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Hey guy!! As you already know Voltron new season is here!! And to celebrate our fandom diversity and the new season we decide to make a coloring book!!

The coloring book would be completely fan-made and free to download, in a way to honor VOLTRON.

The book will consist on a lineart of each artist, and will not allow for unsuitable fanart for younger audiences (i.e: nsfw, graphic violence, etc.)

  • The book will be published in the course of JANUARY 25.

Confirmed artist: @vinnie-cha@pumpkin-arts@clankclunk@violet-skullies@unicorlasercat@prinzcake@cecispencil@lexxicona@yu-nyx@percyinpanties@littlestpersimmon@joker-ace@deeee@polarspaz@calilee@cookiecreation@simple-nd-teal@thequeen117@bunbunsie@ackerchou@salamandraimoral@nuuky@baconator4ever@joleanart@oll1vian@desude@cata-strophes@kahazel@wakatoshiu@wickedalbion@duckydrawsart@elentori-art@joodlepot@geton-myboat@vanienne@maskenjager@pining-keith@iknut@cherryandsisters@xnighten@themidnight-paladin

No confirmed artist:

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I’ll catch you, darling, I’ll be waiting 
I am on your side

hey i just wanted to remind everyone that if you make one piece fanart or graphics, you should totally tag it with #opgraphics or #opfanart in the first five tags so that others can find it!!  only if it’s something you made personally, of course.

it really helps get your stuff out there, especially if you’re new to the fandom, or if the fanart/graphic is of a character whose name is a commonly used word (*coughs* carrot, etc) and therefore they don’t don’t really have a tag many people track.

hey you!! this blog is very new (just made it today), so need some blogs to follow. if you post:

-original art (sfw)
-original animations (sfw)
-heathers the musical and/or the movie
-panic! at the disco
-studying help
-harry potter
-merch of any fandom listed & where to get it
-merlin (bbc)
-doctor who
-graphic/edits for any fandom listed

then please reblog/like this post and i’ll check out ur blog!!

hopinmyimpala  asked:

LOVED your sam graphic omg!! So much talent 😱 PLease do more if you can find the time! x

Hey!! Thank you so much omg?!?!?! I’ll definitely make another Sam graphic! In fact, my next one is going to be about Sam (since i haven’t made one of him in forever) :D Thank you, though!! :’))) You’re so nice.


Hey everyone! So last week I’ve hit 4k followers which has always been my goal since I started making graphics since 4 is my lucky number (and also the number of death apparently?? thanks for the info, Kyra). Thank you all so much for following me, I might not show my appreciation a lot but every like and reblog on my edits or comment and kudos on my fic really does mean a lot to me <333

Also a quick shoutout to some amazing people that I’ve met last year and with whom I’ve become friends, whether it’s here or on twitter, I love you all and I wish we’ll stay friends this year or for some that I’ll get to talk and know them a little better ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

bold = mutuals/friends ♡


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calling all femshepley shippers out there!

hey, everyone! you may know me as @jedireyslightsaber and i also run @masseffectladies with my bf @jedishepard, but i made a new blog for my “we could have had it aaaalllllllllll” otp because femshepley doesn’t get nearly enough love.

so now we’ll have a place to share fanworks and gush over our ship that should have sailed! why did you deny us @ bioware?


Graphics upgrade! 
Hey guys, we’re upgrading the character sprites to this new set. The old one was made a long time ago and it seems very unpolished (and just plain ugly in my opinion). I’m my own harshest critic and I’m almost never satisfied with my own work but I’m quite pleased with how these new sprites look and I hope you guys like them too.

The demo is almost done! I’m really sorry about all the delays, I recently moved from one side of the continent to the other to study (game design :D) and I’m still adjusting to my new life here, I apologize again for this demo to be taking so long but me and the team want it to be as good as it can be and I don’t want to rush too much and end up with something mediocre to show you guys.

But like I said, we’re close to finishing the demo! We’ll keep you guys updated and I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween month :D


hey theres like no occasion for this i just Wanted To i hope thats ok also graphic design is not my passion so i did That
all r mutuals
friends/favs r bolded
lmk if u wanna be taken off here and also lmk if i forgot u. this was some hard work
listen to these songs just bc
note: i made this a few days ago but i added new mutuals today

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Hey guys, I’ve remade my commissions post! My art has really improved since I made the last one, so since it didn’t do my art justice I made a new one! I really need the money for college, HRT, savings, etc. so I’d really appreciate it if you would commission me, or at the least reblog this! I’ll draw almost anything, so don’t hesitate to ask.

If you’re interested, email me at andudrums@gmail.com. Any asks sent through tumblr aren’t guaranteed to be sent/received, so please keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading \( n u n)/

Hey guys! I recently made a new blog for the upcoming male cheerleading anime Cheer Danshi!!/Cheer Boys!!, so if you plan on watching it this summer, I recommend you follow me at @cheerddanshi! I will be posting graphics, art, gifs, etc. of all ships and characters that appear in the show that is premiering on July 5th, 2016. I will also be tracking the tags #cb!!edit, #cd!!edit, and all of the other main tags for the show!

Thank you!! (also if my mutuals could signal boost this, that would be great!)

"STEAL THE STARS"; a playlist + [l i s t e n]

your eyes have galaxies inside of them and the moment you looked at me, i got lost in the stars. ❞

i. kiss meed sheeran // ii. woodlandthe paper kites // iii. a whole new worldaladdin soundtrack // iv. made of lightmikky ekko // v. long way home (acoustic version)5 seconds of summer // vi. living in the moment — jason mraz // vii. you are enough — sleeping at last // viii. ho heythe lumineers // ix. sweet dispositionthe temper trap // x. mess is minevance joy // xi. galaxies — owl city // xii. a world alone — lorde // xiii. ready to runone direction // xiv. new perspectivepanic! at the disco // xv. loveamerican authors