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After seeing him play all of these roles, I finally had the chance to meet Riz over a dinner. I went from not hating him anymore to loving him. He’s kind, he likes good food, and he is passionate about making South Asians feel like they are a valuable part of pop culture and the world at large. He’s also passionate about acting, of course.
—  Kumail Nanjiani on Riz Ahmed (x)

sorry i haven’t really been able to post any original pictures the last couple weeks school is getting crazy and i have to deal with healing my foot (i tore a muscle :(, we thought it was fractured :(( ) tomorrow, i have a paper on the kgb due and today i had an ap world history test

“Ugh Emmy Rossum’s Christine is so weak-willed and passive” listen mate if I was a sixteen-year-old who was stalked and emotionally manipulated since I was a kid by a much older man who also happens to be batshit crazy and kills people including ESPECIALLY my bf because he’s #pissed I’d probably be scared shitless too


hello!! here’s are the days of the week in xīngqī. xīngqī is mostly taught to foreign learners of chinese. 星期日 / 星期天 | sunday | xīngqīrì / xīngqītiān 星期一 | monday | xīngqīyī 星期二 | tuesday | xīngqī'èr 星期三 | wednesday | xīngqīsān 星期四 | thursday | xīngqīsì 星期五 | friday | xīngqīwǔ 星期六 | saturday | xīngqīliù

Imagine Amethyst and Lazuli play with their food at the table, constructing a complete soap-opera-esque drama that continues on every night at dinner. Steven tunes in like he’s watching an Emmy-nominated masterpiece:

Amethyst: This is my homegirl, Pizza

Lapis: I’m pizza, right?

Amethyst: *rolls eyes* Not everything is about you, Linda. 


At the end of the road lives a boy who sells his dreams.

Ronan is a swirl of dark leather and cigarette smoke. And much like his bird he keeps a watchful eye on strangers that stumble into his shop of dreams.

Noah, peculiar, nosy and particular, keeps the store just so. Always tidying and reorganizing the shelves. In the store Noah has control, control that Ronan suspects he never had when he was alive, and so he leaves him be. 

Adam is a creature made of aching backs, weathered hands, and tired bodies falling onto uncomfortable couches at the end of a long day. Wrapped up in a polite smile, direct questions and inquisitive brown eyes.

Ronan has a rule about not selling multiple love potions to the same person, but when the cute boy with a tired smile and determined eyes comes back a second time. Well rules are made to be broken, now and then.

And anyway Chainsaw seems to like him.

Sooooooo me and @emmi-hayes​ are doing a thing.. and it’s gonna be cool so here’s a taste. 

This is for you my dear… hope ya like it :P