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Barry the BearBug

This is the same game with Dary the Dancing Goblin. Our party of a rouge teifling, a warrior half-orc, a wizard dragon, and a cleric human are hiding behind a rock in a cave. Further ahead we see a large bonfire with two goblins and a bearbug, and a wolf.

Me (tiefling): I’m gonna use my thaumagurgy cantrip. I wanna use it to make it sound like the goblins are talking shit.

DM: *nervous laughing* Ok, what do you wanna say?

Me: I close my eyes and concentrate on making the sound appear near the right of the bugbear, and it says “This bugbear is so stupid, I bet his mom was a whore”

DM: Um…ok, you do that and the bugbear starts to get pissed.


DM (as Goblin 1): Wha- Barry we didn’t say anything, we were just sitting here!

Me (OOC): I can do this spell up to three times, right?

Me: I use the cantrip again to make it sound like the second Goblin is saying “Stupid piece of shit, I bet she was a piece of trash if she made you”

DM (as bugbear): He whirls around to the second Goblin, “YOU THINK IM STUPID HUH?? Well let’s see how stupid you are when you’re DEAD!!”

Me (OOC): Hey guys, remember when my character stole some Goblin arrows?

DM: Oh no.

Me: I load a goblin arrow into my short bow and hit Barry so it looks like the other Goblin did it. (Successfully rolls)

DM: Okay, so Barry the Bugbear is now enraged and starts smashing the face of the first Goblin. And the other Goblin grabs his weapon and I can’t believe I’m doing this…

He then proceeds to rp the whole fight, which ends with two goblins dead and a damaged bugbear. Our party gets found out by Barry when the half-orc smashes the wolf into pulp.


Half-orc: Bet that dog looked cuter than your mom.

We then got the bugbear to walk into his own bonfire and easily killed him.

DM: You know this was supposed to be a boss battle?

Me: Not anymore!


HEY GUYS! Remember me? *dusts cobwebs off blog* Sorry for the long silence; I’ve been super busy with projects and work, which is ace, but it also meant that I have very little time to work on personal stuff. I tend to post wips of current projects on instagram or Twitter hehehe.

In the meantime, here’s some Moana fanart! These two pieces are part of a series of nine artworks I’m doing for an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, some of which include Sailormoon and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I can’t wait to share ‘em with you guys!!!

Prints and other merch will be available soon!

Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you (part 3)


Part 2 :  http://nightgirl250.tumblr.com/post/154484517050/imagine-being-hope-mikaelsons-twin-and-kol

Part 1 : http://nightgirl250.tumblr.com/post/153920428680/imagine-being-hope-mikaelsons-twin-and-kol?is_related_post=1

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Young!Reader x Uncle!Kol, Young!Reader x Father!Klaus, Young!Reader x Uncle!Elijah

I took a deep breath as the cold air pricked my skin. * why is it so fucking cold *. I pull my jacket closer to my body as the wind blows down the school hallway. “Hurry up Y/n,” my friends Jason and Kara say waiting for me at the gym door. We were heading to the gym since we have to go talk to our gym coach about the pacer test along with meet Hope. ^ Whoopee!^

“Slow down guys remember crouches,” I say tilting my head to the crutches in my hands. “Sorry Black Canary,” says Jason using my nicknames while scratching the back of his head as I finally catch up with them. “It’s fine to let’s just go before lunch ends I am hungry,” I said as we head into the gym when I remembered my plan. I still need to give Jason and Kara the goodbye letters. *Oh yeah soon I won’t see them for as long as they think we will. At least now I won’t be able to bother them anymore. Jason won’t have to wait for me at the end of the street so we could talk. And he could go out with Hope like he wanted to. Kara would have less competition when it comes to ballet tryouts. I am doing them a solid they don’t need to baby me anymore. No one will not even myself* I thought. *The voices will stop no more looking at the knife, in lust. Or wanting to kill someone, along with dreams of torture*. ^Yeah honey like we said your end is the end^. I felt like screaming as the Voice poisonous sound rings through me.

“Hey are you ok, ” asks Kara. “Yeah don’t worry about it I am just thinking about something,”.^More like hearing something, but don’t worry it will end soon just remember the goodbye^.

“Hey if you guys don’t see me for a while, remember that I love you guys ok, “I said not looking at them to see their faces.

“What do you mean are you going somewhere ?” Said Kara frantic, she was always caring for me but if you annoy her too long she will fight you in a heartbeat. “No nothing major just you know visiting some family for a while, ” I said as Jason goes to talk to out gym coach for us while we talk. ^family on the other side^

“But why all your family lives in New Orleans?”She asked. “No not all of them I have am Aunt who lives in Maryland,”I lie.^Ooohh lying you your best friend when you know it’s your last time to see her how pityful^

“How long is a while? Wait are you sure cause Hop–”

“Look it doesn’t matter what Hope says or doesn’t I am nor Hope nor will I ever be.  I am just going away for some time and to answer your how long question. I am not sure but I will come back ok?” I lie. *Thou I hate lying to them it is necessary for their own good. She doesn’t need to know, I am just a burden her parents don’t even like me as they prefer Hope. Once again Hope wins The Voices in my head win. But soon it won’t matter I am ending this soon maybe in the next life I will be happier. *

“Plus I am going cause of family issues something happened with Hope and they think it’s best I go away for a while. just for two weeks,“ I said then took out her letter. ” Here in two days open this letter if I don’t tell you everything that’s going on OK? But you gotta promise me that you won’t tell Jason, I will tell him later on in the day okay.“ She nodded. I wanted to tell her more. Tell her everything but I knew if I did then she would try to convince me not too which wouldn’t help anyone.

“Hey,” said Jason poking my cheek and breaking me from my thoughts. “Huh,” I turn to face then but both of then have confusion written on their face.“Sorry just thinking of when we are going for the trip,” I said acting excited.

“Are you sure?” said Kara death staring me in the eyes and poking my chest. “Yes, Kara I am 100% sure now stop poking me,” I said moving away from her so she nor Jason can poke me. Jason frowns while Kara fake cries. “Oh hey guys,” said Hope as she joins us. We haven’t talked ever since she came into my room last week, which I am grateful for but sadly she decided to hang out with Kara, and Jason. I don’t get how someone can be so fake. She acts like we never had a problem with each other in the first place.*^I do it’s just like how you’re being fake about killing yourself^ Ignoring the voice to best I can I focus on what it in front of me. Jason and Kara are laughing at some joke Hope said. *Jason, kara I am going to miss you two so much but this is for your own good you guys can’t be doing this to you guys, pulling you into my life no point punishing you guys for my sins and mistakes.* I thought.^Yet here you are still in their lives hurry up ^ 

“Yeah I  just a lot on my mind,” I said leaning onto him. Jason, Kara and I always had this kind of relationship. Always caring and supporting each other.  *It doesn’t matter now does it. It’s too later be thinking about that, not like things will get better or something.* I thought as we were about to enter the cafeteria when Kara was called for early dismissal.^finally your thinking like me so why don’t you finish it ^ I felt like another person was in the room whispering this in my ears, but guess what I am falling for it.

I pull Kara in for a hug, not a side hug like I normally do but a full one. I take in her scent as she wraps her arms around me. She smells like strawberries and banana. I felt happy in her arms as her body heat radiates onto me.I felt at peace, nothing could make me mad, or want to cry, the bad thoughts went away. I was at peace and happy, but like all good stuff, it must come to an end  "See you tomorrow,“ she said as we let go then ran off. I felt tears prick my eyes. “Come Canary time food,” Jason puts his arm around me as we went over to the lunch line.^Yeah get your last meal before you pass^ said Voice, might as well give it a name since it will with me till my end.

——————————-Time skip bros end of the school day ———————

I took a deep breath as I walk over to the outside bench with Jason, my crush, behind me. “Hey, are you OK?” He said as he places our stuff down and takes a seat. “ Yeah Just haven’t been getting the best sleep,” I sorta lie.^liar liar death on fire ^

The truth is that I try not to sleep at all and use coffee creamer to stay up planning my end and writing my goodbye letters. Half of my goodbyes are finished. And I already choose the outfit I am going to wear. Just cause I am going to die doesn’t mean I cannot be happy as I do it. But mostly it’s because at night I have nightmares and I wake up screaming which annoys the living hell out of everyone at home, one way to not annoy them is to not sleep ya know.

“So when do you want me to come over for Ms.Greene’s. Project ?”

“Oh right about that—”. ^You can’t cause I am going to kill myself ^ I shake my head trying to get those word out of my head.

“Let me guess I can’t cause of family issues and you cannot come to my house cause Your not allowed out the house for reasons your not telling me,” he said. I felt guilty for leaving him hanging so much lately. We have been best friends since pre-k. We used to play with the building blocks as Marcel would take us to the playground. I sigh as Jason rubs the back of his neck.”What is up with you ever since Kara and I have been hanging out with Hope and you got your leg hurt you have just been so distant

“Look Jason I know I normally tell you everything but honestly. I think I just need some space,” I said. I grew cold with every word I said to him. I am not sure if it was because of the cold but I knew it was most likely for the best. ^You’re going to die soon don’t make it harder for us ^ said Voice in my head.

“So are you still gonna come to my basketball game today after school right?” His eyes lighted. I  wanted to yes so I can see crush the  other team.“ No, I won’t I got to head to the Quarter house,” I said to him. His smile disappears from his face.

“B-but you always come to them so we can have Ice cream,” I take a deep breath .*I wish we could do that forever * I thought as I took his hand in mine  "Look Jason I know we always do that but I can’t this time —“

“Ahh  Y/n there you are.  ” I said Uncle Elijah and Hope. I quickly let go of Jason’s hand and put my hands on my crutches. * shoot I forgot Uncle Elijah was picking me and Hoe I mean Hope up* I thought as Jason picks up his books. I opened my mouth to talk him but he was already walking away. “I will finish Ms.Greene’s  project on my own. let you have some Space,” he spat out the words like daggers then disappeared in the distance between us.

I place my stuff in my backpack, slipped it on and went to Uncle Elijah and Hope beginning our trek to the house.

I pull out my iPod and headphones and start listening to ‘work out’ by j cole. He is one of Jason and I favorite singers. We walked together for thirty-five minutes before Uncle Elijah actually talks to me. Hope is on Uncle Elijah back since she got tired ten minutes ago from walking.

*honestly Uncle Elijah the Little shit can walk on her own  * I thought and continued walking thinking about Jason and I’s relationship if still even have one after today. ^what is there to think about it’s over and you ruined it ^ I felt my heart churn at her voice. *shut it voice*


It’s been two hours since we got home and so far, it’s just been Mom and sperm donner yelling at each other about something that is most likely about Hope or some ‘new enemy ’. I sigh as hear another vase slams my door again. *Uncle Elijah going to yell * I thought. At first, when they occurred I was scared out of my mind, but now I am used to it it doesn’t matter.

^Honestly, what is there for me to worry about. I am not gonna be here in the future so I am fine Right? Why don’t you just pick up a knife and slit your throat no one will notice your dead until the deed is done^. I hugged my pillow closer to my chest and pushed the hollow feeling into the back of my mind. I found these thoughts popping up in my head more often lately. Maybe it was bound to happen you know. ^So what are you gonna go^ said the voice.  

I get off of my bed and walk over to my closet, get into my good bye clothes (https://www.polyvore.com/my_good_bye/set?id=215314515), my wonder woman hat on top. I grab my birthday money and Uncle Elijah old phone which he let me have, doesn’t have a sim card but it still works, and the directions to place. I grab the rest of the letters I need to give and put them in my backpack. “Now the major problem getting out of this house,” I said until it finally hit me.

 I took off all of my bed sheets, which were a lot by the way, off from the bed then threw them out the window. I placed them in a way that they fall one on top of another. I took the pillow cases off of my pillows and threw them down as well. I tossed out my crutches. *I Hope I survive * I thought as I balance standing on the edge of the window. I pull the pillows to my chest and do the leap of faith from assassin’s creed, but it was kinda hard to do with my hurt leg. I groan as I hit the ground even though I made a pile it still hurt. I grabbed my crutches and struggled to get off of the blankets. Once that was over, head straight for Rousseau (Marcel and Cami’s bar). By the time I got there Cami’s shift was hadn’t begun yet thankfully. The room was full of people. I was about to take a seat when ” Y/n what are you doing here,“ said Marcel after I nearly have a heart attack. Thou would kill me it’s not the way I want to go.

 “Oh hey Marcel, how are you?” I said giving him a fake smile but I knew he wasn’t falling for it.“Nice try Y/n ” he said as we take a seat at a nearby table. “So mind telling me what you are doing here?” “I wanted to give this to you,” I said taking out the letters for him and Cami. “They are thank you letters for you and Cami. I wasn’t able to give Jason his either so can you give it to him? ,” I place them onto the table and slide it over to him. “I was hoping to see both of you here. but since Cami isn’t here can you please give this to her?” I query.

 He nods his head and takes the letters. I fight the tears and smile that threaten to break my heartless facade, but I couldn’t help but smirk at knowing those who I truly care about knowing how I feel about them. But as soon as it came it went.“So mind telling me what you are doing giving this to me,” he asked. *Oh Uncle Marcel even thou I didn’t say it a lot to you ‘I love you ’ you may not be blood but you are no water* I thought as I give him a smile. “No Uncle Marcel just a simple thank you letter were supposed to write and deliver one to those who you love,” I said getting up from the table and left Rousseau, leaving Marcel alone looking at the letters.

 _________________________time skip arrival death place_______________

“Finally” passing the entrance of the local indoor pool. No one was here other than me. I passed the locker area and went to the pool. *Huh the little shit is about to do it finally. Thought you were gonna plague the world some more. I don’t see why you are here still you made it this far let’s do it shall we* I wanted to fight the voice but I knew it was no choice. The reason I chose the pool was because of it the one place that no one would look for me. 

When I was young Jason and I would come here with Cassandra Winchester sometimes we all would just play on the not deep side of the pool, but we stopped once she left for a mission and never came back. I highly doubt Jason even remembers this place. No one else knows about this place since I never told anyone about it. The light from the water light up the entire room so it wasn’t dark. I didn’t take off my shoes or jewelry since they all had meant something to me. I walk over to the deep side of the pool that was 7ft. “Goodbye life,” I said then dropped into the water. 

The cold temperature pricked my skin but I didn’t let it bother me as I sank to the bottom. My vision was blurry but I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the water or lack of oxygen. I felt my body slowly sink close to the pools floor*Finally this is it. You free now you don’t have to burden others with your presence.* I thought as black spots blur my vision. I suddenly felt more tired than usual. *maybe a good rest* I slowly close my eyes and release the all the air in my lungs as darkness kills me.

_________Third POV at home_______________time past____________ _____________________________________________________________

No one notices how Y/n has jumped from her bedroom window over Klaus’s screaming. Kol rolls his eyes as his brother talks about how high and mighty he now that he is a hybrid. “Dear Brother Niklaus might you please stop screaming before Hope wakes up,” said Elijah Pouring himself a drink of whiskey. “Klaus opens his mouth to say more but nothing comes out. He storms out of the house slamming the door in his rage making Hope stir in her sleep. “Well that was dramatic,” said Hayley walking into the living room with a tea in her hand. “Has anyone ever told you that is how this family works,” said Cami sitting down next to her. “Cami doesn’t your shift start soon,” said Elijah, Cami chokes on her drink then runs out the room to get to work.

 “Mommmmyyyy!!!!!!” Screamed Hope, the Originals immediately run to her side. She was inside her sister’s room with a letter in her hand. Tears ran down her cheeks as Hayley comforts her child. “Hope what’s wrong?“Said, Elijah, while taking the letter out of her hands. He nearly passes out from what he reads.“There is one in everyone’s room” Hope stuttered holding onto her mother. Elijah hands the letter to Kol, who just stared dead at the letter noticing Y/n’s handwriting, Elijah walks out the room and quickly collects all the other letters.

 “Hope what happened?” said Kol trying not to be angry after reading Hope’s letter.

“Y/n is committing suicide,” she said.

 Everyone froze upon hearing this. That one of their loved ones was willing to take their own life and no one knew why or how she would scream in her pillow at night or how she tried not to sleep til the point she naturally has insomnia. “Why would she do that?” Asked Freya. 

“Why wouldn’t she, you always favor Hope more than her. You didn’t even notice that she was kidnapped,” said Kol glaring at him family “Brother do we—” “STOP BLOODY LYING. DO YOU EVEN REMEMBER HER MIDDLE NAME OR THE LAST TIME YOU LET HER CHOOSE FOR HER BIRTHDAY,” screamed Kol. “You ignore her cause she is human. Cause she isn’t as powerful as Hope. Yet you forget that you were once the same as her but at least we had someone who noticed and cared at least we had each other,” said Kol. “Rebekah,” he said pointing to her “ you have been begging for a human in this family and when we finally have one you ignore the girl”. Rebekah opens her mouth but no words come out. 

“Aaahh and the mother,” he said turning to Hayley. “You wondered about how you treated both of them so badly, but guess what you did even worse you only cared for one,” he spats. Hayley glares at Kol but knows deep down is words are completely right. She never once thought about what Y/n would want to do for her birthday or how she would drink coffee in the morning. “You people may not care for her but I do and I won’t let you people be the reason of her death,” said Kol, storming out the house. Everyone one froze upon hearing these words. The thought of Y/n finally ringing in their heads. Hope dries her her eyes and pulls her mom into a hug. 

The despair was too great that you could cut it with a knife. “I will begin a locator spell,” Freya walks out the door with Y/n’s necklace to begin the spell. Rebekah follows silently out of the house. “Elijah w–"Hayley opens her mouth to ask him a question when she already knows the answer. ‘Was Y/n ever treated like Hope’. They all knew the answer is ‘No’. “ Hope honey its time for bed, ” said Hayley.“ Uncle Elijah will look for Y/n and by tomorrow we will have her back I promise she will be back alive,” Hayley pulls hee daughter in for a hug, Elijah leaves the room but not after placing all the remaining letters on Y/n’s desk before leaving. Hope nods her head and gets ready for bed by herself for the first time in her life. Her mother asked if she needed help, but she denied it and continued on her own. "Mommy you should go find Y/n I will be fine,” Hayley nods and follows her request and leaves the house.

The Idea

Word Count: 3468 (This is the danger you run with sending me Steve requests, okay?)

Request(s):  “Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” AND “ OMG burden of proof was tooooo CUTE!! I saw that the request had an ‘or Steve’ as well!! Please please please please!! But like you’re actually in a relationship, and just blushy flustered Steve– oh lord Sarah, please!!” 

Warnings: Language, weird threats, and much kissing

A/N: Hey, guys, remember me? IT’S A MIRACLE! I finally finished something. Oh my God. It’s been so long. I may have forgotten how to do this. I’m getting nervous. 

Bucky Version

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“Are you kidding me, man? That’s a great idea! I’m happy for you.”

Sam’s voice reached you as if through a long tunnel as you turned the corner into the kitchen, eyes still half closed with sleep, hair very much disheveled. The wide, hopeful grin on Steve’s face brought a sparkle to his eyes and drew a blissful sigh from your lips. Both men stiffened in surprise as your happy sound alerted them of your presence, and Sam pursed his lips to hide a smile as he turned to search aimlessly through the cabinets. Steve cleared his throat nervously, but when he turned to face you his expression was bright and open.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he said with a soft smile as you shuffled sleepily into his open arms.

“Mornin,” you mumbled, your voice muffled as you snuggled into his chest.

“The sun only rises for you, love and light of my life,” Sam called to you, earning an eye roll from Steve and a quiet giggle from you.

“Are we that gross?” you asked thoughtfully, lifting your head to look up at Steve.

“I sincerely hope not.”

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hey guys! it’s finally summertime and if you’re anything like me, then you alternate between being extremely busy and extremely bored. still, i’m looking forward to the sunny, relaxed days. here are some ideas to make your summer the best one yet! 

the end of school

  • congrats! you just finished another year of your education! now, it’s time to relax (you deserve it) and get ready for next year
  • go through your notebooks, do you really need those pieces of paper filled with doodles? personally, i throw out everything i don’t want but keep anything that i think could be beneficial to me in the future
  • remember to keep in touch with your friends! but don’’t be afraid to make some new ones!
  • deep clean your room! honestly, this will make everything better and make you believe that summer has actually begun! plus, you can pack anything you won’t be needing for two months
  • get started (or make a plan) for any summer work that you need to do. buy those books for english and any textbooks you need. and get a head start on those math problems and worksheets! if you have any problems, don’t be afraid to email your future teachers. they might not reply, but they will appreciate your proactiveness

make the most of your time!

  • make a summer playlist. there’s nothing like jamming out to some summer tunes!
  • clean out your closet. or room. or bathroom. or anything else that gets cluttered (even your phone!)
  • explore! go hiking, act like a tourist in your hometown, go to that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try, travel somewhere new.
  • read some books
  • learn to code (maybe improve your blog?)
  • learn a new skill (a new recipe, dancing, maybe a language?)
  • do some gardening
  • there’s really so much that you can do in the summer, especially when it’s warm out and you have a bunch of free time! go do whatever you want!

before the end

  • make sure you have finished all your summer assignments (very important!)
  • if you want, read through your textbooks or do some research to get a head start on your classes
  • don’t be sad if you haven’t done everything you wanted, there’s always weekends (and winter break isn’t that far away!)
  • get ready for school. for me, this means getting notebooks/binders organized and school supplies all ready
  • enjoy the last few days! 
A History of Mistral

To the east of Sanus is Remnant’s second largest landmass, Anima. On the shores of a small inlet snuggled between a great inland sea and a bay is where you’ll find the Kingdom of Mistral.

Mistral itself is the oldest of the four kingdoms, and it likes to think of itself as untouchable after millennia of surviving war, strife, and most dangerous of all, the Grimm. This isn’t all that unfounded, though. The Kingdom of Mistral has an entire continent to itself, and has been around for a long time. It’s put that time to good use, making sure that Mistral has slowly but surely taken the land back from the Grimm. That isn’t to say the continent isn’t Grimm free, but it’s a hell of a lot safer than the other three kingdoms, at least in regards to the Grimm.

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[UPDATE!!!]The Preorders for the zine will be open soon!! I’ll upload the link and give you guys a short preview of whats awaiting you in the zine within the next few days! <3

Hey guys! You might remember me talking about planning a zine with a compilation of my digimon art that I’ve drawn over the last year?
Well I’m working on that now and I decided to redraw parts of the art and add some of the things you haven’t seen yet. There will be some step to step views of the pieces and short comics-scenes which are gonna feature Daiken and Taiyama (of course) but all in all I want to give you some group-interactions of all the digidestined from th first two seasons.

I’ll update you guys with more information later on!! So if you think, something should definitly get into that zine you can definitly send me those thoughts. I can’t guarantee that I’ll put them in, but I’m up for ideas still.

Ana- A Nate Maloley Imagine

Request: hey!! would you mind doing an imagine where you and nate used to date and you used to be really close with all the boys and you finally meet ana? thanks love

Warnings: None!

I missed him. A lot. I missed the boys. A lot. Before Nate and I broke up a couple of months ago, the boys and I have been super close. After we broke up, we just slowly grew apart. It grew more and more difficult to see him, so it grew more and more difficult to spend time at their place.

But today, I’m determined to make that change. See, I didn’t tell you something. Right now, I’m at party with my best friend, Mya. Annnnnd, I see the boys. Over there. In the V.I.P. section. To any other girl at this party, they look like a bunch of attractive guys that they barely had a chance with. But to me, they were a group of guys that I could call my brothers. Except for one, I had to regretfully call him my ex.That’s why I can’t let this opportunity slip between my fingers.

I look over to Mya, tap her shoulder and say,”Hey, I’m gonna head over there,” pointing towards the boys. “Isn’t that Gilinsky, Sammy, Johnson, and more importantly Nate?!,” she asks, surprised I’m finally deciding to speak to them. “Yep, I gotta talk to them, I miss them. A lot,” I say emphasizing the words “a lot”.

“Alright, knock ‘em dead kid,” Mya says reassuringly. I take a deep breath and begin to make my way over. My heart begins to beat even quicker when I accidentally make eye contact with Gilinsky. He narrows his eyes to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him and once knows it’s me, he gives me a quick smile then quickly looks away. Okay, I was not expecting that. I thought he’d me super upset with me considering we were the closest out of everyone else.

Sammy must have seen Gilinsky smile, because he turned around to see what he was smiling at, which was me. He looks at me then turns back around like he doesn’t see anything. Maybe, I deserved that.

I look over at Johnson who was laughing and chatting with…Nate. Damn, he looked good. he had his signature man bun, smiling so his adorable dimples appeared, wearing a white T-shirt and black ripped jeans. He looked perfect.

I’m about to find the courage to walk over there and actually talk to them when I see somebody not so familiar. There’s somebody attached to Nate by the hip, his arm draped over her shoulder. She’s beautiful. She’s stunning. She wasn’t me.

I was defeated. It hurt seeing Nate with her, but it’s not like they’re together or anything. I’m about to walk when I hear one of the boys call me over. It was Gilinsky.”Y/N! Wait up! Come over here a second!,” he yells over the blaring music. God, he couldn’t let me leave?

I slowly turn back around and walk over to the guys. Once I get over there, everyone goes quiet. That is expect for everyone else at the party.I decide if I’m going to win back the guys’ hearts’, I’ll speak up,” Hey guys. Remember me?,” I joke. “Yeah, I remember you,” Gilinsky responds. That’s what I love the most about Gilinsky, he always made me feel comfortable in any situation.

“I missed you, kid,” Johnson says smiling at me. I smile back and feel and arm drape over my shoulder. I look over to see it was Sammy and he quickly placed a little kiss on my cheek. I kiss his cheek back and look at Nate who is watching me intently.

When I break eye contact, I’m engulfed in a hug by Nate. At this point, I don’t know what to expect from anybody, because everyone is so welcoming of me. I guess they missed me too. “Hey,” Nate whispers in my ear. “Hey, Skate,” I whisper back. He lets me go and walk back over to he girl he was holding earlier.

He brings her over to me, holding onto her shoulders and says,”Y/N, this is my girlfriend, Ana.” GIRLFRIEND??? “Hi,” I say slowly. “Hi, I’m Ana,” she extends her hand. She has a really sweet voice. I shake her hand and smile at her. “I’m Y/N”.

She pulls me to the side and we just talked the whole night. She was super sweet and friendly. It wasn’t hard to like her. But, I still miss him. A lot.

Jughead Jones x Reader


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 Another usual day at Pop’s for Jughead & I. We always go after school and on the weekends to hang out whilst Jughead writes for his novel I work on school work or read my newest book. 

    We slide into the booth and I order our usuals before I pull out my calculus book. I have an exam the next day and let’s just say it isn’t my string suit so I I’m hoping to get some much needed help from my boyfriend. I try my hardest to answer the first few questions flipping between pages of the text book hoping that I would magically become a math prodigy. I huff taking a sip of my milkshake before glancing to Jughead typing away, the concentration clear on his face. I try and focus my attention on the questions but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it and I get frustrated very quickly. I finish my milkshake and look to Jughead.

“Hey Juggie?”

“Mhm?” He mumbles, eyes still staring intently to his computer screen. 

“Want another milkshake? My shout,” I smile hoping for some type of eye contact.

“Yeah sure,” I sigh and slide out of the booth and order our milkshakes before returning back to my books glancing at my boyfriend to see him type word after word, the page rapidly filling with more and more stories he’d found about Jason Blossom’s death. I sigh ripping a page out of my book and cussing.

“This is so stupid!” I exclaim loud slamming my book onto the table pulling at my hair. “I’m so stupid,“ I mutter.

“You okay?” i jump at the sound of Jugheads voice.

“So you can speak?” I retort annoyed at my boyfriend clearly ignoring my frustration. 

“Don’t be like that (Y/n),” he rolls his eyes exhaling loudly.

“Jug you promised you’d help me with this work, you know I really need the extra help, it’s important okay-”

“So is my novel (Y/n), I thought you knew that. Why don’t you get a tutor if your in such desperate need of help?“ 

    I furrow my eyebrows at how blunt he’s being. Tears well up in my eyes and I cuss under my breath. “Look Jug I know it’s important to you, I get that, I know family stuff if a sensitive topic at the moment but I need to pass this class and I thought my boyfriend would understand that.“ 

    He ignores me as he continues to type on his computer. “Fine,” I collect my books and sling my backpack over my back, Jughead not making any attempts to stop me. He was too in grossed in his novel to even notice my absence. 

    The walk home was short and full of angry tears. I enter your room to try once more time to study. I can’t stray my mind from the way Jughead acted worried about what that’ll mean for you both in the future. Is he over me? He doesn’t feel the same anymore? Is he still my boyfriend? 

    My phone beeps and I hesitantly grab it expecting an apology from Jughead to appear. I am puzzeled to see Archie texted me asking if I still wanted someone to help me with studying. I huff knowing that Jughead isn’t going to come and apologise any time soon so I decide that Archie is going to provide the help that I oh so desperately needed.  

“Thank you Arch, but I still think I’m going to bomb this exam,“ I face defeat packing the last of my stuff up. I have been working for the past 3 hours and I think it’s time to head home. 

   Archie’s phone dinges and I look up at him. His face drops turning serious.

“It’s Jughead.” 

I roll my eyes. “We had a fight at Pop’s. He wouldn’t help me study and he kept ignoring me so I just walked out.” Archie gives me a look and I huff. “What!”

   “He walks over to me reading the message aloud. “Arch have you heard from (Y/n)? We had a misunderstanding and well I just realised that she left and she’s not at her house. I’m heading to Betty’s now. Do you know where she is?”

“Don’t tell him I was here.”

Archie sighs. “Why? I don’t want to lie.”

I shake my head. “You don’t have to. I’ll leave, so technically I’m not with you am I? I’m going to Betty’s, okay? I’ll talk with you tomorrow.“ He looks defeated. "Sorry Arch, thank you,” I smile giving him a tight hug before starting the walk to Betty’s house. I need to get my boyfriend back. My stomach is in knots as I approach the Cooper’s house knocking lightly on the door. There is no answer so I let myself in locking the door behind myself before heading up the stairs to Betty’s room. I don’t bother knocking as I open the door. 

“Oh my god,” I cry at the sight of Jughead and Betty kissing. I turn and sprint down the stairs hearing Jughead yell my name the whole way to my house.

“Wait, please (Y/n)!”

    I slam my front door not wanting to see his face. I run up to my room and lock my window before diving into my bed and letting hot tears roll down my cheeks. My phone constantly beeping signalling incoming texts from everyone, mostly Jughead & Betty. Every 5 minutes there is a knock at the front door followed by Jughead pleads to let him in so he can explain. My tears dry out and all I want to do right now was comfort myself the best way possible: food. I change into warmer clothes and wait for Jug to knock on the front door to sneak out of the back and head to Pop’s. 

    As the bright neon sign comes into view it decides to pour down leaving me with no option but to sprint into the diner. I squeak as I get inside absolutely drenched, I wait to order and then spot Archie, Veronica and Betty sitting in a booth with school books and music sheets sprawled across the table.

“Hey,” I whisper as I reach their table. They all look up, shock on Betty’s face is as visible as ever. I slide in next to Archie shivering and soaking wet.

“Woah you alright?“ 

I nod. “Yeah, caught the rain on the way in. Now I’m freezing.” I sigh as Pop comes past our table placing my burger and milkshake in front of me. “Thank you,” I smile glancing over to Betty. She looks nervous like she’s expecting me to explode at her.

“Here,” I look over to see Archie shrugging off his letterman jacket. I shake my head. “Please.” 

Rolling my eyes I remove my jumper and replace it with his warm jacket wrapping it close to my body. “Thanks Arch,” I smile bumping him. 

“So you heard from Jughead?”

I shake my head. “I went to Betty’s but he wasn’t there. I think I missed him.” Betty’s head shoots up puzzled at my response.

“Don’t hate me but I told him you are here.”

I turn to him. “Archie!” I yell and as if it was on cue the doorbell chimes. I sink into the booth hiding my face hoping that maybe he has brain damage and won’t remember me. 

“Hey guys,” Jughead greets. Everyone replies and I just clear my throat and move my way out of the booth.

“I’m really tired im going to call it a night,“ I mumble but my boyfriend grabs my wrist. 

“(Y/n) please,” I pull my hand free. "Jughead don’t. Not here,” I warn but he continues to push.

“Would you just listen to me?“ 

"No Jug, no I won’t because you know what, I’m sick of coming second to you. I’m so so so over it.” He shakes his head trying to calm me down. “And on top of that I go to my best friend house only to walk in on you kissing. Do you know how sick that made me feel?" 

Archie and Veronica watch with wide eyes. "What?!” they exclaim at the same time.

“(Y/n)!“ Betty calls standing up. "I kissed him, (Y/n). He didn’t kiss back and he pushed me off, but you ran before you got the chance to see." 

"I gotta go,” I whisper looking to Jughead and smiling softly, salty tears streaming down my face. I walk slowly out of the diner.

“(Y/n) baby girl, I’m so sorry.” I feel his warm hand in mine and I sniffle giving it a squeeze.

“Me too Juggie,“ I cry hard and he wraps me in his arms and rocks me until I’m dry out of tears. He pulls away wiping my wet cheeks with his thumb.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too,“ I reply. 

He winks at me. "That’s a relief.” I giggle and he smiles. “Nice jacket, looks better on you than it does on Andrews.”

“Don’t I know it,“ i smile kissing him sweetly. 

Third times a charm (Part 2) – Jughead x Reader

The second time I saw her, she looked breath taking. I was sat in my regular chair in the back of the student room, hiding away from the cruel harshness which is reality, or more specifically, meathead jocks like Chuck and stuck up, prissy princesses like Cheryl. I was so busy typing away on my computer that I nearly missed her enter the room.

But there she stood in all her glory, the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Riverdale’s newest member and interesting person I have ever met. She was wearing a knee length white sundress, nude wedges and carrying a variety of large textbooks, clearly struggling.

I smirked at how adorable she looked in this moment. Pushing my chair away, I began to walk over to her and offer her a helping hand when I am cut off by a large, muscly figure, shoving me out of the way and striding towards (Y/N).

I stopped and watched as Reggie pretended to be distracted by his obnoxiously loud red Nike shoes and purposely bump straight into (Y/N), sending her books flying across the floor.

Sighing, I turned around and slumped back in my chair, crossing my arms and glaring at Reggie as he helped out my girl. Who am I kidding? Why would she ever like me? I’m just boring, old Jughead with a stupid hat and way too many jackets.

I scowled at Reggie as I watched him and (Y/N) talking and giggling as they rushed to pick up her books. Once standing, (Y/N) thanked Reggie but excused herself to go and find her seat. Reggie grabbed her arm and murmured something to her. Expecting to see panic and stress littered all over (Y/N)’s features considering what happened last time round, I was shocked to see annoyance written all over her face. “Thanks for the offer ‘Mantle the magnificent” She Mocked, “But I have better places to be!” She sassed and then pulled away from Reggie and began walking slowly to find a vacant seat.

As (Y/N) walked past the ‘Jock’s couch’, a hand reached out, grabbing her waist and pulling her onto their lap. I watched with warning eyes as she struggled against the harsh grip of the guy who pulled her onto his lap, Chuck.

“Hey Cutie, remember me?” Chuck laughed, grabbing a strand of (Y/N) hair and slowing pushing it behind her ear. “How could I forget?” She mumbled, shuddering at his unwanted, sensual actions.

It was like watching a car crash in slow motion, some people stop and stare whist others look away. I was gapping and staring at the scene unfolding before my eyes and was only able to look away when Chucks hand began to wonder from her waist and towards her upper thigh.

I couldn’t believe that even after what happened at Pop’s the other day, Chuck still has the nerve to treat women like that! All of a sudden I see this power and determination in (Y/N)’s eyes. She tears Chucks hand off of her thigh and she turns abruptly to face him. I could see that she was wanting to say something, to yell and scream at him for touching her. But it never came. (Y/N) sighed sadly and turned around to pick up all of her books which are scattered across the floor.

As (Y/N) was cleaning up her books, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Kevin entered the class and found their way over next to me. “Hey Jug, what’s up? You look a bit pale,” Betty asked concerned for her friend and partner in crime.

“I’m fine. Chuck’s just being a jerk as per usual” I replied, eyes glued to (Y/N) as she continued to pick up her lost sheets of paper. “Oh. My. God. Does Mr. Mysterious, brooding Jughead have a crush on the new girl?” Veronica gasped like it was so unbelievable I would like (Y/N). But I mean come on, look at her! She’s beautiful.

Betty and Archie looked at me stunned, unsure of what to say. “Yeah right Veronica, as if…” I said, trailing off as I watched (Y/N) finish picking up her stuff and begin to stand up.

Like déjà vu, (Y/N) stood up and began her journey to find a spare desk, this time as far away from Chuck and his goons as possible. Before she could get anywhere, Chuck again, forcefully grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him so that her face was inches away from his own.

“You are going to live to regret this (Y/L/N)! I always, always get what I want and frankly” he pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “I want you”. He chuckled, a sick and menacing laugh before (Y/N) pushed herself away from him.

It was back. The look (Y/N) beared upon her face was back. I hadn’t seen it since the first day I met her. She had this look of pure and utter disgust and I could tell she had some very choice words for Chuck.

“Well guess what Chuck,” she started, placing her books down and crossing her arms. By this point, nearly everyone in the student room was watching the scene unfolding before them. “I’m not scared of you. I know you, Chuck and I know how you work. You would rather people fear than like you. So you traffic in terror and intimidation, you’re the principles son so you’ve never been held accountable for but this,” she gestured to Chuck and herself, “… this has to stop. This power, this entitlement that seeps and runs through your veins needs to stop because it won’t last. One day, you’ll fall off your pedestal flat on your face and no one will be there to save you. Not your big headed, rambunctious jock friends, not Reggie, not me”.

She paused, taking a deep breath but not backing down. I had noticed though that throughout her amazing speech, Chuck had stood up and began to corner her into the set of cabinets behind her. Looking around, I had noticed that Kevin, Betty and Archie were all sat down mouths agape, watching (Y/N) give Chuck exactly what he deserved. But I could see that this was getting out of hand and I felt as though I needed to do something.

“This is riveting. I can’t breathe!” Kevin gasped, repeating a statement I’m sure he’d said before. “Someone should really do something. This could get ugly.” Archie stated the obvious yet made no attempt to control the situation at hand.

“You think I’m entitled!” He laughed, “Take a cold hard look at yourself (Y/N), you think you’re better than everyone in the room. It’s hard enough looking at you, let alone listening to your gaping mouth spit boring, useless facts about nothing. If I’m entitled then what does that make you?” Chuck inched closer, “Spoilt? Superior? A ruthless bitch? You’ve been here for all of 6 minutes (Y/L/N), know your place and stick to it or so help me I will –“, “Alright Chuck, that’s enough!” Betty spoke suddenly, afraid of what Chuck is capable of.

“Can it Betty, or should I say Polly?” Chuck laughed causing betty to retreat back into her shell, lowering her eyes and flipping through her notebook.

This has gone way too far. Sighing, I stood up and made my way over to Chuck. “Alright Chuck, you’ve had your fun, I think it’s time to go” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder and pulling him slightly to face me. He was still to ridiculously close to (Y/N) for my liking.

“What is it with you and this girl Dracula? She’s not your damsel in destress, she’s a nobody!” Chuck turned around slightly to face me, keeping the same unbearable close distance between him and my girl.

“Nothing. Just leave her alone, go find somebody your own size and IQ to mess with!” I threw back, sick of his antics already. I could hear the gang gasp at my words, my usual shyness hidden behind this newly found façade I had put on.

“That’s it. I’ve had it with you Wednesday Adam’s! Somebody ought to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget!” Chuck grew angrier and angrier by the second and by now I had slid myself in between him and (Y/N) in order to keep her safe. This girl just can’t stay out of trouble, can she?

All of a sudden Chucks fist came flying up towards my face and hit me straight in the eye, the sheer force of the blow knocking me over, causing me to fall to the floor. The whole room stood still, on lookers watching over the scene but too scared to intervene.

Instantly, (Y/N) ran over to me and stood right in between Chuck and I, like I had done with her moments before. “Get out of my way freak, or so help me-“ Chuck lunged forward and it looked as if he was going to hit (Y/N). The whole room quacking in fear, one question on their minds. Would Chuck really hit a girl?

“What?” (Y/N) spoke loudly for the first time in a while, “What are you gonna do? Hit me? Go ahead Clayton! I dare you, make my day!” She stood tall and certain. There was no sign of fear or doubt in her eyes in this moment, like protecting me was a natural, sure thing. Like it was something she wanted to do. I couldn’t help but smile at how adorable she was but then instantly regretting it when searing pain shot through my cheek bone, but it was all worth it.

Chuck edged closer and closer towards (Y/N), towering over her with spite in his eyes. “Oh how I would love to wipe that smug grin off of your beautiful face,” Chuck whispered as he stroked her cheek. Suddenly, he grabbed her chin and pulled her closer. “But I’m afraid your boyfriend would turn all Billy Loomis on my ass and murder me into next Tuesday!” He spat those words right into her face.

I was livid. How dare he speak to her in such a manner! I could tell Archie knew that I was ready to pounce because her ran over and pulled me away from the two. Just as Betty was about to do the same with (Y/N), Cheryl waltzed in and interrupted the two.

“My my, what do we have here? The new girl and Riverdale’s most obnoxious Jock going head to head? If you asked me, I would say that there was some chemistry going on between the two, wouldn’t you Judhead?” Cheryl giggled, loving every minute of this game she’s playing.

“(Y/N) is it? I would just love it if you came and had lunch with me and my girls today!” Cheryl asked, pushing her way through the crowd the get to (Y/N). “Ummmm, I’m sorry but I’d much rather sit with Betty and –“ “Right. You’re new so I’ll let this one slide but here’s a hint. I’m a blossom and what a blossom wants, a blossom gets. You’re having lunch with me today, okay?” Cheryl asked as happy as ever, although if you ask me it sounded like more of a demand.

Sighing, (Y/N) grabbed her books and walked away with Cheryl and her pose, giving one last look of gratitude towards myself. I couldn’t help but smile back, a blush creeping onto my cheeks.

The crowd of people all dispersed and I was finally able to sit down and relax for a moment. I shut my eyes and remembered the events that just occurred. Or more specifically, (Y/N). How gorgeous she looked in that dress and how her eyes lit up when I came over to rescue her once again from Clayton.

When I opened my eyes again, I jumped. Betty, Kevin, Archie and now Veronica were all staring at me intently, grins spread across their faces. “So, (Y/N) huh? I didn’t picture you for the glamourous type Juggie!” Archie stated, laughing his iconic laugh and punching me lightly on the arm.

“Shut up!” I laughed nervously, heat rising to my cheeks, causing me to look down. “He’s so smitten!” Kevin giggled. “I am not! I protested as I picked up my books and walked off to class, the gang following closely behind me teasing me relentlessly about my interest in (Y/N).

They don’t get it though. They don’t get just how amazing she can be. In all of two times I have seen her, she’s managed to capture my heart and keep it under lock and key. I may not be smart or funny or perfect but I do know one thing. If the third time I see (Y/N) is anything like the last, then I guess third times a charm.

hey guys it’s me Robert. remember? we got hot dogs for lunch in high school. anyway I have a YouTube channel about pop finance now. check it out. you tryna buy life insurance? no? okay man that’s cool