hey i love these guys

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thank you for sharing your lovely art with us!

Hey, i wanna thank you guys for liking it. Really i do appreciate everything so much, thank you

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Yeah I honestly love that Lana was like hey guys you asked me and I'm answering! She wasn't rude but she was frank and that's so important especially since the fandom can get out of hand. (I'm a swan queen shipper so not saying that in a hateful way) I also I LOVED that she said her message to the fans was to stop arguing and stop the petty bs online like ship wars. It means she knows it goes on and she's looking out for us ❤️

I have no problem with her answer or her telling people not to speak over her.  It’s important for women not to put up with being spoken over.


He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

E.E Cummings- i carry your heart

(tagging @akai-ayleid because i see you and your new chapter hey here’s to more genyatta contents n stuff *raises cup*)