hey guys guys


11 / 19 / 17 • Kicking off the start of my birthday week with this cozy brown spread! Tested out my brand new Tombows for this and I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed. Also I’ve been listening to Christmas-y Harry Potter playlists all week, who else is in a super festive mood?

things that make people feel loved:

  • making them a playlist
  • baking them cookies
  • giving them flowers
  • creating art for them
  • random ‘I love you’s
  • writing them a poem
  • complimenting them on their talents
  • asking how their day was
  • sending them links to things you think they will like
  • random hugs
  • “This made me think of you”

This is what happens when Im not shy


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


Tfw you’re casually enjoying your evening and an angel falls through your ceiling and is super hot oh no

I’m calling this one the Angelfall AU! Keith has to learn how to live with an angel who is way too egotistic about his one (1) wing and angelic powers even though he has no memories whoops




‘’I’m Demi Lovato. I’m 25. The last decade has thought me a lifetime of lessons. I’ve learnt that secrets makes you sick, I’m learning how to be a voice and not a victim, I’ve learnt that sex is natural, I’ve learnt that love is necessary, heartbreak is unavoidable and lonliness is brutal. I’ve learnt that the key to being happy is to tell the truth and being okay with all the answers. This is my story. This is Simply Complicated.’’