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Pictures from a walk to Lud’s Church in the Peak District. It was super foggy all day.

here’s a gay thing

  • hux: the finalizer is a cup
  • kylo: explain
  • hux: holds things

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When is your Got7 concert/meetup? Are you excited?? What are your thoughts!!??!

It’s Sunday!!  I’m so excited I could wet myself with glee lmfao except I’m going to be soooo dead because I’ve gotta work overnight Saturday and my only chance to nap will be the drive up to DC!  I’m just so fucking excited because I’m gonna see Jackson in person and get to (okay so like it still makes me laugh) high five him lmfao.  Maybe I can coerce all of them to fist bump instead, that seems more my style hahaha.  Gosh I just can’t wait to get to witness all seven of them!  

Your Wish is My Command- The Epilogue

This is like almost three times as long as the other chapters. It’s also kind of angsty, but does provide closure. Also, it’s a totally optional read. :)

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The days were unbearable. Will remained at Alec’s side, but he was usually playing with Rose or teaching her something about the stars. And the other Will and Nico were usually at work, and when they got home in the afternoon, they would be busy doing something else. Whether they were going over paperwork or bills, they did it together. Beside each other.

Will felt terribly out of place.

“Hey, guys, I’m going to get some groceries, want to come with?” Nico asked one day.

“I do, I do!” Rose yelped, jumping up and down. She raced to get her light up shoes and Alec got up, stretching. Will stood, feeling knots form in his stomach. He watched as Rose ran out the door and Nico ruffled Alec’s hair with a grin. Will hesitated and Nico looked at him with a smile, waiting for him to follow the other two. He did and tried not to look too awkward as he got to the sleek black car in the driveway.

Alec was showing Rose magic tricks, making her think he could remove his thumb and pull a coin from her ears. Will watched only to keep himself from looking at Nico in the rearview mirror.

When they got to the store, Rose dragged Alec into an arcade. Will started to follow, but Nico called him and he froze. “Why don’t you come with me? I know those two go into their own little world.” Will hesitated and nodded nervously, following Nico as he pushed the cart through the aisles. “Don’t get too upset with Alec. Ever since Rose was born he’s been her sort of bodyguard. Anything she needs, anything she wants, he’s there for her.”

“I’m not upset,” Will answered.

Nico raised an eyebrow with the same inquisitive look he used to give him whenever he knew something was wrong. “My husband and I have noticed that you get a little low whenever Alec focuses on Rose. He figured it’s because of your home troubles. Me on the other hand… I can’t help but think something else is bothering you.”

Will furrowed his eyebrows. My husband and I. “Life is hard. That’s all.” Nico stopped the cart and Will came to an abrupt halt. He turned and saw Nico inspecting him carefully. “What?” he asked, his cheeks turning bright red.

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*whispers* I fucking love you.


I’ve always wanted an earth flame!Tsuna fic where he believes he has telekinesis, and I just read Mob-Psycho again so, 

AU crossover where Tsuna and Mob stay in the same town or Namimori, bond over telekinesis, meet Reigen and work part-time for him… With Tsuna’s… tendency to get into sticky situations plus Reigen’s ability to bullshit out of everything, not to mention my secret desire to see all the adults in KHR get yelled at. 

Just imagine Reigen standing up to, like, the Varia to ask why they’re picking on a bunch of children. Imagine. 

My family

Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl

Summary: the reader meets her real brother that she thought she lost long ago. Only to have him try to kill her family. But before her brother did m, he was in for a bad blood.

Characters: brothers!Sam&Dean, vampire!sister!reader, vampire!Adam(make up)

Me and my brothers got a case in LA. I was in the back seat looking out the window to see all the many buildings, and people. I smiled I lived in a middle of no where in the woods, but Sam and Dean found me and took me in. They’re like my brothers, my family and I’m glad for them both. I glanced over at Dean and leaned forward and tapped his shoulder.

“Hey Dean can we go to that chipotle place?” I asked him smiling, he glanced back at me

“You know we are on a hunt right (y/n)?” He asked me, I rolled my eyes at him.

“Yea yea I know can we please gooo!” I begged him, I turned over to Sam “Sammy tell him. Please?” I did the puppy eyes to Sam and Dean. I heard them both of them sigh and Dean did a U turn and headed to the chipotle restaurant. I sat back down and squealed.

We got to the place and we walked inside. A waiter took us to a table and gave us our menus. I looked over the menu, and saw there was so many foods. I stared at it what seemed pretty fast, when I looked over at the brothers and saw they were already ordering. I realized it has been 10 mins,

“And you miss?” Our waiter asked smiling, I looked up and smiled back,

“Oh I’ll have your uh….” I looked back down to the menu and looked for something. I had no idea what to get. “Uh…. your steak?” I asked as a question, she stared at me and repeated my order,

“A steak miss?” I nodded at it and laughed nervously, she smiled and walked away with the menus. I glanced over at the brothers and saw Dean laughing. I rolled my eyes at him and looked away.

After eating out food we headed to the motel that we were staying at, once we parked Sam went to get a room for us and I helped Dean get our bags. I walked to the back of the car and opened up the trunk. I started to grab my gun and put it in my back of my jeans, and my knife in my boot. I then stepped back for Dean to get his and Sams things. I looked around feeling as if someone was watching us.

I turned my head to face Dean, when I head a scream, my head popped up and I ran to the source of the scream. I could hear Dean yell for me but I ignored him and ran. I got to an alleyway and saw someone standing over a girl that was bleeding and crying. I grabbed my gun out and shot the person and what looked like to be a boy to me he hissed at me, and glanced over to me.

I watched him spit out some of her blood and run off. I chased after him, shooting again but missing. I cursed under my breath as I stop and stood I turned around and saw the girl laying down. I rushed over to her and bend down. I saw all her blood I tried to press down on the bite. I soon heard running footsteps coming over to me. I heard pantings, I realized it was Sam and Dean.

“What happened? What did you do? Is she okay? (Y/n) talk to us.” Dean said grabbing my hands off of her and pulling me away from her, I saw Sam leaned in at her to take over what I was doing. I stared up at Dean and opened my mouth.

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"Kip..?" Impact hugging himself with his eyes filled with trauma and tears. "Are you busy..?..Cause, I could really use a..buddy right now.."


Kip looked over at his friend, his eyes filled with worry as it seemed the usual bright, happy attitude their friend had… wasn’t there today.

“No… I’m not busy at all… but you… what…?”

“You look like you’ve barely even slept… are you doing okay? Wait… don’t answer that-! Just…” Before talking even more, he reached out and pulled Impact into a tight hug.

“Just know I’ll be around to help ya out… okay?” He didn’t feel like letting his friend go at any point soon, just seeing the tears made his heart ache.

“Hey… why don’t we go back over to my place, I can make some soothing tea… and those funny little shaped sandwiches my rabbit-dad would make for us when we were little! How does that sound?”


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Do you think that maybe NRK is not dropping the trailer because they are trying to fix the problem with the music rights first? I know it might not be changeable but maybe they want to try to fix it so that the international fans can watch te trailer too? Idk, it's just my guess in why they are taking so long. I read somewhere that they were going to get together this week. Do you perhaps know when the meeting is going to take place?

hey! no, i don’t think that’s the reason. they make skam for norwegian teens, so i don’t think nrk having to geoblock skam is going to have an impact on when they release the trailer, when the season starts etc. (^:

idk why the trailer hasn’t come out yet. idk if they’ve even shot it yet or not. 

i read an article that said that the meeting was going to take place this week, but i haven’t seen anything more about it since then. 

Honestly though, Astoria is about Josh’s personal struggles but I think anyone can relate to it and find meaning in it?? I mean it’s a really sad and unique story, but anyone who has been through a really low point in their life and is trying to climb out of that and come to terms with things can relate to it. Personally, I love Astoria because I’ve found my own sort of version of Astoria that it relates to. It’s like a whole record of an anthem of “hey I’ve been in a really dark place, but I’m going to fight and come out of it. It’s gonna be hard, but I’m gonna fight.” It’s such an important album.


    Long day…  Long day indeed.  However, she had overheard something that she was proud of.  Not sure if she’s proud of the shame that Jun’s feeling, but Raven didn’t think birth control was a bad thing to do.  Not at all.  

   “Hey Jun?  Do you want to go to a quiet place?  I promise no screaming, but I want to talk to you about something and something I think you should hear.”

    Raven didn’t have the Gramma is gonna kill you look.  She’s said her peice about what happened earlier.  Time to start putting it behind them and let Jun know someone is there.

   “I promise, no screeching.  You’ve had enough of that today.”