hey guys remember that time i said i was only going to draw ghouls this way

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Please write more of the fanfic about kobra kid finding out about party poison and the whole android thing that was sooo good!

Suggest a ficlet!

(Thanks a lot! Sequel to this ficlet. This one definitely surprised me as I was writing it…)

TW: Mentions of abuse

The highway zoomed beneath him as Kobra Kid sped down the road, adrenaline rushing through his veins. His heart raced, his stomach churned, and the world flashed past the windows in a dizzying blur. When he wasn’t frantically scanning the road, he snuck glances in the rearview mirror. Half an hour had passed since he left the border, but part of him still expected a Better Living van to appear on the horizon.

Suddenly a towering MOTEL sign loomed over the highway, and his stomach lurched. He swerved off the road and bumbled into the parking lot, then jammed his foot on the brake and stopped in front of the office. When he switched off the engine, a white-haired woman came running out of the office.

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