU thing about not giving up; don’t ask me about the wider plot, I have no idea. It’s just a little moment that demanded to be written.)

They almost make it.

Emma can see the hesitation in Zelena’s eyes as Regina talks, the hope and the envy warring with each other. She’s the key, the missing piece. If she hands over the wand—

But she doesn’t. Killian seems to see the decision in the same instant as Emma. He lunges for it, and that, too, is close—almost a literal hair’s breadth.

Zelena snatches it away just in time. And that’s it, the moment over, the chance passed.

It’s over.

“I’m sorry,” Killian offers later, when Regina has stormed away and David has left to check on Snow and they’re back in their house, which feels strangely empty. Everything does, since the curse. There’s a space where her parents should be, too big for one person alone. “I should have—“

“Don’t,” Emma cuts him off. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“I almost had it,” he says, stubborn as always when it comes to taking the blame.

A while ago, Emma thinks, she would have argued. She would have been just as stubborn. And either Killian or her mother or father would have talked her out of it, reassured her, reminded her to stop trying to carry the weight of the whole world.

But her mother is asleep, and her father is trying to pretend that he’s okay with that, and Killian’s solution is to try and take the weight of the world on himself.

None of that is what Emma wants.

What Emma wants is to go upstairs, go to sleep, and not wake up until the curse is broken and she has her family back and everyone is safe. What Emma wants is to go back to Zelena, and scream and cry and tell her what she’s done. To make her feel, really feel, what Emma feels. To make her understand.

She doesn’t want to give hope speeches in her mother’s place. She doesn’t want to put her arm around Snow in place of her father. She doesn’t want to unload her own burdens on Killian, or talk and talk him out of taking on burdens that aren’t his.

Her hands curl into fists.

“Well, you didn’t,” she snaps, so suddenly that he flinches. “And that’s that. So stop. I am not going to argue over who’s to blame. I’m not going to give up. We didn’t get the wand, fine. We’ll find something else. We’ll—“ She’s pacing, gesturing randomly around the room, hectic movements with no real purpose. “I don’t know, we’ll figure it out. The one thing I do know is that they’re not going to win, because I refuse to let them. And I’m not going to make their job any easier by blaming myself or each other, and neither,” she rounds on Killian, glaring at him, “are you. Okay?”

He still looks taken aback, but the surprise is already giving way to something else. He gives her an appraising look, considering, and hard determination settles over his face. A smile pulls at the corner of his mouth. It’s not a nice smile. It’s a Captain Hook smile, predatory and unstoppable.

And maybe, Emma thinks, just a little impressed.

“Aye, aye,” he says.

Self-consciousness steals over her, like it always does when she blurts out what’s in her heart, especially at length, and—oh, no, did she pace? “Right,” she said. “Okay. Good.”

Killian’s mouth quirks a little more, and the steely Captain Hook edge disappears, to be replaced with that slight bashfulness that Emma has come to recognise as quintessential Jones. “I needed to hear that, I think. Thank you.”

“Yeah, well.” She shifts a little, folding her arms across her chest. “I’m still working on the whole hope speech thing.”

He grins, and steps towards her, snagging the crook of her right elbow with his hook and pulling her towards him. “I don’t think so,” he says. “I like your particular brand of hope.”

“I yelled,” Emma says wryly, even as she sways into him.

“Exactly,” he agrees, still grinning.

She can’t help but grin back. When he says it like that, this brand of hope sounds pretty good to her, too.

hey it’s like.. sunday as i make/post this, so technically… i’m seeing my gf in one (1) day… staying w/ her the longest amount of time i’ve ever stayed w/ her… getting to see her for practically a month… making things official so we can have an anniversary date and i can give her her gift (which is a part of the Making It Official) (it’s a necklace)… ✌😊💛🌻💫

to say that my alterhumanity intersects with other parts of my identity is misleading, because it implies a separation which doesn’t exist.

the joke i often make is that my brain ran out of room in the ‘alterhuman’ folder and had to start storing it in other places too, but again, that kind of implies that i was at least originally wired to experience gender and cultural identity and alterhumanity as separate things.

when really, i’ve been a big soupy mess from the beginning. i realised i was alterhuman before i realised i was gay or trans, but i think those would have happened much sooner if i was allowed to conceive of them as interrelated.

because even way back when, i saw the whole “otherkin can never ever ever be compared to being trans” thing being bandied about. so what do i do when my alterhumanity is my transness? my species dysphoria and gender dysphoria are two sides of the same coin, and so trans representation means nothing to me if it doesn’t also come with nonhuman representation. if you can’t accept my alterhumanity you are denying a fundamental part of my gender and my whole self. there is no separation.

and of course, i have to add the caveat here that i’m not implying this is true for everyone. i have to reassure you that i’m not implying otherkin are oppressed because you jump to those conclusions when i talk about these things. because we have to take being alterhuman very seriously up until the point where we don’t.

it isn’t a game, but it also can’t seriously affect our life in any way. it isn’t pretend, but we also know we’re human, really.

fuck that. i am an inseparable cacophony of queerness and nonhumanity, and i will be vocal about that till the day i die and beyond.

my bf always takes his tablet into the bathroom while he showers so he can watch shows, and the other day he was watching one of those ghost hunter type shows, and i said i didn’t understand how he could watch that while showering because it would make me too freaked out to shower bc in horror movies bad things always happen to people when they shower. and he points out that, no, in the trope, bad things only happen to girls in the shower. and i can’t stop thinking about how fucked up that is??? like i can’t exactly articulate why it squicks me out so much, but it’s like, “hey let’s add slight sexual overtones to this scene in which a girl is attacked by a serial killer and/or monster thing”

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Can I get a scenario where you/reader and Bodhi try to make up pet names for each other in an attempt to completely fluster the other person.

I’m going to assume this is a headcanon request so here we go ! And I’m really bad with the nicknames kinda thing so I hope this was ok !

You and Bodhi making pet names for each other to completely fluster the other:

  • You’re better at it than Bodhi is.
  • Bodhi probably gets flustered so easily. He’ll blush and stammer and he won’t be able to concentrate on whatever he was doing.
  • It’s really silly nicknames too that don’t make any sense at all, but it still gets him worked up. 
  • “Hey marshmallow.” “Oh my god, (y/n), what does that even mean?”
  • At first you’ll just go up to him and whisper nicknames in his ear, and it makes you laugh when you see him flush.
  • Then you’ll start saying them a little louder. He always tries to shush you because he gets embarrassed easily but it just makes you laugh even more.
  • One time you use your nicknames in the middle of a conference. Cassian starts laughing. Bodhi just hides his face in his hands.
  • Bodhi just uses really sweet nicknames for you like “love”, which you don’t really get embarrassed by.
  • But secretly Bodhi keeps trying to think of something to fluster you.
  • He’ll try things out randomly to see your reaction. Sometimes he’ll slip it into conversations, sometimes he’ll just randomly say them. You still don’t get embarrassed. Sometimes Bodhi feels like he gets more embarrassed than you, because using nicknames doesn’t feel natural for him.
  • “Hey cookie.” “Aw hi Bodhi, that’s cute!” “No, (y/n), you’re supposed to get embarrassed”
  • Then one day he hears you talking to your father, and your father uses a nickname for you. It’s a childhood nickname that your father has always used, and it reminds you of a stupid injury you got when you were five. You immediately go red and give him a playful shove. You don’t notice that Bodhi’s listening. 
  • He doesn’t use it straight away. He wants to wait for the right moment. But in the meantime, he has to endure you still using a bunch of nicknames that he still blushes to.
  • One time when you’re talking to the Rogue One crew, he comes up and slings his arm around your shoulders, and uses it. You immediately fall silent and Bodhi bursts out laughing.
  • So now whenever you use a nickname, Bodhi just fires back with your father’s nickname for you and it shuts you up.
  • Eventually, the two of you just own your nicknames. But Bodhi still blushes ever so slightly. 


hey i know ive barely been on but thats because im really depressed and because of my ptsd and various other disorders i have is making life really difficult rn and things arent going too well since living with my mom and i would really appreciate it if anyone got anything on my amazon wishlist as a gift or something that would help me and my family out like… laundry detergent and stuff and the shoe insoles and yeah.. sorry this is long http://a.co/7Jrp9fR

Neurodiversity and the medical vs social models of disability

(For those not aware, the medical model of disability is the belief that disability stems from inherent characteristics within the disabled person, while the social model of disability is the belief that disability is caused by society being set up in a way that doesn’t accommodate us.)

I’ve noticed that the vast majority of NTs operate under the medical model of disability, at least when it comes to ND people. In addition, many of them follow that up with the “just world” hypothesis - the idea that bad things only happen to bad people. Together, it makes a very potent, very awful combination: “there is something inherently wrong with you, and it’s your own fault”.

(I suspect that most anti self-dxers in the ND community also operate under the medical model, but I don’t have enough data points to say that for sure.)

It leads to a lot of other unpleasant things too:

-The dismissal of services such as therapy, because hey, if it’s a medical problem, surely you can only treat it medically.

-The idea that ND people are inherently “broken”, because, again - the problem must lie within us, not within society’s treatment of us.

-The belief that we must be “fixed”, since obviously being ND is a horrible plague on us and we desperately want to be NT.

Someone operating under the social model, meanwhile, would have beliefs such as:

-Being ND isn’t inherently bad, it’s just a thing some people are that we ought to accommodate for.

-ND people are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. Some need therapy, some need meds, and some just need a world that’s a little less cruel.

-ND people are the greatest authority on neurodiversity, not their psychs, teachers, or parents.

TL;DR Personally, I’ve found that operating under the social model is more conducive to treating ND people like people and to our recovery.

Simon: Lock the door

Requested: Anon ‘Can you make a SMUT (idk what it standa for but its for older audiences) about a sidemen walking in on you RIGHT AFTER the climax of the sex. It would be hilarious. After the most intense part a sidemen would walk in. Omfg this would be so funny. Do it for Tobi and Simon plz’

Warnings: Sexual events, swearing (nothing too major though)

A/N: This was the funniest thing to write ever! Got some other boys imagines coming very soon, I’ve realised that I’ve done way more Simon imagines than any other guy oops. Anyway, thank you for requesting and enjoy! x

Both of you were panting heavily, sweaty foreheads pressed together, moans escaping.

“Hey Simon, are you ready for-holy shit never mind.” Tobi said, backing away and quickly running out slamming the door behind.

You both just stared at one other and Simon started laugh, before you whacked him in the chest, making him stop.

“Simon!” You shouted, feeling mortified at what just happened.

“Ouch. That hurt.” He pouted, rubbing the area you just hit him at.

“How can you be laughing right now? Tobi just walked in on us doing the dirty and all you can do is laugh?” You questioned.

“It’s not that bad, we were under the covers and I was on top. It’s not like he fully saw you naked.” He explained sitting up, not really making you feel better in this situation.

“You were the one who said that you locked the damn door! I knew I should’ve checked!” You exasperated.

“Calm down babe, there are more embarrassing things he could’ve walked into, It’s not the end of the world, besides at least it wasn’t JJ.” Simon reassured you.

“I guess you’re right.” You sighed,

“I’m always right.” He stated, smugly.

“Yeah alright.” You said, rolling your eyes at him.

“I’m right about loving you.” Simon smiled, holding your hands.

“That you are. And next time, I’ll lock the door.” You stated.

“Oooh, there’s going to be a next time aye.” He joked, you hit him again.

“There won’t be if you keep acting like this, Mr.” You playfully warned him.

“Whatever you say, I know you can’t resist me.”

A Touch Too Far

A/N: An anon request where the reader and Spencer work together, and the reader is the kind of person who teases others in a friendly manner. But sometimes people can say things that hurt others, even when they don’t mean, and the reader hurts Spencer’s feelings. I couldn’t be too mean to Spencer, so I went with something tame-ish. Being made fun of myself makes me not want to do it to my babies. lol :) @coveofmemories


“Hey, shorty,” you said to Garcia as you walked off the elevator into the BAU.

She responded by sticking her tongue out at you, “Hey, Y/N, I’m not short today, I have four inch heels on!”

“That’s true,” you replied, walking toward one of the your best friends in the whole world, “but without them, I can rest my head on top of yours, like this.” As you got up on your tiptoes and rested your chin on her head, she just cut her eyes at you. Good thing you’d been working there long enough for people to understand your sense of humor.

Morgan walked by and poked you in the side - something he had started to do to combat your teasing. It always riled you up and he laughed every time he did it. “Gotcha, Y/N,” he said, before running away from your retaliation. You had a little something you tended to do or say to tease your teammates - with all of your friends, really. Except Hotch. You didn’t dare make fun of Hotch.

You were to tired to run after him. Caffeine was of the utmost importance. “Morgan, I swear to god, if you do that again, especially when I haven’t had my coffee yet, I’m going to have to kill you.”

“I dare you, small fry,” he laughed, before handing you a cup of coffee to fix for yourself.

As you mixed in half and half and three packets of sweetener, Spencer walked up, excited to have finally finished what was considered one of the most difficult New York Times crossword puzzles of recent memory; he could normally finish them in minutes, but this one had quite a few clues that stumped him. He’d been trying to finish it on his downtime for weeks.

“I finally finished the crossword,” he said with a smile on his face. It was cute how nerdy he was, but you’d never tell him that. “It took me weeks to figure out it all out, but I finally got it,” he said, pumping his fists and leaning back on his feet. “Two down was killing me, but by process of elimination I found out the answer was Prince Xizor.” He was so proud of himself.

“Huh?” You and Morgan said simultaneously. It was too early and you hadn’t had enough coffee to know what the hell he was talking about.

“The clue was ‘This lizard-skinned head of the Black Sun criminal syndicate was added to Star Wars canon in 1996 and removed in 2014. And the answer was Prince Xizor, he was the leader of the syndicate in Shadows of the Empire the novel, comic book and video game, but I’m really more of a Star Trek guy, so it took me forever to figure out the answer. I only know maybe 50% of the Star Wars Universe. Apparently I need to brush up on my trivia,” he prattled, winded from his geeky tirade.

You were definitely a geek, but in other areas, and you couldn’t understand a word he was saying. “Oh, man, Spence, you are really the biggest fucking geek I know,” you deadpanned. With that, you clapped him on the shoulder, downed your cup of coffee and refilled it, heading to your desk to start the day.


For the past couple of days, Spencer had been really curt with you and you didn’t know why.

Is he mad at me? What did I do?

No matter what you said or did, he turned away. He’d barely said a word to you in the past two-to-three days. It wasn’t like him. He and Penelope were your best friends in the world and you thought they felt the same. 

Three days without talking to your best friend was driving you crazy, so considering you were the last two to leave the office, you cornered him at his car to ask him what the hell his problem was.

“Spence,” you called out, watching as he picked up his pace to get to his car, attempting to ignore you. “Spencer! Stop!”

Angrily, he turned around and screamed, “What?”

You jumped back. He never yelled, especially at you. “Spencer, what’s wrong? Why are you mad at me? What did I do?”

“Nothing, Y/N,” he insisted, “nothing at all.” He turned to walk toward his car again and you ran after him, grabbing his wrist and spinning him around to face you.

“It’s obviously not nothing. Now, I don’t know what I did, but I can’t apologize or change anything if you don’t tell me what’s wrong!”

His rubbed both of his temples and spoke, mimicking your voice. “Oh, man, Spence, you are really the biggest fucking geek I know. Does that not sound familiar?”

“Spence, I-I..” you stuttered, realizing you’d hurt his feelings. Granted, you weren’t normally that harsh with him, you tended to keep it low key. “I joke with everybody. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Well you did,” he said, uncrossing his arms and sighing, “I used to get that kind of crap all the time when I was a kid, so hearing it from you of all people, especially with the tone you used the other day, a mix of exasperation and disdain, it hurt.”

He’d told you about his troubles in school, but considering you did this type of thing with everybody, you missed the connection. “Spencer, I-I’m so sorry. You’re the last person in the world I want to hurt. Your geekiness is one of the things I love about you.” You looked down at your feet, blushing at what you were about to admit. “I’m really sorry. I’ll never say anything like that again if you don’t want me to. I just don’t want to lose you. I don’t know what I’d do…”

When you looked back up, his face had softened, seemingly accepting your apology. “I forgive you,” he said, “I don’t mind a joking ‘dork’ every now-and-then, but what you said and how you said it was just a bit too much. Maybe I’m too sensitive, but…”

“No,” you blurted, “if I hurt you, I hurt you. I don’t get to decide why or how it’s okay or not okay. I’ll never say anything like that again. I promise.” You hoped that you got your sincerity across well enough.

“Okay,” he said, the corners of his mouth forming a smile once more. “But what did you mean I’m the last person you’d want to hurt? Why me?”

“Spence, isn’t it obvious?” you asked, wondering how he hadn’t caught on by now. “I tease you more often than anyone else…because…I like you.”

“Me?” he sputtered, “Romantically?” He was stunned at your confession.

You reached out and rubbed his arm, closing the space between you, “Yea. You are a dork, but you’re my dork.”


Kimi ni mune kyun! (KYUN!!)

This has to be the most cliched, overdone thing I thought up ever and I apologize greatly for it orz Judge me as you so wish. But hey, it’s cute, right? And that’s what matters? XD;; orz

(Also I wasn’t able to fit them in, but I imagine Dekapan and Dayon would be in it too. Hooray for the couple of old men with an ambiguously romantic/sexual relationship :P)

SKAM Fic Rec

Hey friends I wanted to give a shout out to @e-naesheim and their beautiful fic called Something More. It’s a Isak X Chris fic (Even and the other SKAM character are present too though) which I have to say I was sceptical about at first but wow. Just wow. Sophia’s talent for writing is such a wonderful thing to be swept up in. The journey of all the characters, the homage to SKAM and all the great relationships we’ve witnessed throughout the seasons, and the way she makes you feel compassion for every character is just amazing. She’ll be wrapping up this fic soon so dive in now and enjoy the ride of emotions. Can’t wait to see what this talented writer shares with us next. 💛 


Hey guys, pro study tip here:

If you’re in middle school or in high school or in college or whatever, work hard, get good grades, etc.

But LIVE a little. I Hermione-ed it out all throughout school, and forgot to relax. I felt at the end of senior year in high school that I needed a whole other year before graduation just to do all the fun things I didn’t do because I was too busy freaking out about school.

DO THE FUN THINGS WHILE IN SCHOOL. Be safe, make good choices- but school isn’t all grades. Pro-tip, here.

CLYDE: So Tweek? What happened next?

TWEEK: It’s really not that interesting. I told you most of it already.

CLYDE: Yeah but you were super boring and vague. I want details, bro!

TWEEK: I, uh…

CRAIG: Hey guys, there’s a car outside.

CLYDE: What?

CRAIG: I said there’s a car outsid–



STAN: Uncle Jimbo! Finally!

ERIC: It’s Stan’s crazy redneck uncle!

KYLE: How did he get here so fast?

BUTTERS: Oh boy, we’re saved!

KENNY: Mpphh mph!

JIMBO: Now, now. It’s not “crazy redneck,” kid. I prefer “gun-happy conservative.”

ERIC: So you mean a super redneck?

JIMBO: Yes. Exactly.

JIMBO: Now Stanley, I’m not going to ask why– or how for that matter– why you and all of your classmates are up in the middle of the mountains, or why there’s a suspiciously clean yet abandoned bus a mile out.

JIMBO: You’re just lucky you got a hold of me while I was in the neighborhood.

STAN: Does this mean you have guns with you?

JIMBO: Plenty of them, glad you asked.

STAN: You didn’t happen to see any guys wearing ski masks around, did you?

JIMBO: No, but I might have shot a couple of… deer… who may have been suspiciously shaped like a human beings and also were wearing ski masks. On accident, of course.

ERIC: Awesome.

JIMBO: Wow there sure are a lot of you. I don’t even know if I have enough room for–

JIMBO: Oh, Jesus Christ! I’m too late! He’s dead!

JIMBO: I hope he wasn’t anybody important.

JIMBO: Now– now kids, you’re good bud Jimbo here is going to teach you a couple things about disposing of a body–

STAN: Oh, no. That’s just Scott Malkinson.

STAN: He’s got diabetes.

SCOTT: asfkjgfsv


JIMBO: Well we need to get out of here and get this boy a chocolate bar, pronto!

CLYDE: That’s Stan’s uncle?

CRAIG: Yeah.

CLYDE: I don’t want to get into a car ride with him. He looks like he smells.

CRAIG: It won’t be any worse than being in a car with you.

CLYDE: Ouch, Craig.

CLYDE: Your comments sting my soul.