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“Blue…do you remember what I just said? No matter the reason, you shouldn’t steal. If you promise me that you understand now…The third Pokédex. Now you are also a trainer from Pallet Town.”


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

See, Connie’s death has very specific implications for both of our surviving Freelancers that literally never gets touched on besides vague comments that are there more to drive along the plot than to tell us anything about how the characters feel.

In the case of Wash, it’s heavily implied that he went years assuming that Connie had gotten away from that encounter at Longshore alive and that she’s simply escaped. Both because it’s implied no one but Carolina and Texas know what happened to Connie and because Wash assumed that Connie had lived long enough to make it to the desert. So we can reasonably assume that he was left to believe, by command, that Connie was still an active rogue agent and she may even have been on his list of people he was meant to recover armour from because her armour was never recovered.

But when he finally finds that she died, though he makes an assumption about how that’s proved later to be incorrect, he’s hunting for Epsilon with the Meta and so we don’t get any kind of reaction. Of course, by this point Wash has also accepted the fact that everyone he once knew in the Project is dead so it’s not an OOC reaction but we also don’t get any indication really at all of how he felt about it even later. When Carolina tells him what happened, his only reaction is:

‘So that’s what happened to her armor.’

Despite the implied friendship, despite the fact that the story Carolina told clearly had an impact on Carolina, despite the fact the story itself was pretty damn brutal… ‘so that’s what happened to her armour’.

Carolina, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, spent years living with the fact she couldn’t stop Tex from killing Connie. We see it throughout that fight and before it that Carolina was doing her damndest to not have to kill Connie, she didn’t even want the mission to go ahead. She wrote off Connie’s importance to try and get the Director to back down from sending a mission out that she knew would likely kill her ex-teammate and yet… this is never brought up again.

She tells the story. She gets the data-pad, the tags. But even her clear grief response in the flashbacks is painted as typical behaviour by the very man who later ends up taking up all of her time talking about PFL on screen.

Connie’s entire arc is just… ignored, despite being one of the slightly better constructed arcs and despite Connie being such an interesting character who’s choices had a major part to play in literally everything that happened. Despite both Wash and Carolina having on-screen ties to her, in different forms.

It’s really rather frustrating.

Descendant 2’s Movie Novel: Confirms Uma, the only WOC out of the new VKs, never gets redeemed and is evil even at the end as Mal, the white girl, beats her.

Me, having already predicted this:

Friends With Benefits

Summary: “Could you do a friends with benefits with Isaac? I’ve noticed a lot more people are coming out as Isaac lovers too and I thought this would be fun to read?”

Ship: Fem!Reader x Isaac Lahey

Warnings: smut (my apologies, I’m fairly new to the smut industry), fluff, swearing, etc. 

Your P.O.V

I rip off Isaac’s shirt, needingly. He growled lowly, at the action. “You in a rush there, baby-girl?” I smirk, tugging at the ends of his hair. “God, yes.” I brought my lips to his ear, whispering. “I need you, Isaac.” He shivered with anticipation. “God, (Y/n). The things you do to me.” He bit at my neck. I moan at the action, throwing my head back in pleasure. “Fuck, (Y/n).” The minute he removes his lips from my neck, I throw him onto the bed. Crawling up on top of him, seductively before I pressed my pelvis to his crotch. He groaned, eyeing me up and down before biting his lip, as if he was thinking something sinful, or about doing something sinful. I sit up straighter, grabbing my shirt only to throw it across the room. 

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“I love this view of you.” He whispered, wrapping his massive hands around my waist. I bite my lip in anticipation. I look up at him, smirking. Isaac responded with a confused expression. It didn’t hit him until I slammed his hands above his head, lacing our fingers together. I kiss up and down his neck, biting at his collarbone. His sweet spot. He moans, loudly. A simple action that makes me tremble. “God, baby-girl. You smell so amazing.” He glares up at me, smirking before he flips me over. I yelp in surprise. “The things I’m gonna do to you.” He ran his hands up and down my waist, teasing the outline of my breasts. “I’m gonna wreck you.” Isaac growls in my ear. I have to bite my lip to hide my anticipation. 

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We did this a lot. Isaac and I. Having friends with benefits with someone was great. But with Isaac, it was magical. We had normal days, but at night, most nights anyway, we were two sinful teenagers. This arrangement had been going on for quite some time. So long, I don’t even remember when it began. The best parts are when neither one of us could wait until we got home. We would have to find a private place in the school where we could go.. ya know. However, when it came to the whole friends with benefits thing, there was one rule. Never fall in love with the other person. That was it. But I broke it like an idiot. I loved Isaac. Even before we made this whole arrangement. But I had to keep it quiet. 

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I tore off his pants, achingly. “Isaac, please-” I begged. His eyes lit up, loving when I did that. Isaac ran his hand up and down my body, eyeing me the whole while. I could tell he liked it when I withered beneath him. He removed my bra and panties, grinning. Every time he did, it gave me a massive confidence boost. I take him by surprise, pushing him onto the bed. “Well, if you won’t do something, I will.” I say before rubbing my lower area against his hard. He moans, throwing his head back. As his eyes shut, I slip a condom on him. I swear, our moans and cries could be heard all over town. He groaned as he came, wrapping his hands around my waist, pulling me in tighter. 

We took a few seconds to breath before separating from each other. He flopped down next to me, breathing heavily. “Holy shit..” He muttered. I smirk, putting my hand behind my neck. “Yeah, you said it..” Now, this, this was the part I hated. The leaving. I didn’t want him to go. But I couldn’t tell him the truth. We agreed to keep it strictly friends with benefits. I waited for him to get up but he didn’t. I couldn’t help but feel awkward. He spoke softly, almost inaudible. “(Y/n).. would you mind if I-uhh stayed over tonight?” I glance over at him, smiling. “I don’t mind at all.” My heart beat picked up, excitedly. I pulled the sheets away to grab a drink from my fridge, tossing him one. Isaac smiles, ruffling his curly hair. An action that continues to make my heart skip.  

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I hop back in bed, clutching my pillow. “I can be a better pillow, if you want?” I hear him ask. My eyes go wide. “Are you sure?” He nods, his back leaning against my headboard. “Of course.” Isaac moves down so that I can rest my head on his chest. His warm body very obvious but comforting. He wraps his hands around my waist, pulling me in closer than I thought were possible. Slowly but surely, I start to lose consciousness. Before I completely crash, I feel a soft hand on my cheek and a small voice whisper. “I love you, (Y/n). So much.” I smile a little, pulling myself closer to him. “I love you too, Isaac.” I swear, I could feel him smile from above me. And before I knew, I crashed. 

(I hope you liked it!!!) 

Literally, my descent into the Batjokes/DC fandom in general was because someone reblogged some cute Lego Batman Batjokes piece, I was reminded that the movie existed, I went and rewatched it, and then proceeded to dive headfirst into the fandom and here I am now.

It also helps that I heard about the Telltale Batman game at that same time and proceeded to binge that all in one sitting and became obsessed with it too.

okay, before I burrow back into my blankets with my art equipment, I know we all crave for the CotIG fandom to be bigger, with movies, a tv show, and more fan fics, more fan art, more merch, and generally more people to understand what we’re actually talking about.

but I gotta admit a little, selfish part of me, is glad it’s not a huge fandom, and a little, selfish part of me, doesn’t mind it staying that way. don’t get me wrong, i’d absolutely eat up, be blown away by, and die in the first 5 seconds of seeing a Here There Be Dragons trailer, let alone film or t.v. series. yet there’s something so utterly magical of being in this fandom while it’s so small. we all know each other, or know of each other in any case and it’s kinda like a little family. and the people who I don’t talk to regularly are like those cool cousins you only get to see at family gatherings, but you’re kinda too shy to go say hello to. 

I dunno. Whatever the case, I love us as we are. No matter what we get, or how big the fandom grows, I want you guys to know I’m not gonna forget you main six, absolute nerds or the fun times we geeked out and yelled ‘BANGARANG’ at each other in the caps lock


We’re in this together.