hey hey hey hey ooh oh

(Professor Poopypants and Melvin are watching their movie)
Professor Poopypants: Well, that’s it the big wrap-up, the happy ending the grand finale.
Melvin: It’s over already?
Professor Poopypants: Melvin, that’s the thing about endings. They come at the end.
Melvin: Ooh, can we watch it again?
Professor Poopypants: Melvin, we just saw it. Maybe tomorrow.
Nobel Prize Moderator: Hey, what are you guys doing? (Gasps) You didn’t tell me you were watching the movie! I wanted to watch, too!
Professor Poopypants: Lady, we just finished. Show’s over.
Nobel Prize Moderator: Well, you’re just going to have to rewind it.
Professor Poopypants: Hey!
Nobel Prize Moderator: Mr. Krupp, we’re going to watch the movie!
Professor Poopypants: Oh, no!
Mr. Krupp: Hey, I brought extra butter.
George : Hey, you guys are watching the movie?
Harold: -laughs- Any story worth telling is worth telling twice.
Professor Poopypants: What the…
(The cast of Trolls enter the theater)
Bridget: Oh, excuse me.
Professor Poopypants: What the…
Poppy: Excuse me.
Biggie: Excuse me.
Smidge: Excuse me.
Guy Diamond: Excuse me.
DJ Suki: Excuse me.
Branch: Get out of the way!
Professor Poopypants: Hey, down in front!
(Every Dreamworks character created then takes their seat.)
Professor Poopypants: OK, buddy, you win.
Melvin: Sure you don’t mind?
Professor Poopypants: Don’t worry about it!
Voice: Sssh!
Professor Poopypants: Sorry. But Melvin, I still don’t like people making fun of my name.

Source: The Lion King 1 ½


We were all stressed from work so we decided to go out for the night. It had been awhile since I had gone out so I was very excited. I put on a nice dress and heels. My makeup and hair were on point as well. I looked hot. I smiled at my reflection and grabbed my purse. I drove to the bar and met up with the Smosh Games crew. “You ready girl?” Mari asked. “Hell yeah!” She smirked and pulled me inside. The strong smell of sweat and alcohol hit me. The music was blaring and strobe lights lit up the room. She dragged me to the bar and we ordered some drinks. “Hey Mari! Come here.” Sohinki called from the table. “Alright. Stay here and wait for the drinks okay?” I nodded and she left. A guy, slightly taller than me, slowly slipped over next to me. “Hey sweet cheeks. You’re looking good.” “I’m also not interested. Goodbye.” I said and turned away from him. “Hey hey hey. Now don’t do that. Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven my angel?” “No but I did scrape my knee crawling up from Hell.” “Ooh feisty one you are. I like that in women.” I scoffed and texted Joven. He slid his hand onto my lower back. “Hey sir. I’d like it if you would get your hand off of my girlfriend.” I hear Joven say angrily. “Oh sorry pal. Didn’t know she was taken. You got a good one.” He said, stepping away. “Oh I know.” Joven said with a chuckle as he grabbed my waist lightly. The guy walks away and moves to his new victim. “Thank you.” I breathe out in relief. “No problem, girlfriend.” I laugh. “My hero!” He smirks and flexes. “Oh wow. Look at you.” I realize that his hand is still on my waist but I let him keep it there. It feels..right. I smile as he leads me back to the table and pulls out a seat for me.

Girls' Generation


Let’s go! mwol geokjeonghaneunde neon,
Dwaetgo mwoga tto duryeounde?
Jaego tto jaeda neujeobeoryeo
Oh oh oh~ Oh oh oh~

Maeil haruga dareuge buranhaejyeo ga
Apseo ga jugil barae geu nugungaga
Neon moreun cheok nuneul gamneun
You Bad Bad Bad boy, You so bad

Deo dangdanghage neon
Mr. Mr. (nal bwa)
Mr. Mr. (geurae baro neo neo neo)
Nal gaseum ttwige han
Mr. Mr. (choegoui namja)
Mr. Mr. (geuge baro neo)
Sangcheoro kkaejin yurijogakdo
Byeori doeneun neo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.
Nareul bitnaejul seontaek badeun ja!
Geuge baro neo Mr. Mr.

Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Wae neon ajikdo mitji motae?
Jinjja! bimireul allyeojulge
Neon wae teukbyeolhan Mr.inji
Oh oh oh~, Oh oh oh~

Mirael yeoneun yeolsoe baro niga gajin geol
Sonyeonboda deo keun kkumeul kkeureoana
Bitnan nun sok nal damgoseo
My Mi, Mi, Mister, Rock this world

Deo dangdanghage neon
Mr. Mr. (nal bwa)
Mr. Mr. (geurae baro neo neo neo)
Nal gaseum ttwige han
Mr. Mr. (choegoui namja)
Mr. Mr. (geuge baro neo)
Sangcheoro kkaejin yurijogakdo
Byeori doeneun neo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.
Nareul bitnaejul seontaek badeun ja!
Geuge baro neo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

1, 2, 3, 4
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey,
Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.
Hey, Hey, Hey

(Jigeum sesang ane) Oh, ne ape
(Nuguboda meonjeo) neol deonjyeo
(Deo chiyeolhage) deo chiyeolhage
(Mr. Mr.) Mister
(Ojik geudaemani) irwonael
(Dan hana) naeil apui neo
(Geu ane sara gal neowa na) [Mister~ Oh~

Deo dangdanghage neon
Mr. Mr. (nal bwa)
Mr. Mr. (geurae baro neo neo neo)
Nal gaseum ttwige han (Oh whoo~)
Mr. Mr. (choegoui namja) (Mr. Mr.~)
Mr. Mr. (geuge baro neo) (Ooh~)
Sangcheoro kkaejin yurijogakdo
Byeori doeneun neo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.
Nareul bitnaejul choegoui namja!
Geuge baro neo Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

Sing For Me

Summary: Sherlock goes back to the flat after solving a case only to hear a beautiful voice singing from inside. Opening the door and expecting to find the radio on, low and behold he finds the girl he’s in love with dancing around and singing. All in Sherlock’s POV

Fandom: Sherlock

Warnings: FLUFF

Characters: Sherlock, Reader

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Word Count: No more than 200.

A/N: This is extremely short, even for a drabble, I just heard the song and physically had to write something. Loosely based around the song Play That Song by Train, some lyrics will be in the fic. Also, I’m typing this on mobile so cut me some slack with formatting.


“Hey, mister DJ when you gonna spin it
My baby’s favorite record she been waiting for a minute
She invited all her friends and I’m buying all the rounds
And they’re all dolled up”

I was walking up the stairs to my flat, when I stopped abruptly halfway up. There was a beautiful voice singing out a song I had been hearing on the radio whenever John left it on. Or (Y/N). She loved music and refused to be in a room where the radio wasn’t playing unless she absolutely had to. It was one of the many reasons I had fallen so deeply in love with her.

I walked up the stairs the rest of the way, opening the door to find (Y/N) dancing around the room. But that wasn’t what shocked me. What shocked me was that she was singing the song on the radio at the top of her lungs, and singing quite beautifully.

“She said, play that song
The one that makes me go all night long
The one that makes me think of you
That’s all you gotta do
Hey, play that song
The one the makes me stay out till dawn
The one that makes me go, ooh
That’s all you gotta do (hey, hey, hey, hey)”

“I’ve never heard you sing before.” She jumped, spinning around to where I was still standing transfixed in the doorway. If I hadn’t already been head over heels for this girl, that voice definitely would have made me fall.

“Oh, Sherlock. I didn’t realize you were back. I, um, I don’t really like to sing in front of people.” I smiled slightly at the blush rising in her cheeks. She was so adorable when she got flustered.

“I don’t see why not, you have a beautiful voice.” If anything her blush only deepened as she looked at the ground, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Um, thanks. I guess, I’ll just um, get going so you can have some quiet.” I reached out to stop her as she moved towards the door of the flat.

“Nonsense. Stay.”

“Okay.” She moved to turn the radio down. I beat her there though and only turned the music up. “Sherlock?”

“Sing for me. Please.” She smiled, her eyes lighting up at the prospect of sharing something she so obviously cared about.

“Fine, but only if you dance with me.”

The Maze Runner/Pitch Perfect The Riff Off in the Glade

Pitch Perfect/The Maze Runner| The Riff Off in the Glade

“So you all know the rules. You need to cut the person off with the same word and the song has to be in that category. Any questions?” Newt, the adjudicator explained, while the girls sat at one side of the bonfire and the boys on the other.

“I have a question.” Minho said. “Can you hurry up and pick the category?”

Newt shot him one of his looks and pulled one of the slips of paper out of the bowl. “Ladies of the 80’s!” He yelled and immediately everyone began whispering. Aubrey ran straight ahead, clearly in her comfort zone.

But the boys beat her too it. “Oh Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Hey, hey, hey Mickey. Oh Mickey-“

“You’re so fine and you’re mine.” One of the lovey-dovey girls from my group ran forward and began singing one of her stupid songs.

“Cause you make me feel.” A couple of other girls had joined her. “Yeah you ma-ake me feel so shiny and new…ooh yeah!” We all began sniggering at each other at how stupid this song was.

“Like a virgin.” Everyone froze, looking at each other in shock. “Touched for the very first time.” I ran forward, stopping this song before it had any more time to continue.

“Like the one in me, that’s okay. Let’s see how you do it. Put up your dukes.” I put my fists up to my face in a boxing pose “let’s get down to it.”

 All the girls came up behind me and mimicked my pose. “Hit me with your best shot.” We all sang, moving our hips in time to the beat, all the boys mesmerised. “Why don’t you hit me with your best shot? Fire away!”

We finished our song and turned to look at Newt. He shook his head a couple of times, as if he was clearing it. “The winners of the first round go to the girls!” He yelled and we cheered.

“Next category is…Songs about sex!” He shouted in shock as everyone else burst out laughing. “Who put that in there?!” He yelled, blushing slightly.

“Dude! Is it a category or not?” One of the boys asked.

Raising his hands Newt said “Knock yourself out!”

Bumper and Gally ran forward weirdly eager when suddenly from behind me I heard the familiar first few notes “Nah, nah, nah ,nah come on!” I grinned and strode forward singing “Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it! Sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it!”

Teresa joined in next to me, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me!” Teresa and I moved in time to the music, teasing the boys “Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it, Sex-“

“Sex baby, let’s talk about you and me.” Gally cut us off. “Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sex.”

“Alright.” Bumper joined in.

“Let’s talk about sex.” Gally and the boys sang.

“A little bit, little bit.” Bumper continued.

“Let’s talk about sex, baby-“

“Baby, all through the night I’ll make love to you.” Another lovey-dovey girl pitched in. “Like you want me to.”

“And I guess it’s just the woman in you that brings out the man in me.” Minho cut in, seeming pleased with his song choice. “I know I can’t help myself. You’re all in the world to me.”

He caught my eye and pointed to me. I rolled my eyes and blew him a sarcastic kiss.

“It feels like the first time. It feels like the very first time.”

A song jumped to mind and I ran forward cutting him off, “It’s goin’ down fade to Blackstreet, the homies got at me, collab creations, bump like acne no doubt I put it up.” I continued rapping loving the shocked faces of everyone.

As I went on I realized that no one could join in with me. So I went onto the next verse, “Shawty get down good lord. Baby got em opened all of town.” Behind me they began joining in. “Strictly biz, she don’t play around cover much ground, got gained by the pound.”

Leaving the song to them I go around the boys, shooing them back and giving them cheeky smug smiles. I round up to Minho.

“I like the way you work it. No diggity! I gotta bag it up baby!” They echoed it behind me.

“I like the way they work it, no diggity, I gotta bag it up. We out!”

The song finished. They never cut in. We all looked at Newt, smiling proudly.

“Well technically ladies, you never came in…” Newt trailed off when he noticed that he had fifteen, feisty girls circling him.

“I mean,” He cleared his throat nervously “The girls win!”

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Break, c'mon, ooh! Oh yeheh! Checkit out! Oh yeheh! Let's go! Scratch-o! Hey! Checkit out! Let's go! And stop, ooh! Scratch-o! Hey! Checkit out! Break, c'mon, ooh! Oh yeah! Scratch-oh!~ Hey! Break, c'mon! Scratch-o! Hey! Oh yeheh! And stop, ooh! Scratch-oh. Hey. Checkit out! Oh yeah! Oh yeheh! And stop, ooh! Scratch-o! Hey! And stop, ooh! Checkit out! Scratch-o. Hey. And stop, ooh! Scratch-o. Hey. Let's go! Yeah! And stop, ooh! Checkit out! Scratch-o! Hey! Oh yeah! Oh yeheh! And stop, ooh! Scratch-o. Hey. Break, c'mon, ooh! Checkit out! Scratch-o. Hey. Break, c'mon, ooh! Let's go! Scratch-o!~ Hey! BREAK, C'MON, OOH! Oh yeheh! Scratch-o!~ Hey! Break, c'mon, scratch-o! Hey! And stop! Yeah! Scratch-o! Hey!
Shimada Brothers at Ikea
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo I got you on my "reidar"
  • Hanzo: ..ooh god...
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo do you think the plants are "riskorn" not?
  • Hanzo: (shakes his head)
  • Genji: Hey hanzo, this clock looks pretty "Schmyke"
  • Hanzo: Uugh stop it..
  • Genji: Some people of asked me do 'ustrusta"?
  • Hanzo: stoooooop.
  • Genji: My hair is a bit fluffy can you remind me to "bygel" later?
  • Hanzo: STOP.
  • Genji: Goomorgon Hanzo.
  • Hanzo: (glares)
  • Genji: Hey hanzo you were talking about pests before--
  • Hanzo: Oh my god...
  • Genji: --I found a 'kritter"
  • Hanzo: GENJI.
  • Genji: Hanzo what did the guy say at the miniature horse race?
  • Hanzo: .....
  • Genji: Good "luktinypon"
  • Hanzo: (growling with eye twitching)
  • Genji: Hey Hanzo I "fyllio" not appreciating this anymo--

Pokemon Rhapsody, set to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen:

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Released Jay Leno,
Can’t escape the demon PC.

Open your eyes,
Look up to the skies and see,
I’m just a trainer, I need no sympathy,
Because it’s up and down, left and right,
Make no progress overnight,
Anyway Whirlwind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me.

Helix, just bought a Stone,
Wanted Eevee for my own,
But it’s only death he’s sown.
Helix, life had just begun,
But now I’ve gone and thrown them all away.

Helix, ooh,
Didn’t mean to make you cry,
I’ll still be here again this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on, ‘cause nothing really matters.

Too late, the ghost has come,
Sends shivers down my spine,
Keeper’s fighting all the time.
Goodbye, everybody, you’ve got to go,
Gotta throw you all away by accident.

Helix, ooh (anyway Whirlwind blows),
I don’t wanna fail,
I sometimes wish I’d never looked at this stream.

I see a little silhouetto of a Dome,
Anarchy, Anarchy, will you teach our friend Psychic?
T-M twenty-nine is,
Very, very frightening me.
(Hey Bird Jesus) Hey Bird Jesus.
(Hey Bird Jesus) Hey Bird Jesus,
Hey Bird Jesus Digrat Dig
Oh, here we go!

I’m just a trainer and nobody loves me.
He’s just a trainer, just a little crazy,
Spare him his mind from this monstrosity.

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
You fool, Red! No, we will not let you go. (Let him go!)
You fool, Red! We will not let you go. (Let him go!)
You fool red! We will not let you go. (Let me go!)
Will not let you go. (Let me go!)
Never, never let you go
Never let me go, oh.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, holy Helix, holy Helix (holy Helix, let me go.)
The Dome fossil has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me.

So you think you’ll release them and walk away free?
So you think you’ll get through this without anarchy?
Oh, baby, can’t do this to them, baby,
Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here.

(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters to me.

Anyway Whirlwind blows.

Didn’t think I would do more than one of these, but it seemed appropriate!

twenty one pilots: lyrics that aren’t lyrics

fairly local: eee eeE EEE EEEEEE Eee eee

stressed out: (oh)…..(oh)…..(oh)

ride: oh ooo whoa oo whoa oh   oh ooo whoa oo whoa

tear in my heart: (dun nah nah nah nah nah nah nah) OHhh oo oh oh OOooh   OOO Ooooo oo OOoooo

lane boy: (dun dun dananah  duh  dun dun dananah  duh  dun dun dananah   duh   dun dun dananah  duh)

the judge: na na na na oooh oh  na na na na oooh oh   na na na na oooh oh (whOOOoooa Ooh)

doubt: hey ayy AY aay  hey ayy AY aay   

polarize: da da daaAAhhh (la da da dada da da daaa da   da da da dada)

we don’t believe what’s on tv: YEAHYEAHYEAH… YeahYeahYeah… yeahyeahyeah

message man: (yay yay yay yay)  no no no no no no yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (hey hey hey hey)

hometown: OOooo…OOooo…OOooo…oooOOOh 

not today: (ooooooOOOOOOhh) oooOO OOO Ooo YEAh eah eah eah eah oh ooh (bah bubah  bah bubah baaah bubah bubah baaah bubah bubah)

goner: OOOOooooh YEeeAAeaaahhhhh