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Remember that one time on Supernatural when the undead Nazi witches resurrected Hitler and then Dean killed him and rewarded himself with pie cuz hey, he just killed Hitler…?

Yeah. Supernatural is weird

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  • Sam: Hey Dean could you do the laundry?
  • Dean: Sorry Sam. No can do. These hands killed Hitler. Can't get them wet.
  • Mary: Dean would you like more pie?
  • Dean: Of course! I killed Hitler.
  • Chuck: Hey would you mind-?
  • Dean: Sorry can't hear you. Too busy being the guy who KILLED HITLER.

As someone whose dad voted for Trump ( and despite us having a long conversation about why he was way worse than Hillary), I think part of what hurts the most was that he didn’t think about me and my future.

He didn’t care that his daughter is a queer woman, of jewish heritage. He cared more about the momentary apparent rebellion against “the establishment” than the actual people he knows personally that could suffer and/or die.

He told me, the day Trump won and the day he revealed to me that he had voted for him, that he thought I was overreacting by moving across the country to get out of the south. He said he didn’t think Trump would be “that bad”. At least he’s a change, at least he’s not Clinton.

I know he regrets his vote already, as many now do, but it isn’t enough.

Because I TOLD him. We all told them exactly what he was for a YEAR, and yet they still wanted to take a chance on a (more than) probable facist instead of a woman who has done as many shitty things as your average male politician - because if he IS the new Hitler then, hey, that sucks, buy they’re straight, cis, christian, white people! They’d likely be fine, even if he did turn out to be the worst case scenario. Which he has.

They looked us right in the eye and took a chance on our suffering, just to make a point.

Dracula v. Hitler
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Hey, Indonesia, Hitler Wasn’t a Rebel

If during a study-abroad trip to Indonesia you stumble across an image of the Führer, don’t be surprised. Tourist stalls all over the country sell posters of Adolf Hitler, neatly displayed in between images of Kurt Cobain and European soccer teams. The swastika is also everywhere—on walls, cups, ashtrays, and T-shirts—and it’s not the Buddhist kind. The strangest thing about this phenomenon, however, is that the people selling and sporting the Nazi paraphernalia often aren’t confused, right-wing extremists like these guys but average locals who often have no idea who Hitler was.

External image

To find out why so much merchandise carrying Nazi symbolism is sold on the streets of Indonesia, I got in touch with Dr. Wahid, a history professor at the Gadjah Mada University of Yogyakarta in Java.

According to Wahid, the people of Indonesia are anything but anti-Semitic: “The knowledge the people here have about Hitler comes from American films; there’s not much more to it. Contrary to their European peers, Indonesian students hardly receive any history lessons on World War II. They know nothing about the persecution of Jews, for example. They see Hitler as a revolutionary, similar to Che Guevara, not as someone who is responsible for the death of millions of Jews. Of course they condemn him for his deeds—if they are aware of them—but they’re attracted to emblems of Nazi Germany because they’ve become acquainted with these symbols through punk and hard-rock videos. In their view, these symbols are a representation of rebellion.”

This unawareness does not come as a surprise to Gene Netto, an English teacher from Jakarata. He once noticed that a student of his had put a swastika sticker on his mobile phone. “He had no idea what it stands for. I sat him down to explain who the Nazis were, and what they’ve done. After that, the boy immediately threw away the sticker.”


Pennywise the clown that routinely kills children, tumblr is doing that lgbt shit with him the same way they did it to the babadook.

Yeah i cant see how making a child killer demon clown gay could possibly backfire horribly on the LGBT community at all.

Say, lets make The Devil an lgbt person too. Or hey how about Hitler and Stallin.

Signs as things said at my school


Taurus: “Now, if you look closely, you’ll clearly Ted Cruz IS IN FACT the Zodiac Killer”

Gemini: “Calculate the derivative of this dick”

Cancer: “Okay, okay, you gotta say it softly, but with feeling. Just, gently yell your feelings”

Leo: “Maybe I just really want to shove a cactus up my ass. Is this a problem? I think not.”

Virgo: “My mother packed me an orange. She sometimes leaves little messages on it.”

“What’d she write?”


Libra: “Hey man, do you want to read this Sonic/Fire Emblem Crossover?”

“No, I don’t”

“Haha, me neither, let’s read it right now”

Scorpio: “You have to line up the puppy and the child, kill the puppy, and drown the child in the puppy’s blood”

“…Jesus Christ dude.”

Sagittarius: “You look like a big guy, you look like you could handle it.”

Capricorn: “This is disgusting, Full Metal Anime and Jennifer Lawrence are just hanging up in the hall way. I hate this.”

Aquarius: “When the meme so moist, you gotta scream ‘noice’”

Pisces: “What if I wanted to download 4k porn. Hmm? Ever think about that?