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“she hadn’t known, before, on the beach, what was going to happen. what it would be like between them. now she did. there were things in life you couldn’t refuse. no one had that much willpower. no one.”

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okay but could you imagine

• julian making breakfast at the institute
• pancakes of course
• and he has on just an old, paint-covered pair of jeans
• yep and just that’s it
• and all the kids are sitting down and eating
• plus cristina
• who has a giant cup of coffee next to her
• and then emma walks in
• still asleep tbh
• and she walks over to julian
• and he smiles because she looks a mess
• but she also looks perfect
• and then he just kinda goes
• “em i have a surprise for you”
• and emma just kinda moans out something that kinda sounds like “what?”
• and he gives her a freaking heart shaped pancake
• and emma’s honestly still not awake yet so she just kinda stares at it for a moment
• and then she’s like
• “did that really just happen did you actually just do that”
• and julian’s like yep
• and he leans in and kisses her
• and she just smiles against his lips

I always feel like I’m betraying my wife when I have to refer to her as my husband or use he/him pronouns to talk about her. I know obviously her safety comes first before anything else, but it just feels so unnatural and evil.

Especially when I know the person I’m talking to is also a member of the LGBT community (which sadly doesn’t necessarily mean they’d be any more accepting :/) And I’d never out her cuz that’s beyond fucked up!

I just wish we lived in the kinda world where i could call her my wife, where she was free to present however she wants, just for it to be no big deal at all, just two girls and their cute lil baby. She deserves so much more than this.

??? give me older ray with a ponytail please


Swan Queen Week + Caregiving

I do.