hey guys inbox me art ideas

Yall: Yaaaaaaas give me that CONTENT kween!! Yessssssss i love it!!! Amazing !!!

Me: Hey id appreciate you guys sending in asks and questions about my characters bc they help me think of stuff to draw because my inbox is empty and maybe reblog my art because while likes are nice it doesnt help me all that much because reblogs get my posts out to other people so they can see it and be interested in following me or telling their followers to check out my blog

Yall: I cant read. What’s an ib nox?? Never heard of it. Rebagling? No idea.


  Usually I am in a state of confusion whenever follower milestones occur - and tbh I still am in this case.

 But at the same time, the idea that so many people find this blog enjoyable is a very nice thought on which to start the new year. 

  Thanks for everything this year guys, and here’s to a jolly good 2016!!