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hey! so recently i reached my first thousand of followers (yay, thank you!) and also changed my url from romanticallyfearless to isntcools and thought it would be cool to make a follow forever to celebrate and show you guys how i appreciate you cuties a lot :)
all of you make my dash and my days brighter! here are my favorite blogs/people! thanks for everything

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anonymous asked:

Hey! do you know any harry blogs i should follow, my dash is like dead

Helloooo sweet biscuit 💕🌸💗🌺💓 OK, so! I have a lot of amazing Harry blogs, and I tried to narrow the list down so that I wouldn’t overwhelmed you but I failed lmao I already know I’ve missed someone for sure because 1) tumblr doesn’t show me the blogs in alphabetical order anymore because it hates us, clearly and 2) so many people are changing their urls and I don’t know y'all anymore ajsjajsk So, I’m really super sorry in advance and without further babbling:

@17blk // @namelesslondon // @thiscakeisbaked // @stylesunchained // @hs-1dfan // @theepinkalbum // @mesmerizedbystyles // @duckinthestudio // @harrypositivity // @edwardstyles // @daintyharru // @lostjams // @stylishmuser

@soloharrysaved2017 // @intoyouharry // @fromthediningtable // @harrysfalsettos // @amongstthestars // @maythestylebewithyou // @madesmeyourown // @blankspace17 // @oscarsforharry // @nialilouarry 

@greeneyesharry // @harrysgentlesoul // @valentinehes // @haroldslovekitten // @itisnotrick // @dimpledharry // @extravirgo // @hazoffstyles // @hampsteadharry // @harrehmadness // @johnlennon-harrystyles 

@butterflytattoohaz // @hotsauceharry // @ridinholo // @clairdeloune // @magic-view // @midstea // @turntogreen // @venusharrie // @harryhateblog // @yeshaddy // @harraystyless // @harrythesun // @kale-child // @gayanqel 

@adorkablehazza // @whoopsharrystyles // @heypopstar // @lookformyownparadise // @paintednailsandsoftdetails // @namelesspops // @fairylightsstyles // @lollipop-popsx // @ohharryhoney // @accidentalharrie 

@lordendsavior //  @slytherinharry // @androgynoustyles // @harryandlana // @iwillsingwithyou // @aqua-harry // @harrydaze // @newyearstillme // @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 // @tinysilverbird // @styles2017 

@matilda-breeze // @seriousactorharry // @tigerthightat // @lithographarry // @astrologyhoeharry // @enoughfromyou // @snlgryles // @harrystylesgotmefuckedup // @causeitsweird // @tweedygal

@elzaishere4harry // @deepseaharry // @stylesonly // @rocketmommy // @tsevers // @ziall // @harrystylesalbum // @sillydreamstar // @louissgoldchain // @harrycherub // @teamlouistommo // @habibharry // @hughaz 

@kenbutnobarbie // @harryfeatlouis // @deserthearts // @savage-styles // @hazzwatch // @dichotomyofideas // @aintreallygood // @harryshippudge // @ithadmefromhello // @oflostandbrokenhearts // @dunkirks // @bumpngryles

@harryisiconic // @harrysimpact // @harrysoutar-styles // @happyforreal // @lovedandinlove1d // @dawniestyles // @heart-attack-harry // @bitoflovehate // @golfharry // @hardystyls // @styloff // @kiwistyles // @theharrystyleseffect

@harryisclever // @stylesinthewild // @scrufflecake // @harryslittlepumpkin // @stockholmsstyles // @growgardens // @harrysmeadow // @stylininmi // @packersbeanie // @rosyharry // @truelovealwayshurts // @harrysayingnympho

@frog-son // @harryslovelylocks // @warriormum // @softheartedstranger // @lepetitcomte // @hesgoingholo // @theflaresnotthere // @cheshirepuddin // @harktheharold // @robotharru // @harryistyles // @helladonut // @ifeelitcomingfeatdaftpunk // @imsorryimaharrie // @harryispink 

@fuzzypurplestuff // @thereignofsoloharry // @vinoharry // @icedcoffeeharry // @frontiercity // @fleetwoodharry // @harrysalbums // @verifiedharrie // @harrsys // @horsensharry // @toasttostyles // // @spaceziall // @pinhazpple 

Aaaand of course, the update accounts @thedailystyles @theharrydaily @harrystylesdaily

OK SO!!!!!! This turned into a follow forever basically because I don’t know how to do simple short recs, I’m sorry. One thing I know for sure is that your dash won’t be dead anymore lol Have a great day everyone <3

Blog Appreciation Post 1K

Guys I reached 1k. 1000 people are following me, like it’s a dream right? When I first started this blog, I had no idea such amazing people like you would end up liking my stuff and follow me. You are all awesome; it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. And to celebrate it, I’m gonna do a blog appreciation thing, in which I’ll thank everyone that helped me in some point in my life, for the writing and for personal stuff I’ve been through. Writing in English and posting my stuff on Tumblr was a dream months ago, but now it’s a reality and I can’t be happier.

(There’s a lot of people. Maybe there are people I’m forgetting and I’m super sorry, but I really tried thanking everybody. I wish I could talk with single one of you but I’m so shy and awkward!)

Also thanks to all my followers. The shy ones like the active one. I wouldn’t be there without you, all of you. If your name is not listed don’t worry, I still love you! I love all of you!

Blogs-I-kinda-stalked-because-I’m-such-a fan-of-their-writing-that-inspired-me-and-gave-me-courage-to-post-my-writing-on-my-blog-as-well:

@writing-obrien : Your writing is book level. When I read your work, I need to reread a sentence more than once to understand every word. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s so well written I need to read slower to taste every word. And damn your smuts are hella tasty.

@sincerelystiles: Your passion for your favorite characters is amazing. You seem like a calm and sweet person, and I can’t get enough of your writing. So soft and sweet and well done. You’re amazing.

@mf-despair-queen: You’re like the queen of smut. A lot of writers are beasts at smut but I don’t know yours seems to be the best? Like I feel hot every time I read one of your work? You are amazing and so sweet.

@ninja-stiles: 1. Your works are amazing. 2. You’re so kind and sweet I wanna be your friend and talk with you but I’m too shy! You are the best and I can’t wait to read more from you.

@make-me-imagine: Even if I only discovered your blog not long ago, I really admire you. You write for so many fandoms and you’re so productive, your stories are amazing and I am always so happy to read any new piece of work you post. You are awesome and an inspiration to keep going!

@minhosmeanhoe: You’re like so good I can’t find the courage to send you a message! You’re like an inspiration and I can’t thank you enough. Your writing is an inspiration. It lives.

@were-cheetah-stiles: Okay, it’s a shame, I’m still not done reading your series. I want to have full time to concentrate on your amazing series, the one with the vampires and the one with Mitch. I want to taste every word! You are so talented and also inspired me a lot!! (and you’re the funniest XD)

@stilinski-jpeg: I once told you by anon you were amazing and awesome at writing. Actually I told you more than once but only by anon because I’m too shy damn XD… well here I am, anon love squad supporting writers forever.

@dumbass-stilinski: I participated to your contest and didn’t win, but it really doesn’t bother me. I had so much fun writing for you, it was an honor to write something for you. You’re so sweet and talented, I had to express my gratitude trough that fic. You are truly an inspiration for me.

@sarcxstic-stilinski: You are the sweetest. The funniest. The person I wish I could talk with all day long but I’m too shy for. You are the absolute kindest and your writing really looks like you. They’re the best.

@fillthevoid-stilinski: I love all of you. Nine to Five was the first series I really enjoyed, the first I asked to be tag in and the first I wanted to read more and more about. Your other stories are amazing as well, a real work of art. You truly are an inspiration.

@sarcasticallystilinski: You are the strongest. I message you about it, when you came back after a while, how much your strength inspired me. You gave me strength when I really needed it, without even knowing it. And above all your writing is the best. Wonderful, true, sentimental,  I can’t stop reading your works, you’re so talented.

@sassysweetstories: The first time I have read one of your stories, I was only amazed by your talent. It was so constructive and well done, I wanted to be as good as you. And kind like you.  You are so patient and talented.

@iliketoimaginestuff: When I started my blog, you were the second person I asked a request too. In that time, you were not at your best and you were worried about your writing. I didn’t know about it, because I found your writings more than amazing. I was amazed and only wanted to read more, that’s why I sent you a request. And it was just as amazing. You two was an inspiration for me at the beginning of my blog and you still are.

@teenwolfimagines101: You are litteraly the first blog I sent a request. I was new on tumblr, I didn’t know how it worked and I saw your blog. It was the beginning of my passion for writing. I sent request to a lot of blogs (most listed in this post) but you were the first. You started my passion, and thank you for that.

@fullmoonimagines: I’m so fan of your writing. Like too much fan. You always succeed to make the story so alive and full of sparkles. You’re so awesome, like keep up the good work!

@teen0wolf0imagines: Your love for Derek is life. That’s the first thing I think of when I see your username. Then I remember how devoted and talented you are and I just smile while reading your fics.

@just-jordie-things: You are so precious. I also discovered more of your blog only recently, sadly. Because damn you’re so talented? Like really? I love your writing so much and you seem like a really funny and adorable person. I wish I could talk with you!!

@stilinskiimagines: I also discovered your blog only recently, but I really love your writing. It’s unique, special, and I can’t stop being amazed by everything you write, especially three for one deal. You’re also an inspiration for me!

@dylanholyhellobrien: At first I discovered you with your amazing gifs. Then I first read one of your works in dumbass-stilinski contest. And let me say it was just amazing. You’re a lovely person and a truly inspiration. Please post more of your writings because they’re excellent!!

@rememberstilinski: You’re so precious like your writing? It’s gold, it’s pure, it’s refreshing, and it’s everything! And I plan to read everything’s that in your masterlist because hell it’s awesome.

@maddie110201: You belong to both categories. When I was searching for a kind soul to help me with my writing, I was far from expecting someone like you answering with a big yes. My favorite story of you is the one with Stuart, like I died inside? Like you’re so talented and funny? Like you’re a life savior? I also love every other fic your wrote. And I love you the most.


@maddie110201: So, like I said, you belong to both categories. You are the nicest and the most patient person I met, always there for me, always up to help with my fics, I love talking with you about everything, you’re like the friend I always dreamed of having. I wish we could meet in real life someday. I love you so much.

@fxrnwxhx: You and your questions I like so much to answer! Like seriously, it’s the best way to know each other and to talk! It makes me feel comfortable, you are so nice and sweet!! Don’t forget Canada when you’ll go visit the world, I wanna see you!!

@5sospoplikerock: Youuuuu are so kind. Like super mega kind. Another awesome follower and friend. I love you because you always make me smile and always leave a comment on We don’t believe what’s on Tv. Never stop being so awesome!

@xcastawayherosx: You. You send me a huge and sentimental message when I was feeling low. I was really touched; it was so nice of you. And then you never cease to make me smile with your feedbacks. You are super kind, I love you.

@banshee23122015: You were also one of the first to message me. One of the kindest that never let me down, always there. And so human. You care and ask me often how I feel. You are the absolute sweetest.

@forevermieczyslaw: If I remembered, we started talking because we were both some lonely and awkward people that didn’t know what to say? XD Even if we don’t talk a lot, I love the chats we have. I feel understood. Thank you!

@jashin-dragon: Okay I can’t tag you but I’ll notice you myself about it. Gaby, my friend since god knows when, you always been there for me. You cheered me up even when I was just complaining. You’re awesome and I love you.

@firefang96: You and jashin-dragon were the first to kick my butt and encourage me to follow that dream, writing in English and post my stuff on tumblr. I had no confidence in myself, but you gave me and you helped me in ways you don’t know. Thank you, I love you.

@marbles-main: The first time you send a message to me, it was to say you admire me. You were the first person to tell me that and I just smiles, because usually I’m the one admiring people and now someone was admiring me? It was super sweet. You are super sweet. Always follow your dream, look where I am now!

@levitateanxiety: You’re literally the first person I actually talked with, more than just one hour. We talk often, not every day, but it’s awesome all the same. You are an awesome bean and I love you!

@megajules3: Hey you! C’est toujours un plaisir d’avoir des conversations avec toi. Talking French with someone is always nice, especially when the person is awesome like you!

@mca-attack21: You send me a message once, but a message so beautiful I couldn’t stop staring at it. It was a short but so amazing message that helped me getting better. You’re a ray of sunshine, and I would love to talk more with you !

@hufflepuff-and-feminist: (You changed you url I was looking for you XD) Ah, you. The person who sends me tons of hearts, we literally have a conversation of hearts XD I love you!!!

@reganf: Hey, another awesome follower here, you’re always super nice with me and your feedbacks always appreciated! You’re super awesome!

@kwien-cee: YOU!!!! You are my most and kindest follower and fan of We don’t believe what’s on TV! You’ve been there since chapter one, always there to cheer me up with big and nice feedbacks! You deserve so much more than just this message, thank you so much!!

@standalls: Even if I haven’t heard of you for so long, I needed to put you on that list. You were one of the first and most active follower I had, commenting on each chapter of we don’t believe what’s on TV. I hope you’re doing well and that you’ll come back soon!

@quit-it-stilinski: You cute little cinnamon roll who gently gives feedbacks, I love you ;)

@apollogirl13: You, I love you. We should talk, you seem like an amazing person and you never cease to make me smile every time I got a notification from you, tagging me in such sweet post. Always makes me smile!

@dylan-trash-tbh: You! You mysterious person that is everywhere, active on the things I wrote and reblog, writing like a boss!! You are the little bee, the cute and only bee I’m not afraid of, I would love to talk with you as well! (I didn’t in which category to put you in lol)

@thiscuriouslymiss: When I reblogged a post about suicide, you messaged me for the first time to ask me if I was okay. You didn’t have to, but you did and it was very kind of you. I love you forever. And also thanks for all the feedbacks!

@peculiarpotterhead04: You’re one of the people I wish I could be friend in real life. Attend the same school, do pyjama parties together. You’re like the friend I never had, like the sibling I wish I had. I really love you.

@misha-is-a-ray-of-sunshine: You messaged me when I wasn’t feeling well. And it was super kind because you didn’t have to and it helped me. Not only Misha is a ray of sunshine, you are as well.

@redstringlovers: I only started talking with you recently, but you are very funny and I love to talk with you. Plus you are a super kind person! Why didn’t I meet you sooner? You’re cool!

Hey! So I hit 2,000 followers the other day!! What the fuckkkkk??? Ty all so much aaa!! 💞
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Okay guys, it’s been less than 6 months since my shenanigans started rolling onto your dashes and now 400 of you want to see my shit apparently. I don’t know what to say at this point, usually there’s a point where the flow of followers kinda just starts to stop coming, but you guys just keep coming. I can’t thank all my partners enough for coming and wanting to write with me even when I’m slow as hell and even those who just want to read my stuff, thanks for the support!

As usual I’m putting it under a cut because it gets LOOOOOOONG. If I forget one of you it’s not on purpose, i love you too. 

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Imagine your having a normal time on tunglr. Your just scrolling through your dash normally when all of a sudden you see a promo post that one of your trusted mutuals reblogged. Normally you wouldnt pay much attention except… this promo post was different. It had an icon of anime Donald Trump and it was written by someone with the url StarqazerTrumps. It reads “Hey losers! My name is Doni and I just remade! Can I get a promo? Read my BYF or you’ll be blocked!”Curiously you click on the blog and head to their links. You click on the BYF and this is what it reads:

“Hi! Im Doni and Im kin with Donald Trump. I know hes an abuser but in my canon I had emotional issues and Im not kin with Donald himself, like factkin or w/e. Im kin with him in the movie portrayal! Dont follow fakes! Tnx!”

You sit down shocked. You know hamilton kin exist but… Donald Trump kin? Really? You never thought it could happen. You check all over tumblr search and ask your friends to see if its fake, it just has to be! But after hours and hours of research you finally realize that no. This isnt some prank. This person is real and is actually kin with Donald Trump. After debating in your mind you slowly hover over the “follow” button. A single tear rolls down your cheek.

You click “follow”

alphacentauriiswatchingyou  asked:

Hey sorry to bother you, but do you have any recommendations regarding which doctor who blogs to follow? I know someone asked you this before but the only post I could find was pretty old so most of the urls don't exist anymore.

Sure! @abossycontrolfreak @borntosavethedoctor @evilqueenofgallifrey @scriptscribbles @clarabosswald @whifferdills @joscribbles @haruspis @impossiblyeclecticduck @resting-meme-face @sarah531 @lyricwritesprose @orelseatlastsheunderstoodit @transjeanluc (although I don’t think he has watched the last series yet) @drmottershead @oimatchstickman @thenotoriousscuttlecliff @samesonic-differentdoctor @riveralwaysknew @taiey @ampersands-and-guitars @the-lazy-cat-bakes-souffles @the-last-teabender @doctorwhodowntimeblog @big-finish-sketches @fuckyeahdoctorwhosidecharacters

Also, @timeladv @doctorwhogeneration @lonelygodinthetardis @timeladv @clarraoswald and @doctorwhoblog for lots of pretty pictures.

anonymous asked:

Hey. I've had issues with someone called watchinboi on here. Messaged me asking to do things on cam with him. Checked who he follows and he follows you. Clearly he's preying on lesbians. If you could block him that would be awesome.

Thanks for letting me know. I’m happy to block people who cause problems. The url you provided has no content, so it seems suspicious enough for me to go ahead and block it. Unfortunately, blocking someone on tumblr doesn’t do a lot. Please be safe out there girls. 

Hey guys!

There’s a rumour going around today that Dan and I are being ‘targeted by hackers’ online and lots of our followers are being sent anon hate in their ask boxes - this is just a rumour someone started, nobody is attacking us in any way (don’t worry) but lots of people are saying they are getting mean messages!

As it’s unlikely a stranger would know your blog’s url, anyone sending you hate is most likely one of your own followers or someone you know. If you are getting mean messages you should go to your settings and turn off 'allow anonymous questions’. We both think that no one should really have anonymous questions enabled on tumblr or other question websites at all! 

Make sure to block/report any users who send you harassing messages and if someone ever seriously threatens you, take screenshots of any evidence and consider telling a parent, emailing abuse@tumblr.com (as they can track the IP address of anons) or contact the police! It’s best not to spread rumours/worry people about something that isn’t true but we appreciate anyone who expressed concern for us.

Hope you’re having a nice evening! ^_^

ace discourse drinking game: take a shot every time someone goes “hey i know you might not be aware but this inclusionist is doing something really bad and they will likely listen to you more, or at the very least people who follow you can know to stay away from them” and an inclusionist goes “uhm ive never seen their url before how is this MY problem??? i should only have to call out people i personally know lmao” 

hey, it’s charles-formerly-coquelicot i decided to remake again but someone immediately snatched my old lovely url somehow so yes i am crying but also good morning and please re-follow me back thank you and i love you.

monstersunderyourbed  asked:

hey congrats on your followers! 🌙what's your favourite malec scene?

thank you!! and that’s such a hard question omg… uhh probably when alec gets magnus the omamori and magnus is so happy?? so pure and then when he tells maia he thinks it’s from someone special like that’s just great omg. that and when they said i love you for the first time :))

URL: i don’t get it || cute || awesome! || so jealous || ALEC LIGHTWOOD
ICON: not my fandom || cute || awesome! || literally amazing || JACE HERONDALE
DESKTOP THEME: kinda confusing || cute || awesome! || amazinggg omg || MAGNUS BANE
MOBILE THEME: okay || cute || awesome! || perfection || SIMON LEWIS
POSTS: okay || cute || awesome! || gorgeous || ISABELLE LIGHTWOOD
OVERALL: great blog || literally blog goals || im jealous omg || CLARY FRAY
FOLLOWING: no, love you though!! || i’m so glad i am now :) || yep || mutuals forever
EXTRA COMMENT: i love your desktop theme a lot!! and your gifs are super pretty + you seem really nice :)

want one?

soulsister92-deactivated2015060  asked:

hey! do u know of any other African American/Black witches i can follow on here?

This what I got:


If I forgot someone please add yourself to the replies. I just have a hard time remember how ppl identify plus changing urls/names.

Hey guys! You’re fellow meme here that can’t do pretty edits so resorts to crap memes and jokes. I am so sorry for being dumb, but I have hit 420 followers which is more than I ever thought possible for someone like me! Thank you guys so much! I know this is dumb, but I am surprised that I haven’t seen this joke done before. Anyways I have so many favorites and I wanted to make sure my favorite writers also got recognition, so here come tags! (Also if you don’t recognize my new URL, I was previously taeseyesnoiselips) 

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anonymous asked:

hey what's plebcomics? like what happened? I tried to look them up in the tag but it was people making fun of it/them?

so there’s this 27 yr old woman called abby nugent and she makes comics here on tumblr. her url is/was plebcomics. i dont know if they were ever funny or creative but somehow she got a following on here and her anti-sj comics have gone fairly viral.

basically what she does is attack a strawman in comic form and bronies and anti feminists LOVE to eat that shit up…

so people started joking about “oh someone should dox pleb and get her fired from her job because she’s a grown woman who bullies children on the internet in her spare time” and someone actually tried to but they leaked the wrong information. pleb sees, and what does she do? she posts correct links to her social media profiles along with her place of work and their number and dared people to call them. you read that correctly, pleb doxxed herself. so people email and call her job about the offensive comics she’s made to target and bully people and she gets fired. according to her, it was because she posted her work number in an unprofessional manner although im fairly certain the comics had something to do with it. now she’s yammering about how sjws “doxxed” her when she posted her own information

and to add insult to injury, someone hacked her blog and deleted it (although she got her url back so who knows, she probably “hacked” herself too) and now shes sad because she lost 11,000 followers :( poor pleb :( but im fairly certain her comic drawing days are coming to a close

So apparently spammy porn blogs follow your blog to trick search engines to get more traffic to their actual porn site. The search engine sees that this spammy porn blog liked one of your posts and sees that your blog is an actual nonspam/bot blog so “hey this spammy porn blog must be real too, let’s move it up a page in search results!” They are using you for traffic and simply by liking one of your posts, their blog could come up if someone searches your url in a search engine. Just in case anyone was wondering…

anonymous asked:

do have any tips on how to get more followers?

  • Try to make your blog really nice, not just another blog on tumblr, make it unique
  • Post about your life, your troubles, your every day activities because weather or not you have 500 followers or 50k followers people will read your posts and they will message you and talk to you.
  • Having active followers is ALOT more better than having thousands of followers, because if you have less followers but they actually talk to you, answer your questions, ask you advice and what not, tumblr wont be so boring as if you had like 100k and NOONE messaged you, NOONE talked to you, NOONE asked for advice, the only thing someone would ask you is for a promo.
  • Have a nice theme on your blog, having a good,clean,cute theme will usually get someone to follow you. if u need themes click this - http://acidicmoons.tumblr.com/themes 
  • MESSAGE PEOPLE YOU FOLLOW. Talk to them! Make friends! Make them happy! Message someone who is not having the best day, try to cheer them up!
  • FOUND A BLOG THAT YOU’RE BASICALLY OBSESSED WITH? LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR BLOG AND THEIR POSTS? go on their blog and put by their URL, /blogroll ! if that works you can be able to follow the people they follow! 
  • participate in promos you see on your dash, like group promos, likes, etc because who knows you could win them and gain some followers!
  • if your followers are active enough you can start to do your OWN PROMOS. IF YOU START DOING PROMOS PLEASE DO NOT DO LIKE 10-20 A DAY BECAUSE PEOPLE DO GET DELETED BECAUSE OF PROMOS.
  • make friends!!!! try to join promo groups!!!! post your own pictures/quotes because you can gain from those as well!!!!
  • i think this is enough on this topic, hope u gain from my tips :-) x


i’ve had my blog since 2011, i use to use tumblrplug.com a lot to gain in late 2011, early 2012.

I gained 20k on my own, without promos or promo groups or anything

I was a lot of blog types and I would gain from them, I was hipster, quality, personal, boho, fashion, pale, glow and now personal/boho/fashion

When i hit 27k i joined a promo group and which i gained 80k in 7 months

I havent done a promo since i hit 100k. I now have 180k and now i just blog.

I joined a lot of networks/promo groups in 2012 and thats how i would gain

Hey guys ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ A few days ago I reached 1k and I still can’t believe it. I never thought I would even get 10 followers because who would follow such a messy blog? ಥ‿ಥ Anyway I wanted to thank all my followers and the people I follow. Thank you for making my dash beautiful every day! <3
If I forgot someone or if your name isn’t on the graphic it doesn’t mean I don’t like you, you are all very important to me! (*^▽^*) Also if I’ve spelled your url wrong please tell me and I fix it right away! ^^


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