hey hey gorgeous

Meet My Boyfriend

Imagine Sam and Dean fighting over you only for you to show up with your boyfriend.

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Sam and Dean loved hunting with you for two main reasons, one, you were a damn great hunter and two, both of them have a huge crush on you. “Jerk,” Sam started, pushing his brother. “You shut your face, bitch.” Dean glared. You looked up as you walked towards the brothers and when they met your gaze, they both put up a fake smile, which you obviously knew, causing you to giggle and them to swoon over you even more.

“Hey, sweetheart.” “Hey, gorgeous.” They both greeted happily at the same time and  upon realization they glared at each other. You giggled even more.

Just then, they felt the air shift and a cold breeze hit them. Out of nowhere, a vampire turned up beside you and you grinned at him. Sam and Dean were on a defensive stance in an instant and glared at the new guy. “Guys, this is Damon, and yes, he is a vampire, and no he doesn’t feed on humans. He’s like Benny.” You introduced.

Damon threw a smirk in their way and waved his fingers. The brothers only glared with a fake smile  but they trusted your judgement on the vampire. “And… he’s my boyfriend.” You finally said and Damon wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you close to his side, your cheeks tinted with pink. Dean coughed out in shock and Sam’s eyes bulged out of their sockets.

“What?!” They exclaimed.

“Yeah, so stop flirting with my girlfriend.” Damon tauntingly yet kindly told them. You giggled as you saw their faces drop. “If it makes if you guys feel better, I liked you both before.” You said. They made a noise that was a mix of a groan and a whine and Damon chuckled.


nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 1 / 5 }
arendelle (frozen)

“sure, we’ll help you get your sister back!”
“sora! are you kidding?! it’s too cold out there!”