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hey so i’m mad at Legend of Korra for not giving us a “Sokka, the Bad Ass Master Swordsman” flashback like I would have paid to see 30 seconds of Sokka training a new generation about strategies and using the environment to your advantage and how to fight benders and make well timed dad jokes

I wish they would have let my boy become a sword dad

Hey! I’m mod Yang.

I’m mod Ruby’s older sib. I’m also pretty new to the fandom. And like mod Ruby, I also write and draw a lot. I like to create music sometimes too.

I’ve been recently getting back into anime a little bit, and I like cartoons in general (currently rewatching avatar lol).

My main is @shrugemote​ and I also have another RWBY side blog @yangsblakes​.

Pleased to meet ya :p

ID #96736

Name: Kennedee
Age: 15
Country: U.S.A.

Hey lovely people!
I’m Kennedee and I’m looking to make a new friend from somewhere around this tremendous, strange place we call planet earth. When I’m not procrastinating studying for finals, I’m often found discovering new music, which can be anything from indie pop to 80’s to classical to theatre (The Strokes, Fleetwood Mac, Chopin, The Smiths, Panic!, Hamilton, Logic, …). Besides music, I have a strange love for psychology and philosophy (INFP yo), anime and cartoons (Avatar, Ouran, Yuri!!, Steven Universe…), YouTube and enjoying the little things in life like stars and apple tea and poetry. I’ve also always loved Brazilian and Spanish culture, but it doesn’t matter where you’re from as long as you’re willing to share your world and stories with me. Even though I’m kind of quiet and awkward, I’m always open for a good conversation about anything and adventures that can go anywhere. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, deep and meaningful or creative and funny, just let me know.

Preferences: Preferably 14-17, but it doesn’t matter your gender or sexuality or country or religion. As long as you’re a a nice, loving human and you’re respectful of my religion,(Christianity), I promise we’ll be perfect for each other.


I was tagged by @langsty-mc-langstface. Thanks for that I never get tagged for anything.so, umnm yeah here we go… 1. Fav ship: Shance And down the Shanti hole we go…. I was sexually assaulted by my 18 year old cousin when I was 9… That being said, I know pedophilia, shipping Shiro with Lance is not pedophilic, it’s cathartic for me, because it is a consensual relationship where the age Gap is not viewed as wrong in context. Ok I’m done defending myself, shoot me in the comments and reblogs 2. Fav show: Voltron legendary defender / RWBY/ Avatar/ Legend of Korra I like shows where disability, including mental illness are dealt with more subtly than just hey yeah I’m feeling kinda depressed cuz I can’t -blank- I’m going to sit here and feel sorry for myself, I especially like it when people admit that they have problems and get help! That shows a whole new level of strength. I looked up to Sokka because he was a lot like me, and I am autistic so it made me happy that no one assumed there was something wrong with him because he was kinda awkward and off the wall, he was also really emotional and I got that, boys can have feelings too. 3. Pizza or Burgers: neither I have IBS and can’t eat either of those, which sucks cuz I used to love pizza and anything​else with cheese, I had a Russian ballet teacher as a kid who called me mouse, ha ha. 4. Rain or Snow: snow I’m about to sound really depressing but I love hanging out in the snow for hours and just get buried in snow, it’s just so gentle… 5. Dream job: Death Now hear me out, Death takes you where you are meant to go after your fate has run it’s course… Isn’t that nice, you could be left roaming the astral plane forever, or worse, you live forever, could you imagine…. 6. Favorite school subject: history I want to learn from the past to better the future, which is why I’m so concerned about the chechnya situation right now. My questions 1. Favorite song? 2. Star sign? 3. Favorite oral story? (please share!) 4. Proudest moment? 5. Sneks. Yessssss or no? 6. Who inspires you as a person? I tag @joshkeaton @crochetfairyfangirl @willowstarr @who-doesnt-like-pandas @readabookkids @chimcharstar Have fun roasting me later!

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sydburf  asked:

Hey! I was just wondering how you manage to write so much? I would like to get in the habit of writing more, and it seems like every time I turn around, you've written something new. Do you have an tips/tricks that can help?

  • Know where your scene is headed. If you know what you need to get out of what you’re writing, the words come easier and faster without getting stuck.
  • Be writing what you enjoy, if it’s something you’re having fun with you’re more motivated to finish.
  • Know when you’ll be most productive - I know that I waste a lot of time in the evening, so I try and write when I’m out of the house - on the bus, between classes, when waiting for students, etc.
  • A lot of my productivity is just from getting into a routine of discipline and time management; I’m used to writing every day so it’s easy to sit down and start. Even if it’s just a paragraph every night before you sleep, once you’re in the habit it’s easy to keep going :)
  • Know how much planning you need to get a scene down. Sometimes I find it easiest if I dot-point an entire conversation before fleshing it out.

Lately I’ve been using the website ‘fighters block’ as a way of making sure I write a set amount each day - I’d definitely check it out because it’s fantastic and it’s more than doubled my daily word count since I started using it! <3

Good luck with your story/project!! I hope it’s lots of fun :”))

hey just a heads up, i have a document on my phone called “I’m Going To Fuck The Moon.” its an ongoing list of works of fiction where the moon is somehow messed with. examples include gurren lagann, avatar the last airbender, and sonic adventure 2. if anyone has any suggestions for this list please send them my way, i am always looking for new additions. well, that’s all

ramblefest  asked:

hey there! new zutara blog here :) do you have any burning recommendations for active avatar blogs?? I'd love to know!!

I’d suggest just to follow the ATLA tag or any of its variations. 

Most of the blogs I follow are Zutara centric anyhow. 

Some off the top of my head/following list are:
















Avatar Spirits and other Avatar universe headcanons (Possible Spoiler Alert)

So after watching Book 4: Episode 3 of Legend of Korra, my spouse and I were discussing the show and came to some startling conclusions (and possibly some new headcanons).

We realized spirits don’t have the blended forms of the mortal animals in the Avatar Universe in their “regular” or “passive” forms when they are feeling calm. They look like animals in our world.

Tui and La look like regualr koi fish.

Hei Bai looks like your standard panda.

The Knowledge Seekers look like your standard foxes.

Wan Shi Tong, keeper of the spirit library looks like a barn owl with unusual coloring when he ISN’T trying to kill you.

He even FLIES like an owl from our world.

A standard panda, foxes, owls, koi fish, monkeys etc.. have ALL been spirits.

Based on this evidence, spirits can NOT assume the animal forms of the occupants of the Avatar universe.They can’t seem to hold the ‘blended’ forms of animals like badger moles, platypus bears, elephant koi (which if you look closely are quite different than your standard koi fish in ways other than size), the unagi, the serpent of Serpent’s Pass, cat deer… you get the idea.

That brings me to this little guy:

What did he turn into to get Korra to follow him?

This thing:

A dog. Not a polar bear dog or a bat dog, or anything like that. A tiny fluffy DOG that could easily be taken as something like a maltese or a bijon frise. 

THIS is where the epiphany came in. Which leads me to a character from Books 2 and 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender: Bosco.

He’s not a platypus bear, or a skunk bear.. just a BEAR.

Which leads one to the conclusion… that Bosco, beloved companion of King Kuei since presumably childhood, was not a mortal animal at all.


More specifically he was one of the Earth Kingdom’s guardian spirits that may have lived in Ba Sing Se to help guide the royal family.

Some evidence for this would be the fact that King Kuei seems to have had Bosco around for most of his life, and Kuei was in his mid to late 20s during the events of A:TLA, making Bosco around 15 to 20 years old at the time. The maximum lifespan of most bear species is around 25-35 years. The longest lived of any bear when cared for by humans was 41. Bosco presumably was alive when either Kuei abdicated the throne to his daughter Hou-Ting when he was probably in his 60’s or 70’s, or died in his 70’s or 80’s and his daughter inherited the throne upon his death.

According to the Sky Bison poacher, Hou-Ting killed and ate Bosco at some point during her rule after her father died, making Bosco at least in his SIXTIES when he met his demise.

Freakishly long lifespan and his appearance all lead to the conclusion that BOSCO WAS ONE OF THE EARTH KINGDOM’S GUARDIANS AND HOU-TING KILLED AND ATE HIM!!!

No wonder the Earth Kingdom went to hell and a hand basket!

( I think I remember seeing a shot of a bearskin rug in her meeting chamber, but I’m not sure, if anyone can find it, please do).

miss-jennys-sherbert-fancies  asked:

Hey, uh...fellow Piper Wright trash here. It's a bit of a weird reason I'm messaging you tbh, but I mean, I've been playing an awful lot of Fallout lately, insisting it's giving me mental stability (which it totally does) and ya know, it's great- ugh, I'm rambling. Anyways, what I was gonna say is that I love your avatar, is she your Soul Survivor? Anyway, whenever I'm sad your avatar and tumblr just makes me unreasonably happy, and I don't know, I thought you should know. :) - Eve

Hey no worries(I’m big time Piper trash too)And yeah I know playing Fallout makes me pretty happy too haha. And yes she’s my sole survivor! Her name is Gene(her nickname is “Gene the meme”)

I have my other OCs from Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas since I’ve played them/am playing them. But since 4 you can do more things and it was my first Fallout game to play she’s my main gal for this blog and OC I do a lot more things for!

And wow I’m really happy to know my blog and content make you feel better! :D it’s what I hope I do and knowing so makes me really really glad. Thank you so much!! ❤️🙌

Lost and Found.

“Hi. It’s me again,” Rosa awkwardly chuckled. ‘Me again’ was the appropriate salutation for someone that had called a number nearly a dozen times now from various phones with various voices behind it. “No updates? Okay. Thank you.” Rosa hung up the phone and looked at me with an exasperated expression.

I knew that frown well enough to know that she had received the same answer I got when I called the pizza shop down the street. There was no record of a lost phone returned to any of their employees.


Which meant I was going to have to go possibly another few hours without my brand spanking new iPhone 6 or maybe even worse, forever until I could scrounge up enough money to purchase another one. As if my bank account could afford that sort of hit. I was still recovering from all the money I had splurged on sweets and treats in the grocery store.

I dropped my head into my lap, my hands covering my face. My friends and I had been making calls all morning to try and find my phone as we retraced our drunken steps last night. It was pretty hard considering Rosa and I were the only near sober ones. Lanie and Mara were too drunk to even remember getting in so they weren’t much help in terms of finding my device.

Funny how the sober one was the one to lose their phone. Here I was thinking I was the responsible one.

But the bright side was I at least had my wallet…right? Thinking on it, I may have been willing to lose that before I lost my phone considering nearly half of my life was stored in that device now since I had gotten it a few months ago.

The contacts for all of my family, friends and numbers I didn’t even know who they belonged to anymore but I kept them regardless. Just incase of emergencies, you know.

Then there were the pictures of my ex that was numbered into the hundreds considering how much time we had spent in a relationship. I guess I wasn’t quite ready to let all of those memories go especially since half of those memories were created while we traveled the world together.

I guess it was rewarding dating a photographer and hey! I looked really good in those pictures. I could just crop him out of the shot when I needed a new social media avatar, right?

…Or maybe I’m just using these justifications as excuses to not delete him entirely from my phone.

It doesn’t matter now though. I don’t even have the phone.

“I am literally the stupidest person in the universe,” I commented aloud to myself though my friends took it as an opportunity to respond.

“Oh come on. It’s not that bad,” Mara tried to assure as she swallowed the contents of the red Gatorade in her hand, still trying to nurse herself back to 100% health. I was thinking that feeling was many hours away for her.

“How about you lose your phone and let me know if it’s not that bad,” I responded back harshly. My tone was sharper than I intended but I was exhausted, annoyed and tired.

Lanie stood off quietly in the corner, looking at her own phone in her hand with an odd expression. I wasn’t sure if that was because she was reminded of the additional cracks that had surfaced to the screen over the last 24 hours or what but I shrugged it off and looked away, continuing to speak to Mara. “This is possibly the worst day of my life.”

“Even worse than the day that guy Andres puked all over you and your new shirt?” Rosa reminded me with a small chuckle.

“Yes. Much worse than that. I can wash out stains and the smells of regurgitated watermelon punch but a loss of hundreds of dollars is forever.” My attention lifted from the current conversation to Lanie who I now heard speaking on the phone in a murmured tone. I didn’t have enough time to find out who she was talking to and what about because she soon enough hung up the phone and looked at me with the weirdest expression I had ever seen her use.


“Guess who has your phone?”



“I don’t know. Knowing my luck, my ex-boyfriend? Who is it?”

A sly smile flattened her lips before she randomly began jumping with joy as if I had told her she was on her way to winning the lottery. “Cristiano Ronaldo!”

And I swear, the ongoing, fan-girlish screams that erupted from my three friends were enough to send my eardrums into overdrive. I hadn’t even begun to process what exactly she was saying. It didn’t make much sense to me at all. Why would Cristiano Ronaldo have my phone?

“Now I’m pretty sure someone is playing you for a fool because there’s no way that h—“

“It’s him! He at least sounded like what I think he would sound like and regardless, we can confirm whether or not it’s him over dinner.” A bright smile lit up her face as she continued to jump with glee, causing those around her to do the same.

Except for me of course. I was clearly skeptical. “Dinner?”

“Yes. He’s treating us to dinner and also returning your phone but who cares about that part?! We’re going to dinner with Cristiano Ronaldo!”

I felt out of place as I looked at the exterior of the luxurious restaurant, expensive looking sports cars parked on the street outside of the building and men and women alike dressed in their fanciest garbs. I had gone for a casual look that was no rival to what my friends were wearing. They had made sure to go all out with their clothes and sophisticated makeup. Meanwhile my face was practically bare with just a gloss covering my lips.

We walked into the diner and I sat back as my friends led the way until we were led to a table where Cristiano and an unfamiliar man sat. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first even as he stood up from his seat and gave off smiles and handshakes to my friends though they quickly forced those exchange of hands into hugs instead.

I don’t even think I was processing what was occurring in front of me but when he got to me and smiled, I could feel my nerves step up a few notches.

“Is this…yours?” He held out a phone in his hand I recognized as mine and I nodded, trying to stutter my way to a response and a thank you.


He placed it in my hand. “Well I’m glad I could find it and return it for you.” By now my eyes drifted to the lit up screen, showing a picture of a woman that wasn’t me.

I gulped before gathering the courage to say what was on my mind. “Oh. You thought I was…her?” I pointed to the screen and held it up to show the picture of the woman who looked to be a model and that was because she was. I didn’t put it past Cristiano that he had seen my background and assumed that girl was the owner of the phone which would explain the invite to dinner. If he had really known what I looked like, I was sure that wouldn’t be the case.

He played it off, letting off an awkward chuckle and shaking his head. “No. That’s not it at all. I saw your oth—“

I stopped him before he could continue, abruptly and rudely sliding into a seat that was yet to be occupied. He stopped his words and collected himself by acting as if he was focused on adjusting his shirt until he returned to his seat on the opposite end of the table from where I was.

He didn’t speak to me again and I didn’t speak either. I just sat silently on my phone while my friends talked his ear off. What was funny was they literally knew nothing about football. The only reason they knew who he was was because he was in commercials everywhere and he was attractive. Had he been the 12th man on a roster, they wouldn’t be able to spot him in a crowd.

His eyes would glance to me every now and then but I simply avoided his gaze. I wasn’t in the mood any longer to be having dinner with Cristiano Ronaldo. I wanted to go home and enjoy draining my phone’s battery until it died.

I looked down at my phone which was turned on silent when a new message popped up from a number that wasn’t saved to my phone nor did I recognize it.

I didn’t think you were that girl. I saw your other photos.

A second message quickly followed.

Sorry for going through your things. Is curiosity a good excuse?

I tried to hide the smirk that was fighting its way onto my face. I focused on forming a reply.

Not really. What if I had nude pictures of myself in there? That would be embarrassing.

I’m sure they’d be nice to look at based on what I see

So wait a second. You stole my number even after looking at pics of me and another guy? Don’t you think that’s a bit forward?

That’s your boyfriend?

I waited a moment to reply, my eyes looking up to meet Cristiano who had his phone in his hand while he stared down at it, no longer paying attention to the conversation going on around him. When he felt my gaze, he looked up and smiled, pointing towards the phone in a discreet manner.

No. Ex.

Perfect then…

Perfect how? And did you change my phone case?!

I hadn’t noticed it until now that the black Messi case I once had was now replaced with none other than a case with Cristiano’s animated figure on it.

Oh would you look at that? Food’s here.

And yes. You’re welcome. ;)

gif credit to f-o-d-a-s

Cheeky Warrior

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Summary: you were a warrior. With your sword you were invincible. Natasha couldn’t quiet put a finger on it but she was gravitated to you, in such a way she couldn’t understand.

Author’s Note: okay, so I had this in mind for a while and I finally wrote it (yay!). so, the reader’s good at sword fighting and fighting as well.its something short and fluffy I came up with. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 1250

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(y/n) (y/l/n). your name was the new buzz in the base. You were too good to be real; the perfect superhero ripped right out of a comic book. you had just joined the avengers and had fitted in from the first day. You were brought to the base when they had heard news about an unknown hero saving the day before them. Long story short, they took you down after some effort and found out that you were just trying to help. They offered to let you stay with them and ‘help’ in the proper way. You agreed grinning.

You were know living with them with six months know and they loved having you around, especially Natasha. She had taken a great liking for you when you had fought them. To say you were good would be an understatement in her eyes, you were simply great, great with the sword, in fighting. It wasn’t just about you being powerful that she liked you, it was how you were as a human. You were humble. You would make everyone laugh, cook for them or bought presents for them because you ‘simply can’. She had realized she had feelings for you when you had cut a bullet in half that would have hit her. What she found adorable was that you asked her if she was alright the whole ride back to the base.

She was sitting with Clint in a park lost in her thoughts. He realized she had drifted off again and sighed.

‘you still didn’t tell her, did you?’ he said keeping the ice cream aside. Being a spy she was always alert, she snapped her head instantly in his direction.

‘what do you mean?’ she played it cool.

‘I’m not fucking blind Nat; I have seen how you look at her when you think she is not looking.’ He said and she rolled her eyes.

 ‘everyone has noticed I don’t know how (y/n)’s still blind enough to not notice.’

‘so what should I do? tell her everything and risk losing her as a close friend?’ she faced him completely.

‘but you’ll never know if you don’t say it!’ he raised his voice.

‘but I might also regret it!’ she almost yelled.

  ‘Nat, you are the greatest flirt around can’t you just cast your spell on her or something?’ he kept a hand on her shoulder and tried to soothe her.

‘the hell I am.’ She folded her arms with a hint of smirk.

  ‘that’s my girl.’ He grinned. ‘you better do something or I might have to intervene.’ He got up and walked away.

‘no!’ she yelled and he ran. She started running after him. ‘Clint! I’ll break your fucking nose if you do anything!’

The next morning, she was walking to the gym for her training but stopped when she saw Clint moving in her direction.

‘you’re welcome.’ He patted her shoulder and walked away. Her eyes grew wide. ‘that little piece of shit had better not said anything.’ she was thinking as Steve approached her.

‘hey Nat! guess who you’ll be sparring with today?’ he wiggled his brows.

‘(y/n)?’she said as she rubbed her temples. she was happy but was also frustrated, why did they all have to play matchmakers?

‘correct!’ he grinned. ‘go get ‘em tiger.’ He said and ran away for he knew he might get punched if he hadn’t.

She groaned and walked in the gym. She took a deep breath. ‘I’m going to seduce this idiot.’ She thought and pushed the gate. the scene wasn’t what she was expecting. You normally trained alone so it was rare seeing you. you were wearing a black sports bra and some loose black sweats that hung low on your waist. You were in a stance to attack, your sword held up. You quickly hit the target and stepped back graciously. Your chest was heaving, your body glimmered in sweat. Natasha realized that she was staring and quickly corrected her expression and picked a water bottle. You seemed to get lost in some other world when you trained with your sword but your senses were sharp, you knew someone was in the room but didn’t pay much attention.

She whistled and you looked at her. ‘looking smoking hot Edward Cullen.’ She threw the bottle at you and you caught it in one hand. She quirked and eyebrow and you smirked drinking the water.

‘really? That’s the best you could do?’ you tossed the bottle away. ‘you have no idea, love.’ She winked and you chuckled.

‘so, are we gonna spar or would you rather play this game?’ you wiped the sweat and kept your sword aside.

‘well let’s train first and see where the things go.’ She took a fighting stance and smirked. You mirrored her. She threw punches at you which you easily dodged. You kicked her and knocked her down.

‘someone’s getting faster.’ She rubbed her ribs as she got up.

‘you have no idea.’ You said in her tone and winked she rolled her eyes and kicked you in the abdomen. You quirked your brows at her and she smiled. She threw a punch at you which you got hold of; you were stronger and she couldn’t get out of your grip. She threw another punch which you caught again and grinned.

  ‘the hell are you doing?!’ she moved around and you spun her away.

‘I don’t know,’ you shrugged and took your stance. ‘you look really cute trying to hurt me.’ You chuckled and she rolled her eyes. She threw a right hook at you which you predicted and you used it to pin her down.

‘hey!’ she looked in your (y/e/c) eyes and stopped. ‘you have beautiful eyes.’

‘you say that to everyone who’s trying to kill you?’ you asked breathing heavily.

‘no, you’re an exception and -’

  ‘shh…’ you hushed her mid-sentence. ‘I have heard you have a certain liking for me, am I, right?’ you leaned closer.

‘yes, but if you don’t- ‘she breathed. She loved this new dominating avatar of yours.

‘that’s a relief!’ you got off her.

‘what?!’ she said getting up. ‘well, I kinda like you too.’ You grabbed a water bottle and handed one to her. ‘a lot.’ You drank your water.

‘was it all planned?’ she folded her arms.

‘no, I just figured out it was time and today you were partnered up with me so, I did all this.’ You kept the bottle aside. ‘one more thing, I never train in just a sports bra.’ You winked and she chuckled.

‘you cheeky bastard. you beat the shit out of me there I think I deserve this’ She put her arms around your neck.

‘uh-uh, you’ll have to wait sugar.’ You held your hand near her face and she looked at you confused. ‘one of my rules: you never kiss someone without going on a date first.’ You grinned and she pouted. ‘tonight at 7, my treat.’ You winked.

You started walking away and she sighed and turned her back to you. You turned back and tip toed to her. ‘just kidding.’ You turned her and connected your lips to hers. She was surprised but soon melted into the kiss.

  ‘I didn’t know you were such a hopeless romantic.’ She grinned.

‘sweetheart, you are just getting started.’ You smirked.

‘finally!!’ Clint squealed from the vent.

‘you wanna beat someone else?’ Natasha looked up and then at you.

‘why not?’ you cracked your knuckles and both of you set out to get him.

hope you liked it!


Hey guys, so after contemplating on what I’m gonna do with my tumblr, I’ve decided to make it a blog where in I can Interact with you guys.

So if you guys have something you wanna talk about or rant about send me an ask! Or if you guys want to have an advice about something send your question in!

I am kinda new here, so to be able to get to know me here are some things I love:
-MUSIC (especially kpop)
-KOREAN SHOWS (variety and drama)

Those are just some topics I am into right now I also do love voicing out my own opinion and hearing others as well. Also, I love helping out people with their problems.

Have a nice day!


I wanted to make myself new avatar. But I couldn’t choose and then I went overboard :D

They are free to take. Just remember to credit me and everything will be awesome (and I’ll be super happy to see people actually use them :D)

also hey there it’s still me noCek, just with new avatar :3

cyamelinda  asked:

Hi hi~! Can I request a reactiob where MC is a world class taekwondoin?! RFA, V and Saeran found out when MC beat the hell out of some thugs singlehandedly because they're bothering her S/O~

Kickass MC is what I live for! I just really loved writing these because in the game, it’s usually the RFA members that always try to protect her so now it’s her time to shine! (ง︡’-‘︠)ง


🐱 You two were out jogging and suddenly felt like you were being followed.

🐱 He stops abruptly and looks around, noticing a few dangerous men approaching you.

🐱 A black van appears out of nowhere and you feel your heart jumping in your throat.

🐱 It was your bright idea to leave the security guards at home since you wanted to be alone with him on your morning jog.

🐱 You’re terrified by the thought that they’re planning to kidnap him and he mirrors your fears.

🐱 Still, he’ll go willingly as long as you’re kept safe.

🐱 He pushes you towards some bushes, trying to block anyone that might come after you.

🐱 “MC, RUN!

🐱 He’s ready to fight them all until you’re safe but he doesn’t get the chance to throw a single punch.

🐱 He sees one of the kidnappers get hit in the face by a high kick and the man falls down to the ground.

🐱 Another one jumps at him with a taser but you block him and kick him to the side.


🐱 Five minutes into the fight and the kidnappers realize this is a lost cause and make a run for it.

🐱 “Jumin, are you okay?!”

🐱 Your face is red, your hair is a mess, a bit of blood is trailing down your bottom lip and he just stares at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.

🐱 ”WhatHOW?!

🐱 You sheepishly rub the back of your head and tell him you’ve been taking taekwondo classes since you were five.

🐱 The next day, you two are ready to head out when one of his bodyguards tries to approach him. 

🐱 “Mr.Han, you haven’t handed out your schedule for today to the Security Chief, sir!”

🐱 A smirk appears on his face as he wraps his arm around your shoulders.

🐱 “What are you talking about? My Chief of Security is right here!

🐱 He points at you looking damn proud! Sure, he loves the idea of protecting you but he must admit, something about seeing you fight those men turned him on like nothing else!


★ He’s been looking gloomy lately and no matter what you try, he doesn’t want to talk about it.

★ Truth is, he’s being bullied at school but he’s too ashamed to admit it.

★ He thought that in uni he wouldn’t have to face these problems but his childish looks and personality make him an easy target. 

★ He would try to fight back but one of these guys told him he knows your work schedule and that one day he might try to follow you. 


★ “MC, I’m fine…just please don’t worry about it.”

★ How in the world can you NOT worry about him?!

★ You decided to follow him one day and notice that he’s approached by a scary looking bunch that circle him near the park across from his university. 

★ One of the guys pushes him to the ground and you feel like you entered killer mode.


★ Yoosung sees you approaching them in a death march and grabs one of the guys by their feet.


★ The guy kicks him to the ground and gestures to the other members to grab you.

★ Let’s just say that what follows next is R RATED and managed to scare Yoosung so badly that he hid his face behind his palms.

★ After you’ve beaten them within an inch of their lives, you wrap your arm around Yoosung’s shoulders and glare at them.

★ “You see this beautiful cinnamon roll? This pure creature right here is MY BOYFRIEND! If you EVER even as much as LOOK AT HIM the wrong way, I will rain terror on you and EVERYTHING THAT YOU LOVE!”

★ About a week later, Yoosung comes home looking a little pale.

★ “Urm, MC, you know those guys that bullied me…”

★ Your eyes snap in anger! DIDN’T THEY LEARN THEIR LESSON?!

★ “They approached me after classes today, bowed down respectfully and begged me to convince you to become the leader of their gang!”

★ Somehow this is an unexpected turn of events.


❤ You were out one night in the lively neighborhood of the town when a group of younger looking girls suddenly approach you.

❤ They were giggling hysterically and wanted to take selfies with Zen. 

❤ Being the gentleman that he is, he first waited for your approval, since he places you above everything else even fans.

❤ You give him a little nod and he responds with a wink before walking up to the group.

❤ Five minutes later and you’re surrounded by a bunch of guys that look ready to pick a fight.


❤ You are amazed that even when he’s being threatened, Zen still receives compliments for his looks.

❤ He tries to defuse the bomb, fearing what a fight might do to his reputation, but the guys don’t look like they want a peace talk.

❤ He could probably wipe the floor with them but he’s also worried you might get hurt in the process. 

❤ One of them suddenly throws a punch but he blocks it with ease. 

❤ ”MC, stay behind-

❤ He doesn’t get to finish the sentence and just catches you from the corner of his eye as you kick the thug right in the stomach. 

❤ He falls to his knees with a whimper and you apply another strong kick to his face.

❤ Seeing their friend collapsing so easily, the group don’t seem so eager to continue the fight and they drag him away quickly.

❤ “Zen, are you hurt?!”

❤ He gives you a surprised look, clearly trying to wrap his head around what’s going on, before he dramatically faints in your arms.

❤ “Do you need me to call an ambulance?! Are you okay?!”


❤ You drop him on the ground and walk away from the body.

❤  After that, he keeps telling everyone how you’re his BODYGUARD and always breaks into Whitney Houston’s song to annoy you.


☕ It almost sounded like an impossible task to convince Jaehee to go clubbing, but here she was, on the dance floor, trying her best to enjoy herself.

☕ You walk to the bar to get your drinks and as you wait for your order, you turn around to stare at her.

☕ Sure, she looks out of place, but that tight little dress you picked for her and the way her long hair is pulled up makes your mouth water.


☕ And talking about lustful beasts, a bunch of guys that CLEARLY had one too many drinks try to dance with her.

☕ She curtly denies their offer and tries to move away but one of them suddenly grab her ass.


☕ You tackle the bastard and proceed to kick the living out of him right there on the dance floor.

☕ The club’s bouncer walks up to you with the intention of kicking you out but he’s met with the scariest death glare he’s even seen.

Oh so you want to throws us out?! And where were you when my GIRLFRIEND was being harassed?!

☕ Seeing how you’re busy arguing with the bouncer, one of the other dudes tries to take advantage and hit you with a bottle but Jaehee grabs him by the wrist and throws him to the other side of the dance floor.


☕ You both decide to leave and as you walk down the street you give Jaehee a remorseful look. 

☕ “I’m so sorry! I ruined our night! I-”

☕ She suddenly starts to laugh and wraps you in a tight embrace. 

☕ “What are you talking about! I loved it! Maybe going to clubs isn’t my cup of coffee but kicking ass with you is HIGHLY entertaining!

☕ She kisses you softly and you know she’s not angry with you. Actually, considering her mood, she might be turned on by this?!


💾 You were out driving his new Mustang near the sea side when a car honks from behind and passes you with great speed, almost pushing you off the road. 

💾 Seven being Seven, goes after the bastards and they quickly engage in a street race. 

💾 Suddenly, another car comes from behind and they force you in an abrupt stop, blocking any escape routes.

💾 He stops the engine and narrows his eyes as several men get out from the two cars.

💾 “MC, stay inside the car. Drive away if things get complicated.

💾 His tone is dead serious as he unbuckles his belt and steps outside.

💾 He approaches them with an easy smile but they start pushing him around.

💾 He tries his best to block the kicks and fight back but they’re just too many of them!

💾 One of them pulls out a knife but before he has the chance to use it, you apply a hard kick on the back of his head, successfully knocking him down. 

💾 Seven might have a problem handling all these thugs but you seem to be right in your element beating the living shit out of them!

💾 Realizing they messed with one crazy bitch, they decide to return to their cars and drive away as fast as their motors can handle it.

💾 “Saeyoung, are you hurt?!”

💾 He stares at you from his sitting position on the ground, his nose a bloody mess and his glasses broken.

💾 ”Huh? What? I-Im fine! T-Thank you for worrying about me, hunny bunny!

💾 He gets up quickly and offers you a nervous laugh.

💾 You walk back to the car and you tend to his wound and glasses before he drives away. 

💾 He asks you where you learned to fight like that, clearly still shaken after what he witnessed,  and you tell him about your taekwondon skills.

💾  "So…does that mean, that every time I teased you or tickled you or made you angry…YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME?!

💾 You nod with a smirk and his trembling hand pulls a little on his collar.

💾 “Consider me both scared and aroused.”


💀 You’re at a Summer Festival and you push through the crowd with a clearly annoyed Saeran.

💀 Being surrounded by so many people makes his mood even scarier than usual so everyone kind of steers clear from the two of you.

💀 ”You want something to eat?

💀 There are so many delicious things on display that you simply can’t decide!

💀 You agree to get something from different stands and meet back at your previous spot in five minutes.

💀 As you wait in line, three guys come from behind and start flirting with you.

💀 When you offer no reply, one of them starts to rub against you and you feel your hair standing up.

💀 “Stop.That.”

💀 You hiss at them but it does little to scare them away.

💀 “Ohohoho this cute kitten is showing her claws~”


💀 You feel a vein pulsing on your forehead but your attention is quickly adverted to Saeran who is marching towards you, clearly understanding what is going.

💀 People try to get out of his way, children begin to cry, you hear dogs bark in the background.


💀 As one of the guys reaches for your wrist, you turn his arm in a painful way before kicking him in the ass, making him fall over.

💀 His friends waste no time and try to grab you but their average skills can’t match up to your deadly moves.

💀 They gather themselves up and make a run for it, shouting as they go that they just wanted to flirt a little and that you’re bat shit crazy!

💀 These poor bastards don’t seem to understand that YOU JUST SAVED THEIR MISERABLE LIVES!

💀 Saeran finally comes near you, unsatisfied that you put them on the run.

💀 “You should have let me handle it.

💀 “No! We came here to eat cotton candy, not to commit murder!”

💀 He gives a little shrug and lets you drag him to some other stand.

💀 He isn’t surprised at all by your skills. You are, after all, the woman that bit his hand.


📷 You two were walking in the park when you noticed an ice cream stand nearby.

📷 You know he loves pistachio ice cream so you tell him to wait for you as you go grab two cones. 

📷 He’s taking pictures of the trees nearby when he suddenly bumps into a guy.

📷 V went through his eye surgery but hasn’t recovered his sight fully, so he still has trouble seeing properly.

📷 ”I apologize, I wasn’t-”

📷 The guy he bumped into grabs him by the collar and lifts him up.

📷 His friends are clearly enjoying the show as he shakes V before pushing him to the ground.

📷 As you return with the ice cream, you see the scene that is taking place, and realize immediately what happened.

📷 “Please stop it! He can’t see very well so it was just an accident!”

📷 “Then he should stay the fuck inside and stay out of people’s way!”

📷 He kicks the camera from his hand and your eyes turn red.


📷 V can’t see very well what happens next, he sees you tackling the miserable bastard and he hears several men screaming and begging for forgiveness.

📷 He gets up, his legs still shaky, and feels your arms wrapping tightly around him.

📷 "Are you alright?! Did they hurt you badly?! Is the camera broken?!”

📷 He just chuckles lightly and pats your head.

📷 “I’m fine. The camera seems to be okay too but the ice cream didn’t make it.

📷 You pout adorably and heave a sigh. “I guess I should have made them pay for it before scaring them away.”

📷 He starts laughing wholeheartedly and buries his face in your hair.

📷 You’re his hero!

Hey, I want to follow new people!

So I just went and unfollowed a whole slew of people because I want to have a little bit more control over my dashboard. I’ve never been super happy with my dash because I usually followed people just because I knew them and less because of what they post, and I’d like to change that a little bit!

So if your blog posts any of the following (and especially the stuff in bold!):

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- Video Games! (Valve stuff, Bethesda stuff, Bastion/Transistor, Phoenix Wright, Danganronpa, Mass Effect, Undertale, Nintendo stuff, Dark Souls, Skullgirls, Other assorted fighting games, Metal Gear, Artsy stuff like Shadow of the Colossus, etc)

- Youtube people! (Game Grumps, Polaris, Jontron, Jesse Cox, Dodger, Totalbiscuit, Markiplier, Roosterteeth, Projared, Other assorted NormalBoots members, etc)

- TV Shows and Movies! (Mad Max, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Everything Quentin Tarantino, Other Marvel Stuff, Disney, Everything Guillermo Del Toro, Shrek probably, animated THINGS, etc)

- Anime! (Just. Give me everything. I don’t care. I wanna discover new stuff. Currently however I do like me some Oremonogatari, Cowboy Bebop, Danganronpa, visual novels of all kinds, Studio Ghibli, Puella Madoka Magika, and One Piece, One Punch Man, to give you some ideas.)

So, please like or reblog this post if you like a lot of the stuff as mentioned above and I’ll go right ahead and follow you!

Title: Co-Op

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3

Summary: There was a new coffee shop down the road, now that Fushimi thought of it. He might as well try it once. // Yata knew it was definitely going to be a good day, as long as he didn’t get any asshole customers.

Notes: A continuation of this ask-fic from a while back (the first couple sections are a slightly-edited repeat of that). I thought it would be nice to continue it for Fushimi’s b-day. Probably could’ve been longer but I like it as it is.

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Hey long time no see! After Lolirock, I’ve began a new job as a storyboard supervisor on the TV series Lastman. Very interesting story, I’m so lucky working on this, just takes a bunch of time! So I’m having a little break today drawing one of my favorite characters in animation these years, Korra. One day I would like to work on such a great adventure story as a storyboarder :)

Not finished yet, it’s a work in progress!

foxtheguardian  asked:

At list you do your comics on a computer software more fancy and all I do mine on paper and let me tell you is hard more when you get Judy's head smaller then her ears or Nick Nose smaller then his face I'm having trouble drawing nick but hey It's call art and I enjoy and I like yours too And thank you for making such a good art Work from this Fox to you!

wait, wait, wait….first of all: you used my draw as avatar???!!!!

Originally posted by frekkenbok

oooohhh my Goood, Ohhhh my Gosh, ooooohhhh my All…. thank you!!! I’m crying, omg, omg, omg….

then, I try to return a serious person.

It’s harder to draw with a digital tablet and usually when I have to draw new characters i use the paper and my precious pencil, For me it’s more simple, because I made animals portraits since six years and I consider it a “natural process”.

Zootopia is a proportions war, I know but if you don’t felling sure you can use a ruler or your pencil to take the right misures from an original image, if you’ll continue your exercises you’ll develop the right way and method to draw them as well as you can.

It takes a lot of patience, I know. But I believe that with goodwill we can do everything. :)