hey i am happy with this for once

this is one of my favorite pages from the voltron comics so far because of the paladins’ expression

lance has got that smile on that looks smug yet happy at the same time

hunk is extremely concerned about the wellbeing of lance once they get back to the castle

pidge is just. “yep. lance is hitting on allura. again.”

shiro actually looks scared of allura and is worried for lance in true space dad™ fashion

and then we have keith

“i am going to climb out of this lion and snap lance’s neck so hard they can hear it back on earth.”

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Hey! Same anon! I am a H U G E. fan of your stuff may I request some fluffy Rfa+v+unknown

Hello Anon!!!! I’m sorry to say that I haven’t done the secret endings so I wont be doing V and Unknown (Yet) but I will be more than happy to write everyone else’s!!!! :D


  • Loves to fuck cuddle when he comes home from work
  • Doesn’t matter where but it will happen
  • On the bed?
  • Sounds comfy
  • Couch?
  • Okay
  • Elizabeth is included in all cuddling (obvs)
  • He tried to cook for you once and almost blew up the penthouse
  • He is never allowed to cook again


  • This boy loves to shower you in gifts
  • There doesn’t even have to be something going on he will buy you flowers just because it’s Monday
  • He loves bathing with you even
  • It doesn’t even have to be sexual he just likes having your back against his chest while you are in the bath together
  • He also loves cuddling
  • Especially after sexy times
  • Just listening to your slowing breath and warm body against his is comforting to him
  • You two try to have a movie night every so often and you just cuddle on the couch and watch Disney movies or something
  • He just comes home with a dog one day and no one can tell me otherwise


  • He got you into LoLoL and now you two have LoLoL dates
  • All Yoosung’s friends think you are #relationshipgoals
  • In reality you are both dorks
  • Some times you will sit in his lap while he plays and you help him
  • Will always gush to you with his headset on
  • The other guild members are either proud of little Yoosung or annoyed because he never shuts up about you
  •  The only thing that will make him stop playing LoLoL is you
  • Or the cat if it needs to be feed
  • He loves it when you lay on his chest because it makes him feel manly
  • She loves making you coffee when you wake up
  • Also loves making you breakfast in bed
  • If you want to make her breakfast in bed you have to get up at like, 3 so you can be up before she is
  • Movie dates are best dates
  • You somehow manage to sucker her into adopting a dog
  • His name is peanut
  • You both love Peanut and you often complain that she loves him more than she loves you
  • She denies this and will kiss you all over to prove it
  • But then Peanut gets jealous because he is a jealous puppy
  • Like my dog
  • Will cry if you get her front row tickets to one of Zen’s shows

Jesus 707:

  • He works all the time so you often have to find ways to distract him from his Hacker Man work
  • So you sit on his lap and oh look her comes Mr. Tomato
  • Blushes so hard he’s so cute
  • He says he hates it when you tickle him but he secretly loves it
  • He likes to carry you places and you have no idea but just go with it okay?
  • You caught him dancing and singing to Beyoncé one and you never let him live down from it
  • He knows like, 10000000000 languages and tries to teach you all of them
  • A L L  O F  T H E M
  • This boi loves anime and makes you watch all of them with him
  • He watched all of Death Note in a day
  • You guys just cuddle on his car bed and watch anime all day and live happily ever after the end

This is Peanut btw


Mun2: Hey you guys!! Shay here and I am happy to be here for you all!! I am right now playing the Christmas special for Mystic Messenger! I am loving it so far! And I am going to be sharing some small screenshots I took while I was going through it! I will always show you guys the CGs I get once I get them all just for you guys to see, since some people can’t download the game since it takes up a lot of space and whatnot! But I do hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas week!

The Sirens’ Song

summary: it’s a pirate’s life for Washington and the crew, who run one of the most highly-feared pirate ships on the ocean. Struck by a recent tragedy and a new recruit they navigate the seas in an attempt to continue what they do best: pirating. When they are faced with the impossible task of choosing between loyalty to the crew and finding again what they once lost, will they make the right choice?  

words: 3,068

a/n: hey, everyone! I had this wild idea for a PIRATE/MERMAID AU so here I am because, of course, I have nothing better to do than start another series, right (yikes)?? Anyways, I am pretty happy with how chapter one turned out and I’m pretty pumped about it! Please let me know what you think, feedback would be greatly appreciated, and if you liked it, be sure to reblog so other people can read TSS too! :) 

tags: if you want to be tagged in upcoming chapters, shoot me an ask!

dedication: @sinmineral for helping me write this at 4AM last night lmfao thx my dude

The wind roars as the waves whip across the ship and soak the deck in a freezing, salty spray. The crew slides into the masts, frantically pulling at riggings and trying to navigate the ship around the storm.

“Someone needs to tend to the port-side mast! NOW!”

“On it, Captain!”

The crew is like a well-oiled machine. We trust our captain and obey orders without question. There is hardly an opportunity to panic because we synchronize so well.

The water begins to calm as we sail forward, the boat rocking back and forth dangerously fast over the remaining waves.

“Ahh,” the captain sighs with a small smile, letting go of the rigging that controls the largest sail. “Well done, everyone. It seems we’ve seen the worst of it for now.”

The crew and I give a small cheer, but we do not get too hasty—we still are not completely free of the bumpy waters.

“Should be smooth sailing from here on out, Captain Washington,” the lookout calls from the crow’s nest, putting away a spyglass.

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A Soul of the Sun

For Meg♡♡♡

Warning:This is the longest thing I’ve ever written in English. And I am secretly proud that I’ve written something that long. However, I’ve to warn you, the writing and the usage of the language are a bit weak in this thing. 😔

(So let the self-embarrassment begin, lol)

Once upon a time, not that long ago, the sun was furious. And no-one on Earth had a clue why the sky had turned into orange instead of blue.

The sun asked the moon to call all the stars into an urgent meeting to discuss with them some serious things.

“What’s wrong, Dear Sun?” Asked a huge bright star, “Why are you so mad?”  

“It’s the Earth, Huge Star.” Replied the sun, in a frustrated tone, “Things are getting out of control.”

“True… true. But what else is new?” Said Huge Star, “Isn’t that how we define Earth? A huge freaking mess?“

“Yes.” Said the sun, “But this time we have to make something different.” 

“What else are we supposed to do?” A voice from afar came, “We’re burning ourselves up here to bring beauty to the world, and no one down there cares.”
The sun frowned, went silent.

“Are you thinking of something we can do, Dear Sun?” Asked the moon.
“I am… I am.” She said, without looking at the moon.

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Added a Norman Reedus x Reader Masterlist

Hey everyone, I added a Norman Reedus Masterlist to the blog. I won’t reblog it just yet as it only has one story on there so far (I’m Home, Baby) but I will reblog once I start gathering more stories there. I am also going to create a BDS Smut Masterlist too once I get those going.

Thanks and Happy TWD Sunday to everyone! 

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Merry christmas and Happy New Year @yamarygraylu

just tried pinting for once I am sorry if it looks awful … I tried … I mean it doesn’t look too bad … I wanted to make something special cause it’s a gift , and experimenting and it’s been so long since I used my tag . I still hope that you can overlook all the bad there is in the drawing , one thing I am proud of are the eyes of the teddy bear and the bunny slippers , at least there is that you can enjoy . Well I also want to thank @graylu-angstweek for making my participation possible .

Imagine if Lydia has been going to Allison’s grave all this time to talk to her about Stiles and how confused she was. And on their way to D.C with Stiles she asks him to make a stop there and she goes to sit next to her grave and she’s like “I did it Allison. I told him I love him and for once in my life I am really happy. I feel like I’m home. I wish you were here with us. I miss you” and then Stiles walks to her and he’s like “Hey Allison” and he gives his hand to Lydia and she takes it and as they walk away he looks up and whispers “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of her” 

Seven Months

 Prompt: Scott and the reader are the school’s “power couple”

Note: This took forever for me to write and for that I am very sorry! It’s short and it was difficult for me to get out for some reason. Once again, very sorry.

Lydia was the one who first delivered the news. Scott and I were sitting at our usual lunch table, casually chatting about the next Physics test, when sharp heels clacked across the room. I turned to shoot my best friend a smile before taking another bite out of my pizza.

           “Hey, babe,” I greeted as she plopped down beside us with a massive grin. “What are you so happy about?”

           “Have you seen the Class Favorites page in the yearbook?” She asked as she slammed the maroon book on the table. “Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

           Snickering, I pushed my tray to the side and slid the book over towards me. “What, did you win best dressed? How about best hair? Oh- maybe best smile?” Scott grinned at my playful teasing. It seemed like Lydia always won something on the list.

           To my surprise, she pursed her lips. “I actually got most likely to succeed. I guess people are starting to realize that it’s possible to be a girl and have brains.”

           Scott raised his hand slightly. “I, um, would like to point out that I already knew that.” He cleared his throat awkwardly. I giggled, blushing. What a dork.

           Lydia gave him a tight red-lipped smile. “Thank you, Scott.” She whirled on me. “Open to page eleven. You’re going to freak.”

           Exchanging a slightly worried look with Scott, I did as she said.

           There. Right smack-dab in the middle of the two pages. The words ‘cutest couple’ were scrawled in pink cursive over a photo of me and Scott. It was the one Kira had snapped at one of the lacrosse games. Beacon Hills had won, and to say that Scott was ecstatic about it put things much too lightly. Without any warning, he had thrown me straight up into the air. The photo had caught my surprised-but-laughing expression as I gazed down at Scott, the way Scott’s arms were wide out and waiting to catch me with a smiling face, and the terrified look upon Stiles’s face as he looked on from his constant position at Scott’s side. It was the same as the framed photo on my desk back at home.

           Well, that was unexpected…

           Lydia’s mouth dropped. “Why aren’t you celebrating? This is awesome!” She turned her jade gaze on Scott. “Scott?”

           Scott blinked, tearing his eyes from the page to look up at the two of us. His face split into a wide grin. “I think it’s pretty cool.”

           Lydia scoffed. “’Pretty cool’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. You guys are like the power couple of the school.”

           Snorting, I unscrewed my water bottle. “Power couple?”

           Lydia nodded. “Everyone admires you guys, and wants to be you!”

           Scott furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ve never heard of that,” he admitted. I chipped in with, “Yeah, Lydia, is that even a thing? Did you find it on Urban Dictionary or something?”

           “So what if I did?” Lydia picked at one of my apple slices. “It’s true. You guys are the golden couple. Embrace it.”

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Sentence Starters
  • “I think I feel a migraine coming on…”
  • “Is ‘Huh’ the best response you can muster up?”
  • “Well, did you, or did you not?”
  • “The sky is blue, and so am I…”
  • “__, you’re a sham!”
  • “I object! That was… objectionable!”
  • “My motto is: ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’”
  • “Gum doesn’t grow on trees, pal!”
  • “And don’t go calling me ‘Dick’…”
  • “Hey, Dick! Get over here!”
  • “Oh? Excuses not on sale today?”
  • “Why are you pumping your fists in the air?”
  • “But you and __ are lovers, aren’t you!”
  • “Thanks to you, I’m saddled with unnecessary… feelings.”
  • “But __ definitely did it. Murder. At least once. Maybe twice.”
  • “It seems like it was only yesterday. Actually, it was only yesterday.”
  • “I-I’m sorry sir, I apologize for my partner!”
  • “__ new to this, and a bit OUT OF TOUCH with the world.”
  • “Hey! Who’s ‘new to this’!?”
  • “That’s MY endearing character trait!”
  • “You need to stop judging things based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions, __!”
  • “Don’t hit your desk. It irritates me.”
  • “I was hoping I’d come up with a question while pounding on my desk. I didn’t.”
  • “I was hoping to come up with a question while I was objection… I didn’t.”
  • “__ is out of control! __ was in the waiting room, and __ crushed this paper cup with hot, hot coffee in it.”
  • “Talk about burns!”
  • “I set my ATM card’s number to ‘0001′ because I’m number one!”
  • “I need a waterfall to stand under! Preferably a freezing one!”
  • “Couldn’t you just take a cold shower or something?”
  • “The water pressure’s kind of lower in that shower.”
  • “Why don’t you go down to the fire department and have them spray you with the hose?”
  • “The fireman yelled at me when I called him…”
  • “Oh, it’s Christmas today! I forgot! What are you getting me for Christmas, __?”
  • “Talk to Santa.”
  • Adam & Eddy: look at all these happy endings we have! They are so bountiful and plenty!
  • Regina: hey, guys, would it be cool if I, you know, borrowed one of those...for awhile?
  • A&E: um, you know, these ones right here, yeah they're kind of accounted for already, but if one becomes available, oh we'll definitely let you know.
  • Regina: I'm not getting a happy ending am I?
  • A&E: Can't say.

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My mood swings are more negative moods? Like I go from being angry to sad or anxious to empty and back again. Every once in a while I'll be in a super hyper mood and then crash in like a minute but my moods are usually negative, would these still be mood swings? Like can I have bpd without my mood swings being happy to sad cause I feel like I'm faking all the time

Oh hey yeah, my neutral moods are anxious at the least. It’s because I repress literally everything. What I mean to say is everyone’s different and bpd stems from different types of development. I am anxious while my best friend is more angry, some people react with sadness. It’s why this is hard to pinpoint and talk about. Nobody is exactly the same. Also, since bpd is an anxiety/abuse stemmed disorder often it’s not uncommon that we repress everything. I can’t allow myself to be happy without being worried. It’s just what happens. Try to worry less about whether you fit the criteria and more about how you can worry less about what’s happening in your life; that’s what’s gonna help you more. Do what you can to ease those negative thoughts and moods. I’m just one person out of many so I can’t give you the perfect answer, but I want you to take care as best you can and stay safe xx

Puppy Love || JASPER x READER

Anonymous said: Hey :) Could you do a Jasper Jordan one? I think that once he and the reader had their first time together he is just super horny and wants to go at it all the time. Whenever they have the Chance they sneek away to have sex.  I love your writing :*“

Again, I’m not exactly satisfied with the result, but I never am, so I might as well post it…

Words: 1,160 -> I know, kinda… yeah.
Warnings: mentions of sex, around T rated

Enjoy, ask away, message me, reblog, like, whatever, I’m happy :D

Jasper was like a puppy.

Not even a puppy, but that dog that has left puppy-age behind but still isn’t a full-grown dog… What is that phase called? Teenage-dog?

Well, Jasper was that, a teenage-dog. It wasn’t only his shaggy brown hair which curled wildly on the top of his head, or his deep brown eyes which were gleaming with joy whenever he was happy, and he was always happy. It wasn’t even how he moved around awkwardly like a lanky puppy which has grown fast and still hasn’t got used to how long his limbs are.

No, it was that inexhaustible amount of energy he posed, that unreasonable happiness he seemed to express toward things he loved, and that worshipful obsession he had… for me, for sex.

It seemed like he couldn’t get enough.

Whenever he had a break or we somehow managed to be alone somewhere, he’d cling onto me and do everything it took to have me have sex with him – literally everything. He’d try to seduce me first, and if that didn’t work, he’d go all huffy-child on me. Whining, groaning, begging, almost crying… Sometimes I expected him to throw himself to the floor and cry. I really didn’t get why he was being so needy. We lost our virginity to each other a couple of weeks ago, and since then, he searched for every little opportunity to do it again and again.

Sometimes I had to peal him off of me after the umpteen round in the night.
I enjoyed his attention and our love-making sections as well; Jasper was a passionate and grateful lover, always making sure I enjoyed our time together just as much as he did. But I didn’t seem to share his unfailing capacity. Mother of God, I was plain sore all over! And not only because of the hard labor I did during the day, and I did that a lot…

I was carrying boxes around in one of the tents, helping Bellamy sort through stuff along with Jasper. My boyfriend kept looking and smiling at me, sticking out his tongue when I shook my head and mouthed him ‘stop it’.

“Alright, love-birds,” Bellamy clapped together his hands, dusting his palms off, “I’ve got to go meet Kane, I’ll be back in an hour. Will you manage?”

“Sure thing,” I smiled at him, unconscious of the longing look Jasper sent me. I had to suffer the consequences, since as soon as Bellamy left the tent, suddenly a pair of arms sneaked around my waist and a nose poked my neck. I jumped on instinct and tensed under the touch.

As he pressed his crotch to my butt, I felt him, hard in his pants.

“Jasper!” I gasped, grabbing his arms tightly. He purred into my ear and held me closer.

“I can’t help it, Y/N,” he whined, his voice full of need and frustration. His fingertips tapped on the skin of my tummy like tiny little feet, leaving burning skin behind. “You’re so beautiful and I love you so much, I just can’t help but want you…”

“We really shouldn’t, Jasp,” I insisted. He, ignoring my words, swept away my hair and started planting little kisses over my neck, making me shudder.

“Love you… you’re so… beautiful… sweet… hot… soft… tight…” he mumbled between kisses. I bit in my lip as my toes curled, memories of our last lovemaking protruded from my mind, clear and unchaste.

“F-flattery won’t get you anywhere, sir,” I panted, my breathing hardening on instinct. I fought the urge to reach up and bury my hands in his fluffy brown curls.

Jasper smiled devilishly; I didn’t see him but felt it in his voice. “It got me this far with you.”

Smooth rascal.

“Alright, let’s do it,” I said, looking to all directions, trying to find a good place. “But we’ll have to make it quick. Five minutes. We still have to work some.”

“Really?” Jasper beamed, turning me toward him haphazardly, his eyes flickering over my lips. “Can I kiss you?”

It’s been months since we started dating and he sometimes still asked for permission – he acted really openly around others, never missing an opportunity to wrap his arms around me or place a kiss on the top of my head. But when it came to kissing my mouth? He always asked if he can. It felt like… a sacred thing.

A nod was all he needed before he pulled me close as he could, cupping my face in his large, warm hands. His thumb brushed against my cheek, and his lips melted with mine. Despite how needy he was bare moments ago, he didn’t rush his movements, taking his sweet time.

After a few moments of slowly kissing, Jasper pulled away so slightly, pressing our foreheads together.

“Y’know,” he whispered in a low, husky tone which drove me crazy,” I always knew it’d be ecstatic to kiss you. From the first moment I saw you? I’ve loved you.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. When I opened them, my gaze was piercing and fiery, almost accusing. “You just had to do it, didn’t you?”

“Do what?” Jasper asked innocently.

Fine,” I groaned, ignoring his question. I peeled his arms off of me, and with a prompt, confident move, the sweaty and dirty shirt I was wearing was tossed away, and I stood in a bra. “You have half an hour.”

The meeting with Kane probably went stressful, as always, since that everlasting frown was sitting on Bellamy’s face when he entered a tent – only to be replaced by mild surprise, first, and then irritation.

“What the hell, guys?” he exclaimed. Jasper was sitting on the ground with me in his lap facing him, the both of us naked as newborns and sex hung in the air heavily. We’ve just finished, as if we knew Bellamy was coming – we clearly didn’t, though. Our mouths were pressed together in a sloppy kiss, but as soon as we heard his voice, we parted. I wasn’t a very shy one, proud of my body, and anyway, my mind was too foggy to think, but Bellamy took it on himself to cover his eyes.

“I said an hour! I’ll be back in an hour!”

“It’s earlier than that,” I argued.

“It’s been one and a half! And you didn’t even finish work! You can’t possibly tell me you’ve been having sex for almost two hours!”

I almost felt Bellamy rolling his eyes, murmuring something about teenagers and their hormones and how he needed this stuff done so we should get up and do it.

I didn’t wanted any of that, though; I only cared about Jasper’s slim but warm body embracing mine, his breath tickling the tiny hair on my neck as he laid his head to my shoulder, sleepily sighing.

Maybe Jasper was like a Puppy. But hell, he knew what to do to get his way!

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Hey! I am SO sorry you're getting hate for GuzMoon; I assumed that's why you stopped and I'm sad that wound up being correct. You really shouldn't have to stray from how you're drawing her now if that's what you're happy with. Plus, on a more personal note, I'm an adult who people mistake for someone in their teens all the time because of how I look. It was nice to see someone drawing an adult female looking closer to my body type for once. I know this is way TMI, but I thought you should know.

it’s not tmi! i’m a pretty small person myself and get mistaken for being younger because of that too tbh lol. but i try to remember that art is a freedom and artists have the right to draw anything they wish to. i do stand by “just because you can doesn’t mean you should”, but that applying to art that’s actually harmful (loli art), not explicitly stated non-canon pokeships hahaha

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Hey I LOVE your blog ❤️ I was wondering if I could get a marauders era ship? I'm a pale 5ft2 slytherin with hazel eyes and black hair, I love to read and draw and I am very protective of the people I care about. I'm shy at first but once I open up to someone I'm quite sarcastic and funny. I'm good at listening and giving advice and love making other people happy when I can Thankyou ❤

I ship you with Regulus Black!

Who asks who out? You | Him

Who kisses who first? You | Him

Who says “I love you” first? You | Him

Who kills the bugs? You | Him

Who’s more stubborn? You | Him

Who plays with who’s hair? You | Him

Who is more protective? You | Him

Finally finished Eyewitness. Kind of still dislike Lukas, but I don’t hate him anymore. He did get much better and he’s treating Philip right so I’m down. I am back to liking Helen, once she came clean to Gabe I was fine. I love Rose, she deserves a lot of props. Bo wasn’t the best, but he was a really good dad and that’s what matters. My favourite character by far is Gabe. All in all, I’m very happy with it and I hope Netflix picks it up. I’m glad that Philip and Lukas ended up together and seemingly out-ish. Not too happy about Ryan dying, but hey you win some you lose some.

How the fuck are people mad when others get choosen (randomly) for the M&G for all time low? It’s not like they can do anything about it other than them getting chosen randomly. And even if they met them more than once that is fine. Hey you met all time low once? or more than once? I am so incredibly happy for you, i bet it was amazing and they are the sweetest people in the world.
I never met them and i am so not mad at other people because they did meet them. Cause you know what? It is not on them to say who wins the M&G they can’t choose it, they simply have luck and get this meet & greet. And if you are now mad at them and insult them, then you should really question your intentions. Yes you are mad and you are jealous i get that but hating on people for things they have no power over is messed up!
Sorry that you didn’t win the M&G, have more luck next time but quit insulting others who in fact won and got to meet them!

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Can you write me a short story with Jin BTS please? The scenario is: he is an idol and I am a doctor. He met me when he was on tour to America. Happy ending and smut or fluffy, please :)))) Tbh I requested a lot of Jin scenario on other blogs but never got answered back 😂 so I really want to read a story about me for once. Thank you!

Hey Anon! OTL please don’t think I would never answer you back unintentionally! I’m sorry this took so long…but its out and you can read it here! I hope you enjoy it! -Admin Germane :3

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Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers SPREAD POSITIVITY 💕

hey clio (: (omg you were one of the blogs that didn’t change their url for the longest time and its so nice to see you change yours<3)

also going to combine this since I honestly can’t think of anymore haha :) @yorozya @dicennio (thank you guys!)

  • How conscientious I am with my studies
  • Very outgoing + extroverted
  • Happy that I work out frequently
  • its nice being able to speak two languages
  • my hairrrr