hey i am so proud of this tbh


Dreamer - A Soft!Kiribaku Playlist

Hey y’all I’m back and I know I’ve been making text posts about this playlist endlessly so here it finally is. It’s a v soft v vibey kiribaku playlist. You can listen to it here. I will be posting my angsty Kiribaku playlist shortly as well. And just as a reminder I update all my BNHA and Voltron playlists regularly so make sure to follow me on Spotify if you like my music taste! Art used in my edit is by @qctus please go follow them, they make incredible art and love kiribaku just as much as I do!!!

Tracklist - 27 songs - 1 hr 39 mins

  1. 1. Dreamer (Stripped Down) - Kaptan, Mokita
  2. Bedford Falls - Ford.
  3. All That Gold - Elohim
  4. Vacancy - DUVV
  5. Now & Then - Sjowgren
  6. Your Hand Holding Mine - Yellow Days
  7. Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan
  8. Meteorite (Acoustic) - Years & Years
  9. Can’t Help Falling In Love - Hayley Reinhart
  10. Tonight - Lykke Li
  11. I Wouldn’t Mind - He Is We
  12. Someone To Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  13. Foundation - Years & Years
  14. At All - The Tapes
  15. Technicolor Beat - Oh Wonder
  16. Outside - TENDER
  17. West Savannah - Isaiah Rashad (ft. SZA)
  18. These Days - Wet
  19. Wanna Know - Idealism
  20. Nadir (Acoustic) - TENDER
  21. Falling - Drama Duo
  22. Second Nature - Stalking Gia
  23. Stray - Yellow House
  24. I Dare You - The xx
  25. Low Tide - Drama Duo
  26. Fall to Rise (Acoustic) - Shalom Dubas
  27. Headspace - Thomston

just to preface this if youre proud of coming out this post is in no way supposed to undermine that

uuuh so tbh ive been thinking a lot bc i’ve been at home a lot and honestly? coming out culture is so?? ??? to me because it just perpetuates the idea that being straight and cis is the norm and coming out is just a way of saying HEY I am Not like that but the thing is??? so many people are not cis and/or het. and this kind of action has only been normalised Because everyone is assumed to be cishet and them coming out is supposed to be this moment of utter disbelief and astonishment when really it? doesnt? mean much?? it Shouldn’t mean much but u know we still have ways to go anyway i have to get back to studying i just needed to dump these thoughts somewhere 

Bonjour This is my 100 subscriber... special... ish... video... It... It's just a Lego Batman Batjokes crack vid thats all. Nothin' special tbh. Just lots of...

Hey, guys. I made a thing

Just wanted to let you guys know, in case you’re interested. It’s a Batjokes crack video, which I am very proud of tbh. 

Hey guys! After admiring the studyblr community, I have finally decided to join and introduce myself.

🌟Name: Bella
🌟Age: 18
🌟 Personality: infp, scorpio, and a proud slytherin 🌟I’m going to be a Freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering and maybe Biochemical Engineering

Why I made a studyblr 🌟I’m OBSESSED with stationery 🌟I want to find new ways to be successful in school. Especially note taking because I usually can’t read my own notes. 🌟The studyblr community seems really nice and I want to make new friends

Studyblr inspiration Tbh there are so many but I am only going to name a few @universi-tea @medkip @studyign @studentsandlattes @stvdybuddies @etudiaire

Thanks for reading

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💬 (night city grows or twice the heart? but any is good tbh)

hey sweetie, thank you!! here’s actually a bit i haven’t posted yet of tth!! that i am proud of. hope you enjoy <3


Being with all of them is like something out of a dream. Zayn wakes up on Wednesday expecting something to go wrong, something to turn the air of the morning bloody with conflict and regret. Instead –

Liam cries happy tears Niall presses his starlight smile to, when all of them remember and go to his track meet at 8.15 AM and Harry looks so delighted by Louis’ arm around zir waist, hand in zir front pocket, a beautifully rare and hard won public affection, that Zayn finds himself thinking, if it is a dream let me never wake up.

Only, it feels better than any dream every has, because he gets the in-between bits, he gets the cranky, crabby, mismatched, ill-fitting and hard fought for moments of all of them squeezing into a booth at Maudi’s and sorting all their legs and plates out like that’s just how life is:

Wake up.
Be in love.
Be the best in love you can be.
Your best is enough.
Go to sleep safe.
Dream a dream that isn’t as good as waking.

When he sings in the shower, it feels like its bursting from his chest.

“Hey fuckwit,” Louis calls through the door, banging a few times for good measure.

“Yes darling?” Zayn calls back, grinning so much he nearly chokes.

“Much as I enjoy the serenade, I’d rather enjoy a hot shower so get the fuck out, thanks.” He kicks the door once for good measure.

“First come, first serve,” Zayn sings.

“Zayno,” Louis sings back, “I’m not talking about our bdsm sex life right now.”

And Zayn laughs and laughs and lets himself be in love.

hey no offence but it’ll be November soon, and that’s about when they initially projected the Moana Reo Māori film and soundtrack to come out and tbh, I’m really excited to hear any new developments about this project

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I'm sorry I feel so bad that everyone comes and unloads all their shit onto you shouldn't have to deal with all that when you're struggling yourself but I just feel so alone right now. I dropped out of college and I have no friends Bc of it. I've never been more depressed and I don't have anyone to talk to. I feel horrible and guilty telling my mom how I hate my life and I'm too anxious to go to my therapy appts but all I do is sit at home and hate myself. My chest hurts so bad it's so heavy

hey, it’s okay. sometimes it helps me to focus on something else. i can’t even explain how sorry i am that you’re going through this right now because i understand exactly what it feels like. i know it’s not easy, and i’m genuinely really proud of you for dealing with it day by day. that counts for a lot, and you should try to give yourself some credit for it tbh. not having friends is a really weird and lonely experience that doesn’t get talked about a lot even though pretty much everyone goes through transitional stages where they don’t have any. i need you to know that it doesn’t mean that you’re weird or an outsider or strange. so much of it depends on circumstance and chance and other factors that are simply out of your hands. don’t overthink it and make it more than what it is. and don’t even entertain the idea of blaming yourself, because it’s not your fault. your current situation isn’t permanent and it’s not going to last forever, even if it feels like it will. i know words feel pretty insignificant when everything feels so heavy and difficult, but i need you to know that your worth isn’t determined by how many friends you’ve got or by other people in general. finding golden people that you genuinely vibe with on a deeper level is extremely difficult, but you will meet them over the course of your life and they’ll be so worth the wait. just because it’s not happening right now, doesn’t mean it never will - especially if you make the conscious effort to put yourself out there and to meet new people. it might take time to work up to that, and it’s alright. just take it at your own pace. being by yourself can feel shitty sometimes, but it’s also an opportunity to really get to know who you are. it’s a chance to be your own best friend and to learn to to find acceptance in yourself so you don’t go looking for it in crappy people. turn this into a period of personal growth. 

this isn’t a hopeless situation, and you are not a lost cause. i honestly have so much faith in you and your ability to do what’s right for yourself. you don’t need to feel guilty for having feelings and for being sad. you’re human, and it’s okay to need help and to be vulnerable. everybody is at some point in their lives. i promise there’s no shame in talking to your mum - she would probably prefer it instead of you keeping all of this locked up inside so it just gets worse and worse. when you’re ready, just have a chat with her. you don’t need to go into great detail if you don’t want to. just let her know that you’re not okay and that you need her. you don’t have to go through this alone, love. you don’t have to fight everything by yourself, and you really can’t expect yourself to. all of these negative emotions are just that - emotions. they don’t have any sort of impact on reality unless you allow them to. it’s normal to be anxious about therapy, but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to go to the sessions. i get that it’s so much easier said than done, and i’m not expecting you to just suddenly start going again. but please, please please make the conscious effort to manage and calm your anxious thoughts. there are ways to train your mind, even if it takes a while. i’ll leave a few links that will show you little exercises that really will genuinely help if you do them consistently, which might then enable you to attend therapy when you feel ready to. i’m not sure what you’re scared of, but talking to a therapist is honestly less scary than trying to handle all of this by yourself. they won’t make you say anything you don’t want to say, and they will let you take it at your own pace. what’s the worst thing that can happen if you go? they just want to help you, and they can if you let them. please don’t hold yourself back when you really don’t need to. your mind is building it up to be way more than what it is, when in actuality therapy is one of the key ways to move past what you’re going through. you don’t need to do this to yourself, dude. you don’t need to isolate yourself from the world anymore, okay? i hope you find some peace of mind soon, you deserve it. i’m always here if you ever need someone to talk to or if you just need a friend. message me and i’ll listen :)








Tbh, the even though we didn’t win, we still got a huge award! We got Taehyungs smile back! Honestly, his happiness and well being is worth more then an award!

We would have been proud and happy with an award and bts OFC would be super happy! But hey came in second to their faves, and I just am so proud of them! And they know that too!
They won happiness and support tonight, and I think that is the gretest gift!

Im sure all A.R.M.Y’S would agree too?????

150522 Happy birthday EXO’s guardian angel, Suho~! ♥

I am so proud of you my angel ♥ Even though times have been hard for you and EXO, you have still stayed as the same positive and cheerful Kim Junmyeon we all know! Please never change and please know that there will always be people supporting and loving you just the way you are ♥ Thank you for bringing so much happiness and smiles into my life ;; ♥ You are truly a guardian angel ♥