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BNHA Charity Zine for Mexico?

Hey guys I’m pretty sure most of you have heard by now that three days ago on September 19th exactly 32 years after a destructive earthquake, another one happened taking the lives of hundreds of people. Three days later the wreckage is devastating. There are so many people dead, so many injured. There are people trapped within the debris who they haven’t been able to rescue.

In an effort to help as much as I can, I’ve decided that hosting a charity zine would be the best idea. Would anyone be interested in participating in this zine or buying? Please let me know! If you have any questions my messages and ask box is always open!


Hey guys! I decided to try and start commissions!



Please take into account that I’m still learning! I’ll only do simple backgrounds (we can discuss the price!) and I’ll try my best to draw furries.

Please send me a mail if you are interested:


Payment will be made via PayPal

Got7 is Your Best Friend Turned Boyfriend

Hey guys! I meant to post this earlier but I had classes, then work, then I went to go get dinner. I won’t be on too much tomorrow, but I’ll try my best. One of my best friends is going wedding dress shopping and she invited me. This will be my second time going with her and I’m super excited. Enough about me though. As always, if there’s anything that you want to see, please feel free to send me a request! I love writing what you guys want to see! Lets get into this, shall we?


     Anonymous:  💜 Can you please do a GOT7 as your best friend turned boyfriend? Thank you so so much hehe 😚

This kinda turned into their reaction to being in this kind of relationship, so I hope that that’s okay?

1. Mark

     In a lot of ways, your relationship with Mark wouldn’t change. He would still be his goofy self who can still be a little sarcastic. If anything, Mark would be someone who would prefer to start with his girlfriend as his best friend. It builds a sort of trust that can be a good foundation for a relationship, which is what Mark is looking for. He would be the one to go with you on random, late night food raids and cuddle you while watching ridiculous movies you want.

2. Jaebum

     Jaebum likes this sort of relationship because it feels more comfortable. He would be a little nervous to change your relationship because he loves your friendship. It would take him a while to build up the courage to ask you, but he would be glad when he did. He would retain his slightly over protective urges that people tend to have for their best friends. It might be a little bit more when you start dating but since you were best friends first, he also knows about all of your independence streaks and wouldn’t press his luck.

3. Jackson

     Jackson would love you honestly and he would have the hardest time changing your relationship status form best friends to dating. Your friendship had been heading that way for a while before he even acknowledged it. He was terrified of losing his best friend, so you may have to coddle him a little bit. He’ll never regret it though. He’ll continue to adore you and treat you with the utmost respect that he feels you deserve.

4. Jinyoung

     Jinyoung would be the type to be more comfortable with a best friend then with the person that he’s dating, so the transition would be a strange one for him. That being said, he would treat you fantastically but he would also have that sarcastic and savage nature unique to Jinyoung.

5. Youngjae

     Youngjae would be super sweet and would adore you. He would be super happy and would do his best to try to do both relationships justice. He loves your friendship and he would be adorably happy to be dating someone that he was previously best friends with because it will shorten his awkward phase. He will be a bit awkward at the beginning of the relationship though because he’s unsure of exactly how to treat you. He’ll continue to be your personal ray of sunshine though.

6. BamBam

     BamBam would deliberately begin to subtly lead your relationship in the direction of dating. He would be the one that does things that make you question whether he has a crush on you or not. He would also be the one to be super sweet yet super teasing and would be a big flirt. You don’t question it at first because he’s kinda just a little flirt, but, he would treat you as if you were both already dating. He would never admit it if you question him though.

7. Yugyeom

     Yugyeom wouldn’t even realize that the two of you were already acting as if you were dating. The only time he noticed anything is when the guys started teasing him about it. Then he would look back and question if he had been treating you differently. Their remarks would be what gave him the courage just ask you out and make your unofficial relationship an official one.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please feel free to send me any requests you might!

Reasons You Should Listen to Spongebob Squarepants: The New Musical

  • I know, I know, I judged it too, but
  • It’s??? Actually good?????
  • All the songs are really upbeat and fun
  • It gets a little angsty which is weird for Spongebob but it actually works
  • Plankton raps
  • Squidward gets a tap number
  • Patrick gets a gospel-style number
  • The casting is also really diverse
  • Sandy and Pearl are black, Mr. Krabs is Hispanic, Karen is Asian
  • SPEAKING OF KAREN, Plankton’s Computer Wife, hey, Be More Chill fans, remember Christine?
  • That’s right, Stephanie freaking Hsu is in this, and she BEATBOXES
  • Also, they put THE BEST DAY EVER in the musical
  • Possibly the most iconic Spongebob song ever is now on Broadway
  • (Also Spongebob and Patrick have a duet about missing each other and it’s super gay but you didn’t hear that from me)
  • Like, guys, they could have easily put zero effort into this and cashed in on little kids coming to see it
  • But they actually worked hard on it and got all these successful musicians in on it and yeah it’s cheesy, but the effort is there and it’s actually awesome
  • So, yeah, the soundtrack is on Spotify, listen to it so I’m not alone

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Hey guys, it’s been a while since my last upload. I’m so glad that I finally managed to finish another piece! :’D

Since I already made a Ragnarok fanart of Thor, I thought about doing one of the Hulk next (also my best friend is a big Hulk fan). :)
Made the sketch for this one months ago, but only recently got around to finally get this done. ^^’ I drew this in black & white first and added the color later.
I hope I’ll be able to draw more Ragnarok fanarts before the movie starts. I’m so excited to see it, can’t believe there’s only a couple of weeks left!!

I hope you like it! Thanks for taking a look!~

Pfft my hubs thinks he’s the best!

Hey guys!

So I just want to thank everyone again for coming to my stream last night! It mean’t the world to me <3 So tonight, I will be playing Rocket League with my best friend aka my Husband!

Face Reveal for him hahaha 

So grab some snack, *cough* and alcohol *cough* and come watch as he tries to stay PG-13 for my channel.

You can follow my twitch - Here!

Hey guys, I got some sort of event for you! Everyone can submit a hentai picture they like, and the best one will get posted by me with a caption! So find your favourite picture and submit it to me! :)

anonymous asked:

Is it bad to be cis??? Whats cis??? Im??? Confused????

Nonononono it’s not a bad thing at all!!!

It just means that you identify as the gender you were born as, so to say.

I’m not an expert on this stuff by any means, though. I’m,,,, only sixteen. Maybe not the best person to ask about things like this but hey! If you guys ever want to ask anything feel free and I’ll try and answer to the best of my ability. Just warning you that I don’t know everything there is to know about this kinda stuff.

After all, two years ago I was still under the impression that I was straight.

  • George Washington: ok so we're being attacked,
  • Burr: as if we couldn't see the obvious mob outside the white house,
  • George Washington: as I was saying, the best way to stay safe is not to be alone, so everyone find a partner
  • Thomas: *holds on to Hamilton*
  • Alex: why are you pairing with me?
  • Thomas: so I can use you as a human shield,
  • Alex: *trying to escape* I don't feel any safer!

Hey guys!

I recently hit 200 followers,thank you! In that case,I’m doing my very first awards and collaborating with some of my friends here on Tumblr.


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hey guys do you ever think about how Y’all wanna know what like the BEST filling maybe of all time? Definitely of all time, the best feeling of all time is when - okay. You know the blent you smoked this morning? The one you woked up to roll. That one. Okay. And then but you only smoke half of it. Okay. And then you work all day long. You go to fuckin work, you do the fuckin job real fuckin good. You’re like-you’re the best. You do everything you boss asks of you. You are real fuckin cordial with your coworkers. All the customers love you. All these custies come in and they just like they think you’re the greatest. You’re the greatest of all time. You worked all day long. In theEeEnd, you come home, and you smoke the other half of that blent. That’s the greatest feeling ever ‘cause it’s just like so…it’s…this is some old-ass shit too! Like…I’m a grown-ass woman, I’m an adult. And this is my laife. That’s, theHEH, that’s the breakdown of my everyday life for y’all. It’s……incredible. My fat…my fat fabuhlous life. Iiii’m about to get so fucking high, too. Sooo hiiiigh. I’m gonna li-should I light it on camera? Should she light it on CAMERA? Hell yeah, she should light it on camera. Actually, I can’t because I gotta, um, I gotta use both of my hand. I’m using my hand to hold my phone. Oh my god, that’s not, uh, that’s not me, I’m not that fat. Speaking of that, I need to work out. But the thANG is is that I feel like I walk so much, like, living here, you knoooow. Like, I just can-I can’t. I don’t wanna work out. I wanna like - shit. I wanna, like, get back actIIIVE? Like, maybe, like…nobody wanna be in a…no one wanna do…no one wanna play with me. No one wanna play volleyball with me. No one wanna play fuckin nerd shit with me. Everybody I-Everybody I know just wanna get fucked up. I need some better friends. I need people who wanna do shit, you know? Like, I don’t wanna fuckin just get fucked up all the time. And like…that’s a waste of your laife. Like, I wanna be active. I wanna snowboooard or whatever. Oh my-I’m so high already, you guys. That’s the per-this is the perks of life.

hey lovelies! I’m just hopping back on to say thank you! To everyone who’s sent me such nice message, I wanted to tell you know how much I appreciate them! I’m already in a better state of mind, and I can see some of the problems I’m having IRL being resolved soon. I’m gonna be taking the weekend off from pretty much everything to just relax, and I’ll probably be back by monday or tuesday! Again thank you to everyone wishing me the best, y'all are the reason I didn’t delete a long time ago 💖✨ So I think that’s all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya next week

Hey everybody, this is Griffin McElroy, your dungeon master, DM, best friend, friend, very good friend, lover?, life colleague, best buddy in the whole wide world, good good buddy, main man, dad, that guy who sat behind you in gym class, confidant, Harvey Fierstein, benevolent anonymous benefactor, long lost uncle, yoga instructor, bosom buddy, dirty little secret, partner in crime, dog…whisperer, personal trainer, fungeon master, worst enemy, guardian angel, personal trainer, personal chef, local handyman, onion blaster, weatherman, part time Spanish tutor, second hand news, other thing, sleepy time boy, local sheriff, personal chef, sommelier, ice skating trainer, a real human being and a real hero, big dog - big dog on campus, clock, just your best friend, not alone guy, trusted source for all the latest Hollywood gossip, secret santa, number one fan, oatmeal eater, local hvac repair person, number one 100% gamer boy, midnight boy, finale boy, tardy boy, your very grateful and very relieved cohost of the Adventure Zone podcast. Thank you for listening.


An Alpha!Bucky One-Shot

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 5,109 (oops!)

Warnings: NSFW 18+ EXPLICIT Smut! A/B/O Dynamics, fingering, sexual penetration, slight(?) impregnation kink, unprotected sex, a NSFW gif, some angst (blink and you miss it), language, dirty talkโ€ฆ

A/N: I make my own rules.ย 

ย You smelt him before you saw him.

Your senses came alive when you saw him walk through the main entrance.


He exuded the title perfectly.

This isnโ€™t the first time you had seen him at the museum but this was the closest you had ever gotten to him. He was at the ticket counter, smiling at Mandy as he presented his membership card. The leather jacket he had on moved like soft butter as he put the card in his wallet before it went back into the side pocket. ย 

Catching a whiff of his scent in the air, you wanted to melt to the floor. Sandalwood. It was earthy and it warmed your whole body.

You could make out his voice from where you were hiding in the gift shop. It was deep and raspy as he talked to Mandy. He took off his baseball hat and ran his fingers through his thick brown hair. He stuffed the hat into the back pocket of his jeans as he laughed at something Mandy had said.

Damn her. You were jealous.

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Hey guys I normally don’t make posts like this but this is incredibly important.

Kevin, the little brother of one of my best friends, went missing last night.

I’m begging you all, if you’re ever going to reblog any of my posts, please reblog this one.

If you hear or see anything about him, please call 240-773-5400 and 301-279-8000.