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Hey! I know this is stupid but i've just shipped Bill and Will :'D. Omg i see them made a perfect couple! ^^ Is this some kind of... Billcest i guess 😂😂?! But whatever happens. I SHIP THEM SO HARD!!! (Sorry if i've made a mistake in the sentences. Bec Eng is not my first language)

Lmfao you’re good. I understood all of it so your english is pretty top notch! 

For Recovery Bill and Will have a sort of “marriage of convenience” thing going on. They both recognize they’d be better together than apart, even if they don’t even particularly like each other, and have known each other for centuries and therefore better than literally anyone else ever could. This is both good and bad, and more will be revealed about this as the comic goes on. 

Of course being demons their relationship is just plain weird in all honesty.

Bill: Shit I need to make Will feel better

Also Bill: Get that bitch a bow. bitches love bows. 


TOM: well it’s basically a code make up of three rules.

TOM: the first one is pretty standard. No cock blocking.

TOM: second one is you gotta be the wingman when the opportunity presents itself-

EDD: tom. i can’t believe you still go by that stupid code.

EDD: we were like 16 when when we made that dumb thing up


TOM: you CAN’T tell people our most embarrassing stories or things that were strictly sealed with a pinky promise.

EDD: tom. you are the only one out of all of us who still uses that.

EDD: see the people want to know!

TOM: oh great! now they’re curious…

TOM: look what you’ve done edd.

EDD: HEY! YOU technically broke the code first!

TOM: that’s because it didn’t exist back then

EDD: so! you still kinda broke it.

EDD: I’m going to tell them. 

TOM: no 

EDD: come on tom.

EDD: please?


EDD: ok.

EDD: can i at least give them some hits?

TOM: no…

EDD: pleassseeeee?? *flutters eyelashes*

TOM: im not falling for that this time edd.

EDD: pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?????? :33333 

TOM: ok……fine

EDD: yay! Another win for the people!!

TOM: BUT! you can only give out 3 hits!

TOM: that’s it! no more than that!

EDD: alright…

EDD: *moves closer to camera*

EDD: ok guys. get ready for some juicy details ;)


EDD: tom stop being such a baby. but OK i won’t be weird.

EDD: so here’s the hits.

EDD: it involves a teenage tom’s intolerance to alcohol

EDD: a bottle of vodka 

EDD: and no pants. It was wild i’ll tell you that.

TOM: *reliving the whole experience*

EDD: alright guys.

EDD: i think we tortured tom enough.

EDD: let’s let him be…for now.

EDD: please sent questions that don’t involve the highschool party incident…i think he’s been through enough. 

TOM: Yeah. please don’t


Request: Imagine...punching Jasper in the face

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Ohhh @curlkitty 😂😂💕

So lets be clear, you find Jasper to be a gigantic idiot by choice. He does the most stupidest things to get a reaction out of you. Why? It was hilarious.

Jasper sped up to stand behind you leaving, no. personal. space. He then yelled. “HEY LOOK AT ME I’M A VOLTURI!”
This made you jump and scream “NOPEEEEEEE!” Upon instinct you had punched him in the face.
So this was new…you called him stupid all the time yet you just punched him in the face. Jasper just stood there, obviously it didn’t hurt him, his face didn’t even move so he didn’t know whether to laugh or panic.

At first your hand felt numb before pins and needles pulsed through your hand before pain erupted. “OWWWWWWWWW.” You yelled, cradling your hand. That was when Jasper kicked into action.

“(Y/N) you’re very lucky. Your hand is only bruised.”
“Are you sure my hand isn’t dying? Feels like it.”
Carlisle chuckled in response, carefully analysing your bruised knuckles. “No, you’re fine. Just don’t raise your hand to anymore vampires.”
Your eyes narrowed on Jasper. “You’re a Volturi eh?”
Jasper burst out laughing. “It was so good!” He began to mimick you. “Nooooope! I need to tell Emmett about this!”

How kontim probably went down
  • Conner: *sad about being a clone*
  • Tim: hey you alright??
  • Conner: yeah
  • Tim: you sure?? Are you sad because of the whole "I am just a clone" thing??
  • Conner: no... Maybe??? I mean I don't even know what I'm made of???
  • Tim: *completely serious* I do
  • Conner: *slightly confused* what???
  • Tim: *leans in close to whisper* boyfriend material

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Hey, this isn't really a question, more a thank you. This is gonna sound really stupid but I was in quite a dark part of my life, and I found some things that made me feel better (Yuri on ice and other things like that) so just thank you. This blog is truly amazing.

You’re so sweet oh my god. (And don’t worry you don’t sound stupid at all)

You don’t have an idea of how happy it makes me to know that i can make someone’s day better just by running this blog. I’ll keep trying my best to make sure everyone can have fun and smile a little in here.

Love! ❤

Ghost Stories - 3

(Part 1) (Part 2)


AU where Bucky was never blamed for the bombing and the events of Civil War didn’t happen.

Warnings: angst, swearing and more angst

Word count: 2101

A/N: Okay, things are about to get real serious here… and finally some Bucky x Reader action!

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“Omg, hug me.”

Pre-story : “Elliot, you’re going to get your ass in jail.” “No, I won’t.” “Yeah, you will.” “No, I won’t.” “Elliot, ohmygod, hug me. You’ll totally get slammed by the popo.” “What-?” “What?”

Word count: 636
Rating: PG
A/N: Idea from this post that I made and hey, decided to try it out and just have EVERYONE have a hug. In an Elliot way, cause I get uneasy when doing an actual Rami Malek fanfic. Sue me. 

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Resume of every outsiders imagine
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Darry:</b> Hey I'm overprotective and you made a stupid thing<p/><b>Pony:</b> omg we like the same books let's get married<p/><b>Sodapop:</b> I am so beautiful I want to cry<p/><b>Dally:</b> Did I mentioned that I was in jail ?????<p/><b>Two-bit:</b> I'm funny<p/><b>Steve:</b> Have u seen that car ???<p/><b>Johnnycake:</b> i cri<p/><b></b> *Everything I said was just humor, I love you fanfics/imagines/preferences writers <3 *<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
You're Beautiful

“May I request some Sammy fluff? Like you are very insecure and he tries to prove to you how beautiful you are? This could be a smut, but only if you are okay with that.”

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: flufffffff, smut (yesss, finally some Sammy smut), low self-esteem on the reader’s part

A/N: “This could be a smut, but only if you are okay with that.” Oh, anon… *laughs and raises a wine glass full of whiskey* it’s kinda short tho whoops.

You hear a knock at the door. “Hey, Y/N! You finished putting on your new dress?”

You looked in the mirror again, trying to adjust the dress. You were on the verge of tears now. The stupid thing clung around your thighs and stomach and made you feel even worse about how your body looked than you already did.

“Um, Sam? I think I’m just gonna wear some pants instead.”

“Why? Let me see the dress.”


“Why not?”

“I just… I don’t like the way I look in it.” Your voice cracked half-way through the sentence, and you hoped Sam didn’t notice.

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   Ain’t even fucking sorry, I’m writing a thing and this made me laugh. (It’s for the next chapter of rotten. which started as a huge excuse to write Rick x Negan kiss that went stupid.)

“Hey, so I have a fucking question. Earlier,” Negan began, head tipped to the side. “You had baby food. That for you or…”

Rick looked to Negan, eyebrows furrowed.

Negan wiggled his shoulders from side to side, his head in the lead. “Work with me here honey, I don’t wanna yank teeth to get a simple fucking answer outta you. It’d be a damn shame – ”

“It wasn’t for me, no.”

Negan made an oh shape with his mouth, lips stuck in that shape despite the smirk. It softened and sprawled as he let out a deep, thoughtful sigh. “I love kids. Love ‘em. They’re so fucking squishy, you just wanna squeeze ‘em till they fucking pop.“


“Don’t you fucking don’t me.” Negan’s brows shot up, bourbon irises directed to Rick. “I’m allowed to love kids.”

Rick rolled his shoulders, Lucille shifted in his grasp.

“I wasn’t fucking serious, shit – I’m not gonna pop someone’s fucking baby. What, you think I’d actually run around to kill babies for fun, or some fucked up shit like that? Fuck me Rick, can you just calm down for two seconds and think.” He snorted, lip snarled over sharp teeth. “What the fuck have I done to make you think that?”

There’s a laugh, an honest to God huff of a laugh from Rick, and Negan can’t decide whether to be incensed or excited that he got that laugh for free. There’s a shift in his stance though as he realized what he had done.

“Nothing.” Rick looked terrified more than happy, as the sound hadn’t been permitted.

The pair exchanged a look, Negan confused while Rick resumed the deference.

“I fucking get it, I killed your gingersnap crackle and Shortstop, but I don’t see how that turns into, oh dunno, I love to fucking murder children.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“No, you didn’t, but you fucking laughed. C’mon, I wanna meet ‘em. Kids love me.”

Rick swallowed hard, harder than he’d meant to. That was all Negan needed, in the switch of stance and the desperation in his eyes.

Oh, it’s his kid.

Oh fuck yes.

“You worried the kid will love me? I’m pretty fucking lovable. Cuddly, too. Always run real hot, I’m like a fucking electric blanket.”

“No,” Rick spat, only to shake his head. “She’s asleep.” 

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hi alex, im feeling really insecure right now cause i get made fun of for listening to̸p. People saying how its stupid to care about a band so much cause they are just two mainstream white boys and im sad people think like that about them. Cause this band really means lots to me ya know? It does get hard and most times music is all i have and to hear people making fun of the things you care about is gut wrenching cause i feel like im doing something wrong

hey there, fren!

i know sometimes it’s hard to stay calm when people do not understand how much something means to you, and it’s even harder when it’s a band that helped you through so much and helped keeping you alive.

but you have to remember: this is yours, and yours alone. what this band means to you, what they did for you, how they saved you - that is yours and noone can take it from you. people can talk, people can gossip, they can be rude or mean about it, but they will never be able to take that from you.

you are NOT doing anything wrong. the key is to realize that it doesn’t matter what people say. the same way people cannot devalue you with their words, they cannot devalue this band and what it means to you with what they say.

i get sensitive and overprotective too when it comes to top, and i know it’s difficult to not let it get to you, but you can do it. maybe tyler and josh are just two mainstream white boys to some people, but you know that they are much more than just their bodies or looks. they gave you something to hold on to and that is what matters, nothing else.

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Hey do you have any tips on how to combat regret? I'm currently looking back at my high school career and realizing I made so many decisions that were absolutely stupid and I knew hey we're stupid then it I didn't realize they would have this much of an effect on me now

Hi babe. Of course there will be things we feel that we wish we’d done differently and what not…but try to take the positives from those experiences– did they help you learn (they usually always do)? Did they help you figure out how NOT to do things and gave you strategies and methods to deal with things better? Those “bad” experiences have made you wiser and better :)

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Hey, were you able to write off every rental and purchase as a "business expense" in the end?

“If only. I ended up buying everything in shop at full price for the sake of convenience. Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to find the cash since there were so many treasures hidden in Hyrule and Lorule, but I hardly have the need for these things nowadays. And don’t get me started on the prices.”

“Honestly, I can’t tell if Ravio is incredibly business savvy for selling me everything I needed for saving our worlds or he made an incredibly stupid bet for money at the risk of everyone’s lives.”

“Impa’s offered to keep them on display, but a part of me just can’t get rid of them yet. Weird things have been surfacing again and I think I’m gonna need all the help I can get.”

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But what if Han had actually been raised in the Temple, ie, Anakin never went postal, so when the council decides it's time for Anaking to take on another padawan they give him Han

Then the Council has made a stupid-ass decision, but they’re the ones who’ll be paying for the property damage so I guess they have the right to. >> 

“Uh no I’m leaving the Order, the war’s over, I’m not–” Anakin attempts, except suddenly there is a cranky and untenable nine year-old in his apartment and Anakin realizes that at some point he has been tagged as the Problem Padawan Whisperer, oh no

Welp, time to do the logical thing and make sure the Council regrets ever letting them meet each other, then. 

“Hey, kid, what are your feelings on pod-racing?” 

Initiate Solo has NEVER perked up so much at something a master said. 

[ This post takes place on September 11th, after Butters’ birthday party that takes place at his house. I’m posting it early to give me more time to answer and draw out questions. ]

ERIC: Before anyone asks, no Stan and Kyle aren’t here. Stan’s doing that stupid “tight shirt” experiment and Kyle’s at home trying to get a “better understanding of himself.” So he’s probably watching some porn.
ERIC: And yeah they both went to Butters’ party.
ERIC: But anyway me and the other two homos are gonna answer some questions. As soon as they get here.

LIANE: Eric? Your friends Kenny and Butters are here to see you~.
ERIC: Yeah Mom, let ‘em in.

BUTTERS: Hey Eric! Kenny and I have been working on plushies of our friends. Look, here’s yours!
ERIC: That’s weird. And you made that thing way too happy looking.

Heyyy here’s a thing ask us questions we’ll probably be doing gay shit or something happy birthday butters
- Eric

48. Tate Langdon

Hello hello to all of you wonderful people. I have a heap of AHS feels right now after finishing Hotel but instead of posting a James March fic I thought hey lets do some Tate instead since that’s where the Evan Peters obsession started. Hope you all enjoy.

~Much love, Ive

I knew I was dead, unlike most of the ghosts here. Well I pretty much had to know, I’d been dead since 1986 although I’d lost track of how long ago that was since I was stuck, stuck between this world and the next. Mostly I just roamed around, trying to figure out what the hell to do with my life… well my death or should it be afterlife?

The only thing that made this stupid place worth it was Tate, he was technically younger than me since I should be almost 40 now but since we were both dead we were around the same age. When no one was living in the house we spent hours in the room that once belonged to both of us at some point listening to all kinds of music. He primarily listened to Nirvana and then I shoved in the Smiths and the two of us would argue for hours who was the better lyricist. I felt like I loved him, it was weird being dead, feelings worked differently.

Tate’s knees always poked out the end of his jeans and for reason I always stared at them. The two rips were perfectly sized to fit a pair of knees, it was weird seeing how fashion changed, I would’ve thrown those jeans out right away and swapped them for a stonewashed pair. Tate and I often compared the way our clothes were different and how things were always changing. We were like a couple of old people complaining about modern day technology, we should have been old people not teenagers. We didn’t always sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, we did other things, a perk of being dead was we could disappear on command. It made way for some very entertaining games.

“Boo!” I yelled as I appeared right in front of him. He didn’t even flinch. He just looked at me with his big brown eyes and blinked twice before disappearing himself. Before I could think to figure out where he was he appeared right behind me grabbing my shoulders and making me scream.

“You’re too easy to make scream.” he whispered in my ear as I was disappearing hoping to scare him later.

Calum Hood: MVP

It was the end of the week and you couldn’t wait to unwind and do practicaly nothing for the next two days. As you enter your house, you hear the faint sound of a soccer program that your brother must have left on. You throw your school bag onto the floor and hop onto the couch, eager to put on your current favorite show.

Just as you grab the remote, your brother shouts at you from the other room. “Hey, leave that on.” You roll your eyes and glare at your older brother, Luke, as he enters the room. “I need to watch this and get pumped for my game tomorrow.” This leads to yet another eye roll. The last thing you wanted to do this weekend was go to another one of your stupid brothers stupid soccer games and watch his stupid team play for hours upon hours. None of the guys were even attractive, well, except one, but Luke had made it clear he was totally off limits.

His name was Calum; star of the soccer team. Calum was not only known for his athletic abilities but had a reputation with girls as well. He had probably hooked up with every girl in a three mile radius. That should drive you away, but it ironicly only made you want him more. Calum had seen you on the sidelines before and shot a wink or nod, but Luke always had his eye on him and would give you a lecture everytime you breathed near him.

It was the next day and all Luke had been talking about was the upcoming game and how him and Calum were going to lead the team to another victory. All this talk about Calum had gotten you really eager and you were pretty excited for the tournament. You made sure you looked your best without being over the top for an outdoor sporting event and made your way to the game with your brother.

Ironicly, the first person you saw on the field was Calum. He looked better than ever, a perfect tan complementing the tattoos that just poked out of his uniform. As you made your way to the bleachers and found a seat you locked eyes with him for a split second, causing him to smirk and you to blush. Luke called out his name which broke the gaze and gave him a warning look. Calum shrugged and kept warming up.

The game was about to start and the boys were getting a quick drink. Just as you thought you lost sight of Calum, you felt a warm finger tap your shoulder. Your breath hitched as you turned to see a beautiful, fluffy haired boy holding a pair of cleats smiling two feet away from your face. Every muscle in your body had to keep you anchored down, fighting the urge to pounce on him right them and there. “These are your brothers, he let me borrow them last game.” You nodded at him as he jogged away. Before making it ten feet he turned around and pointed at the shoes he had left on the space beside you. “Oh and, there’s something there for you, too.” He winked and turned back to the team, getting ready to start the game.

You pulled the cleats on top of your lap, now noticing there was something inside one of them. You pulled out a small yellow piece of paper that had been folded up a numerous amount of times. After carefully opening it you see unfamiliar messy hand writing scribbled across the note. “If we win, you’re mine. Meet me under the bleachers at 4 sharp.” A winky face was placed next to the phrase as well as a phone number. You feel your face turn to a deep red and look up to see Calum sweaty and aggressive playing better than ever.

It’s no surprise that their team wins and you do an internal happy dance when Calum blocks the last goal that would’ve caused the opposing team to pull ahead. People start to leave and you look down at your watch, noticing it’s only 1:30. You have plenty of time to go home and clean up.

Just as you start helping out Luke by carrying his bags to the car, a broad hand reaches out from around the corner and pulls you in close. You lose your breath and your unsteady heartbeat is in no way paced when you nocite who was standing sweaty and shirtless in front of you; Calum.

You drop the bags and before you can ask what he’s doing, he grabs your wrist and pulls you behind the bleachers. You’re standing still again and you want to say something but Calums lips connect with yours as soon as you collect your thoughts.

Your body begins to shake and you go right for his hair, pulling and fisting it. Just as it starts to get even more passionate, Calum pulls away and his swollen lips part to say something. “23 games.” He says panting. You cock your head, confused at what he said. “It has taken me 23 games of being on a team with Luke and seeing you on the sidelines until I finally get to do this.” Luke. Oh shit. Worry paints your face and Calums hands meet your cheeks. “Don’t worry baby, he doesn’t have to know. He’s talking with coach right now.” You relax a little, but that only lasts so long before his lips smash against yours again. You move roughly and once again your hands and all wrapped up in his hair. Things start to progress as his hands tug at the bottom of your shirt and you rip it off, exposing your lace bra that you wore only expecting this moment to be a fantasy.

He cupped your breasts, never breaking the kiss. He was already shirtless so you moved to his loose fitting shorts. Your fingers dipped right below the waistline as you ran them across his body. He bucked his hips and you felt his sharp bones hit your hand. His body was so beautifully sculpted you couldn’t resist seeing the rest of it. Now your whole hand was under his pants, pulling both his shorts and boxers down easily. He disconnect the kiss and threw his head back, his Adam’s apple bouncing. This lead you to kiss his neck, leaving tiny bites down his throat making it hard for him to swallow. You worked your way down his body until your eyes were lined up with his erection. He leaned himself into you as you took his dick into your hands and lined it up with your mouth. You placed the slightest bit inside your mouth before humming around him, making him twitch. He looked down at you, eyes pleading for you to make a move. You opened your mouth and took a hold of him again before asking him for something. “Im not doing all of the work.” you said, catching his attention. “W-what are you saying?” He asked shakily. “I want you to fuck my mouth.” This gave the shaky boy a bit more confidence and he lined himself up once again, slowly moving himself into you. You lifted up your tongue, allowing you to feel every inch of him. Once all that you could take was in, you nodded, signifying that he could move. He began slowly, your hums making him already start to drip. He gained speed until he was full on pounding into you, hitting the back of your throat each time. He twitched, letting you know he was close. Your original plan of teasing him and pulling away was crushed when he released into your mouth. He pulled out and you stood back up, letting your lips connect again.

You felt your own self getting extremely turned on by Calums orgasm and couldn’t wait any longer for him to make a move. He picked you up and leaned you against a metal leg of the bleachers, the coolness of the steel mixing with the heat of Calums lips making you moan. “Your turn baby girl.” You smirked at Calum as he quickly removed your pants, wasting no time. His hand slid from your breast own to your heat in a matter of seconds. “C-Calum.” you practically beg. “Shhhh.” You feel one of his long fingers brush against the thin layer of your underwear. He pushed them aside with one finger as the other caressed your slit, teasing you terribly. Before you could beg agin, one of his long fingers slowly entered you, parting your folds. You loosened up and eagerly bent your knees, beginning to ride his hand. He started to move inside of you and you began to bounce on his finger. He hit the right spot each time and you were surely helping him. Just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore, he added a second, making you sit all the way down on him. You continue bouncing, even faster than before. The cool leg of the bleachers was surely leaving scratch marks on your exposed back. As soon as you were about to let go, you felt something foreign placed on your heat. One long sweep from Calums tongue and you were letting go all over him.

You looked down, his face between your legs hotter than ever. Just as his tongue was about to keep working around you, a loud voice screamed your named, easily recognizable as Lukes. “Shit.” you both let out. You quickly went to reach for your bra when Calums hand stopped you. “No, not yet. I’ve wanted to do this for a really longtime and were not done until I spill inside of you and you scream my name.” The thought of getting caught mixed with Calums dirty talk makes your adrenaline rush.

He slides down your underwear and wastes no time laying you down and getting ready to enter you. He looks to see if you’re ready, but you’re squirming body gives him a definiate yes. With no time to adjust, Calums first thrust is a rough plunge that makes you squeal. He pulls out, only to slam back in with triple the intensity. You’re already shaking as he thrusts into you time after time, quickly reaching both of your second orgasms. Curse words are muttered and you hear your name called again by Luke, which motivates Calum, causing him to slam into you so hard that you have to choice but to realease all at once, panting and sweating, his name escaping your lips. He pulls out and fumbles for your clothes, tossing them to you and quickly dressing himself as well.

Right as you’re zippering your pants, Luke turns the corner. “What the fuck is going on?” You worry and look to Calum to come up with something. “Relax man, I was just telling her the big news.” Both you and Luke looked conused. “Congrats Luke, or should I say, co-captian!” Lukes eyes bulge as he ran to Calum and picked him up, spinning him around. “This is great man, thanks!” Luke said after putting calum down, his back facing you. “Mhm.” Calum said, staring you in the eye as they hugged. He patted his back twice before taking his fingerss and licking them up and down, not braking eye contact with you. You rolled your eyes and laughed, realizing what had just happned.

Stay Calm Cutie

Hi. I was wondering if you’re familiar with Falling In Reverse? Because I would like a Jacky Vincent fluff where everyone’s just been pissing y/n off and she gets angry and he calms her down being sweet? Thanks you. (✿◠‿◠)

I’m sorry this sucks. Just not really feeling it today, I guess :(


I rolled my eyes at Ronnie as he made some stupid joke that wasn’t even funny. Of course, all the other guys laughed, which annoyed me even more. I don’t know what it was about today, but everybody was being extremely annoying. It was like every little thing just pissed me off. What made it worse was that we were on Warped Tour.

“Hey, are you ready for the show?” Jacky asked, coming up behind me and kissing my cheek. I smiled a little, but it quickly disappeared. 

“I guess,” I responded with a shrug. 

“I’ll see you afterwards, babe. Wish us luck!" 

"Not like you need it,” I called, actually giving him a smile this time. As I took my place on side stage like usual, I scanned the crowd. Hundreds of excited fans were waiting out there for them. I spotted girls with huge signs that read “I love you Jacky”, which made me scowl. Normally I didn’t care about those dumb fangirls, but it was just something about today.

The boys ran out and started the show and I watched intently, as always. My eyes were typically always on Jacky. Their set was great, like every time they performed. But the way those girls in the crowd were calling out to MY boyfriend really got to me today. 

They were on their last song when I noticed that Jacky spotted the girls out there in their little tiny outfits. He smiled widely at them, blowing a kiss with a wink. My first thought: what the actual hell. I was fuming now as the band said their goodbyes and came off the stage.

“Hey, Y/N, can you hand me my water?” Ryan asked me, pointing to the bottle sitting beside me. My arms were crossed and I was not unfolding them for anyone.

“Get your own damn water,” I grumbled, turning around to walk away. 

“The fucks wrong with her?” I heard Ronnie say loudly. I spun around quickly to face him.

“Shut the fuck up, Ronnie. I really do not want to deal with your shit today. Got it?” I shot at him. Without another word, he just nodded. Jacky then came up to see what was going on. As his eyes met mine, I gave him a glare and headed for the bus. I needed to get away from everyone and everything for a bit.

“Y/N!” he called. But I didn’t stop. I knew he was following me and that was fine, I didn’t give a shit. I climbed on the bus, trying not to listen as he kept trying to get my attention. “What is wrong with you today?" 

"Am I not allowed to be angry?” I asked sarcastically. Jacky ran a hand through his hair, confused.

“Of course you are, but I’d like to know why you’re so angry.”

“Well, when my boyfriend flirts from the stage with other girls it gets to me a bit,” I shot. Jacky dropped his hands.

“Honey, that’s not flirting. That’s entertaining the fans. You know that. You have never gotten mad about any of that before. Why now?” I threw my hands up, feeling tears pricking my eyes. I had to turn from him.

“I don’t know,” I managed, a few tears slipping over. “I’m just in a really shitty mood today and I don’t know why. Its like everything is annoying me!”

“Sweety, come here,” Jacky cooed, wrapping his arms around me. “It’s alright, Y/N. Everyone has days like that, its normal.” I let him hold for awhile until he pulled away, wiping my eyes for me. “I love you and I’m here for you,” he whispered.

“I’m sorry,” I told him, feeling stupid for getting so upset earlier.

“Don’t apologize. Just try to stay calm, cutie pie. I’m here, okay?” He gave me a great smile and I nodded my head. Jacky placed a sweet kiss on my lips and it was like everything was alright.

“I should probably say sorry to the guys for being a bitch earlier,” I told him, blushing. Jacky laughed and shook his head.

“Nah, they’ll be okay.”

do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS


Pretty much I have a friend who really doesn’t support Au’s at all. But of course I have to be the opposite and like the Au’s and I try to tell them that not all Au’s are bad.

Thought it would see good to make a stupid comic of Error!Sans and Ink!Sans bicker over Au’s.

Error!Sans is made by @loverofpiggies

Ink!Sans is made by @comyet

Check out their blogs!