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hey uhh.. do you have any tips for people who dont feel like they can do art aka people like me cos. youre a really great artist i thought maybe you could help idk sorry

ooo okay, note i know i’m not a professional but here’s a few little tips i have  that i’ve learnt over a couple of years :0!!

this is going to sound incredibly typical but - practice means a lot, even if its just the simplest of doodles a day, you’re still creating something!! practice with little things if you’re trying to adapt a style - ie: practice different styles of eyes, face/body shapes, etc - don’t limit yourself, just do what feels right ig 

also you wont learn everything in a day, so its a lengthy process!! i’ve spent SO many years doing art, and its only taken until the past month for me to decide “i’m going to finally learn & practice proper anatomy.” after all these years i’m still learning things!! so be open to learning new things every day with art :’) bookmark tons of art tutorials for different things and work with them!! they definitely help, but don’t rely too much on them to get your art career going! after all, your art is YOUR creation, so make it your own yk

also try not to compare yourself to others!! this is one of the most popular setbacks when it comes to art and honestly its just not a good time :/ when you get over that barrier of “i will never be as good as ______” and switch it to “_____ is a huge inspiration to me and i aspire to be as good as them one day!” it honestly helps a lot - it took me a little while to scrap this mindset and since then i’ve felt a lot better about my art (if that makes sense) 

lastly, at the end of the year do art summaries!! they’re incredible to put together imo and its inspiring to look back on and see the improvement over the months :’) i compared my 2014 summary to my 2016 summary and it was very surprising with all the improvement i’ve done!!

btw everyone is capable of doing art i’m sure you’re incredibly talented ♡♡


okay but can we talk about my cute tum for a sec?

my new years revolution was to love myself more and im starting with my tummy. ive always been uncomfortable with it especially due to the scar that runs right across the middle. it can be passed of as a slouch mark but i am still very self conscious about it. im coming to realize that sure i dont have a flat stomach and yeah im not super skinny but hey, my tum is adorable and i love it and all of its little pudges. its not perfect, but its mine, and im not going to be my own bully any longer.