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omg could u imagine the 6 week period of after giving birth and not being able to have sex? after about 4 weeks, you becoming overwhelmed of hormones and just crying because of sexual frustration. harry getting home from work to see you crying as your baby took a nap, “hey, hey gorgeous, wha’s all the tears fo’” he’d mumble, hugging you. “you’re gonna laugh at me!” you shrieked, your hands coming to cover your face as he rubbed your sides as you straddled him. he’d move your hands+

+ and have his lips pursed together. “hey, if it makes yeh cry like this, i wouldn’t laugh, y/n.” he said, using your actual name which meant business. “i need you to fuck me, please.” you said with a voice crack, sniffling lightly. “love, yeh know-“ he said with a sigh, clearly feeling bad as you know you can’t control it but knowing he’d poke fun after u calm down. “no, i need it harry!” you said, releasing a groan, H rubbing your back as you cried in his neck. “hey shh, come on, it’s okay”

+ “you can fuck me harry, i’ll be okay, i promise.” you said looking back at his face as he sighed, rubbing his eyes with the palm of his hands. “no, i’m no’ gonna, i’m no’ riskin’ yeh gettin hurt.” he said, rubbing the tears falling onto your cheek as you pouted. “hey, no poutin’, yeah? how bout yeh ride meh thigh, okay?” he said, kissing your head as you nodded. aligning yourself onto his thigh, a deep sigh leaving your lips as your panties rubbed against his jeans.

+ “feelin’ better, petal?” he mumbled, his head resting on your shoulder as your head tucked into his neck, nodding with a whimper. his hands went to your ass under your panties as he groped your bum, helping guide your messy thrusts. “look how good yeh doin, yeah? look how pretty yeh look.” he mumbled, kissing your shoulder as you finally released. (end) idek why i sent this but here ya go lmao

haha didn’t hurt me at all haha :)

*breaks down crying from pain*


make me chooseanon asked: gabriel & cecily or gideon & sophie (the infernal devices)

“she held his face between her hands as they kissed-he tasted slightly of tea leaves, and his lips were soft and the kiss entirely sweet. Sophie floated in it, in the prism of the moment, feeling safe from all the rest of the world.”

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  • My friend: So you have a thing for guys rolling up their sleeves, gloves, and suspenders?
  • Me: (thinking about Ignis) yeah

Everyone’s Saved 

These rewrites are amazing and the Voltron Angst is STRONG.

Credit to @langsty-mc-langstface for the lyrics !!! (and please request more songs from them cause I love doing this.