hey ho hey ho


soooo….competitive figure skating Voltron AU? (there’ll be more to come w Shatt, Pidge/Shiro as a duo, coach Allura and PT Hunk! :D)

Almost all of these poses are ref’d from routines of Yuzuru Hanyuu! He’s got such a beautiful style of figure skating, with lots of flair and flamboyance, it felt really fitting for these two ^-^



The Next Morning

Matt: Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates! I woke up early just to tell you how much we appreciate your support! That and also if you guys could maybe not mention that Mark was here last night…

Matt: I don’t think they’d be ready to hear about us yet…

Matt: Uh, so anyway asks sure be back to a regular-ish thing now so please ask awa-

Tom: Matt, have you seen Edd?

Matt: Um, no. Not since last night. Is he not in his room? 

Tom: No, he’s not. Must of went to the shop or something.

Matt: Maybe…

Matt: Have you tried ringing him? 

Tom: Yeah, but there’s no answer. 

Matt: Tom, did something happen last night? 

Tom: Ech, I’d rather not get into it. We’ll just wait until Edd comes home.

Tom: Let’s answer some of these ask then… People really missed last night, huh?

Matt: I guess so…