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hihihi i love ur neighbor au SO MUCH the shownu had me dyiNG it's so accurate, and the spicy changkyun one BOI i died anyways can i possibly ask for the last of the series, a cute hyungwon one?? Thank u and bless u :')

the other members can be found here:
wonho / shownu / kihyun / minhyuk /changkyun / jooheon 

  • owns a one room apartment because it’s cheap and he doesn’t really need a kitchen,,,,when kihyun was helping him look at apartments hyungwon was just like “i need there to be room for a king sized bed.” and kihyun was like “oh but this place even has an extra closet it just costs a bit mo-” “kihyun,,,,,,,all i need is a place to sleep.”
  • has a full length mirror in the hallway and openly admits that he checks himself out in it. doesn’t openly admit that he’ll sometimes dance in front of it when he’s getting ready too 
  • his brother begged him to not put up the photo of him when he first enlisted in the army but hyungwon,,,,being the person he is,,,,hung that photo right up next to his nightstand 
  • but it’s cute,,,he hung up photos of his family alongside it because no matter what he misses them a lot
  • has a copy of every magazine he was a model in and keeps them in a stack on his bookshelf alongside a bunch of books on fashion and traveling,,,,,
  • every time his friends come over they pull out a magazine and tease hyungwon over his modeling but hyungwon’s like yall just mad because you’re not this beautiful 
  • his coffeemaker is the most expensive thing in his apartment 
  • has a mug that says ‘until this mug is empty, im not technically awake’,,,,it was a gift from minhyuk 
  • fashionable hyungwon only exists in the streets. when he’s at home it’s big old t-shirt, froggy pajama pants, and froggy slippers,,,,,,,,i like to think he also owns a froggy pillow just because hyungwon + frogs is a meme or whatever but it’s also super cute,,,,,,,
  • wears glasses around the building and people don’t recognize who he is until he takes them off and they’re like OH it’s the model from floor eleven!!! and hyungwon is like slinking his way back to the elevator with very un-model like posture LOL
  • you’ve known ever since he moved in because when he was trying to get all his boxes up to his apartment 
  • he was going at the most painstakingly slow speed,,,like literally one box at a time,,,,,and you felt bad watching this dude with his noodle arms try to move all by himself
  • so you offered to help and hyungwon had tried to say it was ok but then you’d lifted like three boxes and he was like you know what please do help me lol
  • and after you two were done you pointed at your door across the hall and you were like “im your neighbor, neighbors should help each other!! since i helped you today,,,,”
  • and you had looked him and down and hyugwon had tilted his head in confusion and you were like 
  • “since i helped you today, promise me if i ever need your help idk,,,,since you’re so tall,,,,,fixing a lightbulb or something,,,you’ll help me? deal?”
  • and you’d stuck your hand out and hyungwon,,,,although usually unwilling to sign himself up to doing something aside from taking a nap,,,,had shook your hand back 
  • and since then you’ve just you know,,,, been good neighbors to each other 
  • you always see each other in the evening when you’re coming back from work and hyungwon will already have his glasses on and his hair a mess and you always giggle because he seems like the opposite of a model and he’ll just shrug because doesn’t he actually look better this way?
  • and it’s just very casual and friendly and you say goodbye to each other as you go into your apartments
  • but one night hyungwon notices that you’re not there when he’s waiting for the elevator but he shrugs it off because??? maybe you have overtime or you’re out with friends
  • but when he’s home, already laying down reading his favorite webtoon e looks at the time and it’s like,,,,close to midnight
  • and just to make sure you’re ok,,,he gets up and goes to knock on your door
  • deciding that he’d rather just make up some excuse how he ran out of toilet paper and isn’t just you know,,,,worried
  • but then??? you don’t answer
  • and hyungwon tells himself that he’s not worried and he’s not panicking over you,,,his neighbor,,,,,,who he obviOUSLY hasn’t been fond of since you helped him out,,,,,like haha what no,,,,
  • and that’s totally not the reason he goes outside of the building in his slippers at like 1am just to see if you’re coming home really late,,,,like noooo he’s going to the corner store to get himself a really super late night snack
  • and as he’s coming out of the store, untouched ice-cream in hand he sees you
  • and you’re just walking really slowly, yawning against your palm because your boss made you stay to finish up documents that aren’t even a part of your job and you just,,,, really want some sleep
  • and when you look over you see hyungwon,,,,in his froggy slippers with ice-cream and you’re like “hey,,,,why are you up this late?” and hyungwon just snorts because he’s like i could ask you the same thing
  • and you stick your tongue out but you’re like my devil of a boss made me do work that’s not even mine can you bELIEVE IT
  • and hyungwon is still holding that ice-cream,,,,his heartbeat finally settling down at the sight of your face 
  • and you notice how he’s quietly just staring at you and you look down at his hand and you’re like “the ice-creams gonna melt???” and he’s like i don’t really care 
  • and you’re like cool can i have it???? and you grab it and unwrap it and hyungwon can’t help but smile to himself and you’re like eating, the glum look on your face gone
  • and you and hyungwon get into the elevator and you’re like “so seriously, why are you up right now? you told me once you could sleep for like 29 hours!!!” and hyungwon is like i wanted a late night snack and you’re like dude,,,,,im eating your late night snack c’mon tell me the real reason
  • and hyungwon adjusts his glasses with his hand and looks away and you’re like ???????? and he’s like “sorry,,,i was worried,,,i guess,,,”
  • and you almost choke on your icecream because wait,,,,
  • worried??????
  • about?????????? you????
  • hyungwon who could sleep through a thunderstorm, who forgot your first name for the first three months you knew each other, who as never told you he’s been worried about /anything/,,,,,,,,
  • hyungwon was worried about you?
  • and you get to your floor and you’re both silent but you’re like,,,,,well!!!don’t worry because im fine,,,,,,im gonna go sleep though~~ ok bye!!
  • and hyungwon sees you disappear inside without another word and he doesn’t really know what to think of it so he goes inside too
  • but you’re,,,,,,,standing in your hallway,,,,cheeks pink and you’re like wait,,,,does he,,,,,does he like me,,,,,,,,did he just not want to admit it,,,??
  • and in the morning you and hyungwon bump into each other and hyungwon is obviously acting awkward and you’re like “give me your phone” and he’s like huh
  • and you’re like “you said you were worried about me right, well here’s my number. just text me the next time you’re worried. plus,,,,,,,,i can text you if i ever get worried.”
  • and hyungwon’s looking at you in shock and you’re like ,,,,, getting a bit red and you’re like,,,,,,,heY we made a promise before about helping each other we can make the same promise about worrying too,,,,,that or you know,,,,,
  • and the door opens to the lobby but hyungwon doesn’t get out and neither do you and he’s like “,,,you know,,,what?” and you’re like,,,,,,you know,,,,,,how couples just worry about each other without a promise because you like the person so you worry oh god im rambling
  • and before you know it hyungwon leans in and presses his lips to yours and you’re like !!!!!!!! i guess,,,he agrees on the couple thing!!!!!!!!
  • but the doors close before either of you can get out and the elevator is going back up and you pull back and you’re like hYUNGWON im goinG TO be LATE for the bUS now,,,
  • and he shrugs and pulls you around the waist closer to him and he’s like more time for us to kiss-
  • and you’re like no no no you don’t get to kiss me since you made me late ):< 
  • hyungwon: :’( ok ill kiss you after we both comeback from work 

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*Adele voice* Hello... its me...If its not much asking 64 + with triplet!Kylo telling Ben and Matt about his girlfriend's for 10 years (lets say they dated since they were 14 or something) pregnancy. Like, no reader included. Because he barely keeps contact with Han and Leia and doesn't know how to tell them he is going to be a father. Or even more angst ™ he overheard Han saying Kylo shouldn't have children because he isn't mentally stable at some point in the past. Idk, sad and floff. Pls🌸?

*Lionel Richie voice* Hello, is it mee you’re looking for?

Haha, I love this idea so much and thought about it while I was at work so here’s this as a result! It turned out a little longer than usual (its basically a mini fic) but it was worth it. Hope you like it hun :)

Modern AU Triplet Kylo +  “You’re having twins?!”

The memory played in his head repeatedly, as if his subconcious wanted to chastise him in the moment.

Kylo’s shoulders dropped from their stance as he heard that all too familiar gruff voice on the other side of the wall. He was supposed to be leaving for the gym before meeting up with his new girlfriend (Y/N), but after hearing his name he had to listen in. A mistake he already regretted.

“Han, you don’t need to be so rough on him.”

“Well how the hell else is he going to learn? God help the woman that ends up with him, if anyone does.”

“Han, don’t say that. I would only ever hope he finds someone, and gives us grandkids.”

Han scoffed, “The last thing he should do in his life is become a father Leia. There’s not enough stability there.”

His nostrils flared, the words seeming as though they were only spoken yesterday. The wound still felt fresh, in addition to the others he had acquired from what he overheard and witnessed. Now, the words from the past weighed far more heavily on his shoulders as well as his heart.

Seated before him on the couch were his brothers, Matt and Ben, their brows furrowed and attention fully focused on him. It had been months since they had seen him, the last time ending in a heated dispute. Now they were hastily reunited in Matt’s apartment, tense yet relieved to all be together again. Matt cleared his throat as he adjusted the glasses sitting upon the bridge of his nose.

“So what’s this uh, meeting about?”

Kylo twiddled with his thumbs, “I wanted to see you guys again.”

Matt gave him a small smile, happy to hear his typically brooding brother express any form of emotion. 

Ben huffed faintly, “As true as that may be, there’s more to this.”

Kylo looked up at Ben in surprise. Much like Kylo, Ben was blunt, though not in the same fashion.


“I know you better than that. You wanted to see us again, but you have other things concering you too.”

Kylo’s lip curled up for a faint moment at that. With a deep breath he ran his hand through his ebony locks, trying to assure he spoke clearly.

“You got me.”

Ben smirked slightly, “Triplet telepathy.”

“Ok. So I came to see you…and I came to tell you the news.”

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Aoi Shouta LIVE 2017 WONDER lab. ~prism~ Osaka/Tokyo 2017-02-04/2017-02-12 - Report


Two reports in one post! The majority of the live was similar ✨
Osaka parts will be in italics, Tokyo in bold, plain text means it happened in both lives!
Most the official photos I’ve used here are mainly from Tokyo.

As usual not 100% accurate!

At Tokyo Live

*Thanks to those who responded to my post! ^^*
So I got to my seat and after I was ready I messaged @jeanette-ting seeing if she got to her’s ok (we applied for tickets separately so never got to sit together 😢 ).

And not long after she told me she spotted Chiharu!!!
Here are screenshots of our convo 😂Thought it’d be easier than trying to explain it all lol
Hopefully it’s not too small and you can all read it! (Probably better to read on mobile devices since you can zoom in!)

Please excuse the spelling mistakes, as you can tell I was really excited 😂😂

And~ then the live started!

If only I could have recorded him 😂

It’s not in the convo but I also saw Agematsu Noriyasu, BROCCOLI’s composer (third photo) he was sitting next to Naru, Shoutan’s kouhai in S Inc (second photo).
And I couldn’t tell who it was next to Agematsu-san, but since they were next to him and Naru, I guessed it must be Satou Hiromi, S Inc’s president (third photo).
Araki Hirofumi, Kento’s actor in Smile Mermaid was also there (last photo)

I seen Japanese fan reports saying that Onoken was also there but I never seen him.


The live started with a video of painter/artist Shoutan in an art studio. His Budokan Prince outfit was also displayed in the room ☺️
He was drawing a white, space-like outfit.
He then turns and look straight to the camera with this expression (noticing us)

(ok not 100% this expression, he was more happy looking) and then he smiled beautifully~

Suddenly he sees something unusual and wiped his eyes to check that he wasn’t seeing things. Sparkles started coming out from the drawing, he then smiled again
Then Shoutan appeared on stage in that white outfit!!!

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Our secret

Request from aomgrayground : Hey. I’ve been so amazed with your scenarios. I was wondering if you could write a scenario with gray wherein you are Simon’s cousin and Gray and you started to date secretly(it was your idea to keep it as a secret) because you are afraid Simon will brawl out if he found out but then you were hanging out in the club with them and you saw some girls flirting with him so you burst out and suddenly yelled that you guys are dating. Thaaaaank you so much in advance!!

“Gray…shhh..stop it, otherwise they are going to hear us,” you told Gray. “I’m serious…Gray..”

The two of you have been dating for nearly a month but you told Gray to keep it a secret. You don’t want to be caught with the fans but mostly, because you’re Simon’s cousin. If he knew you and Gray were dating, he would be upset. You’re not sure why but you thought, it was best to keep it a secret. And Gray acknowledged that. He didn’t mind it. 

“Ok, ok,” Gray finally stopped kissing your neck, “but you’re coming with us to the club later on yeah?”

You fixed your hair while telling Gray, “Yes, of course! I’m going to wear that dress you bought for me, remember?”


You met with the AOMG crew at their office so you could carpool with Simon, Gray and Loco. In the car, you sat in between Gray and Simon and you couldn’t help but to put your hands on Gray’s knee. Simon noticed this and asked, “Why are you holding him? You’re not going to fall out of the car”. When you heard this, you pull your hand back and just rolled your eyes at him. 

All of you arrived at the club and already the fans were going crazy when they saw who came out of the car. You walked behind Simon and he was trying to shield you away from the photos because he didn’t want any fans spreading rumors about you. You met Jay, Pumkin, Wegun and Hoody at the VIP section. You saw down next to Hoody and she handed you shot. You took it and once you were done, you saw Gray looking at you worriedly. He knew you were a lightweight so you couldn’t take too much alcohol. You winked and Gray to let him know you were okay. 

After chatting with Hoody she wanted to dance so the both of you headed to the dance floor. The DJ was playing a few of your favourite songs so you danced till your feet started to ache. Feeling the tiredness of your feet, you headed back to the guys whilst Hoody went to the DJ stand. The only guys that were there Gray and Simon so you took a seat next to Gray. The both of smiled to each other. He was holding a drink in his hand and you wanted to try it. You went to grab the drink from his hand but he moved it away. Gray leaned into your ears and whispered, “You shouldn’t drink too much, I don’t want you going home and throwing up. And what do you think Simon is going to think when he sees you taking my drink”. You nodded your head and took the unopened water bottle on the table instead. Simon moved closer to you and started to talk about the two girls by the bar. “Hey Gray, what do you think of them?” Simon pointed to the two girls standing by the bar and both looked very beautiful. Gray shrugged and went on his phone instead. Seeing this, Simon asked for your opinion, “Since Gray is ignoring me, [Y/N] do you think the girl on the left is Gray’s type?” You had another look at her and saw that she was indeed very pretty. She had long brown hair that went past her shoulders and she was wearing a skin tight black dress. “I don’t know, she seems a bit too tall for Gray”. Simon burst out laughing. Gray looked up from his phone and gave you his death stare. Whilst Simon was trying to calm himself, you whispered to Gray, “I didn’t mean it babe” and you gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

Once Simon was calmed down, he got up and started to walk to the bar. You had a feeling what he was going to do and hoped your feeling was wrong. A few minutes later, Simon came back with the two girls. Your heart sank when you saw them sitting between Simon and Gray. You were now sitting on the edge of chair. Simon introduced everyone and you could see that the girl sitting next to Gray was trying to move closer to him. Simon was busy chatting with her other friend so the girl next to Gray started to talking to him. “So..I don’t come here often but I’m glad I did tonight,” she told Gray. “Yeah my friends and I like this club a lot”. She continued to talk about her job, her studies and just general information about her. Gray tried to answer her questions with short and simple responses so that she realise that he didn’t want to talk to her. But she didn’t seem to pick it up. 

“Hey Gray, my new friend here wants to see a movie now. The four of us can go see it together”. Four of us, you thought. Simon didn’t include you. “Simon, does that mean you’re going to leave me here alone?” Simon looked at you and realised he forgot about you. “Oh..I’m sorry, I forgot you were sitting there. Um Jay, Hoody and the other guys are still here. You can go home with them. So Gray, what do you say. Movie?” 

Gray turned to look at you but you just pretended to go on your phone. “I don’t feel like watching a movie now. To be honest, I’m kinda tired, sorry.” Simon then made shushing sound. “Tired? You always stay up till late in the recording studio, Gray and you’re never tired. Stop with the lies and take your new friend to see a movie”. The girl next to Gray nodded her head excitedly and then placed her hand on his knees. You saw it and just stared at her. You couldn’t really blame her because no one knows about your relationship with Gray but at the same, you were frustrated. Seeing a random girl flirting and touching your boyfriend is not something you like seeing. Gray noticed you were giving her your death stare so he moved his legs so that she would let go, but she didn’t. 

“What are you drinking?” she pointed to Gray’s glass. “Oh it’s from this bottle here. My boss bought it, I’m not too sure what it is called”. She then took his drink out of his hands and started chugging it down. She didn’t ask him or anything. Gray and you returned looks and he tried not to laugh out loud. She had trouble chugging it down, but you thought she was just pretending. Who doesn’t know how to drink out of an cup without spilling it out of the corners of their mouth? She was clearly putting on a show for Gray. She slammed the glass down on the table and let out a big sigh. “Ahhh that drink is so strong. I can feel it burning my throat. You’re such a good drinker, Gray,” she complimented him. Gray just let out a polite smile. “Oh my god, I’ve spilled it over my dress,” she cried out. “Gray, can you help me and get me a tissue?” You pointed to a piece of tissue on the table and signaled Gray to give it to her. You didn’t know whose it belonged to or what was on it but you didn’t care. “

“Oh can you help me wipe it off, I can’t see where I’ve spilled the drink,” she asked him. She proceeded to move closer to Gray and tried to put her chest up close to him. “Umm I think you should do it, I can’t see as well. Here’s a tissue,” Gray told her. Instead of taking the tissue and cleaning herself, she grabbed Gray’s hand and put it on her chest. “Hey! What the fuck are you doing?!” you yelled at her. Gray pulled back his hand and Simon heard your outburst so he came over to see what was going on. “Hey, what’s going on here?,” Simon asked. The girl immediately started to put on an innocent look and said, “She just started to yell at me. I don’t know what her problem is”. Simon then turned to you and asked, “Why did you yell at her, [Y/N]?” You couldn’t stand her anymore so you stood up and retorted back, “This bitch here just won’t stop flirting with Gray. She just grabbed Gray’s hand and put it on her chest!” Simon’s attention was now focused on you. “Why do you care, [Y/N]?” 

You then blurted out, “I care because he is my boyfriend!” Simon was looking at you and still processing what you had just said, ”Boyfriend? Gray is your boyfriend..?” Gray stood up next to you and put his arms around your waist. “Yeah, I’m her boyfriend, Simon”. Simon was exchanging looks back and forth between you and Gray. “What? But you-you’re my cousin and he’s-how long have you been dating?” “Nearly a month,” you told him. “Next Tuesday is our one month anniversary,” Gray added. “But why didn’t you two say anything?” 

“We didn’t tell you because I’m scared you might over-react and you know, everything turns to shit when you’re mad,” you explained to Simon. “Yeah man and plus we want to keep our relationship out of the public eye”. Public eye. Damn, the two girls sitting down heard everything and now they are probably going to start spreading rumors about you. 

“Okay you guys are starting to bore us,” Simon’s new friend exclaimed, “we are going to look for someone who’s more fun and actually wanna get some”. You couldn’t help but laugh at her. “You really think this funny? You know what, I’m going to take this bottle with me because you embarrassed us tonight,” and with that, Gray’s ‘new friend’ took the bottle.

Both girls walked away and you turned to Simon, “I’m sorry for lying to you, but please don’t be mad at Gray. I was the one who told him to keep it a secret”. Simon let out a sigh, “I’m not mad, [Y/N]. And yes you should have just told me, but if you’re going to date someone, I’m glad it’s Gray. He’s a good guy”. Gray nodded back at Simon and he reached into you and gave you a kiss. You kissed him back and it was a strange feeling because this is the first time the two of you have kissed in public. “Alright alright, you two can stop making out in front of me. I get it! You’re a couple,” Simon complained. 

Random Asks

Posting a bunch of asks like this because I’m so bad at replying and they just keep piling up. Most of these are anon, some are not. Sorry for not replying straight to you but a lot of them are kinda old so you probably forgot you wrote me anyway.

-   Do you do commissions?’

-   Love love love your style! Do you ever do commissions?

Nope, sorry, I’m too busy for commissions! I might do some in the future but I don’t really plan on it. we’ll see what happens.

-   How do you skan your sketchbook drawings? Ps I LOVE YOUR STYLE OD DRAWING ITS SO AMAZING 💕

ok, I don’t understand this question. I put my sketchbook in a scanner and it scans? usually at 300 or 600 dpi. and then I use “levels” in photoshop to adjust the white/black ratio, is this… what you wanted to know?

-   can we use your art as icons if we give credit? its very cute i love your art so much!

yeah sure! I feel a bit weird if ppl use my self-portraits (like my ootd drawings) for icons though. just because, that’s me. but if you credit it’s all good I guess, ha.

-   Hi sorry to bother you but I was wondering how do you go about drawing? Do you use any kind of guidelines? I would really appreciate if you could give an example but you don’t have to if it’s too much. I love your style by the way<3

-   You’re art is so nice and awesome! Please, will you teach me how to art?

I’m not a tutorial kind of artist, sorry! and I think my technique is pretty regular too. I sketch my drawings out in coloured pencils and then I ink on top of that. I don’t have any examples on how I sketch but I try to capture the whole thing before getting into details…?  @veesdumpingrounds has some good art tutorials. as does Norman Lemay @grizandnorm

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Could you please write a thing where Nomura announces to 2nd unit that he and MC have already eloped and they turn into angry overprotectice big brothers?

I am not sure if that’s what you had in mind, Anon-san! It’s a brilliant idea and it was fun to write, but it’s been a long day… (╯•﹏•╰) I hope I at least got close!

MC x Nomura drabble beyond the cut, as requested by Anon-san. Starring 2nd Unit of Metro PD, with guest appearance of Deputy Chief Nomura.

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Finding Our Way Back (ii)

This is the second part of a three part series. Each part is based on a different 5SOS song, Part One being Close As Strangers, Part Two being If You Don’t Know and Part Three being Wrapped Around Your Finger.


It’s like holding water, trying to save your love.

He can feel you fading, feel you slipping away every time you manage to speak to each other. And he’s trying to keep his promise. He’s trying to make sure the two of you make it through this tour, that when he comes home you’ll be stronger than ever, but it’s hard when he can feel your reluctance to stay.

Because there’s only so much he can say through a text, only so many words he feels appropriate to leave as an answer phone message. And if he could tell you everything he wants to, if he could just find a way to say to you the thoughts he’d had ever since he realised he was losing you, he knows you’d stay. He wants to make sure you never get away, that you’re his forever. But it’s getting increasingly harder when he goes days without hearing from you properly.

Tonight’s the worst it’s ever been.

You’re quiet, and it has nothing to do with the connection. He isn’t stupid, Ashton knows that if he doesn’t do something to persuade you not to give up on him tonight, he’s going to lose you. Tonight you’re fading faster than ever and it terrifies him that the wrong word will cause you to finally let him go.

“I’m in love with you.” It’s the first thing he can think of, and he hates how it sounds so trivial, so menial at this point. Everything is at stake, and all he can say is that he loves you. He watches your face through the screen and he sees you smile sadly, and suddenly he’s talking and can’t stop. “I’m so in love with you. You came into my life and it was like you’d introduced a new colour to me, like I’d been missing something the whole time. I can’t go back to seeing life without that colour. You’re so important to me, and I can’t even begin to think about life without you because it hurts. I know we are in the worst position right now, and I know how much you want to give up. But if you love me, even if it’s just a fraction of what you used to love me, I’m begging you. Don’t give up on me, don’t give up on us.”

“It hurts Ashton.” He’s never heard you sound like this, he’d never heard you sound so small and broken and it’s tearing him apart. “It hurts because I love you, I love you so much. And I know you love me too, but sometimes love isn’t enough.”

“Don’t say that. Y/N, baby, please, just wait until I come home. We’ll go away somewhere, somewhere where it’s just us. Or we can stay at home and not leave for days. Please, don’t just give up on me and our promises, it’s all going to be ok as soon as I’m home. I’ll fix everything as soon as I’m home.”

“And when’s that going to be Ashton?”

He hates that he’s caused this. That he’s the reason your love is fading, that it’s slipping away. He hates that he’s begging you to stay when you used to promise you’d never leave.

But what he hates the most is that he can’t give you an answer.


He’s left you six messages since the one where you said you’d meet him at the airport. Six messages letting you know about his day, about the boys, about a sign he saw in the crowd. Six messages reminding you of how much he loved you and how he couldn’t wait to see you again. Six messages, each one sounding more desperate than the next.

Because you hadn’t responded to a single one.

Michael would be lying if he said it didn’t hurt him, hurt his heart that you were being distant. He could feel it breaking every morning that he woke up to find you still hadn’t called. He used to hate the notification saying he had a missed call from you, but he’d give anything to have it back now, to see your name on his screen as he opened his eyes. And every morning that he didn’t, it felt like he was losing you even more.

His phone was mocking him too.

The picture of you that was his wallpaper felt like a stab in his chest every time he saw it, every time he saw you curled up in his hoodie asleep on the sofa. But despite the pain it caused, Michael found himself staring at it every night, praying that instead your name would appear, signalling your call. Signalling you weren’t mad at him, or that you’d just been super busy, or you forgot to call, or your phone had been broken. Signalling something, anything.

He almost drops his phone when it actually does ring.

“Y/N.” His voice is strained as he pulls it up to his ear, not caring that he’s possible waking the others. “Hey Princess. How are you? Is everything alright? I’ve missed you like crazy, it’s only a week until I’m home and-“

“Michael.” You cut him off, and he swallows nervously. Your voice is dull, monotonous, the single word almost sounding bored, instead of the happy giggle he was used to when you said his name. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

It’s like all the air’s left his lungs; he can’t breathe. Michael could feel his heart being ripped out, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

“But we’re in love.” It’s a feeble attempt and he knows it, but it’s also the only solid argument to think of. “You’re supposed to love me.”

“I do love you.”

A chuckle falls from his lips then. It’s dark, devoid of any humour. He shakes his head to himself, ignoring the mutters from Calum, who’d clearly been woken up by the exchange.

“If you think this is love, go ahead.” He mutters, voice cold. “Rip my heart out. Not like I needed it.”

“I’m not enjoying this.” You’re angry now, and in a strange way he’s glad. Glad that you feel something towards him. “And despite what you think. I do love you. But I’m tired of waiting around for you when I know you don’t miss me as much.”

“Fuck you if you think that could ever be true.” He snaps then, all three of the others groaning and attempting to talk to him. “I miss you every goddamn day, and I feel like I can’t breathe without you. So fuck you.”

He hangs up then, and tries to ignore the aching pain in his chest.


It doesn’t feel like home.

Because even though your things are still littered about the apartment, even though your photos are still hung on the walls, you aren’t there. He doesn’t know when he started associating home with you, but he evidently did, because nothing felt right without you in the flat with him.

It had only been two days, and he was going crazy not knowing what you were thinking.

He still hadn’t unpacked, unable to face the box he’d so cautiously packed for you until he knew whether he’d be giving it to you, or throwing it out of the window. So instead, his case sat in the hall, untouched since he’d left it there upon arrival.

It was mocking him now.

Glaring at it as he took another sip of beer, Luke decided enough was enough. Dialling your number, he waited patiently for you to answer, unsurprised when you didn’t, used to you ignoring him after the last phone call.

He’s starting to hate your answer phone message.

“Are you coming home or not?” He snaps, slamming his drink down before raking his hand through his hair. “Because you know what Y/N? This fucking sucks. I know we were having issues but you could have at least waited to see me to work out of we were worth saving, instead of disappearing. And now I’m in this state of limbo, because I have no fucking idea what’s going on. I want you to want me. I need you to need me to stay with you. Because I can’t wait around if you don’t want to be in this anymore. And if you don’t know, then let me go, because it hurts so much loving someone who doesn’t love you back.”

He takes a moment then, going to hang up when another thought strikes him, yanking the phone back to his ear.

“I got you a locket, while I was gone.” He doesn’t know why he felt the urge to tell you about it, but now he’s started he can’t stop. “I spent the whole tour trying to find you something, ended up buying you a fucking snow globe with a model Eiffel Tower on in hopes you’d like it. And then about five minutes later I found this locket and I just knew it was perfect. So in effect, I got you two gifts. And they’re both just sitting in my suitcase waiting for you. So if you could make your mind up I’d be really grateful, because I haven’t been able to unpack out of fear of seeing them.”

Luke pulls his phone away again, before sighing and holding it up one last time, his voice much calmer, and a lot quieter this time.

“Just, think about it Y/N. Because I don’t want to give up on us, not after everything we’ve been through. I love you so much. Please, just think about it.”

This time, when he pulls the phone away, he really does hang up. He picks his bottle back up, taking a sip and turning around when his eyes land on a picture of the two of you framed on the wall. You’re giggling into his shoulder, whilst he grins down at you, the photo from the trip to Bali earlier this year.

He’d give anything to get back to that moment.


It kept hitting him in waves.

Sometimes he’d be fine. He’d be able to walk around and laugh and joke and play music as if nothing had happened to him. On those days, if anyone were to observe him, they wouldn’t even know he’d been in any pain.

And then there were the times where you were all he thought about.

The nights were the worst. Because he’d be lying in bed with nothing to distract him, and you’d consume his every thought. He swore he could remember the taste of your skin if he tried hard enough, and if he closed his eyes he’d see yours smiling back at him. And it was like a ghost, haunting him until he fell asleep, where you’d plague his dreams too.

But he thinks the worst times are when he can’t anticipate it, where it hits him all at once.

He hated those the most, because they knocked him off his feet and stole his breath without warning. The first time it had happened was only a few days after the phone call. He’d been in the dressing room again, laughing at something Michael said when the songs on the playlist swapped, and images of you crying swum through his brain. He’d never known anyone cry at a song before you, and hearing this one brought all of those memories back in an instant. Ashton had seen the way his entire body slumped, and changed it as quick as he could, but it was too late.

Calum was, physically, fine. He could walk and talk and laugh and sing. He still followed the workout routine and he played every show. He ate all his food, took all the vitamins they gave him, and didn’t let his health waver for a moment.

But emotionally, he was broken.

Your voice was in his head. He could hear you screaming at him when you fought, your voice hoarse from the shouting as you called him crazy. And he remembered the way he’d laughed at you for staying mad at him hours later, frowning at him but letting him cover you in kisses anyway. And eventually a little giggle would leave your lips despite yourself, and Calum revelled in that sound. He clung to those memories, even though he knew he shouldn’t.

You’d taken things from him, and he wasn’t getting them back.

At it wasn’t just the material things. Calum knew perfectly well that his Drop Fucking Dead tank was at your flat, and he didn’t want to think about you wearing it. Because that lead to him wondering if you were still wearing it, even now, and that gave him hope. False hope. He didn’t need that.

And he knew it was stupid. He knew that hearts weren’t actually made for love, and that in reality it was still in his chest, beating just as it always had, but he felt like you’d taken that from him too.

You’d taken the part of him that knew how to love someone.

But actually, he didn’t mind all that much.

Because Calum wasn’t sure he wanted to be able to love someone, not if it wasn’t you. He didn’t think he’d be able to, that it would be right, not when he had loved you so much.

Not while he was still in love with you.

Anything For You (Scenario/One Shot/Request)

*Yoonmin inspired by Swipe Left

Summary: Jimin just really wants to do all those cheesy cliches with Yoongi.

Original Scan: ©

“Hyung….hyung….Yoongi hyung…?” There’s an incessant poking at his side and while he dearly cares for the person on the other end of those well toned arms, he’s not below breaking those cute little fingers.

“Hyung…why are you ignoring me?” Jimin’s head is buried into the crook of his arm and torso with his face pressed against his shirt and ribs. They always end up like this, Jimin’s entertained for a few moments before crawling into Yoongi’s bed, looking for affection. Naturally Yoongi doesn’t mind, why else would he sit on his bed and pretend to ignore Jimin?

It’s his way of asking to cuddle, without voicing it out loud.

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  • Harry: Lou please post this picture on my instagram, I have to dry my hair
  • Louis: Ok gimmi the phone
  • 20 minutes later
  • Louis: What the fuck have I done now
  • Louis: Oh, mh, I have forgotten the filter I think
  • Louis: Hey don't call me bro
  • Louis: Harold, we can't come out tomorrow, come on
  • Louis tries to go out
  • Louis: Harry, love, I can't.
  • Harry: Allright. Then give me a blowjob and think about what you can do.
  • Louis:
  • Harry:
  • Louis:
  • Harry:
  • Harry: All the love xx

Hello everyone! Here’s a birthday scenario requested by anon~

Taehyung angst-fluff scenario (1 210 words.)



Today was your birthday; the first birthday you had the chance to spend with Taehyung, your boyfriend. That’s almost been a year you’ve been in a relationship but unfortunately you weren’t able to see him as many time you wanted. His idol time table was fulfilled with rehearsals, concerts, shooting, fan meting and producing songs. He had barely time to think of you; at least that’s what you were thinking and today even more.

He wasn’t even by your side on this special day. You didn’t even have a call from your parents, maybe too occupied by their works and their long time relationship they have to entertain.

Of course you got those stupid messages from people you barely know on facebook; thanks to the birthday’s notifications. But the ones you really enjoy to read each year are the love messages your best friends always send you.

“From: Jessie ♡

Hey sweetie! Today’s a beautiful day since it’s the birthday of my dearest friend! I hope you will still be as cheerful, kind and yourself next year! Keep on fighting, love you!”

You were smiling so brightly, you swear Jessie could see it through her screen even though you weren’t face timing. But unfortunately; this smile slowly faded away after you checked out every social networks but didn’t saw any messages from Taehyung.

You scrolled down your contacts list in your phone. You should call him, just asking him how he is doing without even having to talk about your birthday.

You hesitantly clicked on his name.

What about just sending him a text? Thus you won’t disturb him in his serious work.

“To: Tae ♡

Hi love! I was just wondering what you were up to today. I miss you.
Could you call me when you’ll be done?”

You clicked on the ‘send’ button, staring at your phone for some minutes, waiting for his name to be covering the screen. But you were sadly expecting too much from him. It’s only one hour later and some more birthday messages later that your phone rang.
Your boyfriend’s contact name lightening up the display and your mood at the same time.

“Hello?” You excitedly picked up the phone, maybe he just remembered the day we were.

“Hi darling. How are you doing?”

No happy birthday? Ok then, let’s just pretend you’re having the most normal day ever.

“Hm I’m doing good thank you. I’m just… you know… chilling.” You couldn’t stop the excitement from falling down.

“What about you?” You sighed.

“Hm I don’t know… Well I’m in the train right now.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to a nice place for our photo shoot. I’ve been there a few times already but I wish I could be there forever. I really love this heartwarming place.” He cheerfully explained.

“Oh. It sounds nice! Have a nice day then.”

“You have no idea how impatient I am now.” You could picture him smiling in your mind.

“The sound of your voice gives me an idea.” You smiled though your heart was sinking.

“Ok darling I have to hang out now, sorry.”

“It’s alright. I miss you already.” Your voice was so low it was barely audible.

“Me too darling. Me too.” He chuckled before hanging up the phone.

Is it really something to laugh about Kim Taehyung? You just forgot to wish me my birthday.

“Am I really your girlfriend Taehyung?” You let yourself fall on the mattress.

“Are we really in a relationship?” You covered your face with your hands.

“We contact each other by our phone most of the time. I can’t even remember the last time we kissed just like the last time you held my hand on a date.” You paused. “But you know what? I’m still loving you.” You wiped the tear that dropped from your eye and was making its way on your temple.
You slowly fell asleep, listening to your boyfriend’s voice singing Hug Me through your earphones.

Your dreams uncontrollably drifted to him. You were dreaming about having him here; just right beside you so you could be cuddling all day like normal couples. You dreamed of his legs; intertwined with yours. His hand; rubbing your hip while his cold yet heartwarming breath was crashing on your hair.
You dreamt of his angelic and squared smile he would have after poking your cheek to make you face him.

You dreamt about the taste of his sweet kisses and his deep yet soft voice whispering “(Y/N); wake up. I’m here now.” in your ear.

You blinked twice before rubbing your eyes. The earphones weren’t playing music anymore.

“You’re going to hurt your ears like that darling.” His voice sounded real.

You brutally opened your eyes to check out if you weren’t dreaming anymore.

“You’re really here?”

“Yes I am; just like you’re here too.” He laughed.

“I’m not dreaming anymore?”

“You were dreaming about me?” He sat beside you on the bed. “How cute you are.” He softly pinched your cheek but you sat up and hugged him tight.

“Since when are you here?” You hugely grinned.

“About ten minutes. I tried to wake you up in many ways possible but only the kiss worked.”

“So you really kissed me? Wow; that’s why it felt so real." 

He stared at you for a while, his thoughts probably drifting away as always.

"Oh by the way, I have something for you!” He turned around and grabbed something on the floor.

“Happy birthday (Y/N)!” He waved the purplish-pink bag  which was nicely decorated with some golden ribbon.

“It’s not a big deal but I thought you would still love it so here it is.” You both couldn’t stop smiling.

You were staring at Taehyung without even understanding how all of this could be real.

“Come on; open your present!” He was still grinning.

You mindlessly obeyed him, the big bag was heavy and your fingertips guessed it was containing something hard. You dived your hand into it and delicately took out the present of the purple bag.

“Oh my god thank you so much Taehyung!” You screamed with a high pitched voice.

You were looking at each photograph Taehyung took the time to cut into a heart and fixed them all on a purple panel.

“So in fact that’s the photo shoot you were talking about earlier; right?”

“Yes. Well kind of. I will take some other pictures of us eating your chocolate birthday cake so I could keep on making these panels.”

“So the place of your ‘photo shoot’… Is it here?”

“The place where I have been a few times already but I wish I could be there forever? The place I find really heartwarming?”

“Yes…” You blushed.

“Yes it is.” He admitted, making you melt.

“You’re the one that’s cute.” You blurted out, your cheeks redder than ever.

“No you are the one.”


He kissed your cheek.

“I think your delicious birthday cake is waiting for you to eat him.”

“Thank you so much to be there and to mind my birthday though you are so busy.”

“I’ll never be busy enough to forget you.” He kissed your nose before you both went to eat your cake and did this photo shoot.


Here it is! I’m glad I could make it on time for you lovely anon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (Could you please inbox me and tell me if you liked it and if it was what you had in mind?)

And happy birthday if you also read this scenario on your birthday! I wish you nothing but the best! Love you all!

Y/N s view

I opened the Daily Prophet and gasped. This eyes. I hadn’t seen them in a while. My heart started to race automatically. There hasn’t past a day when I hadn’t thought about that boy, no now he was a man. I never forgot him. “What’s that sis?”, Remus asked looking over my shoulder “Padfoot escaped?”, he asked and started to read while the lines of the newspaper started to blur in my view. I remembered that day like it had been yesterday when they hat imprisoned Sirius. Like Remus I was still sure about Sirius not telling Voldemort where his best friends were and not killing Peter but the evidence showed another view. “Can’t believe he really made it out.”, Remus said and fell to the chair next to me. “Me neither.”, I answered. My eyes still fixing the photo of Sirius. He looked nothing like the boy that nearly laid half the girls of Hogwarts. I smiled when I remembered all the time we had spent together.

“Hey sweetie.”, Sirius laughed when he came around the corner. I smiled back but as always couldn’t say a word when he was just close to me. This boy was making my brain stop working. “Not very talkative today huh?”, he laughed, his fingers stroking my cheek. “Hey Padfoot better get your hand off my sister.”, Remus said laying his arm around my waist. We all knew what Sirius did with all the girls and Remus, as my older brother, just wanted to protect me. “Everything’s fine Moony. I was just saying hello. Right sweetie?”, I simple nodded. “But I got to go now. Cindy is waiting for me.”, a big smile on his face, but my heart breaking into pieces since I fell for Sirius the day when Remus had all his friends over at our house and we went swimming at the lake. Sirius was all gentle and protecting when the boys from the neighborhood started to pick on me again. “Come on Y/N let us go.”, Remus said pushing me down the hallway.

The Christmas ball was coming and I still hoped for Sirius to ask me out. The last weeks we had spent much time together because Remus took me with him and his friends. We were at Hogsmead, I was sitting with them at the common room and got them out of some serious problems when they plaid tricks on Filch. When I was around Sirius wasn’t watching any other girl and I felt like he might like me. I came to the common room witnessing Sirius being surrounded by at least five girls. I fell to the couch next to Remus and Peter both watching their friend talk to all these girls. “So do you got a date?”, Remus asked, I looked up and shook my head “You?” “Yeah Amy Miller.”, he said and I started to smile “That’s good!” “So we need to find someone for you.” “I can deal with that on my own.”, I laughed when Sirius came over “Miss Turner said yes.”, he smiled brightly. Breaking my heart again.

In the end I went with some boy from Hufflepuff who only wanted to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. It worked. So I sat alone at the stairs, feeling badly about myself when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Hey sweetie. Why so sad?”, Sirius asked sitting next to me. And again my brain stopped working. “Did your date drop you?”, he asked and saw the boy going off with his ex-girlfriend. “What an idiot.”, he said “Where is Missy?”, I asked being surprised I could talk to him. “You can talk.”, he laughed and then looked at me “I should have asked someone else.”, he smiled and draw out his hand towards me “Want to dance sweetie?” “Yeah.”, I smiled.

I would never forget that night. But now I had nothing more than the memory of it and a picture of us two smiling. I sighed. It had been quite too long since I last saw him. That night I couldn’t sleep that well. I had to think about Sirius. I felt how much I missed him. He was the best man I ever met and no other ever got into my heart. My heart was always with Sirius.

Sirius view
I smiled when I pulled out the picture. It had been with me since the day it was made. Smilingly I was standing next to the girl I never got over. She was one of the girls I never slept with because I respected her and of course Remus too much. Y/N. She had been the smartest, funniest and most beautiful girl I ever met. I sighed. We haven’t met in such a long time. I nearly forgot how she looked. If I havn’t had the photo I would probably had. Now that I was searching for Peter I thought about her so much. Maybe I could see her again one day.

I heard a soft sobbing when I came back from my very special date with Tina. “Is somebody here?”, I asked looking through the dark common room. Again a sobbing. I went towards it and saw Y/N sitting at the ground, her knees pulled to her chest. “Hey sweetie. What happened?”, I sat next to her but she pushed me away. Questioningly I looked at her “Just leave me Black got that?”, she snarled. “What did I do sweetheart? Did I hurt you?” “Just leave.”, she said tears running down from her beautiful eyes “But sweetie talk to me!” “Don’t call me like you call all your bitches.”, she groaned, than stood up and left. I sat there for quite a while. What did I do that she hated me so much? I really liked Y/N but she still was Remus younger sister and I didn’t want to hurt her in anyway. But somehow I did without me noticing. But I swore something to myself. That day I stopped dating girls.

There were only two weeks of school left and still Y/N wasn’t talking to me. So I made up my mind and tried to find her. She was sitting next to Remus in the library. “Hey Y/N. Can we talk?”, I asked. She looked up glaring at me. “What?”, she said “Alone.”, I added. She stood up and followed me. “So again, what?” “I… I just wanted you to know I stopped dating all these girls. I just wanted you to know.”, I saw her face lightning up. She was cute. She had always been even if she was kind of awkward sometimes. She really seemed to like me but she would never tell me. Sometimes she wouldn’t even talk when I was around. “Ok sweetie? And by the way you are the only girl I call sweetie.”, I softly touched her face before leaving.

The order of Phoenix was fighting but my eyes were all on Y/N. She was fighting with us and no doubt she was one of the mightiest witches of our time but I was scared about her. I was scared she could get hurt. I ran over to her, protecting her, fighting at her side. “Are you alright sweetie?”, I asked through all the noise “Sure. Are you getting sleepy Padfoot?”, she smiled while making some death eaters explode. “You are good.” “I know.”, she became more self confident since we left school and she showed how well she was fighting against all these death eaters. It seemed she only needed something to boost it.

And than horror started to chase me. James and Lily were killed and everyone thought it was me how made Voldemort find them. But I knew who truly did it. Peter! When I went to talk to him he played his own death and brought me to Azkaban. Little rat! I never had the chance to explain or to tell Y/N a last goodbye before the horror of my life started.

Y/N’s view

Two years had past since Sirius escaped from Azkaban and still not a word from him. I thought he would at least come and visit me but I didn’t not even get a letter of him. “Hey Y/N I’ve got some news for you. Pack your things. The order is coming back to life.”, he smiled. My heart started racing. The order had been the breaking point of my life. When I was in the order I became someone. I was good at fighting death eaters. Now getting back to it made me pretty nervous.
We reached an old dark house. “Where are we?”, I asked “You will see.”, he said mysteriously. Dumbledore let us in “Remus we need to talk. Y/N take your time, look through the house. We need to know what is in here. You are as talented with the dark arts as your brother so maybe you can see what you can do.”, I nodded and left my bag in the hall. I decided to start in the room that was at the highest floor. So I walked up many stairs until I reached the room. “Sirius” was written on the plate pinned to the door. I smiled. This must have been the old Black House. My hands started to shake when I opened the door.

My heart started to race. Everything smelt like Sirius and it brought tears to my eyes. I sat down on his bed looking at all these photos pinned to the wall. “I miss you so much.”, I whispered looking at the pictures. “I missed you too sweetie.”, a dark voice answered. I jumped around just to see Sirius standing in his room. He smiled at me. “Padfoot!”, I gasped jumping from the bed. But then I didn’t know what to say. My brain stopped working like the old days. But I didn’t need to do anything. Sirius pulled me into his arms. “I forgot how beautiful you are.”, he said, pushing my chin up.

Sirius changed a lot. He became much older. His hair had many grey  parts and his eyes weren’t as shiny as they were back in the old days but to me he still was the most beautiful man. I ran my fingers over his cheek.

Sirius view

She was more beautiful than I remembered. No she was not only beautiful but stunning! I pulled her closer and felt my heart racing. My hand stroked through her hair. “ You know what? There is something I always wanted to do.”, I said lifting her chin again. And then after fifteen long years I placed my lips on hers. Softly and caring, trying to put all my feelings in this kiss. I had waited much too long for this moment.  And as it seemed she waited for it as well. She pushed herself towards me. Kissing me with passion. She bit my lip and made me moan a little bit. It made me want more of here. Yes she was still Remus younger sister and she was still the girl I wouldn’t want to hurt. But she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She could decide on her own if she wanted to do it or not.

I pulled her with me to my bed. She made me forget all the things laying in my past. She was the reason to life for. She was the reason why I made it through Azkaban. She wrapped her legs around my waist when I laid her on the sheets of my bed. She pulled me closer, making me moan again. Her body was perfection and now I was finally allowed to run my hands over it. “You are perfect you know that?”, I asked between the kisses looking at her. She smiled. My lips made their way down her neck. I couldn’t wait any longer. I started to pull off her clothes. Her hands pulled my hair softly while I left kiss marks all over her soft skin.

My lips found her bottom lips and I started to slowly kiss her. Now it was her part to moan. “Sirius.”, was the only word coming over her lips now. My hands lay soft on her hips, pushing her down to the bed while making her feel all the love I felt for her. “Sirius.”, my name dropped from her lips like the most beautiful thing in the world. “I want you.”, she snarled. And I looked up to her. Her look was filled with lust and passion. She wanted me and I wanted her. I pulled myself up on her. “You really want that?”, I asked and she nodded “I never wanted anything more than this.”, she answered.

Slowly I pushed myself into her making us both moan in pleasure. She felt amazing. “Oh god Y/N!”, I groaned. Pushing me deeper into her. I slowly made my pace become faster while her fingernails were running all over my back. The scratch marks would make a nice memory of this perfect moment with this perfect woman. I started to take her harder until I couldn’t take that feeling any longer. I was so close to my climax looking deep into her eyes. “You are beautiful.”, I said pushing me inside her. She seemed to be pretty close to her end as well when she just looked back at me. I felt the climax coming and there was only one thing I wanted to say. “I love you Y/N.”, I said moaning. She was laying underneath me. She even looked more beautiful when she climaxes. Her body was aching and that was all because of me.

“What did you say?”, she asked. Curling herself up next to me under the blanket “I love you.”, I said smiling, kissing her forehead. When suddenly the door of my room opened. “Y/N? Wow! Couldn’t you put a sock to your door knob like you used to back in the old days?”, Remus said “And hey break my sisters heart and I’m going to break your bones.”, he said winking at Y/N. “I won’t hurt my sweetie.”, I answered smiling.   

I hope you like it anon :)

Preference 1. You're their stylist
  • Ashton: "Hey (Y/N)" He said with a smile. "Hello, Ashton, how are you?". "I'm good, thanks" he replied with a little blush. "Great, let's start with your hair yeah?" You said. You worked for 5 Seconds of Summer as their make-up artist and totally loved your job, they were all great guys and you were doing what you loved. As you were doing Ashton's hair you spotted Luke doing some kind of signs to Ashton and you saw him respond with what looked like a 'shut up', but Luke stayed there, obviously none of them noticing that you were watching. "Uh, hey, (Y/N)" Ashton suddenly said, making Luke smile like a fool. "Yeah?". "Umm, I was wondering, if maybe, like, uh... I mean, what are you doing after we finish filming, are you buzzy or something?" You smiled at him, he was definitely nervous and you were starting to understand why. "Nothing, really. Why do ask?". "Oh, well, I was just, um... just for nothing, but uh now that I think about it if you... err... are free, well don't have nothing to do either, soo.. um... uh, I...err-". "Yes, Ashton would love to go out with you" you cut him off. "Oh, that's great" he said a bit too loud. "I mean, it's cool, yeah, cool, mhm...".
  • Calum: You and Calum became friends in high-school and even though you rarely put make up on you've always loved doing another people's make up and hair, so that's how you got a job in 5 Seconds of Summer. "I'm so, so, sooo sorry" You said as you arrived to work late, again. "What about?" Calum said, a bit confused. "I know I'm late I just had to stay up all night studying for a test and I fell asleep and there was so much traffic in the whole city, I know I've been doing this lately but I just-". "(Y/N)" he cut you off. "Huh?" "(Y/N) you're literally 13 minutes late, it's fine, no one's gonna die, it's ok" you let out a sigh, you were exhausted. "Hey, come here" he said, opening his arms. You just go and hug him, letting all out, all the stress you've been accumulating since you started your exams at uni. "Now, every thing all right" You just nodded. "Come one, I wanna see a smile... there it is. Now, what do you think about this, let's get to work and then we'll go hang out. Just the two of us, my place, pizza and Disney movies" Now, you were really smiling "That sound awesome, thank you so much Calum". "Whenever" You really were lucky to have a friend like him.
  • Luke: "Oh my god, LUCAS!!!" you instantly screamed as you saw him getting in the room with a scared face, obviously he knew what was coming for him. “LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS you are soooo dead!!!” by know your eyes were about to pop out of your head. “You hair” You said out of breath. “I’m so sorry, yesterday I was with the guys and it was a dare and the scissors slipped and too much went off and I thought of going to cut my hair somewhere but but but I know what is best so I kept it like that so you, being the most amazing person in the whole world, could please fix it” He said bit too fast. “Your hair” You just replied again, you were shocked. “You look like you’ve been shaved by a 5 year old!!!”. “I just-”. “Shut up!! Just, shut up” You cut him off “Oh god, I’m going to cry”. “Want a hug?” He said with a little hope and you glared at him. “Hey, let me make it up to you” He said. “What do you say about going to the movies after, my treat”. “I guess that could” You said. “Oh god, the things I do for you guys”
  • Michael: “Hey, babe, wake up. You’ve got work” Michael woke you up. “What?” You said, still a bit confused. “The photo shoot, it’s today, remember?” He said. “Oh, yeah yeah, of course, I’ll be up in a minute” You said, still trying to wake up. “Yeah, well there kind of isn’t a minute” He said in a rush. “What do you mean?” You turned your head up. “Well I kind of, maybe, fell asleep, and we’re a tiny bit late, we have about 7 minutes to get there”. “CLIFFORD!!!!” You screamed, getting up immediately, already walking to the door while you put on the fist thing in sight. “We’re gonna be soooo late, it’s like a 20 minute ride to the studio, Michael”. “I forgot to put the alarm clock yesterday, I’m sorry, you know that happens to me” He tried to defend himself but stopped when he saw how you were looking at him. “I’m sorry, but, I love you, you know”.