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Help With The Brats - Requested (Calum)

Anon send us a message: Hey guys :3 can you do one where I’m babysitting my bratty little cousins (7 year old and a 5 year old) and they’re not listening to me and Calum offers to come over to help and they listen to him and like him a lot and we have fun with the kids? Idk just a random idea, lol.

“I need to watch them again.” You say with regret in your voice.

“Who?” You hear Calum ask through your phone.

“My bratty cousins.”

“Oh, but why did you say yes when you don’t want to?”

“My aunt asked. You can’t say no to family.”

“Well than you have to do it. Simple.”

“But they don’t listen to me, Cal.”

“Make them.” He giggles.


“You know, just try and if you can’t take it anymore you call me, deal?”

“Deal.” You say your goodbyes and go downstairs. Only a minute after you sit down on the couch, you hear a knock  on the door.

“Aunt Carol. Come in.”

“Hi sweetie, no I need to go.” She pushes your cousins forward. “Boys be good to (Y/N), I’ll be back at five.” She gives you a smile before she leaves.

“Cameron, Landon, come in boys.” You move to the side and let them in. “How are you guys doing?”

 "Good.“ Landon the youngest says to you. 

"Can we have candy?” Cameron asks you immediately. 

“Yeah can we?” Landon says as soon as his brother has spoken. 

“Maybe later, let’s first play a game.” You look at them hopefully. 

“No, I want ice cream." 

"Me too.” The boys are telling you, looking like they won’t give in. 

“Oh come on, here.” You take out a board game and place it on the table. “Landon, will you come play with me?” You ask sweet, trying to get his mind of his request. 

“No! We want candy! Don’t we Landon.” Cameron says, pulling Landon in his request.

“Not right now.” You say stern.

“But we want it.” Cameron stamps his feet on the ground, faking a tantrum. Landon quickly copying him.

“Boys please.” You sigh out. “Let’s do something fun.” But instead of listening to you, Cameron jumps up the couch, jumping on it. “Cam! Get off!” But he keeps jumping. “Cameron!” You say strict but he continues, Landon now following his example. “Boys! Stop!” But they don’t listen, instead they run through the house, climbing and jumping on everything. “I’m telling your mom!” But even this threat has no effect.

You walk into the kitchen and close the door behind you. “Cal?”

“Yeah babe?”

“I need your help.”

“Be there in ten.”

And exactly ten minutes after you put down your phone Calum is at your house.

“Hey baby.” He puts his lips on yours and you feel the stress leave your body. “Where are they?”

“I don’t know, follow the noise.” He laughs, takes your hand and pulls you with him. You follow the noise, ending up in your room. As you enter you see both your cousins jumping on your bed. You take a deep breath, wanting to tell them to stop but you don’t knowing they won’t listen to you. “Hey! Look who’s here!”

You see both boys turn their heads. “Calum!” They bounces excited on your bed.

“Can you please get off (Y/N)’s bed?” He asks them calm and they quietly get of your bed. You look from the boys to Calum, not understanding that they did what they were asked. “I thought we could go outside and play some footy.”

“But (Y/N) sucks.” Cameron complains.

“Excuse me, I’m awesome! But more important Calum is as good as a pro.”

“But I’m good to.” Landon suggests.

“See if you can beat me.” Calum winks at the boys.

You go outside and play some football (soccer)for hours. You have the best time together and the boys are on their best behavior.

“I can’t anymore.” You drop down, catching your breath from all the running. Calum stops behind you and gives you a kiss on the top of your head. “Who want’s ice cream?”

“Me!” Cameron immediately responds.

“Me too!” Landon shouts.

You laugh and go get the ice cream.

“We only had popsicles.” You say as soon as your reach the boys, carrying four popsicles in your hands.

“I don’t want that! I want real ice scream!” Cameron lets you know with an angry face.

“Cameron, we don’t have anything else. It’s a popsicle or nothing.” Calum says to Cameron, who immediately takes a popsicle out of your hand. You smile at Calum, thanking him.


“Hi, lovelies.” You turn your head and see your aunt Carol. You all just finished your popsicle. “Coming home guys?”

“Do we have too?” Cameron pouts.


“Can we come back sometime?” Landon asks sweet.

“Of course you can.” You take your hand through his hair.

“Will you come too Calum?” Cameron asks eager.

“Of course.” He says. “You guys play a mean game of footy.”


“You were amazing with them.” You are lying in Calum arms. You look up at him. “I can’t believe that they listened to you, with me they are just big brats.”

“It was nothing.” He shrugs.

“Cal, I mean it, without you I wouldn’t survived today. But because of you I had fun. You are going to be such an amazing dad.”

“And you a great mum.” He says putting his lips on yours.