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One of Inktoberwatch prompts was Sombra. I really don’t know (maybe Blizzard will let us know coming weekend).

The Signs as Things Said in my Drama Class Pt. 2

Aries: “You’re dead. You’re fucking dead. All I want you to do, is die. Just die. Dead peOPLE DON’T LAUGH YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD.”

“Alright, just chill–”


Taurus: “So…it’s gay?”

“It’s Shakespeare. When is it not gay?”

Gemini: “Hey Lexi, can I ask you something–ohmygod how did you even get up there?!”

*Lexi looks down from hanging off the banister of a costume loft* “I honestly have no idea.”

Cancer: “Stage management, more like anger management, am I right?”

“Benjamin, I’m going to take my thumb, and I’m going to shove it up your ass. I’m going to shove it so far up your ass that I will have a thumb war with your small intestine.”

Leo: “How’s directing going?”

“Accidentally killed half my cast yesterday.”

“So, we’re on schedule then?”


Virgo: “So Mercutio will enter stage left and…where’s Mercutio?”

*from far off* “I’M TAKING A DUMP.”

“Alright, so Mercutio is taking a dump, and then will enter stage left…”

Libra: “So, are you two, like, dating?

“Well, I don’t know. Technically? We played lesbians and sort of kept at it or whatever, but it could all just be for shits and giggles…? I don’t know, what do you think?

“We literally had sex last night.”

“Oh, yeah.”


Everyone: “Yay!”

Sagittarius: “What if there was, like, a jacket for your legs?”

“Like, pants?”

“No, listen, it would keep your legs warm and covered.”

“So pants.”

“No! It would be on your legs!”

“Pants. You’re describing pants, Eric.”


Capricorn: *practicing pick-up lines* “Hey girl, are you a theatre arts major? Cuz’ I find you attractive but my parents will never approve of you.”

Aquarius: “Like, have sex, but don’t have sex.”


“Lexi, get off the ladder. We’re trying to program lights.”

“Program THIS!”


You had always been told from a young age, that you resembled your grandmother, from way back when. You even held the same style at your workplace - Vintage curls, and beautiful patterned skirts. 

You began to notice a man, who would come into the Diner every so often, sometimes with a blonde. You recognised him as The Winter Solider, a man who had been plastered over the news for a long time. But you had seen him in one of your Grandmother’s Albums. His beautiful eyes, always fixated on you. 

Today, with a little more confidence, you ended up seeing him count out his dollar bills, as the Diner was about to close. You were the last one left, and therefore, expected to lock up. You take a seat, opposite him, seeing his beautiful eyes looking into yours.

Y/N : Hey, it’s Bucky…Right?

Bucky : Yeah. That’s me. Did I do something wrong?

Y/N : No, I just recognised you. You see-

Bucky : You saw me on the News, yeah? You’re scared of me-

Y/N : God no! I mean…I saw you in my Grandmother’s Albums, and…she talked about you-

Bucky : Dotty. Dot. You…You look like her.

Y/N : I get that a lot, Yeah. So…is there anything else you need?

Bucky : Maybe…we could go out sometime? I hear Coffee Dates are what you do now…

Y/N : I’d love to. Thank’s Bucky.

Bucky : It’s okay…Y/N? I like that. It’s cute.


Hey I did something that I don’t regret at all. I was scrolling through Shizuo pics on Pinterest and then it hit me that Shizuo looked a bit like Chat Noir so I edited this :’)
I personally ship Shizaya and this is perfect.


durning and after my battle with anorexia. two years later i’m on the other side the happier side

Today in gaming...

The Dryad (as we’re stuck in a cave, surrounded by hobs): “What are we going to do? They have an army, and we don’t have a Hulk.”
The Wizard: “…hold on, I just had an idea, give me a minute.”

“I hope that you, burn…”

..and then the house went ‘FWOOMP’ with flames because flying paper on fire everywhere :D THAT’LL TEACH HIM!

- also I have no internet so I have to do a whole process to get the art from my laptop to my phone then put it on tumblr and HEY I finished something! +1 I did something in life c: