hey i am so proud of this tbh

Bonjour This is my 100 subscriber... special... ish... video... It... It's just a Lego Batman Batjokes crack vid thats all. Nothin' special tbh. Just lots of...

Hey, guys. I made a thing

Just wanted to let you guys know, in case you’re interested. It’s a Batjokes crack video, which I am very proud of tbh. 


HEY ASSHOLES. I just wanted to stop by, and wish a happy birthday to our favourite ball of fluff, a.k.a Daniel Howell. I’d like to say that I’m real proud of him, for all of the subtle, yet big changes during this past year. I am sure it took a lot of thinking, yet he still managed. SO. IT’S SO CHEESY OML. ACTUALLY, IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE CHEESY Heh, get the reference Anyways. I wish that he spends a nice birthday with whoever he decides to spend it, and I hope he gets all the presents and love in the world, bECAUSE HE DESERVES IT. (P.S: i am posting this at 12am my time, btw, just if you are wondering why i am early lol)

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Wow, I'm so sorry that new welovethebeekeeper attacked you personally. There's nothing wrong with being an antisocial otaku!!!! Screw who says otherwise, I'm pan, I'm autistic, I'm 30, I'm single, I live in my parents basement, and I'm an antisocial otaku and proud!!!!! Keep doing you!!!

Hey sweetheart thanks for your message but really, don’t worry, I think it’s just a child in need of attention.

I personaly won’t stop being a damn otaku cause there’s nothing wrong with it, I’ll never understand why people think when you hit X age you need to stop watching anime/reading manga. So screw them tbh. 

I am glad you are proud of it too Nonny <3 ^^

Tbh, the even though we didn’t win, we still got a huge award! We got Taehyungs smile back! Honestly, his happiness and well being is worth more then an award!

We would have been proud and happy with an award and bts OFC would be super happy! But hey came in second to their faves, and I just am so proud of them! And they know that too!
They won happiness and support tonight, and I think that is the gretest gift!

Im sure all A.R.M.Y’S would agree too?????

150522 Happy birthday EXO’s guardian angel, Suho~! ♥

I am so proud of you my angel ♥ Even though times have been hard for you and EXO, you have still stayed as the same positive and cheerful Kim Junmyeon we all know! Please never change and please know that there will always be people supporting and loving you just the way you are ♥ Thank you for bringing so much happiness and smiles into my life ;; ♥ You are truly a guardian angel ♥