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Truth Or Dare [1/2]

A/N: This is definitely a new fandom, but I’ve been lurking around for a good while so I figured I’d jump into it. Worst. Idea. Ever. Hello, if you’re reading this and you’re new. I’m Sarge and prepare for everything to die. I will admit, I got the prompt from another story I read and found potential in it. So, I spiced it up and made it more gay. And yes, there is more(a second part), I just haven’t finished it yet. And yes, I’m working on another story for this fandom but it also isn’t done yet since finals is next week and I have no inspiration. 

Pairing[s]: Daithi De Calibre, H2OVanoss, Terrornuckel, MiniCat

Starring: Marcel (BasicallyIDoWork) and Droidd (Silent Droidd)

Warning[s]: Some slightly gay stuff, but SFW (sorry to disappoint) 

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