hey hey isabel

Alec being so entertained watching Izzy kick that guy’s ass like ‘i was gonna fight for my sister, but that doesn’t mean she needs me too lol boy u thought’

  • Lovelace: He looks so...
  • Minkowski: Happy?
  • Lovelace: Yeah. I don't think I've ever seen him like that
  • Minkowski: Yeah, I didn't even know that Eiffel had--
  • Me: Dimples????
  • Wolf 359 fandom: (Something he's tragically lost or something you'd never imagine from goofy Doug Eiffel, bringing depth to his character)
  • Me (quietly): Oh yeah or those things.
Play Along

The (overheard, unintentional) prompt: “You know those pianos they put in airports? So I was waiting for my flight, and this one guy was playing a really sad tune. And suddenly, this other guy walks up with a violin, all smiles and good cheer, and starts accompanying him?  He seemed so into it, but the piano guy just glared at him and stormed off. I thought the violinist would keep playing, but he seemed so sad, and he went after the pianist instead. I dunno if they knew each other.” Thank you, random citizen.

A focus on Mikasa and Izzy bonding over having silly sort-of-brothers and overall being the cool sisters they are, musician Ereris, airports are awesome.

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Sitting in an elevator together, stuck with no cell service
  • Isaac: Speaking of toast, I don't know about you guys but I didn't eat any-!
  • *Isabel proceeds to finish off the rest of her bear claw*
  • Isaac: - breakfast.
  • Cody: Hey, hey, wait a second!
  • *Isabel grabs him by the neck*
  • Isabel: Get your own darn bear claw!
  • Max: Jeff, what is that? Is that a bagel?
  • Jeff: No, get off, geez! It's just napkins!
  • *Cody lunges for Jeff*
  • Cody: Okay, get the napkins!
  • Isaac: Okay, let's take it down a notch-!
  • Suzy: SHUT UP WE'RE ALL GONNA STARVE! *attacks Isabel* GIVE ME!
  • Isabel: Get away!
  • *everyone except isaac and max proceed to get into a fist fight*
  • Isaac: Guys, come on! Knock it off, please!
  • Max: Hey, stop! Easy! Hey, hey! Everybody calm *bangs his metal bat loudly against the elevator, leaving everybody to cover their ears*
  • Isaac: *once his ears clear up* JERK! What the heck?!
  • Max: I'm sorry! Seriously, I'm sorry! I sincerely apologize for doing that.
  • Isaac: Max, if you do that again-!
  • Max: I swear to god I won't do it again. That being said, *he raises his bat again* I swear to god I will do it again.

Ah, Paris– la ville des lumières. La ville de l'amour. La capitale du cinéma du monde. Such a magical city– maybe it’s the two hour flight delay due to snow storms messing with my head, but  I’m slightly less than thrilled to be back. So, if you don’t mind, I’m going to step around you; tell me this house hasn’t run out of scotch yet–…