hey happy womens day

Ode To Women’s Day 🐷
Girl hogs, you’re power you have a say
You’re beautiful with spikes and colour it don’t matter whatever they say
Be nice, work hard make magic everyday
Well behaved hogs rarely make history
Happy Women’s Day hey 

Happy International Women’s Day For Reals

Hey, I know my last one was on the patronizing side, but I do want to wish everyone a Happy Women’s Day. I grew up around so many strong women. My mom, both my grandmothers, aunt, all my elementary school teachers (yeah, all my elementary school teachers were female), the sisters and elder women at my church, the pastor’s wife. They’ve taught me lot and helped mold me into who I am today. Teaching me:

You don’t need make up to be beautiful

You don’t need a weave/perm to look beautiful with natural hair

You can dress modestly and still be attractive

With hard work, dedication and patience you can achieve anything in life

Among other things. So happy International Women’s Day

rougedemure  asked:

Hey Babe ! Happy Women's Day 🎉👩‍🎨💚! I hope you are doing ok ? I saw your ask about watching a movie everyday ! Any recommendations ? x.

slakdnasldkn. 💜 💜 Hey babe, thank you!!  Happy Anniversary to you too, I love this day so much, inspired by women everywhere! I am hanging on yes, thanks for asking. Hm. Right now I’m trying to watch as many Oscar nominated movies possible, I can recommend Moonlight and LaLaLand wholeheartedly. Also watched Me Before You last week, if you want to cry for 5 hours after the end of the movie, that’s a grand choice! Also always accepting suggestions if you ever have any. G’day babe! 

negans-vegan  asked:

Hey love ❤ hope you're having a spectacular day💕 happy national women's day😊

Hey doll 💕 my day has been alright aside from almost breaking my ankle! 😂 hope yours has been better! Happy National women’s day to you, too, my dear 😚