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some Good, Pure Pikelan Moments™

  • “Hi, baby, it’s been so long…Man! You look good! Uh, er, man, I’m so distracted by your beauty. Hey, let’s kick some ass together, shall we?” “Let’s kick some ass! Come on, let’s go!!”
  • [Scanlan heals Pike but only for 8 hp] “8! 8, honey, I love you!” “Hey~ [blows him a small kiss]” “[swooning] Ah! Ah!! I love it~”
  • Pike saying cheerfully,”You can do it!” about Scanlan impersonating Grog while everyone else is like,”Er, maybe not”
  • [over the earring] “Hey, Scanlan, I’m glad you’re okay!” “Oh…Oh! Thanks…? Is that Pike?” “Yea!” “Oh, hi, Pike. Oh, uhm, how’s it going out there?” “Oh, it’s good, it’s good~”
  • “I don’t know sometimes…I get ham-handed around you. I’m so smooth with everybody else. I don’t know what it is…”
  • “I didn’t mean to be careless with your feelings…”
  • "I do love you. I will always love you. Even in death.”
  • Pike kissing Scanlan on the cheek and Scanlan kicking bashfully at the ground
  • Scanlan taking time away from his reading to tell Pike she looked real pretty
  • Pike’s soft, sad “Oh” when Scanlan rescinds his proposal

Nov 14, 2007 - Nov 14, 2015

Happy 8 years anniversary since the first CD Debut, Hey!Say!JUMP!

Thank you for good times that I spent with you in these 8 years!

I am really enjoying it! I think I would still become your fan to celebrate 10, 20, even 30 years of anniverssary! So please from now on, yoroshiku!

I am looking forward our meeting next year! :D

Not Good Enough (2/?)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary: Bucky thinks he isn’t good enough for you to love him (not giving a lot away gotta read it)

Warnings: swearing, slight smut (maybe not really sure), violence

Word Count: 2,261

Notes: thank you all for the great support, I honestly didn’t think it would get this much likes for my first writing thank you guys so much. <3 <3. Sorry I took me this so long to upload, it think I someone request me one but I can’t seem to find the message so please request against and sorry about the inconvenience. Thank you tumblr for the gif

A few days have passed since you found your boyfriend, Johnny flirting with someone else, you had thought of a plan that would reveal his true identity and daily you would remind yourself of what the plan was, so when the day you would actually test it would show the truth, “Ok (y/n) what’s the plan again? Oh yeah right ok so I’m going to call Luna one of my high school friends and tell her my suspicions and hopefully she will agree to help me with my plan, then I’ll text Johnny saying that I got tickets for a BMX motorcycle racing that was happening in your town, and asking him if wanted to meet up over there and see it together after work, after 30 minutes I’m going to text him saying, I  can’t make it and apologize , knowing his love for motorcycles  he is going to stay at to at least watch the show. That’s when Luna steps in and decides to sit next to him during the show and low key flirts with him and after the show she is going to hand him her phone number. If he calls her I will know that he would be capable of cheating and if he doesn’t I will know he is loyal.” “God damn it (y/n) I’m a fucking genius.” you said out loud with confidence.

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