hey i dont have marks okay

170422 nct's night night

jaehyun said in school, his teacher taught him that whenever they wanted to curse, exchange it with nice words instead like saying ‘i love you’, ‘thank you’ and all. so the students that was rly abt to curse goes like, “ah… i love you” then you just lose the feeling of wanting to curse(?)
so johnny was like “we also– ah, we dont curse. so we dont need anything.” jaehyun agreed with a 'that’s right’. then the two of them wont stop laughing between themselves and jaehyun was asking if this is okay (bc i’m pretty sure johnny lied lmao) and johnny’s like “of course it is. we (our team) really dont curse!” then more laughing from them both. boys, pls.


okay but can we talk about my cute tum for a sec?

my new years revolution was to love myself more and im starting with my tummy. ive always been uncomfortable with it especially due to the scar that runs right across the middle. it can be passed of as a slouch mark but i am still very self conscious about it. im coming to realize that sure i dont have a flat stomach and yeah im not super skinny but hey, my tum is adorable and i love it and all of its little pudges. its not perfect, but its mine, and im not going to be my own bully any longer.