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sorry i haven’t really been able to post any original pictures the last couple weeks school is getting crazy and i have to deal with healing my foot (i tore a muscle :(, we thought it was fractured :(( ) tomorrow, i have a paper on the kgb due and today i had an ap world history test

“Ugh Emmy Rossum’s Christine is so weak-willed and passive” listen mate if I was a sixteen-year-old who was stalked and emotionally manipulated since I was a kid by a much older man who also happens to be batshit crazy and kills people including ESPECIALLY my bf because he’s #pissed I’d probably be scared shitless too

I love watching any sort of supernatural type horror movie ever but what I hate is how much they get inside my head when I’m laying in bed at night. Like, I know they’re fake, but when I’m left alone to my own thoughts - suddenly it’s all real and everything is scary and the noise downstairs is definitely a ghost or a murderer and not just the sound of my refrigerator doing whatever it is refrigerators do. Is anybody else like this? Better yet - do any of you believe in the supernatural? Especially those horror movies that claim to be true stories. Do you think they’re actually true?


hello!! here’s are the days of the week in xīngqī. xīngqī is mostly taught to foreign learners of chinese. 星期日 / 星期天 | sunday | xīngqīrì / xīngqītiān 星期一 | monday | xīngqīyī 星期二 | tuesday | xīngqī'èr 星期三 | wednesday | xīngqīsān 星期四 | thursday | xīngqīsì 星期五 | friday | xīngqīwǔ 星期六 | saturday | xīngqīliù

Imagine Amethyst and Lazuli play with their food at the table, constructing a complete soap-opera-esque drama that continues on every night at dinner. Steven tunes in like he’s watching an Emmy-nominated masterpiece:

Amethyst: This is my homegirl, Pizza

Lapis: I’m pizza, right?

Amethyst: *rolls eyes* Not everything is about you, Linda.