hey i didnt use a reference!


(open image in new tab for much better quality)(heads up it’s a pretty big pic)

Since there isn’t a proper reference sheet for Sombra yet, I decided to go and make my own!
Feel free to use for yourself and tell me if you think I messed up on the skin tones/other gradients; I was working with a lot of different lightings and did my best to make it accurate as possible!

two years ago i started reading homestuck and this was the first fanart i drew for it. I hadn’t drawn humans much before and it was a big change for me, but it was what pushed me to start drawing people.

almost six months later, in november 2014, i redrew it and id already made a ton of progress. i unfortunately didnt have time to do a one year milestone redraw, but whatever, theres a 1.5 year gap here??

today i redrew it again to mark two years since i began homestuck. in typical “me” fashion i forgot the arms on the glasses but hey, ive improved a lot. just goes to show what even a couple of years can do! if youre trying to learn to draw i guarantee its not a fast process but its definitely a fun one. just keep trying, use references, look at other peoples’ art for inspiration, keep drawing whatever you want to improve on!