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Special Instructions (3/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M
Word Count: ~3800 (why do they keep getting longer?)
Chapters: One Two

hope u like crazy hot mess emma 😝 🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹🍾🍕 😵

remember a few months ago when i asked everyone to tell me stories of stupid/funny shit y’all did when drunk? thanks for the inspiration ;))

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones @like-waves-on-the-beach 


Special instructions: pls send cute delivry guy, i missss himm   

One of the benefits of having a job with odd hours was that Emma could get completely trashed on a Tuesday evening and not give a single fuck as to how it would affect her the next morning. She’d started her own private party several hours earlier when all of her friends had turned her down for one reason or another. (Because they had jobs, mostly. Fucking party pooping productive members of society.)

She was giggling so hard she snorted when she clicked ‘order’ on the website, so beyond caring about anything that she felt no shyness or shame whatsoever.

Drunk did not even begin to cover it. Drunk was several homemade cocktails earlier. She was mixing a bunch of things she really shouldn’t be mixing. She couldn’t remember everything she ingested, but she did recall the two straight shots of tequila that she started off with (and what a way to start), as well as the few gulps of red wine that she took straight from the bottle because she was a respectable, refined adult. She vaguely recalled an almost-daiquiri of questionable flavor, as well as one particularly horrible concoction of Red Bull, triple sec, vodka, gin, and Gatorade because apparently she was trying to liquefy her internal organs.

(It didn’t help that she’d pulled out the entire contents of her alcohol cabinet and placed everything on her kitchen counter, giving her a wide selection of self-destructive options.)

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So there’s this tradition in Starfleet when a cadet graduates. 

When you step off the stage after accepting your degree, you’re supposed to slip your cadet dogtags off your neck and give them to the person who helped you graduate, who got you through it. 

Most, predictably, give it to their moms. Some, their dads, who served themselves. Usually, their significant others. 

Jim’s mom couldn’t make it. And well, everyone knows why his dad wasn’t there (a fact the admirals keep wanting him to cash in on–they even asked him to make a speech at graduation. Pike told them where to stick it.)

Anyway, they graduate the Bridge Crew of the Enterprise first–the ones who hadn’t. It’s mostly ceremonial recognition but Jim’s glad for it. He’s not usually nervous on stage–although large crowds have made him anxious since he was thirteen–but it’s hot and his ribs still burn and he’s so damn tired. He hasn’t slept since, well, before his hearing. And that was only a few weeks ago. Fuck.

But before it, he’s walking across the stage, shaking hands with the brass, and getting pinned–Captain’s pin–and smiling. Somehow, after everything, he’s smiling. 

Awkwardly, as he’s jogging down the steps, Starfleet uniform cap pinned at his side, hand scrabbling under his collar for the dogtags as he’s walking a few aisles away from his own seat. 

“Hey hot shot, your seat’s over there,” Bones tells him–but he’s grinning toward the place where Pike and the other Captains are waiting. 

“Bones-” Jim’s got a good grip on the chain even though he’s fucking hands are sweaty. 

Maybe it’s a stupid fucking idea. Bones didn’t give his tags to anyone. And why would he? Besides a little girl in Georgia, there was no one else. 

Before he can think too much about it, he tugs it off, holding it in front of him. 

“Aw, kid.” Bones whispers. 

And before Jim can about face or apologize or take back the sentimental gesture, Bones takes his fist out of his pocket, knuckles white, and loosens his grip, giving way to a palm indented by the punched out metal lettering: Leonard H. McCoy, Starfleet Cadet, ID: 116592213

“No one else I would have given them to.”

Somewhere, someone hoots–probably Cupcake, maybe Uhura and then Bones is pulling Jim closer, fingers lightly grazing his jaw, the back of his neck, gripping into his hair. 

The kiss is a surprise–Jim’s mouth is dry, his lips are chapped, but it feels so damn right and maybe Jim’s cheek flushes, and maybe Chris Pike laughs out loud but it’s worth it. Definitely worth it. 

Dream Walker (Dean)

Summary: Soulmate AU in which you can speak to your soulmate in dreams and experience their dreams with them. You can feel physical and emotional feelings too, and if they die without warning, it is likely you will die as well..

When: End of Season 2 and skipping to the end of Season 3

Word Count: 2170

A/N: My first ever Dean Winchester fic. Hopefully there will be more! I literally cried while writing this and I hope you darling readers feel the same emotion behind it. 

Warnings: A shit ton of angst and I swear

Italics are reader POV or flashback, everything else is Dean

Enjoy and reblog my friends :)

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“Hey there hot shot,” she smiles at me. She is bathed in a warm glow that I have come to associate with this place.

“Hey yourself gorgeous,” I reply with a small smile and a sigh.

Every night we start like this. And it’s the best night of my life every night that I see her shining face. The life Sam and I live, we don’t have time for dating or chicks besides one night stands. But now that I have Y/N, I don’t even do that anymore. Why would I need to hook up with random girls in bars when Y/N is waiting for me every night in my dreams?

I go to her, kiss her deeply and hold her tight to my chest. I haven’t slept in 2 days, I’ve missed her, and she can tell.

“You wanna talk about it Dean?”

I can barely hear her, her face is buried in my chest. That’s one of my favorite things about Y/N. She never pesters me about what happened or what’s wrong. She just knows that something is off and let’s me tell her about it on my terms. When dad died I was angry and guilty and she didn’t even ask about it. She just held me and told me she loved me.

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Barry Allen- I always choose you

Requested by anon: Hi can you write an imagine were Iris tries to break the reader’s and Barry’s relationship cause she has feelings for Barry but Barry loves the reader

Words: 718

A/N: Thank you for the request. Hope you like it. I looked through my imagines and saw that like 90% is Barry. Not that I mind XD

Y/F/M: Your favorite movie

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You’d been the Legal Secretary for Hood Inc. for three years, and whilst most employees quivered in fear of the CEO Calum Hood, he was nothing more than your idiot best friend to you.

Your offices were located next to each other on the top floor of the sky scraper, Calum often calling your office phone directly from his own in order to demand you have lunch with him. Both of your P.A.s were more than used to the two of you walking unannounced into the offices, only ever stopping you if there was an important meeting taking place.

You smiled at Calum’s P.A. Lacey as you pushed open the door to his office, not bothering with any greeting as you started to speak.

“Cal I need you to sign these-” Your eyes widen as you notice another man sitting in the office. “Sorry, Lacey didn’t say-”

“It’s not a meeting, just a social call.” Calum reassures you, visibly relaxing at his words. “Y/N, meet Ashton Irwin, CEO of Irwin Industries.”

The man sitting with his back to you turns, and you try not to blush as he offers you a dazzling smile. Standing up, he offers his hand to you which you shake, smiling as he squeezes your hand gently.

“So you’re the infamous Y/N.” He grins, Calum rolling his eyes behind him. “Cal’s told me loads about you.”

“Oh he has?” You smirk, cocking an eyebrow at Calum. “All good things I hope.”

“Of course.” Calum scoffs, gesturing you to take the seat beside Ashton. “Ashton and I have been friends since University, we both took over the family businesses around the same time.”

“Impressive.” You nod, sending the man in question another smile before you remember the papers in your hand. “Any way, Cal, you need to sign these.”

Ashton’s visits to Hood Inc. became more frequent after that day.

“Morning Y/N.” He grinned, presenting you with a bouquet of roses a week after your first encounter. “I thought these would brighten your office.”

“Thank you Ashton.” You blushed, ignoring the eye roll Calum did from where he stood behind Ashton. “They’re beautiful.”

“Just like you.”

Every week, without fail, Ashton arrived with a bouquet of flowers, handing them to you with a smile, much to Calum’s disgust. What Calum didn’t know however, was each bouquet also contained a note, Ashton complimenting you in each one. Sometimes thy were simple, the words “You’re beautiful” taking up the space. Others however, expressed his favourite thing about you, such as “I find it incredible how hard you work”. It wasn’t until the note asked you to dinner that you decided to write one of your own.

Grabbing the small card, you wrote your answer underneath Ashton’s own handwriting, before walking into Calum’s office where the two were discussing the newest business competition. Calum cocked an eyebrow at you as you entered but you ignored him, instead handing the card to Ashton with a smile.

“So…tonight at seven?” Ashton grins up at you, Calum groaning when you nod. “Shut up Hood.”

“I am warning you now Irwin, if this is all a plot for you to steal my Legal Secretary for your own company I will sue you for everything you have.” Calum chuckles, it being your turn to roll your eyes. “And if it isn’t, I’m warning you that if you hurt my best friend, I will beat your sorry ass to a pulp, then sue you for everything you have.”

“Noted.” Ashton chuckles, his hand finding yours and giving it a gentle squeeze. “But I don’t have plans to do either.”


The receptionist smiled at you as you entered the building, security greeting you cheerily as you stepped into the elevator. The staff at Clifford & Co. were more than used to your face, no one ever forcing you to give identification when you visited.

As the doors slid open to the top floor, you made your way along the corridor, the offices of Michael’s most important employees lining the walls on either side of you. Their P.A.s all smiled at you as you passed, some greeting you cheerily. You reached the end of corridor and paused at Jane, Michael’s own P.A.’s desk was. She quickly finished her phone call, smiling warmly at you.

“Hello Y/N dear, here for lunch with Michael?” She asked, her smile growing when you nod. “Well head right in, I think he’s on the phone but it won’t last long.”

You thank her, moving to slip through the door to his office. Michael doesn’t hear you enter, his eyes locked on his computer screen as he speaks to whomever is on the other end of the phone.

“I don’t care what he says, their figures have dropped so significantly over the past three years I’m surprised he didn’t come to us begging to be bought out.” He chuckles down the phone, eyes finally catching yours causing him to grin. “Luke mate, we both know they’re gonna go under. Just keep working on it, set up a meeting between me, you and them if we need to. Y/N’s here now though, so I’ll speak to you later. Alright mate, bye. Hey Princess.”

“Hey Hot Shot.” You grin, crossing his office as he stands from his chair, hands finding your hips and pulling you into his chest. “How’s business?”

“Booming.” He smirks, bending down to capture your lips with his. “How’s my girl?”

“Hungry.” You hint, causing Michael to chuckle. He releases you, moving to lock his computer before grabbing your hand. “Who were you and Luke talking about?”

“Just a business we’re trying to acquire. Their owner is being stubborn though, thinks he doesn’t need help.” He shrugs, pulling you out of his office, waving at Jane as the two of you leave. “It’ll work out though, Luke’ll convince him.”

“And if not, you will.” You grin, Michael smirking as you enter the elevator, pulling you in for another kiss as you giggle. “Mikey!”

“This is my business, remember? No one will say anything.” He smirks against your lips, releasing you reluctantly. “What do you fancy for lunch?”


“Anything you want.” He reminds you, making you roll your eyes. “What?”

“I’ve been your girlfriend for three years Mike, you don’t need to keep trying to win me over.” You smile. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to go somewhere that you hated.”

“But I’m treating you. I like treating you.”

“Yes but Michael people might start to think I’m only with you because you always take me out to lunch and buy me expensive gifts. Honestly, the whole point is that we see each other, I’d be happy with sandwiches in your office.”

“Well I’ll bare that in mind next time.” He smiles, lacing your fingers with his as your leaving the building. “Besides, if I hear anyone say anything about you I’ll fire them.”

“You can’t just go around firing people because they say bad things about me.”

“Yes I can. I’m the CEO.” He smirks, dropping your hand to wrap his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into his side so his lips brush your ear. “And you’re my girl. They talk shit, they’re gone. Simple.”

“I love you.” You smile, twisting your head to capture his lips in a chaste kiss, only making him smirk more. “So much.”

“I love you more.”


It wasn’t even light outside yet, and you were already at the skyscraper that was Hemmings and Sons. 

You’d been Luke’s P.A. for eight months. It hadn’t been easy, your first couple of months testing your limits as far as stress goes, both with the work load and Luke himself. It wasn’t until you’d worked for him for nearly three months that he finally began to treat you well, him claiming that he’d given you a tough time to see if you could stick it out, to check you could be trusted. Fast forward to now and you knew almost every secret of the company.

Yawning slightly, you noticed the blinds to Luke’s office were still drawn from the night before, when he’d pulled the shut to focus on some papers. You turned to enter to pull them up, the door almost directly behind your desk, a small yelp of surprise leaving your lips once you found Luke inside.

The man had always been attractive. He’d taken over his father’s business at only twenty three, and now at twenty six, was in his element as the CEO. His hair was always perfectly styled and his suits fitted flawlessly, and his eyes constantly changed in shades of blue depending on his mood.

But right now, he looked awful.

His hair was dishevelled, clearly from him running his hands through it repeatedly. His tie and suit jacket were left abandoned on his desk chair, Luke now sitting on the sofa in the corner of his office. His head snapped up at the sound of you entering, revealing his blood shot eyes. You’d seen many sides of Luke over the months you’d worked for him. You’d seen him confident, you’d seen him nervous. You’d seen him happy and you’d seen him angry and you’d even seen him cry. You’d seen him a little tipsy and you’d seen him drunk off of his face.

But you’d never seen him like this.

“Please tell me it isn’t morning.” He asks, his voice cracking.

“Please tell me you haven’t been here all night.” You countered, a groan falling from his lips as he ran his hand through his hair, leaning back against the sofa. “Luke-“

“I just lost track of time. That’s all.” He mumbles, eyes closed and head tilted back as he speaks. “I needed to sort these damn contracts out and I still fucking haven’t and now it’s morning and I’m still dressed in yesterday’s clothes and I’ve probably got twenty meetings today and-“

“Luke.” You cut him off, a sigh leaving his lips. You move to sit next to him, nudging his knee with yours. “You haven’t got any meetings today.”

“Thank god.” He breathes in relief, twisting his head to smile weakly at you. “I need to sort this though.”

“You need to sleep.” You tell him firmly. “Look, go home. If anyone asks I’ll lie and say you’ve gone for an emergency meeting out of town. Take the day off to rest, and then come back tomorrow to do this properly.”

“I can’t take a day off.” He protests. You roll your eyes, moving to grab his jacket and tie. You look at him pointedly, handing him the jacket as he stands. You wrap the tie around his neck, beginning to fix it for him. “I’m the CEO.”

“You’re exhausted.” You reply, tying the knot and securing it with the pin. “And as your P.A., no, as your friend, I’m telling you to go home.”

“You’re amazing.” He mumbles, a soft smile on his face as you look up at him, hands smoothing out his tie. You smile at each other for a moment, his hands moving to rest on your waist. “Have dinner with me?”

“Luke you’re my boss, it’s not-“

“I don’t care. Have dinner with me. Tonight.”

You can’t hide your smile as you say yes.


You met Calum when you were twenty two.

He was twenty four at the time, just taking over the family business Hood Enterprises at the time. You’d just finished University, gaining a degree in business yourself, but only because you figured it would give you decent opportunities. In actual fact, you’d had no idea what you wanted to do.

Calum changed that.

The CEO had swept you off of your feet. He would bring you flowers and presents with every fancy date, each one more extravagant than the next. And even though you liked the gifts very much, and the flowers were each more beautiful and the last, they weren’t the reason you fell for him. Because it was the smile he’d give you as he handed you the flowers, it was his laugh when you said he didn’t need to. It was the way he paid attention to the little things about you, and as time progressed, the flowers and the presents and the dates became more personalised. When you became his girlfriend the gifts only increased, and it wasn’t until you’d been together for almost six months when he’d suggested it.

“So we need a new Events Organiser.” He’d grinned at you across the dinner table. “You think you’d be up for it Angel?”

You’d never seen yourself as one to organise parties. And yet, the job was comforting. You got to spend more time with Calum, often working in his office beside him, or at home in your pyjamas. And of course you got to attend all of the events in a beautiful outfit Calum bought for you.

He’d asked you to live with him not long after.

“You spend all your time at my house anyway.” He’d pointed out as you’d gotten up to get clothes from home, ignoring his protests of I’ll buy you new clothes. “You might as well live here with me. Plus, I could drive you to work when you came in.”

“Yes Calum, but I-“

“Would it help if I told you I loved you?” He smirked when you stared at him in shock. “Come on Y/N, imagine how fun living together will be.”

“It would be pretty fun I guess.” You smiled, Calum grinning as he grabbed your hips, pulling you back into bed. “And I love you too.”

And so you spent your days moving between the mansion he called a house and the skyscraper he called an office. Calum was always one for extravagance and luxury, the earlier stage of your relationship proving that. He allowed you to live your own life, the money you earned from your job free to spend how you chose, but it didn’t deter him from buying you gift after gift, your protests falling on deaf ears.

“Calum, you know I love you, you don’t need to-“

“My treat for my girl.”

“But I-“

“Let me spoil you. I like it.”

He never took no for an answer unless it was absolutely essential. You suppose that’s why he was such a good business man, never letting an opportunity slip away. Calum was so determined to the point of stubbornness that the fact you didn’t need spoiling anymore didn’t matter to him, you were his girlfriend and he loved you and the gifts were nothing more than physical representations of that in his eyes.

So you should have expected the ring.

He’d flown the two of you to Bali, the trip nothing new in terms of Calum’s gifts. But when he got down on one knee, presenting you with the diamond encrusted band.

“Last extravagant gift. I promise. But only if you marry me.”

You knew he was lying, Calum bought you at least three things a week, but there was no way you’d ever say no. Especially not when he smiled at you the way he did.

if ANYTHING, josh wasn’t exactly prepared to be HERE and very HUMAN again. but he knew seattle when he saw it, didn’t have the mind to question it any further than that. no, all he wanted to do NOW, was get rid of that pounding headache, RELAX. try and piece things together, so he held a cigarette between his teeth, cursing when he couldn’t find a LIGHTER, and yelling out to the nearest person from his SPOT on the park bench, grin crossing his cheeks AUTOMATICALLY. “ hey, HOT SHOT. you got a lighter? hell i’ll even take matches at this point. pity ME, unlucky bastard that i am, huh? “

A Whole New Galaxy- Smuggler! Ben Solo

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Summary: A soulmate AU where everyone realizes who their soulmate is the first time they hear their voice. Everyone in the Resistance seems to be lucky in love, except for Ben Solo. Until one evening…

It was the end of another bustling day at the Resistance. With everyone either eating a late dinner at the cantina or headed towards their quarters to turn in for the evening, the base was slowly growing quieter. In one of the hangars, lined from beginning to end with X-Wings and freighters, was Ben Solo. He stood under the grand freighter, the infamous Millinieum Falcon, tightening its outer bolts when he heard echoing footsteps entering the hangar. He turned from his work to see none other than Poe, his best friend. 

Ben gave him a smirk.

“Hey hot shot, aren’t you supposed to be on an Intel mission?” 

Poe smirked as he stopped in front of Ben, “Funny story about that.” 

Ben quirked a brow as he put down his wrench, and wiped his hands with a rag. 


“Well uh…ya see I…” 

Poe leaned closer to Ben, bringing the tone of his voice to a whisper as if he were nervous for others to hear. 

“I made that up as a distraction, even got the General in on it.” 

Ben stepped back with an arched brow. 

“Distraction? For what?” 

Poe looked around the hangar anxiously and thoroughly before he reached into his pocket, retrieving a small box. Ben still confused watched Poe, unsure of what this was supposed to be. Poe opened the box with a grin to reveal a ring inside. 

“For this.” 

Ben put a hand over his heart with a smug grin, “Aw Dameron, I’m flattered.” 

Ben chuckled as Poe rolled his eyes, placing the box back in his pocket. 

“It’s for Finn.”

Ben smirked, “Uh huh.”

“I made up the mission so he won’t be expecting to see me around tomorrow. I’m gonna propose when he least expects it.”

Ben nodded, giving Poe a softer smile.

“Sounds like a good plan.”

Poe nodded, his eyes mistifully gazing off across the hangar, as if daydreaming.

“I always thought that soulmate stuff you rambled on about was only for force sensitives, but you were right man! I found him! One instance, thanks to your antics, and the sound of his voice, I-I just knew!“ 

With those words Bens face suddenly dropped unbeknownst to him, his smile fading into more of a frown. He hated to seem weak in any way, especially as the sly smuggler he was, he couldn’t afford people knowing he could be vulnerable. When it came to this subject however, he couldn’t deny it was the one thing he felt was missing in his life. Someone to come home to. 

Everyone around him seemed to be finding their soul mates and getting whisked away. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a solid month where someone around him wasn’t miraculously united with their soulmate, marrying said soulmate or having babies with that soulmate. The time in between those big events was also filled with nothing but the visual of happy couples all around the base, only reminding him on a consistent basis. It seemed never ending. 

Having been single along with Poe for so long, Ben thought he and Poe would be the last bachelors at least for a while. That at least for some time, he wouldn’t be the last soul on the base without a special someone. Not that he didn’t want his friend to fall in love, he was elated for Poe to finally find someone. The thought of him being legitimately the last soul in the Resistance without someone however, was already weighing down on him. 

Poe took notice of Bens changed expression, patting him on the arm. 

“I’m…they’re out there Ben. I know they are. I mean it’s not like I knew it was going to happen for me at all, let alone happen this year.”

Ben stayed quiet, simply staring at the floor beneath him. Poe nudged his arm again, trying to get him to look at him. 

“Don’t get too hung up on it okay?” 

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Miracle (Avengers+Bucky x Reader)

Hello everbody. I wanted to make up for the fact that I can’t get my requests done on time, so here it is. I wrote it a while ago for fun, but I have good ideas if you guys want me to write more parts, so please tell me if you do.

By the way, I am working on the requests guys, sorry I am always posting them late. 

Oh, and please ignore mistakes, my native language isn’t english xx

Lenght: Almost 7,000

Warnings: Alcohol, mention of drugs and sex, bad words, potential smut (?)

This part is more like drink-laugh-play, there will be more action in next parts. (if you guys like this one and tell me to continue)

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“So how did they react when they found out about Barton’s family?” I asked as I tried to catch up with Fury.  He rolled his eyes at me. Well, I mean, his eye.
“Come on Fury! You are so boring!” I whined.
“Why are we walking again?” I asked him, still trying to catch up.
“New York traffic. It isn’t easy to get to the tower.”
“Yeah right, ‘the tower’. Isn’t it fancy? A huge building in the central of the city, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes living inside of it.” I said with a playful voice. Fury ignored me.
“You are so boring today. On your period or something?” I asked, smiling.
“You wanna know why I haven’t fired you yet, Agent?” Fury asked with a serious voice.
“Mmm. I am just that good I guess.” I said.
“Oh- And you love me.” I said, using my cutest voice. Nick was the only person I got. He was my boss, but we’ve had a bonding. I have had known him since I was a little girl. I was an orphan, destroying everything around me with my powers I had no control on. He took me in his home, gave me a life instead of killing me. And now he was getting me into his team, The Avengers.
He gave me a quick look before we entered the tower, I grinned.
“This is gonna be so much fun.” I said cheerfully as we walked towards the elevator.
“Try not to blow things up.” He said when we got into the elevator. He pushed the common room’s button.
“Yes sir.” I smiled at him.  
Elevator’s doors opened. He walked in first, I quickly followed him.
“Avengers, this is Miss (Y/L/N). She will be working with you from now on.” No hellos or anything? Really? All of their heads turned. Vision, Peter, Sam and Jim were missing.
“So, this is the famous agent we always heard about.” Tony Stark said, looking at me.
“All good things I hope, Mr. Stark.” I answered.
“Depends on how you define 'good’.” He answered back, with a cocky voice.I grinned.

I turned to the others. Man, I head so many questions. When I opened my mouth, Fury stopped me.
“Before she starts, I have some suggestions. Don’t let her alone in the tower, espically not in the lab. Don’t ever leave her with Tony and Clint for too long. Ignore her sass and arrogance. She thinks that life is too short for shame, regret…So she does what she wants. Says anything she wants.–” Nick said, looking at others.
“I think they got the point, Fury.” I said to Fury, cutting him off.
“So,” I turned to them, “I know all of your names.”
“But I think we should have a proper meeting.” I added.
“My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” I said, smiling at them.
“Steve Rogers. Nice to meet you, (Y/N).” Oh no he is hot. So hot.
“You know who I am.” Tony said, smirking. On fire. 
I raised my eye brow and gave him a playful are-you-serious look. I am gonna have so much fun here.
“Thor, Son of Odin. My pleasure to meet you, Lady (Y/N).” HOT.
“You too, Thor.” I smiled.
“Dr. Banner, I must say I admire your work, and I am a huge fan of how you lose control and turn into a enermous green rage monster. It is amazing to meet you in person.” I smiled at him.
“Thanks. Nice to meet you too, (Y/N).” He answered, smiling but kind of shy.
I turned my head to Natasha and Clint, “Barton, Romanoff, nice to see you again.”
“I wish I could say the same, troublemaker.” Clint said, smirking at me.
“Last time we saw you, we kind of kicked yours and Ward’s asses, didn’t we?” Natasha said with a playful voice. I grinned.
“Uh-uh. You kicked Ward’s ass, I kicked Clint’s, we should call it even.”
She winked at me and Clint rolled his eyes.
I’ve had known Clint and Natasha for years. We worked together a few times. They were partners, like me and Grant Ward. We used to be good friends. Well, Ward turned out to be HYDRA, but we had good times.
“Wanda Maximoff, and this is my brother Pietro.” The brunette girl said, pointing his brother.
“Nice to meet you two.” I smiled. Then, I looked at Pietro’s eyes. It was like time stopped. His blue eyes met mine, I don’t know how long we kept staring at each other. There was something about him, something that attaracted me. Maybe it was just his charm, but I felt something more special. It wasn’t 'love at first sight’ kind of thing, but I did have the butterflies. We undressed each other with our eyes, ignoring everyone else in the room.
Things started to get awkward. It was too silent. Come on! Say something (Y/N)! Anything! Just speak!
“Clint, let’s show (Y/N) her room. What do you think?” Natasha said with a cheerful voice, I finally managed to take my eyes off Pietro, and turned to Natasha. Thank god.
“Yeah, thanks.” I said, trying to pull myself together.
“Bye Fury.” I said, smiling. He put a kiss on my forehead.
“Play nice.” He said before leaving.
“Always do.” I answered after him.
Natasha grabbed my arm with Clint and pulled me to the elevator. Tony quickly followed us.
“Let me join you guys, I am the host, aren’t I?” He got into the elevator and pushed the button. Last thing I saw before the elevator’s doors closing was the weird looks on the others’s faces.
“What was that?” Natasha asked me, smirking. Holy shit.
“What was what?” I said, keeping a straight face.
“You and Speedy had a good start. When do you plan on hooking up?” Tony said, smiling.
“I don’t even know him.” I answered.
“Like that stopped you before.” Clint said with a playful voice.
“Shut up Hawkeye.” I said, rolling my eyes. Elevators doors opened, Tony got out first, leading the way.
“I am giving you the room next to Pietro’s.” Tony said, winking at me. We kept walking through the hallway. A boy already? Good job (Y/N)! Now you have to deal with all the teasing.
“I hoped that you would go for Rogers.” Natasha said, looking at me.
“Hm. He is hot. We’ll see what happens.” I said, thinking about Steve. He was too good for me. I didn’t deserve him. But I would love to give it a try.  Now I am sounding like a slut, but I am not, I promise.
“Spangles? He can’t handle her sass.” Tony said to Natasha, raising his eyebrows.
“Exactly! They are opposites, they would attract each other.” Clint answered as we kept walking.
“What about you and Banner?” I asked to Natasha, smirking.
“How long has that been going on?” I added.
“Mm. Since Ultron.”
“6 months? What the shit Romanoff! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? And you Barton? You are married!” I said, turning to Barton.
“Sorry about that princess. Wanna meet them?”
“Of course!” I said, my voice happy.
“Oh- And, where are the others, I mean Vision, Peter, Sam and Jim?” I asked.
“Sam, Rhodey and Peter are in their own homes, but we have no idea about Vision.” Clint answered as we stopped walking.
“So, this is it.” Tony said as he opened the door for me.
“Wow.” My eyes widened as I saw my room. It was huge, and it had a great view of the city. There was a large TV, and an Apple laptop on the table. I had my own bathroom and a tub! I even got happier when I saw the mini fridge, which had vodka inside.
“Stark, you are the best.” I finally managed to say after I took a long look at my room.
“I know sweet cheeks.” I smiled at what he called me. A nick name already? Yaay.
“So when is the party?” I turned to them. I knew Tony Stark always wanted reasons for parties, a new member to the team was a great reason.
“Tomorrow night.” Tony answered.
“What party?” Natasha asked to Tony.
“Welcome Party for (Y/N).” Tony answered.
“You just met her.” Clint said, looking confused.
“Well, I liked her.”
“Of course you did.” Natasha smirked.
“Let’s leave (Y/N) alone. She has some unpacking to do.” Clint said as he walked out with Nat and Tony.
“Dinner at 7.30 (Y/N)!” Tony yelled as he closed the door behind them.
I took another look at my amazing room as they left. I saw my suitcase on the corner of the room. What the hell, I didn’t bring it here? I walked up to my suitcase and opened it. My stuff were in it.
Wow they really thought about everything.


“FRIDAY, can you send Nat to my room, please?” I asked to FRIDAY, lying on the bed in a towel after I took a long shower.

“Of course, Miss (Y/L/N).”

Natasha came in two minutes later.
“Hey hot-shot.” She said.
“What should I wear?” I turned to her as she closed to door behind her and walked towards me.
“Our dinners aren’t fancy. We just order pizza or something and watch a movie.” My mouth opened.
“What the hell?” They were the Avengers! They were supposed to have fancy dinners where they wear suits or something.
“Sorry to dissapoint.” She smiled.
“Actually it is better.” I said as I stood up. I walked to the wardrobe and Nat followed me.
“Uh-uh. I am picking.” Nat said as she pushed me away. I had a chance to take a look at her after I turned back to my bed. She looked amazing. She was wearing a black tight casual dress, which she pulled off perfectly.
“Damn Red. You are on fire.” She turned her head to me and winked. Then she threw me my blue bra and panties.
“Speedy likes blue.” She said with a playful voice.
“Yup. And out these on.” She threw me my short jean short and a black crop top.
I did what she said. I did look good. I smiled as I checked myself up from the mirror.
“You are gonna do my make up Red.”
“Thanks for asking so nicely sweetie.” She said sarcasticly.
She pushed me to the chair and sat me down. She picked up her purse and I closed my eyes as she started to  do my make-up.
“You know, I’ve always shipped Clintasha.” I whined.
“I was dissapointed when I heard about him.” I added. She problebly rolled her eyes at me.
“I know you did.”
“And I shipped you with Ward.”
“Actually he was with someone before he turned out to be HYDRA. Plus we were besties.” I said sarcasticly.
“Who was he with?”
“Skye. Shes new. It was a huge disaster for her. That son of a bitch.”
“I am sorry about Ward, really.” She said as she kept doing my make up.
“I will put a bullet in his head if I see him again.”
“Done.” She said and I opened my eyes. She was really good at everything.
“You are amazing Red. Thank you.” She smiled.
“My pleasure. Now let’s go.” I put on my sneakers and we got out my room. We walked towards the elevators together.
“I really hope that Bruce doesn’t go green when he sees you.” I said, winking.
“Oh, and, did you guys have sex? Did he turn into the Hulk? Did you have sex with the Hulk? Or did you like drug him or something?” I asked curiously, my voice cheerful.
“I am not answering that.”
“Come on! You have to! How was he? Tell me.” I smirked.
“Hey ladies.” We saw Clint at the elevators.
“Hey birdy.” I smiled. I turned my head to Natasha and mouthed 'We are gonna talk about this later.’ She rolled her eyes.
3 of us got into the elevator when the doors opened. Natasha pushed the button to the common room.
“What are we having today?” I asked to them.
“Pizzahut.” Clint answered.
The elevator stopped and Steve got inside.
“Hey guys.” The doors closed. 3 of us mumbled 'hey’.
The doors opened, and we walked out. I saw everyone else was already eating, sitting on the couch.
“Hey.” Tony said, he got up and gave me a plate.
“Thanks.” I said and got myself a slice from the table, then sat on the couch, next to Thor. I gave him a smile which he returned. I said hi to Bruce and Wanda, smiling at them and compeletly ignoring Pietro. I didn’t want that eye-contact-thing to happen again. I didn’t need 'a thing’ going on.  Nat sat next to me with her plate. Clint, Tony and Steve sat to the couch in front of us.
I took a bite from my pizza. Delicious.
“So, what do we do tonight?” Bruce asked, looking at others. I wondered what he was talking about.
“We can watch a movie. Let (Y/N) pick, she is the new one.” Steve said.  I felt Pietro’s eyes on me.
“Or we can-” Tony started to speak but Steve cut him off, “No Tony. We are not playing strip poker.”
“Come on-”
“No.” Steve said with a serious voice. I smiled at their conversation. I actually would love to play strip poker, but I didn’t want to end up naked myself.
“Okay, let’s ask (Y/N). What do you want to do?” Clint asked me. I want to watch Thor strip.
“I wanna watch Thor and The Hulk arm wrestle. But since that’s not gonna happen, we can play a drinking game?” I offered, looking at their expressions.
“I like you.” Tony says, pointing his finger at me.
“I know.” I answer, smirking.
“I am in.” Natasha said.
“Me too.” Clint joins. Everyone else nods.
After we finish eating, we cleaned up the mess and come back to the common room. Tony brought the drinks and I poured the shots as all of us sit around the table. Sam and Rhodey joined us after they introduced themselves to me.
“So, lets play Never Have I Ever. Is that okay?” I asked to them.
“This is like high school all over again.” Rhodey said.
Everyone said yes, except Thor and Steve. They had no clue what it was. I could tell from their expressions so I started explaining; “Each player takes turns declaring an activity, beginning with the phrase, "Never have I ever.” if you haven’t done it. You have to drink.“  They nodded.
"You start Tony.”
“Never have I ever… been to a nude beach.” Tony said, smiling at us.
“Uh, come on. That can’t be pretty.” Natasha said and took a shot. Wanda, Pietro, Steve, Thor and I took also.
“Your turn (Y/N).” Clint said smirking.
“Never have I ever, …joined the mile high club.” I said, grinning. Tony, Clint, Sam and Rhodey laughed and Natasha gave me a smirk. Bruce blushed.
“What’s that?” Steve asked curiously.
“We’ll tell you when you grow up Cap.” Sam said cheerfully.
“I don’t know what that is either.” Thor said. I laughed, “Nothing importnant. Now, drink up!” I said, clapping my hands as others joined me.  
Maximoffs, Thor and Steve took a shot.
“Your turn Speedy.” Natasha said.
“Mmm.” He was thinking, I still tried not to look at him. Even hearing his voice was fucking me up.
“Never have I ever tried to ignore someone because I was scared to get attracted to them.” Oh fuck.
Everyone went silent. They were looking at us in amusement, waiting for a move. I got my head up, and our eyes met. I put on my most seductive smile. He was looking at me carefully with flirtive eyes. I took a shot, not cutting off our eye-contact. “Never been scared. Just didn’t want to rush in.” I added.
He smirked.
Then the others drank up. And the game went on.
“Come on everyone! I wanna drink.” I said cheerfully.
“I like her.” Sam said, I smiled.
“Okay, my turn.” Nat said, “Never have I ever slept with my best friend.” I glared at her. She wanted to know if I slept with Ward, plus she liked bugging me.
“You are on Romanoff.” I said.  She smiled.
Everyone took a shot except me. Embrassing. Now you really look like a slut, (Y/N).
“Never have I ever, slept with someone who is in this room.” I said, looking at Natasha.
“Woah.” Tony said, drinking. I took another shot with everyone else, Nat and Bruce didn’t drink.
“How did you guys- Didn’t you turn into–? How–” I asked to Nat and Bruce. Bruce immediatly looked down.
“DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH THE HULK?” Sam asked, excited. My eyes widened.
“Oh my god.” Tony said. Steve blushed, Thor laughed.
“Holy shit.” Clint said.
“Bruce problebly used drugs or something, just guessing.” I said, trying not to laugh.
“One more word, and I kill all of you.” Natasha said with a serious voice.
“And you, are so dead.” She added, looking at me.
“Bring it on Widow.”
The first thing I saw when I woke up was priceless. Tony Stark sleeping on the couch with his mouth open, Hawkeye hugging a pillow and laying on the floor asleep. Sam was sitting on the floor, his head laying on Rhodey’s shoulder who was sitting right next to him, snoring. And I was laying on the couch with Natasha, using her as a pillow. I stood up quietly trying to not wake them up.
Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were passed out. I did my best to not laugh.
Maximoffs, Steve and Thor weren’t there. They must have went to their rooms last night, I thought.
“FRIDAY, how long have we been sleeping?” I whispered.
“For 10 hours, Miss (Y/L/N).” FRIDAY answered with a low voice. Shit.
“What time is it?” I whispered again.
“RISE AND SHINE SLEEPY HEADS.” I yelled. They all started to moan.
“GOOD MOOORNING NEW YORK!” I yelled once again, all of them opened their eyes.
“Go to hell (Y/N)!” Natasha said as she kept sleeping.
“Come on Red! TIME TO RISE UP!” I ran up to her, shaking her shoulders. “Come on Stark, we have lots to do today!” I said as I ran to him from Natasha. He didn’t even open his eyes. He just whined.
“GET YOUR ASSES UP EVERYONE!” Natasha woke up and sat up straight. Everyone else just ignored me.
“What a lovely mornin’,” I sang. “Oh, no.” Clint said as he closed his eyes with his hands. He knew I was going to continue the song.
“Good morning, good morning
We’ve danced the whole night through
Good morning, good morning to you
Good morning, good morning
It’s great to stay up late
Good morning, good morning to you!” I kept singing as I walked around them. All of them got up, with sleepy faces.
“Man, what time is it?” Sam said, moaning.
“Its 2pm.” I answered.
“Are you kidding?” Clint said as his eyes widened.
“Let’s hit the showers. Then we get breakfast and some aspirin.” I said as I lead them to the elevators. All of us got into the elevator and I pushed the button. We were all in the same floor.
“I’ll see you guys in 30.” I said as I got out of the elevator.
“I’ve plans for today!” I cheered as I kept eating my cereal. All of the Avengers, I mean all of us except Peter and Vision were having late breakfast.
“How do you get over hangover so fast?” Rhodey asked me, raising his eye brows.
“I am an alcoholic, I am used to hangovers.” I answered.
“So, what plans?” Pietro asks, with his perfect accent. Damn.
“I want to see more of New York.”
“I’ll show you.” He says, smiling. Natasha, Clint and Tony quickly looked at me, and winked.
“Thanks.” I said, smiling back.
“Oh, and Bucky is gonna come today.” Steve said, looking at us. My heart beat fastened. Oh no. He will remember me.
“You should meet him before you guys leave.” He added. This won’t be so nice.
“How is he holding up?” Sam asked Steve, looking worried.
“He is better.” Steve answered. His eyes looked so sad. I felt really bad for him.
“I don’t think that is a good idea. You should call us back when he leaves. Let’s go, shall we?” I said, turning my head to Pietro.
“Wait– Why?” Steve asked curiously.
“I-Uh. I have met him before.” All of their eyes widened.
“Where?” Natasha asked, “When?” Sam added.
“I was sent on a mission with Ward, to take out a HYDRA base. Turns out it was the base they were keeping him in.” They all looked at me, like saying 'go on’.
“Then uh, worst came to worse. I had to fight him. He did this.” I said as I took my bracelets of, revealing the scar I had on my wrist.
“He broke my arm with his metal hand just by squeezing my wrist.” I said as I took a deep breath. All of their eyes widened.
“Then I melted his arm. By using my powers. They had to give him a new fireproof one.” I finished.
They were looking at me with shocked expressions.


“I am going in!” I shouted to my device.
“You know who else is dangerous, Grant? I am! Maybe I can help him!”
“NO! HE IS A 90 YEAR-OLD BRAIN-WASHED SUPER SOLDIER. DON’T–” I kicked the door and got in, throwing away my device. Sergeant Barnes was here, a hero!
I thought that I could help him.
And there he was. Scarier than I thought he would be. His black uniform had blood on it. He was holding a knife in his metal hand. His face was covered in dirt, his brown long hair covering most of it.  His blue eyes showed no humanity.
He looked like death.
He pulled out a knife with his human hand. Then he started walking towards me, confident.
“This isn’t you, Sergeant.” He began to walk faster, looking staright to my face.
“You are not a killer.” I added.
“How do you know I am not?” He raised his arm, about to stab me. I stepped back.
“I’ve read about you. Your name is Bucky.”
“Who the hell is Bucky?” He yelled, trying to stab me again. I kicked his hand. The knife fell to the ground. He raised his metal arm this time, about to punch me. I took another step back, avoiding his move again.
“YOU ARE NOT THE WINTER SOLDIER!” I said and punched him in the face. He stumbled backwards, but recovered quickly. I raised my fist, about to punch him again, thinking that hitting him in the face might help for the brain-wash-thing. He caught my wrist with his metal hand, then squeezed it. I screamed in pain, feeling my arm breaking. I fell to my knees, he didn’t let go of my arm. I looked at his eyes, he was going to kill me. I knew he was. I could see the darkness in his eyes. I put my other hand on his metal one, closed my eyes and imagined I had flares coming up from it. Than I imagined his arm melting. He quickly let go of me, fell to the floor, confused. His arm started melting, he started screaming. I turned back and started to run as fast as I could.
“(Y/N), I am so sorry. Trust me he wouldn’t–”  Steve said, I cut him off.
“I know Steve. Don’t worry about it. I just don’t think it will be nice for him to see me.” I said, looking at him. I turned my head to Pietro, gave him a 'lets go’ look. He quickly got up and we walked towards the door together.
Then, the worst thing happened.
“Rogers! I am here.” I froze as I heard his voice. All of us did. But none of us moved as we heard his foot steps. They didn’t do anything, because they knew they could get him off me if something went wrong.
He walked into the kitchen. His blue eyes met mine. He just looked at me, very carefully.
“I know you.” He said, with a serious voice.
“Do you remember what happend?” I asked. I was testing some dangerous waters. Natasha stood up and walked up to me, waiting for a move from him.
“I remember you melting my arm.” He said with a dangerous voice.
“And I remember you breaking mine. Good times, don’t you think?”
“(Y/N), I think you should go.” Steve said as he walked to Bucky.
“No.” Bucky said,  not taking his eyes off me. I raised my eye brows. I could feel how uncomfortable everyone was.
“What do you want soldier?” I asked, my voice serious.
“I want to apologize.” He said. I don’t want to do this right now.
“Get me out of here.” I whispered to Pietro’s ear. He picked me up and speed off.
When he put me back down, everything was spinning. I felt like throwing up. I stumbled back, Pietro catched me.
“I think I am gonna throw up.” Good job (Y/N), he is holding you and you mention throwing up. Good job.
“Sorry.” He said, holding my shoulders.
“Nevermind, I am fine.” I shaked my head, pulling myself together. I saw that we were in the Central Park.
“We should start over. I don’t want my first proper conversation with you to start with me mentioning throwing up.” I said, looking at him.
“Pietro, Maximoff.” He thrusted out his hand for a hand shake.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” I said smiling, shaking his hand.
“What a lovely name, Miss (Y/L/N).” He answered with a flirty voice.
“Oh really, Mr. Maximoff? You should hear my phone number.” I answer back, smirking. He lets out a small laughter. I reached out for his hand, held it and pulled him to the Central Park after me.
“But we are gonna explore the city first!” I said with a cheerful voice, smiling.  
*** 3 HOURS LATER ***
“Oh god! That was awesome!” I said as I kept laughing. Pietro was running around the city with me on his back, and we were stopping by people and yelling “BEEP BEEP!” before running off again. I was lucky that I got used to his speed quickly.
“I know.” He laughed with me.  We’ve had spent last 3 hours running around the city, eating ice cream and talking. He told me about all the embrassing moments that has happend in the tower, and I told him all about the pranks I played on people. Then we drew on each others faces with a marker. I drew a dot on his nose and 3 lines on his each cheek to make him look like a cat, and he drew me a moustache and wrote 'Mr. (Y/L/N)’ on my left cheek.
I saw a bar looking over from his shoulder, then pulled him towards it.
“Oh! A bar! Come on!” I yelled as I pulled his hand. He laughed. We walked to the bar together and got inside. I took a seat and pointed him the seat next to mine. He sat and we ordered tekila shots. “We should play a game.” He said.
“Okay. What game?”
“We will ask each other questions and we have to answer correctly. We’ll take turns. We can take a shot in each round.” I smiled.
“Love it. Let’s do it.” The bartender got us our drinks.
“You go first.” He said, smirking.
“Hmm. What did you think of me when you first saw me?” I asked him, looking at his eyes.
“That’s simple. I thought that you were beautiful.” He said, his voice deep.
“You have to answer correctly, Piet.” I said.
“I did.” He smiled. I smiled back, shyly. I tried to hide my cheeks because I was blushing.
“Now my turn. Why did you really ignore me that day?” He asked, his eyes looking for an answer in mine.
“I have already told you. I didn’t want to rush into something.” I am a big ass liar.
“You have to answer correctly.” Shit.
“Because I felt an attraction to you and I didn’t want it.” I took a deep breath.
“Uh-uh Speedy Sokovia. It’s my turn.” I took a shot, he did the same. Tekila burned my throat, but in a good way.
“Go for it.”
“Hmm. Ever been in love?” I asked, kidding. I didn’t believe in that kind of things.
“Nope. Never had the time. So, my turn. Why didn’t you want it?”
“I didn’t want to same thing happen again. I date a boy, we have fun. They don’t care about me when they get bored in the end. We break up. Someone else comes up, same thing over and over again.” I took another shot. He did the same.
He looked suprised. I am pretty sure he didn’t expect that answer.
“What? You didn’t see that coming?” I smiled widely. He gave me a small smile, faking it.
“Okay. My question iss…  What is the most embrassing you’ve ever done?” I asked.
“I once walked in on Tony and Pepper.” He said, smiling. I laughed.
“That’s awesome!” I cheered.
“So. Who do you love most in your life?” He asked.
“Problebly Fury. I don’t really have anyone expect him, Maria, Nat and Clint.” I said and we took another shot. Now I was a little drunk.
“We should go. We’re gonna be late to the party.” He said and left some cash on the table.
“Hold on.” I said and drank the last shots which were on the table. Now I am drunk, and it is 6pm. Nice one (Y/N).
Pietro wasn’t. Damn his fast metabolism.
“Come on Quicky! Lets RUUN.” I laughed.
“Are you drunk?” He asked, raising his eye-brows.
“Are you breathing?” I asked with a smirk.
“What was I thinking letting you drink all of that?” He said with regret. He must have forgotten how normal people get drunk.
He picked me up, bridal style. I got used to the speed thing. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck. When he stopped running, I opened my eyes to see that everyone was looking at us, we were in the common room. Pietro let me down, and I stumbled, almost falling. He catched me, wrapping his arms around my waist.
“Hey guysss!” I cheered and laughed. Everyone was there. All the Avengers. Looking at us, compeletly shocked. Well it is not a normal thing to appear all of a sudden with drawings on our faces and drunk.
“YOU GOT HER DRUNK ALREADY MAXIMOFF?” Peter yelled, looking angry. He was a good friend of my mine. I’ve had known him for a few years. We met in a museum, we were friends since. I knew his secret, he knew mine.
“I didn’t! I swear! She drank and I forgot how easy you normal people get drunk.” Pietro defended himself.
Natasha and Clint looked pissed. Everyone did, them more.
“If you took an advantage of her Maximoff, I swear to god I’ll-”
“No-no! I would never. I swear.” He said raising his free hand in peace, holding me with the other one. I laughed again.
“Where the hell have you two been?! It has been hours!” Steve yelled at us.
“Language Captain!” I yelled with a happy voice. He looked even more mad now.
“What were you two have been doing?” Tony asked.
“I showed her around. We pulled some pranks on people, got some ice cream. Then we went to a bar.” Pietro answered.
“Yupp. We diiid.” I said and got out of his arms. I took a few steps to the others. All of them was dressed up, ready for the party. I stumbled again, to be catched by Peter. He picked me up, bridal style.
“We’ll take care of her. Let’s go Nat.” He started walking towards the elevators with me in his arms, Nat following us.
“Spidey you look hot.” I said, looking at his suit. He didn’t answer me, but I could have sworn that he smirked. We got into the elevator.
I looked at my reflection from the mirror. I was wearing a black short dress, and my make-up looking good. My hair was curled by Nat, again. I wore my red high heels.
“Thanks Red. And Parker.” I said, looking at them.
“Sorry for being a pain in the ass.” I said, using my most loveable voice.
“It is okay drunk-ass.” Nat said, smirking.
“Shall we, ladies?” Peter asked with a playful voice, showing his arms for us to take it.
“Yep. Let’s fuck this shit up.” I said, smirking. We walked our way to the party together.
When we walked in, Tony immediatly walked towards us and took me away. “(Y/N), you look gorgeous.”
“Thanks Stark. You too.”
“Wanna meet some people?” He asked, “This is your party, you know.” He added.
“Any male models? Hot news reporters? Oh- hot business man?” I asked.
“I am the hot business man.” He said, smirking.
“Okay dumbass. Introduce me. To everyone.”
“Sure thing sweet cheeks. But lets get a drink first.”
He put his hand on my waist. Lead me to the bar, to the others. Clint and Pietro were laughing and fooling around, Captain was with Thor,Pietro and Sam, Natasha was drinking champagne with Bruce, Rhodey was telling a story to Wanda and Vision.
We got to the bar and ordered vodka. Bartender gave it to us quickly.
“Didn’t you have enaugh today, (Y/N)?” Steve said.
“I am an alcoholic Cap. I’ll never have enaugh.” I answered.
“Is there any chance that you are a Stark?” Sam asked, raising his eye brows. I smirked to Sam. Tony winked at me.
Thor took my glass away.
“Heey!” I said to Thor, confused. He gave me a look that said 'you are not drinking anymore’, if that was possible.
“It is my second day and you guys are already baby-sitting me.” I whined, rolling my eyes.
“Get ready.” Tony said as he hit his empty vine glass with a fork few times.
“May I have everyone’s attention, please?” He said with a loud voice. Everyone shut up, turned to us. Cameramans started recording, a few people took pictures.
“This beautiful lady is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). She is a new member to the Avengers. This is her second day here, but she has left a good impression on all of us. We are more than happy to welcome her to our family.” He said, then he turned his head and smiled to me. I smiled back. It was beautiful. Good impression? Really?
“So everyone, to (Y/N)!” He raised his glass.
Everyone else did the same. It was the first time Tony Stark gave a speech which didn’t involve any jokes, or his ego.
“Thanks Tony. I am flattered. I didn’t think that I left a good impression though.”
“Well, it depends on how you define 'good’.” He said, smiling. I returned the smile.  I will be happy here.
We were sitting in the common room, chatting. All of us were there. Party had finished an hour ago and we decided to hang around for a little longer.
“So, (Y/N) why don’t you tell us more about yourself?” Bruce said, giving me a cute smile.
“There is nothing much to know, really.” I said, looking at him.
“Come on! Tell us something, anything.” Wanda said, smiling at me.
“Okay, what do you want to know?” I answer, looking at all of them.
“Got a lover?” Sam asked, smirking. Pietro turned his head to me.
“Pshh. No.” I said.
“Can you show us some fire tricks?” Clint asked, his voice sounding like a 5 year-old exiceted kid.
“Sure sweetie. Maybe I’ll take you to a amusement park afterwards.” I said sarcasticly. Then I got up, standing in front of all of them.
“I don’t really like using my powers. I don’t have a good story with fire. But I can do something else.” I walked to Mjolnir.
“May I?” I asked Thor, everyone was smiling at me. All of them sure that I’ll fail.
“Sure.” Thor answered, smiling.
“You don’t think I can lift it, do you?” I ask, raising my eye brows.
“Honestly, I don’t. Nobody ever could. Except for Vision. And he is an android so I don’t think that counts.”
I held Mjolnir, not intending to lift it yet.
“If I lift this, I won’t hesitate to go rule Asgard, just sayin’.”
“Yeah, sure you won’t.” Clint said, trying not to laugh.
Then I looked at Wanda, gave her a look. She didn’t have trouble understanding what that look meant. A red aura flew around the room, all of their eyes turned red. She was manipulating them to think that I was lifting it.
“So, will I have a crown?” I said when I saw that their eyes turned back to their normal color.
They all looked at me with shocked expressions, speechless. 

This new family thing is going to be awesome, I thought.

I Will Marry This Girl One Day - Austin Carlile
Could you please do an Austin carlile one where you too are best friends and he texts you saying he’s feeling sad so you go over to his and put on his tshirt and music and start dancing and goofing around to make him smile and he secretly takes a video of you and puts it up on Instagram with a really fluffy caption like “I will marry this girl one day” something along those lines, sorry it’s long I really admire your writing though :))x

Aw I liked the idea of this one, I hope you like it c:

I look down at the newest text on my phone from Austin. ‘I’m just feeling really down, you know?’ it reads. I hated it whenever Austin felt miserable. I re-read the text and a thought flashes in my mind. I look at the time: almost 10pm. Without thinking twice, I grab my phone and keys, leaving out the front door.

Pulling up at Austin’s house, I take a quick look in the mirror to make sure I look presentable. I get out and toddle up his drive, knocking on his door.

Immediately, a smile appears on his face as he sees me. “Y/N,” He breathes. I loved the tone in his voice, the way he says my name… It’s perfect and I fall almost instantly. “I… Heard you needed a friend?” I smile hopefully. “At, 10pm?” He looks astonished. “Hey, if you need me, I’ll be here.” I smile at him warmly. “Now are you letting me in or not, punk?” I break the moment, not wanting to make things awkward. “Of course, get in here.” He shuffles out the way, letting me walk in.

“Oh, so you’re staying the night?” He nods his eyes at the packed bag in my hand. “Duh, I’m not going to drive back in the middle of the night, am I? It’s dangerous.” I try to sound serious, but it doesn’t work. “Mhm, maybe I don’t want you sleeping in my house.” He teases, closing the door behind him he wraps his arms around me from behind. His touch makes me tingle and my heart skips a beat. “Too bad, you’re stuck with me.” I look over my shoulder and grin. I loved spending time with Austin, he was my bestfriend. And I loved being in his arms. But then I realised why his arms were coiled around me. “No…” I mutter, grabbing his arms and trying to pull them off. “Too late.” He murmurs, almost seductively, but the moment offs it.

Savagely, he tickles me. I squirm and kick out. “Austin, stop, get off!” I giggle between my cackles of laughter. “Not a chance.” He chuckles, spinning my around and pushing me against the wall. His hands tickle my sides and I can’t help but die from laughter. “Austin, for crying out loud.” I say out of breath after he stops. Both of his arms are pressed either side of my head and we look at each other deeply in the eyes. Heaving, he smirks. “I guess you’ll want to go get dressed for bed.” He then says, unblocking his arms. He runs his hand through his hair and steps back with a hopeless smile. “Uh, yeah.” I stammer, reaching for my bag.

I stride up his stairs into his bedroom, thoughts lingering on him. For so long I’ve have these feelings for him, but I’ve tried to tell them they’re unwelcome. I mean, seriously, me and Austin? Like that could ever happen…

Dumping my bag alongside his bed, I place my phone on the bedside table. It’s not the first time I’ve stayed over at Austin’s; we do it quite often. We even sleep in the same bed, however, nothing has happened between us ever. I’m stuck in the friendzone, and I doubt I will ever get out.

Quickly, I undress into my underwear in his room. I pull on some shorts then ramble through his wardrobe. He loved it when I wore his shirts, I know it’ll cheer him up. Let alone I adored wearing them. For a short amount of time I felt like I was his, and it was perfect. I soon find an appropriate shirt. Although too big like everything else, I slip into it. Pulling my hair out of it’s pony tail, I look in his mirror. I’m a scruffy mess, but hey, I’m comfortable.

“Hey, hot-shot.” I say sarcastically as I walk into his living room. His smile expands as he looks at what I’m wearing. “You’re wearing my shirt.” He tilts his head. “Mhm-hm.” I nod my head. “Like it?” I ask. “Of course I do, you know I love it when you wear my stuff.” He half smiles as he stands up. Love, the word echoes in my head in his voice. “I love you..” I whisper, too quietly for him to hear. “What?” He asks. “Uhm, never mind. What does it take to get some ice cream around here?” I joke, subtly changing the subject. “Pft, check the freezer.” He rolls his eyes and grins.

I leave the room and go to the kitchen in search for ice cream. Ugh, I really need to get over this crush… It’s never going to happen. My mind taunts. “I know that.” I mumble out loud. Taking the ice cream from his freezer, I grab two spoons too and walk back to the lounge.

Austin is back on the sofa staring absentmindedly at the TV which has now been set on a music channel. “Why were you chattering to yourself in the kitchen?” Austin faces me, an enquiring look on his face. “Was I?” I act dumb, pulling a weird facial expression before sitting down next to him. “Mhm.” He says, wrapping his arm around me. I place the ice cream on his lap and we both take spoonfuls frequently.

“How are you feeling?” I ask him, looking into his dark luscious eyes. “Better, now that you’re here.” He looks down at me, his words sinking into my mind. “But yeah, just, I don’t know what’s up. I’ve just been feeling a little shut, you know?” His voice becomes dull, I nod my head.

Standing up, I offer my hand to him. “C'mon.” I smirk. “What?” He cocks his eyebrow. “Get up and jam with me.” I giggle, finding my beat to the song that’s playing. “No, I’m sure you’re more of a solo dancer.” He shakes his head. “Pft, you’re missing out.” I say, turning my back. Attempting to flow with the music, I break out into a range of uncoordinated movements. Clumsily, I stick out my arms and legs and just spiral with the music. “So beautiful, busting your exquisite moves.” Austin chuckles from behind me. “Pft I’d like to see you do better.” I say, as I make a weird form of dance steps towards him. “Now come up and join me.” I say as I face him. Flipping his phone in his hands, he finally gives in.

“Finally, something I could dance to.” He murmurs as he stands up. “But, it’s a slow song.” I say awkwardly. “And?” He tilts his head with a warm smile then takes my hands. “Alright..” I say, still unsure. Placing my hands on his shoulders, he manoeuvres his hands to my waist. At first, we’re distant, trying to find fluid movement with one another. Awkward definitely describes it. But Austin suddenly pulls me closer to him, pressing my body against his. And suddenly everything fits into place. Gracefully, we dance together to the slow song. I could stay in this moment forever. Flowing, our bodies sway the whole way to the finish of the song. “Thank you.” He murmurs, pressing his forehead to mine. I hold on for just a while longer, to feel like I belong to somebody, but soon enough he drops my hands. “How about we, uh, go to bed then? It’s kinda late.” He rubs the back of his neck. “Sure.” I smile, still wishing I could be getting rocked in his arms.

As we reach his bedroom, he pulls his shirt and jeans off. I was used to it, so I didn’t try to stare. However, I did take a glimpse as I slid into the bed. Taking my phone in my hands, I ensure I have switched my alarm off before relaxing onto his pillows. “You comfortable?” Austin murmurs, pressing his back to mine. “Mhm.” I nod as his arms wrap around me. It felt like I was at home in his arms like this, I just wished he felt the same. Soon enough, I doze into my sleep, surrounded by the sweet scent of his cologne.

The Next Morning

Streaming in my eyes, the sun shone through the window. I try to make as little movement as possible; I wanted to avoid waking Austin. Who - I checked - is lazily asleep next to me still. I quietly slither out of his grip to reach my phone before replacing myself. I check the time. 10:07am. I really should get up… So I slide into early morning routine and go through some apps: Twitter, tumblr, Instagram. Scrolling through my feed, I come across a post of Austin’s from last night. ’I will marry this girl one day.’ the caption read. I frown and wait for the post to load. Once loaded, I view a video of me from last night, dancing. I widen my eyes, the little shit. ’So beautiful, busting your exquisite moves.’ I hear his voice, repeated from last night. I smile down to the pillow I’m laying on, his sweet voice. I re-read the caption over and over in my mind until it leaves me frustrated. What on earth did he mean? Maybe, just maybe he..

“Morning, beautiful.” Austin’s morning voice is deep, and greatly seductive. I’m greeted my his lips pressed to the back of my neck, man… Quickly, I flip my phone down to the bed so he doesn’t see what I was watching. “Hey.” I smile dozily as I turn over to face him. “It’s true, you know.” He mumbles. “Mhm?” I raise my eyebrows. “I will marry you, one day.” He says affectionately. Speechless, shocked and surprised, my frown deepens.

“Kiss me, Y/N.” His husky voice commands spontaneously. Rushing the moment, I press my lips to his cheek sweetly. Surely that’s what he meant? “Not there,” His tone is almost sarcastic, and he smirks. Hesitantly, I slowly drag the time where my lips hover by his. Moreover, my breathing hitches and I struggle to proceed any further as I feel his long breaths against my lips. As if he was eager, he moves his lips towards mine and creates a long, benevolent kiss. Striking me by surprise, I feel frozen. Austin’s warm hands curve to my face, where he cups gently and tilts my head closer to his. It’s not long before my heart gives in, and I wrap my legs over his waist, colliding our bodies. Snaking around his neck, my arms push our lips even closer. The moment lasts longer than a few minutes, before it comes to an end. Reluctantly, I lean away from him, wanting his lips on mine again. But my eyes catch his, and they’re filled with admiration, it’s breath taking. “Y/N, I love you.” His words are laced with passion, and so it laces up my tongue. My breaths been taken away, I can’t express how much this completes me and sends wonders throughout my body. “I love you, too.” I whisper, hand stroking his cheek, I break into a feeble smile.

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ceo!calum omg

He liked to think he was good at his job.

He was the CEO of course, that was a bit of a clue. Calum hadn’t got to where he was without working hard and dedicating himself to his career. No, he’d spent his life making sure that when it came down to it, he was the best he could be.

He liked to think he was an even better boyfriend.

“Home!” He called, grinning at your muffled response telling him you were in the bedroom. Calum made his way through the spacious penthouse the two of you lived in, leaning against the doorframe to smirk at you. “Hey Angel.”

“Hey hot shot.” You grin, sitting up from where you’d been lying across the king sized mattress. “What you got there?”

“Oh these?” He smirks, referring to the flowers in his hand. “Just some flowers for my girl.”


“Can a man not buy his girl flowers just because?” He grins, crossing the room to give you the bouquet, dropping down to brush a kiss against your lips. “Love you.”

“Love you too.” You hum, smile wide as you look down at the flowers he’d presented you.

Yeah. Definitely an even better boyfriend.

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Game on (pt. 2)

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Game On (pt. 2)

Pairing: Avengers x Reader  

Prompt: Hi love! I really loved tag in the dark, so i wanted to come up with something similar. Whole team + the reader playing basketball would be amazing! (It doesnt have to be basketball, you can pick a game)  

Summary: You and the Avengers decided to play a “friendly” game of basketball
Warnings: None :)

Link to Part 1http://imagining-in-the-mcu.tumblr.com/post/122553888073/game-on-pt-1

   Bruce threw the ball in the air, and everything happened in slow motion. The ball flew in the air, and you immediately jumped off the ground. Tony also jumped in the air, but not as high or as early as you. You tipped the ball off to Clint, who was standing outside of the circle. Clint caught the ball and immediately went into action. You fell back onto the ground and watched as Clint dribbled the ball madly and ran to the other side. You ran with him to the other side. Suddenly, Thor appeared in front of Clint, stopping him.

   "I believe that ball belongs to me,“ Thor said, attempting to grab the ball from Clint. Clint moved the ball out of reached and spotted you. He passed the ball and you caught it, starting to dribble. You ran for a second until you saw Natasha sprinting to you with a mischevious smile on her. You panicked and decided to shoot the ball at the last minute. Right when Natasha was in front of you, you shoot the ball from the three-pointer. You watched as the basketball hit the rim and bounced through the net. Your team cheered.

   "Damn!” you heard Tony say. You turned to him and gave him a smug look, before continuing the game. Thor caught the ball from under the net and tried to dribble with two hands, awkwardly failing. Pietro easily stole the ball from him.  

   "How dare you cross the Son of Odin!“ Thor yelled. Pietro, using his incredible speed, zoomed back to your team’s net. However, Wanda came. Wanda used her powers and obtained the ball from Pietro. Pietro, not noticing, came up to the basket with no ball in his hands and shot the imaginary ball. 

   "Hey!” Pietro said, once he noticed that there was no ball in his hands. 

   "Sorry brother!“ Wanda yelled back, laughing as she dribbled the ball to the other end. You ran after her. 

   "Over here Maximoff!” Tony said loudly, flailing his arms as Steve tried to guard him. Wanda noticed Tony and passed the ball of to him. Tony caught the ball, and Steve immediately protested. “Sorry grandpa, I guess that arthritis is really kicking in!” Tony yelled back, continuing to dribble the ball. Tony shot the ball, and the ball went in. The other team cheered. The score is now 3-2, with your team winning.

   "Nice job Stark,“ Natasha said. You rolled your eyes. Steve seized the ball and started to awkwardly dribble. You ran up to Steve.

   "Steve, honey, I’ll take it from here.” You said. 

   "Oh thank goodness.“ Steve said with a sigh of relief, passing you the ball. You caught it, and started to dribble to the other end. From the corner of your eye, you see Wanda coming up towards you. You side-stepped, disorienting Wanda for a moment. You continued breating heavily as you ran towards the net. You stopped your tracks, and shot the ball from the three-pointer again before someone slammed you to the ground. You yelped as you dropped the basketball and fell on your side. 

   "Look, I have obtiained the ball!” you heard Thor yell, coninuing with the sound of the ball bouncing up and down. You groaned as you pulled yourself up from the ground. Your team came up in front of you.

   "Y/N! Are you okay?“ Clint asked, with his hand outstreached for you to grasp onto. Using his hand, you stood up. 

   "Yeah I’m fine. It could be worse,” You said, rubbing your head. 

   "Foul! Thor tackled Y/N!“ Pietro yelled to Bruce. 

   "Dammit Thor, you can’t just push people off to the side! That’s illegal!” Tony yelled at Thor. 

   "Stop raising your voice at me, Metal Man! I simply wasn’t aware of the rule!“ Thor yelled back. 

   "Ok kids, settle down.” Bruce said, walking up to you. “Y/N, are you hurt?” You shook your head. “Alright, foul on your team.” Bruce said, pointing to Tony. Tony groaned out loud. Bruce turned to your team. “Your team has the ball.” Thor grumbled as he threw Steve the ball. Steve stumbled back. Everyone disparted, taking their positions for the free throw. 

   "Don’t worry Steve, just three shots and you’re done.“ You whispered. 

   "And three attempts to make myself look bad.” Steve mumbled. You rolled your eyes. 

   "Just breathe and relax.“ You whispered back, before walking to your position. Steve stepped to the free-throw line and bounced the ball a bit. Steve took a deep breath, held the ball, the shooting it. You watched as it went it. You jumped up in the air, clapping your hands. "Two more Steve!” you yelled, passing back the ball. Steve smiled back at you, bouncing the ball again. 

   "Whatever, it’s just one point.“ you heard Tony mutter. You turned your head, all about to smack him in the arm before Steve shot the ball again. It went in again. 

   "Yes!” your whole team yelled. Steve had a wide grin on his face. 

   "Last one!“ you told Steve. Steve took a deep breath and shot the ball again. The ball bounced on the brim of the basket, before falling through the net. The score was 6-2. Everyone immediately went towards the ball. Tony caught the ball before anyone else could, dribbling it to the other side. Tony laughed madly as he dribbled, before Pietro stole the ball from him.

   "Wha-!” Tony yelled in disbelief. Pietro dribbled the ball, using his extreme speed. Pietro stopped at the three-pointer and shot the ball, but completely missing the net. 

   "No!“ Pietro yelled, stomping his foot on the ground like a little kid. Wanda snatched the ball. She laughed out loud. 

   "I’m sorry brother, but your skills are faltering!” Wanda said, running back the other side. You ran after her. Clint tried to steal the ball from her, but Wanda was much too quick for Clint. She used the same side-step you used to disorient Clint and shot the ball. 

   "Yes! We have won!“ Thor yelled, clapping loudly. 

   "No you dummy, it’s 6 to 5. They are still winning.” Tony said back. “We have to reach 15.” You took the ball and sped towards your own net. Natasha, whom you haven’t noticed was creeping up on you, stole the ball from you and ran back to her own net. You growled as you chased her. Natasha stopped and shot the ball again, giving her team another two points. 

   "6 to 7!“ Wanda cheered. 

   "Shoot…” Clint said. Steve took the ball and passed it to Pietro. Pietro decided to give it another shoot. Using his power of speed again, he ran back to the net and shot again. The ball went through the net. 

   "9 to 7!“ Pietro yelled. He ran up to Wanda. "Take that sister!” Wanda rolled her eyes. Tony quickly got hold of the ball and ran up to his own net, only to be stolen from Steve. 

   "Hey!“ Tony complained. 

   "Payback!” Steve yelled back. Steve passed the ball to you, and you quickly went back to your own net and shot the ball. The ball fell through the net. The score is 12-7. All your team needs is one more three-pointer, and your team wins. You grinned widely as you coninued with the game. Natasha caught the ball and ran back to her own net, only to be blocked off by Clint.

   "Hey sweetheart,“ Clint said. Natasha smirked.

   "Hey hot-shot,” Natasha said back. Suddenly, she passed the ball to Thor who was behind Clint the whole time. 

   "Wha-?“ Clint stuttered. Thor awkwardly dribbled to the net and threw the ball. The ball went through the net. 

   "Hey-o! 12 to 9! We’re catching up!” Tony yelled. 

   "Not in a million years Stark!“ you yelled back. Pietro caught the ball from underneath the net and raced back to the other end. You waved your arms around, and Pietro passed the ball back to you. You caught the ball and continued to dribble to the other end. Suddenly, Wanda got in front of you. 

   "I really do not think so, dear Y/N.” Wanda said with a smug voice. You stopped your tracks and desperately looked around. Oh no. Everyone else was being blocked off, and the only person who was still open was Steve. Once you made eye contact with Steve, Steve madly shook his head. Ignoring his protests, you passed the ball to him. Steve clumsily caught the ball. 

   "Shoot the ball Steve, quick!“ you yelled at him as Wanda left you and ran to Steve. Steve, with his eyes wide, panicked before shooting the ball from the three-pointer line. Everyone watched as the ball bounced on the rim and through the net. It was silent on the court for two seconds, before you yelled, "We won!” You and your whole team ran torwards Steve, who was stunned. 

   "Nice job Rogers!“ 

   "Haha Wanda lost!” You all gave Steve a group hug until you broke apart. You faced the others. 

   "I demand a rematch.“ Tony said with a dark face. You laughed out loud before stepping in front of Tony.

   "You want another game so you can lose again?”  You said, smiling smugly. Tony gave a fake surprised look.

   "Oh, you really want to go there? Game on, sucker.“

Author’s Note: Hoped you enjoyed the last part! Sorry if it was confusing, it was a bit difficult to write a fast-paced scenario while trying to make sense. One last thank you to anon for requesting this :) Follow for more writings like this and feel free to request scenarios, I’ll be happy to do them <3


You sighed as you finally finished cleaning the house, you let out a small yelp as you felt hands around your waist,
“Hey there hot stuff” You let out a long sigh as you realised it was Clint
“Hey hot shot” You giggled as you kissed Clint. Clint groaned in annoyance as your dog Momo came up and nuzzled your leg demanding attention, you giggled at their behaviour. You understood that Clint needed your attention quiet bad as he only recenlty got back from a mission also that both Clint and Momo have a competition to get your so you decided to tease him by giving your attention to your beloved dog.

Clint grabbed you from behind by the waist again and put butterfly kisses from your jaw down towards the crock of your neck, you tried your best to ignore him. Clint groaned you always gave into the technique now he had to come up with something else but what.

Thant’s it he just has to be adorable. So he laid on his stomach while the top half of himself was slightly propped up and his face in is palm while smiling.

You kept patting Momo until you looked up and noticed Clint ‘Shit his trying to be adorble’ you thought 'Don’t give in, don’t give in’ you chanted to yourself until the point where you couldn’t take it anymore and went over to Clint and stood there while giving him the 'grabby hands’. Clint’s smiled widened as he stood up and picked you up 'bridal style’ and shower you with kisses while walking towards your room.

Hi there, acoustic guitar playing Luke. I would be so down if we could, you know, make out a little.

Actually tho, he is just talking and I still think he is an A+