hey i actually like something i drew

The orange

So he always has food around his room, and one day he had this orange sitting by my desk. A few days go by and the orange is still there. I said, “hey when are you gonna eat that thing?” And he explained that he always forgets that it’s sitting there. Then he comes up with the idea of drawing a face on it. Now, he’s a terrible artist, but he actually drew this really funny “I’m done with your shit” face on it.

So everytime anyone in class said something stupid, he’d look at me and hold up the orange, like “are you fucking kidding me” and eventually it turned into just saying “orange”.

A few days ago he threw the orange out because it was getting old, and I was joking about having a funeral for our fallen. Then today some kid in class threw his desk at the wall, screamed, and then walked out. I just looked at F like, where’s the orange. This is when you use the orange. But it’s not here anymore.

Then he asked me to stay after class and said, look I got you something. It was a new orange with a fucking face on it. When he left work yesterday, he went out of his way to go buy me an orange.

He got me. A fucking orange.

You can keep your jewelry, because I have an orange.

“Sorry about killing you 10 times… But hey, you got Play of the Game! Thats something, right?”


So the free overwatch weekend ended and i got the chance to spend all weekend playing my favorite junker! I am a terrible gamer and I died A LOT, but it was so much fun and i even got PoTg! 3 times!

Poor rat needs a break…

@annabathtime replied to your post “[[MOR] i’m so glad that literally no one gives a shit about the…”

Hey! That’s cool that you actually researched it before you just drew it, like you actually knew everything about it and such… Anyway I know what it’s like to be hardcore ignored and it feels like absolute shit and I’m really sorry that it is happening to you

it sucks when it’s your friends and you’ve worked really hard—i’m sorry it’s happened to you too. i said something now and so any attention i might get will be because i was pissy and mentioned getting ignored oops

Hey guys~!! I am officially back after taking a bunch of rest and more rest! So now I am full of energy to draw and reblog some more!

Today on my agenda, I want to show you my idea of Star-Crossed Myth’s Goddess form of MC-chan! I couldn’t think of anything fancy like her male counterparts, so I just drew her in what I thought would best suit her. Something simple but with a taste of elegance.

Um, I don’t have any solid evidence in what she actually wears or how she acted like in her past life, but I hope I portrayed her well enough to justify that!

Wwww~ I wanted her to be in a flow-ey pinkish dress with various kinds of flower patterns going around her dress. I also thought of adding a flower wreath on her head but thought it was too much. So I just added a few flowers on her hair and some flying/breaking away to show some subtle wind passing by. Haha, I wasn’t sure if I should add any jewelry since all the men in SCM had at least one or two on them. But I kept it simple and added some rings on her finger. (There is no intention of her being married or anything of the sort lol haha well, maybe Huedhaut lol)

So, yeah. I hope you guys like it and I hope this inspires you to draw MC-chan in her Goddess form. Also, I want to see more of what you guys come up with too! So if there are more of you guys out there, show me~!! I’d love to see what your creative minds can do!! I only drew this because I saw some of the people drawing out what she looks like in her past life— and I thought it was super duper cool!! So for you guys who did is before me, this one is for you! You guys inspired me so much that I had to make one too!

Well, enough rambling! Enjoy~!!

Hey! So I know I don’t usually post my art on Tumblr, but I drew something for a comic and I wanted to show it to the artist and stuff, so sorry about that.
I realize now that it’s Swaptale and not Underswap so I messed that up.. But anyways, yeah! Here it is. It’s not that great, but I really like the comic and wanted to draw something for it ^_^
Also, I tried to draw the characters like they are in the comic, so they look slightly different than how I usually drew them. (I really like how they’re drawn though~)
(Swaptale was created by @scotchtapeofficial so I don’t own it. Undertale was created by Toby Fox. I don’t own that either.)


Ian walked into the Milkovich house and took his jacket off. He moved further into the house and found Mickey at the table surrounded by piles of mail and papers. He had his head propped up on his hand, as he drew something in pen on the corner of an envelope. He looked up.

“Hey,” Mickey grunted, eyes focusing back on what he was doing.

“Hey. Can you believe I actually needed a scarf today? I fucking love when it starts getting cold like this.” Ian went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers, then came back to where Mickey was sitting and put one in front of him.

“Stiff breeze making you stiff?” Mickey commented with no real gusto.

Ian chuckled as he took a sip of his beer. “You bet.” He ruffled Mickey’s hair, grabbing it gently and pulling his head back so his throat was exposed. He leaned down and pressed kisses up his neck until he reached his lips, then he kissed those too. Mickey sighed, liking the stretch of his neck and Ian’s mouth on his. When Ian let him go, Mickey looked like he wouldn’t mind more. Instead, Ian looked at what he was drawing.

“You do all these?” He picked up a building code violation notice and examined it closer. A rabid dog on a chain glared back at him with deep black eyes and cross-hatching.

“Mhm,” Mickey answered, concentrating on shading a motorcycle with no rider.

“You gonna put them up?”

Mickey stopped to chug half his beer and think about it. “Might put up one or two. The rest is shit.”

Ian set down the drawing and picked up another. “I’ve always liked your stuff. I suck at drawing.”

Mickey snorted, “You don’t suck, you’re terrible.” He pushed back in his chair and pulled Ian down into his lap.

“Dick,” Ian tried not to laugh.

“Well, you do suck that,” Mickey wiggled his eyebrows, making Ian break.

“That’s not what happened this morning.”

Mickey pulled Ian down by his neck and pressed their foreheads together. “It’s not?”


“You sure?” Mickey canted his hips a little, making Ian’s breath hitch.

“Mhm,” Ian’s hand trailed up Mickey’s chest to the side of his face. He brushed his thumb over his cheek.

Mickey was the one to close the space between them, bringing Ian in and also meeting him eagerly. He opened his mouth and Ian followed, allowing him to slip his tongue in and out. Ian’s pushed back in quick flicks, while Mickey’s was slow and methodical.

When they pulled apart, they turned back to the drawings on the table. Ian picked up two and got up, walking towards the bedroom.

“We should put these up right now,” he said over his shoulder.

Mickey left his pen and sketches and followed after Ian.


Mickey drawing and Ian being supportive