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SOOOOOO, I’m hoping to make a come back pretty soon. I can’t believe I’ve been inactive for going on a year. But in that time I’ve made soooooooo many meshes and have gotten 10X better! I’ve made close to 100 new things. I’ve made a little bit of everything, from clothes (I’ve made more girl clothes), shoes, accessories, skins, deco objects, functional objects, etc.

So these last couple of weeks I’ve been going through and finally UVmapping and texturing everything, but between work, school, and travel it’s taking longer than I’d like. I hope to have some things up by sometime next month.

I don’t want to reveal too much but I’ll share a small sneak peak of things to come:

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing - Dean x Reader One Shot

A/N: A request made by @jonsnowisthesexiestbastard! Prom fluffiness. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: None

Word Count: Roughly 1500

“Wow,” You looked over the small town you’d lived in for years. “Place really got cleaned up.”

“No joke,” Dean glanced in the mirror at you in the back.

He’d been worried that you wouldn’t have been able to tolerate being here again. So much of your life had been less than enjoyable as a result of this place. Including his part in it. But, you seemed to be holding up well.

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Hey everyone! I noticed we hit another milestone and made a bunch of things for you guys c: I’ll post part 2 this week once i will fix all the previews and such. So first off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for following me *-* you are amazing, seriously. 

Back to business: Rosesims hair n.0159, retextured with Io’s edit of Pooklet’s textures in the colors shown above in my bad attempt at making swatches. It’s an ancient mesh, but it looks super cute :3 The naturals are binned, elders go timebomb, mesh is included and so is a swatch. It is child-to-elder. 

It looks like she’s being eaten by a monster but it’s actually her dress 

Credits: Pooklet/Io/Digitalangels/Lilith/Furbyq (colors and textures), Rose (mesh), Chiho (edit)

Thanks you so much again, here’s your download link! 


anonymous asked:

Sunny! may I ask you how did you do those purple splotches in the background on your latest Pidge drawing? Like, did you make them all manually and separately or do you have a special brush for this?

it’s a custom brush texture I made! c:

Anon: hey i gotta question: what are those pixel white dog things with the squinty eyes you used one once i just wanna find out what they are you know which ones right 

they’re cats and it’s a character from some anime I think? ahh

Uh oh...

Toby had had one of his many ‘bad days’ today so there he was, sitting on the roof with a joint between his pointer and middle fingers. All the money and time spent in rehab floating away into the night with the thick clouds of smoke. How could he have fucked up so badly today? Avery didn’t mean to pour her orange juice on him…he shouldn’t have reacted so harshly. Yelling at the poor little girl was one thing, but sending her to her room crying for spilt juice? What the hell? Sighing Toby pushed his other hand through his hair and out of his face taking another drag. He was just like his dad…and his step dad. How did he let this happen? Toby tried so hard not to end up like them and yet here he is. His brain felt like it was moving a thousand miles an hour as he laid back against the rough textured roof looking up at the stars you could see somehow despite being so close to the city.

Once the blunt was too small for him to even hold any longer he dropped it off the side of the house and made his way back through his window to find Wyn walking inside. “Hey babe…” he mumbled, closing the window behind him.

Hey, so, this is really nerve-wracking but I’ve been encouraged to go forward with it. Better late than never!

I’m taking commissions now, guys!

A few notes:

  • These prices are simply estimates! Kinda, pretty much quotes!
  • The examples don’t have to be exactly the kind of style you get. Don’t be afraid to ask me to change a few things around (line art texture, color texture) but please don’t go overboard!
  • I know most of us aren’t rolling in cash so I tried to make prices as low as I could without disrespecting myself and my art. I made cheaper options I wouldn’t have offered before for this same reason. I know most of us are broke! I understand!
  • I love and appreciate you for caring about my art in any way to begin with. Thank you so much.

I’m not expecting many orders to begin with so I don’t have a slot system. You can talk to me about ordering a commission through an ASK or by e-mailing me at: osreido@gmail.com

Details about the suggestions above can be found here: [Prices & Suggestions]

Thank you all for showing even the smallest amount of interest in my art. I can’t express how appreciative I am enough. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you.

Thank you for your time ♥