hey i finished a drama!!!

Law in Korean~

Hey everyone! I just finished watching a drama called Remember (리맴버) and I actually learned a lot of new words pertaining to law in Korean that I hadn’t known if before so I decided to share it here with you guys!

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

법 (beob) law
법정 (beob jeong) court room
판사 (pan sa) judge
재판 (jae pan) trial
검사 (geom sa) prosecutor
변호사 (byeon ho sa) attorney
증인 (jeung in) witness
피고인 (pi go in) defendant
항소 (hang so) appeal
배심 (bae shim) jury
평결 (pyeong gyeol) verdict/sentencing

Hope this helps and happy studying!~

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Hey I just finished TCaTF series. I was wondering if you have any recommendations on what to play next?

What haven’t you played? Personally, ES, although wild, has a great plot like TC&TF and very interesting characters. They are all unique and have their own stories. Unlike some of the romance books, you can really see how pure their friendship is. By the 2nd book, if not sooner, you genuinely start rooting for them.

ILITW is also shaping up to be a similar book, but set in horror.

Short Valentine's Day Imagine. (Yongguk)

It was Valentine’s Day and you were home with your jammies on and a bunch of snacks ready to watch your drama.

“Am I the only one that ship Eun-Sang and Young-Do together?”

You thought to yourself while you stuffed a piece of chocolate in your mouth and stared intensely to your TV.

Your phone had vibrated and it was a text from your boyfriend Yongguk.”

“Jagiyaaa, what are you doing? I’m coming home late tonight so you don’t have to wait for me to eat dinner.”

“Okay, get home safely and don’t stress yourself out too much! Love you.”

“I won’t! Love you more. :)“

Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays you and Yongguk don’t really celebrate because of the hectic schedule you both have. You were already use of being alone on this day and just eating snacks and enjoying your drama were you daily routine for this holiday.

-Knock Knock-

“What? It’ can be Yongguk, he usually gets home in an hour or two.. Who could it be?”

You went to the door and looked through the peeped hole and it was the door man from downstairs.

“Oh, hello sir how can I help you?”

“Sorry to bother you Miss ___ I know it’s late but there’s a package for you downstairs.”

“What? A package this late?”

“Yes and the person want you to go downstairs and to sign the paper.”

“Um okay thank you.”

“Oh yeah I forgot to tell you the elevator is down so you would have to use the stairs.”

“WHATTT?! That’s like 4 floors down!”

“I know ma’am I was tired coming up here too.”

“Ugh okay, you can go down first I’ll meet you there later.”

You went inside to grab a pair of shoes and walk to the stairway.

“Ugh I have to walk down 4 flo-“

Your eyes widened as you open the doorway to the stairway. The stairs was decorated with rose petals and on the wall had a post it on it and you took it and read it

“Hey remember how we first met? You were at my fansign I remember you the most out of all people because you fainted while you shook my hand haha! - Yongguk”

“Omg, why would he bring this up? That day was so embarrassing!”

You went down another level and it had another post it on it.

“Haha, you have two more floors to go! It’s okay baby I know you can do it, you’re a strong girl. Fighting.~”

You laughed and went down another floor.

“Hey are you tired yet? I‘m getting kind of sleepy can you hurry up? Jk, take your time I’m waiting for you.”

Finally you had reached the last floor.

“Finallyyy, you made it. Yay~ Anyways I just wanted to let you know that you are the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world!” You opened the door to the lobby and notice no one was there but the door man.


“Oh hello Miss ___” follow me.”

He leads you outside and walks you to the nearby park where the walk way was decorated with lights and little hearts.

“Just follow the pathway and you’ll see something nice.”

“Thanks, I’ll give you a big tip later.”

He laughs and walks back to the apartment.

You follow the pathway and you finally reached the end.  You see a blanket and a picnic basket lying on the grass and you could see the back of Yongguk and you stood there smiling.

“I’m here.”

Yongguk turned around with a bouquet of roses in his hands and slowly walked up to you.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby, I know that we don’t really celebrate this holiday as much but since this is the first I wanted to make it special for you.”

You smiled even harder and gave Yongguk a hug.

“Yongguk, being with you is already special. Thank you, but why did you make me come out like this? Look I’m still in my pajamas!”

Yongguk  smiles and leans in gives you a passionate kiss on the lips.

“I like it when you look like this you’re prettier this way.”

The two of you had your little picnic together and watched the stars in the night sky.

“Hey oppa.”


“I still didn’t finish my drama can we go back and go watch it?”

He laughs as he kisses you on the forehead.


You guys arrived back safely to your apartment and both of you were in your pajamas lying in bed watching the drama.

“I’m still mad she ended up with Kim Tan! My poor Young-Do!”

Yongguk laughs as he kisses you on the cheeks.

“You’re so cute.”

“Oppa, do you want to be my Kim Tan?”



“Because I’m your Bang Yongguk.”

“LOL, you’re so cute.”

You give him a kiss on the cheek and lay your head on his chest.

“I love you Yongguk.”

“I love you more ___” Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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au where katsuie joins the date clan

and masamune shows him how to ride his horse the *proper* way

“cross your arms like this”

“no date-shi that’s dangerous”

“it’s super cool! cross your arms! yeah ha!! i’m a happy!”

“date-shi that is very dangerous please unfold your arm-”


now imagine an au where katsuie is wearing an arm sling and kojuro glares at masamune with a stern mom look no his face