hey guys can i play

Hey guys I filled this out so you can learn about me

Let’s play, “was I abused” game! Reblog and bold the things your parents have done to you! Italicize if you’re not sure. (copy paste it all and then bold)

Physical abuse

  • parent slapped me to prove their point/teach me a lesson
  • parent spanked me as a “punishment” saying it was for my own good
  • parent pulled on my hair to force me to move
  • parent threw things at me while angry, things heavy enough to hurt me
  • parent trapped me into a room/corner so I couldn’t escape them
  • parent hit me when I wouldn’t obey them/tried to confront them
  • parent used a twig/stick/belt to lash at my body
  • parent grabbed me to force me to pay attention to them
  • parent pinned me down and physically prevented me from escaping
  • parent brought me into situations where I feared for my life
  • parent made it painfully obvious for me that I’ll obey them or suffer injuries
  • parent threatened to beat me if I wouldn’t do as they say
  • parent forcefully fed me something I refused to eat
  • parent made an attempt at strangling/drowning/burning me
  • parent banged my head/body into the wall/furniture
  • parent forced me into sexual activities

Emotional abuse

  • parent called me derogatory names and slurs more than once
  • parent said my name mostly with hatred and scorn in their voice
  • parent degraded and humiliated me in front of others for fun
  • parent insulted and devalued something really important to me
  • parent deprived me of something that meant the world to me
  • parent yelled and swore at me in anger more than once
  • parent blamed me for things that were out of my control/not my fault
  • parent shamed me for my physical appearance
  • parent guilt-tripped me for not pleasing them well enough
  • parent regarded me as a burden, and shamed me for needing them at all
  • parent insisted I couldn’t take a joke after I got hurt from their insults
  • parent never comforted me/got angry if I reached for comfort
  • parent punished me for crying/showing fear/showing trauma symptoms
  • parent humiliated me for showing excitement and happiness
  • parent subtly let me know that my feelings and my problems don’t matter
  • parent got angry at me for feeling depressed/angry/tired/suicidal
  • parent blamed me for feeling depressed/angry/tired/suicidal
  • parent compared me to cousins/other children to prove how I’m the worst
  • parent decided for me how I feel when it was convenient for them
  • parent told me that I was crazy/delusional/need to be locked away
  • parent threatened me with kicking me out/sending away if I don’t change
  • parent refused to accept my sexuality/tried to force it to change
  • parent required for me to act normal to protect family’s reputation
  • parent isolated me from family activities they all enjoy
  • parent assured me that nobody will ever want me
  • parent insisted that I was lucky and that I could have had it much worse
  • parent made me responsible for their well being and made me the caretaker
  • parent insisted that their harmful acts were all made “out of love”
  • parent demanded me to be available for their requests at any time
  • parent punished me for trying to establish boundaries
  • parent destroyed my belongings as a revenge
  • parent made inappropriate sex jokes and comments in my presence
  • parent denied doing any of this and insists that all the blame is on me

Psychological Abuse

  • parent kept pointing out my flaws as proofs that I wont achieve anything
  • parent called me stupid, incompetent, ignorant, while withholding information that I needed to know in order to complete tasks
  • parent would change their side of the agreement in crucial moment and then pretend it was obvious from the start
  • parent stalked me/distrusted me without any reason/invaded my privacy
  • parent attacked my insecurities and vulnerabilities in any argument
  • parent forced me into degrading actions while they watched me do it
  • parent threatened to leave me
  • parent accused me regularly of behaving the way they did
  • parent never acknowledged, praised or approved of my actions
  • parent always demanded they are right without any proof/explanation
  • parent insisted that they’re a great parent using financial support as proof
  • parent insisted that I should be grateful for how good they are to me
  • parent gaslighted me and tried to make me believe my memories weren’t real if I confronted them with what they did


  • parent didn’t notice I haven’t been eating properly
  • parent didn’t notice I was sick/didn’t care for me while I was sick
  • parent didn’t notice I was injured
  • parent didn’t notice I didn’t have clothes/shoes I needed for school
  • parent didn’t notice I suffered from trauma
  • parent didn’t notice I was anxious and stressed
  • parent didn’t notice I was depressed
  • parent didn’t notice I was cutting myself
  • parent didn’t notice I was suicidal
  • parent didn’t notice I was being sexually abused
  • parent didn’t notice I was being bullied
  • parent failed to get me medical attention when it was needed
  • parent failed to teach me the very basics of self care
  • parent didn’t seem to notice any of my needs and feelings except the absolute minimum I required to survive
  • when I notified them of these things, they denied it, accused me of lying, decided it wasn’t happening and/or blamed me for it

Financial Abuse

  • parent made me feel ashamed for needing money
  • parent made me feel like I’m a financial burden to them
  • parent only gave me minimal money to survive
  • parent made sure I never have a decent amount of money on me
  • parent took the money I earned from me
  • parent used the money to blackmail me (if you continue this way let’s see who will pay for your bus ticket!)
  • parent insisted since they “pay for my stuff” they have the right to control my behaviour and actions
  • parent had enough money for luxury but kept me without anything
  • parent refused to get my medicine/get me medical attention because it’s too expensive while they got everything for themselves
  • parent would keep me anxious over if they would pay my expenses or not
  • parent would make me do as much work for them as possible before they would pay for a necessity
  • parent kept me in the dark over family finances even when I was of age
  • parent would make sure I never have enough money to escape them

If you bold more than 5 things, you have been through abuse. For some particular ones, even one true thing on this list means you’ve been badly harmed by your parents. Also this list is not complete, there are many more abusive behaviours not listed here, feel free to add!

If Mark was your boyfriend...

• giving you his jacket/hoodie when you’re cold.

• spending tons of time with jackson bc markson’s always hanging out.

• him inviting all of got7 over like once a week so you guys can have movie night

• “mark have you seen my hair spray?”

• “…..no I haven’t.”

• singing along horribly to the radio

• doing aegyo to bribe him

• him giving you random kisses all the time

 • “mark I can freestyle better than you." 

 • "wanna bet?" 

 • you guys probably prank jackson all of the time lbr 

 • one time you filled his shampoo bottle with maple syrup 

 • it took jackson like three hours to get it all out 

 • he buys you got7’s merch 

 • he buys himself got7’s merch 

 • so you guys can twin 

 • "hey y/n, can I play with your hair." 

 • basically he messes with your hair when he’s bored 

 • he always buys a lot of food before he gets home from a long trip so you guys can lay on the couch for like four hours watching tv and eating 

 • he randomly joins you in the shower sometimes 

 • you end up beating him with a shampoo bottle cause you think he’s a murderer 

 • he gives you back hugs ALL THE TIME 

 • you’re cooking? back hug from mark 

 • oh, you’re trying to clean? back hug from mark 

 • trying to get ready for school? back hug from mark 

 • tons of skin ship in your relationship. you’re welcome.

someone requested this like a week ago, but I haven’t gotten around to finishing it until now… sorry! I hope you enjoy nonetheless ^o^


A/N: Another scomiche story(; I feel like I’m spamming y'all with fan fictions, I’m sorry. I don’t know if I’d classify this as sad or happy. Also, listen to Manhattan. It’s the most gorgeous song on this planet.


It was sunday which meant it was time to film a superfruit video. Scott and Mitch sat down after the camera was turned on.

Scott:“What is up everyone? Welcome to superfruit, the best show on the internet” Mitch sang a random run and superfruit had started. 

Mitch: “So today we decided to a Q&A today since we are some lazy queens”

Scott started scrolling through their twitter mentions as he saw Mitch’s flirt, David, tweeting at them. Will you be my boyfriend?. Scott looked away. Mitch saw the tweet too. “Oh my god SCOTT! Have you seen this?! Isn’t he the cutest? I am literally obsessed with him.” Mitch said as he blushed like a little teenager.

“Yeah, it’s adorable… Umm, can we do this at another time? I need to do something..” Scott stood up and left before Mitch could reply. 

He made his way down the street and with his headphones on, he tried to clear his mind. It’s too late, Scott. He’s in love with someone else, they’re gonna get married and you just have to deal with it. You blew your chance since you’re such a child who’s afraid to be a man and admit your feelings.

The rest of his thoughts melted together and filled his mind. He was so distracted by the overwhelming feeling of sadness that he didn’t realize he had been walking for 2 hours without telling Mitch where he went; he didn’t want to either. He just wanted to escape the place that brought the feelings back. 


Time went by and David moved in with Mitch at his and Scotts place. Scott tried to be nice, but it was so hard. All he wanted to do was kiss Mitch like David did. He wanted to have his head in his lap, he wanted to be in his arms.. But that spot was already taken. 

Scott couldn’t take it anymore.

“Mitch, I need to talk to you under 4 eyes.” he whispered with a glimpse of sadness going through his eyes. Mitch followed him into Scotts room and sat down. Before Mitch got to say anything, Scott started talking. 
“Listen… I need to get out of here and be alone for a while” Scott said as he looked down on his feet. A small tear was trying to escape his eyelid, but he quickly blinked it away. “I know it’s the best for us, besides we get to see each other everyday anyway.” Scott said as he pulled a crying Mitch in for a hug… 

“Wait” Mitch whispered. “Please don’t leave me”…

“I have to, for me, for you, for us.” Scott said as he wiped a tear away with his sleeve. Without saying another word, he grabbed the last packed suitcase and went down to the car, driving away from his feelings, driving away from his love.


“Hey guys, I was wondering if I can play a special song tonight?” Scott said as him, Avi, Kevin and Kirstie was at soundcheck. Mitch was backstage making out with David, as usual. 

“Sure Scottie” Kirstie said as she gave him a hug, knowing that was exactly what he needed. 


“Okay, I’m gonna have to bring a piano on stage” Scott said to the cheering crowd. He took a deep breath and sat down, the rest of PTX respectfully sat down on the other side of the stage. 

He started playing and as he hit the first note, his eyes locked with Mitch’s.

“You can have Manhattan, I know it’s for the best.” he took a breath and continued singing. “And I’ll bow out of place to save you some space for somebody new, you can have Manhattan ‘cause I can’t have you." 

As Scott played the interlude, the crowd remained silent. Nobody had ever heard that song sung so powerful, so full of emotion and hurt. 

"You can have Manhattan, the one we used to share… Hang on to the reverie, could you do that for me?” Mitch wiped a tear away with his hand as he looked in Scotts eyes. 

“You can have Manhattan, I’ll settle for the beach.. I’ll wish this away, just missing the days when I was one half of two; you can have Manhattan 'cause I can’t have you”. 

Scott finished the song without Mitch and his eyes breaking contact once. 

Before he knew it, the crowd was gone and so was Mitch. Scott took a last sigh before driving the long way back to the hotel. 


At 2 am Scott woke up by a loud knocking on his door. “Go away” he groaned, but the knocking just intensified. 

He put on some pants and a tanktop before opening the door and to his surprise, it was Mitch.

“Mitch, what are you…” his words were silenced by the pressure of his lips of Mitch’s. He pulled Mitch close to him, wanting the moment to last forever. 

“Scott, I love you. I thought you never liked me… And no matter what I did to make you fall for me, you never seemed like you did. But I am crazy in love with you. Please come home”. 

Scott smiled as he pulled Mitch in for a hug, holding him as tight as humanly possible. “I love you too, Mitch”. 

has anyone made the ml band au

if not im here bitche$

  • so hold on tight 
  • marinette plays guitar
  • adrien plays drums
  • remember the smelly wolf recreation thing except they’re actually talented
  • marinette and adrien were in shitty bands that they leave because everyone in them sucked and just wanted to win battles and shit and get famous
  • but mari and adrien r in it for the MUSIC
  • marinette goes by the stage name ladybug, ofc, for no reason really
  • adrien goes by chat noir bc gabriel is a famous musician and he doesnt want people to think that he’s only where he’s at bc of his dad
  • anyways chat and ladybug kno of each other and go to band things/concerts and meet up sometimes
  • they have a lil jam session at a party once and r like
  • “yo….. u wanna start another band together”
  • and so theyre like HELL YEA
  • chat is constantly flirtin lb up bc shes like a hot guitarist girl how can u not
  • BUT u kno.. u always need more than two members in a band
  • TADA adriens like hey i kno this guy who does edm but he can play synth
  • VOILA….. nino (aka the bubbler, or perhaps dubbler) enters
  • and THEN marinettes like hey i kno this cute emo girl who dropped from her punk band
  • yo juleka she was a guitarist but she got a killer voice even tho shes really shy abt it 
  • alya hears abt marinettes band back in the scene and shes like GIRL U NEED A MANAGER.. THE MANAGER IS ME NOW
  • and FINALLY.. adrien meets nathanael jammin on a bass a little bit at a party
  • SO U GOT:
  1. 2 rocker band drop outs who like probably only wanna cover queen songs
  2. an edm artist
  3. a lil indie ginger
  4. and an emo

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Honestly the best part of the trailer is the fact that Bruce is the one going around collecting people because the fact that Hal wasn’t one of those people definitely indicates he’s gonna show up uninvited just “hey guys what’s up can I play too” and Bruce is gonna be like 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Um hey kariagonking and I don’t play ever. You guys can use our leftover EMP.

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Long Rides Part 2 - Sammy Wilk

As soon as we all finished, we packed up and were bound to hit the road again.

This time Gilinksy and Cam had swapped so that Gilinksy was driver and Hayes was passenger. I moved up a bit so that I was closer to Hayes, because I didn’t want to get bored. As I made my way up voice asked “Y/N where you going?” I looked back and the voice belonged to Sammy. I smiled a little and replied “To hang with Hayes and Gilinksy”. “No stay here with us” “or me” he whispered. “Why” I questioned. “Let’s get to know each other better” I just giggled and agreed. I went back and placed myself next to Sammy.         

 “So Y/N, how’s the road trip been so   far?”                                                                                             

“Hhm?” “Oh, it’s been pretty great” I replied.                                                                                         

“Good, good, so how about we get to know each other?” he asked.                                                 

I nodded my head in agreement.                                                                                                                   

“Okay you go first” we both exclaimed at the same time.                                                                

Sammy just cracked a smile and I smiled shyly and giggled back.                                                                                        

“Ok so Y/N where are you from?” he asked.                                                                                                      

“I’m originally Indian, but I lived in Australia since I was 2”                                                                        

“Oh, that’s where your Australian accent’s from” Sam said.                                                                           

“Aha yep” I agreed.                                                                                                                                                

Then Hayes exclaimed “Y/N do speak some of your language (Malayalam) for the boys”.                                                                      

“Nooooo………” I argued.                                                                                                                    “Yeeeeesssssss………….” the boys replied back.                                                                                                                                    

“Dammit!” I thought to myself. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, especially in front of Sammy. “Ok so here goes” I said, then speaking some Indian.                                                                                                                                                                                           As I taught them some words they looked taken back. Then Nate asked me “Y/N give us some insults” “Sure will do, just watch out Nate!” I replied with a smug smirk and all the boys giggled and laughed. As we all laughed Gilinksy pulled into the driveway of the place we were staying at for the night. “Here we are” Nash said. We couldn’t take our eyes off the tropical styled house. It was quite large and I decided I would go for look around as the boys stood in awe. As I started walking, I think one of the boys got kicked back into their senses. “Hey, Y/N where ya going” Nate asked and I replied “Going to look around” “Sweet” Johnson and Nate said later joining me, then out of the corner of my eye I spotted Sammy trailing behind as we all stopped walking the same question popped up again from Sammy. He then joined us well. When we started walking around Sam slung his arm around me, even I was quite short. I looked up at him and he asked with a smirk “what?“ “Nothing” I replied. We continued our tour around the house and as we did each of the other boys would join in. At the end of the house tour the whole group was there. By then Cam, Nash, Gilinksy and Matt explained that they had already brought the luggage from the combi to the living room of the house.

Now we could get into the house, Nash held the keys to the front door and we all cheered excitedly awaiting what was in store. Nash gave me the keys as he said “Would you like the honour?” I smiled and picked up the key form his palm then I opened the door slowly.

As soon as I took my first step, all the guys got impatient and rushed in. Oooo’s and Ahh’s arose from each our mouths. After taking a tour of inside the house I walked out to the back, noticing a Jacuzzi and a heated swimming pool. I squealed a bit too loudly, then all the boys joined over and I heard a few “yes’s and awesome’s being passed around. I could tell we were all excited. “So how long are we staying here for’ I asked then Cam replied “Well only a night, but seeing how great this house is we can stay for 2 or 3 nights and just cancel the next couple of houses, it shouldn’t be a problem.” “Yes!” I exclaimed as I shot my hands up in the air, getting a few smirks and giggles from the boys.                                                                                                                       “Ok, we need to assign rooms” Hayes said. All the others agreed. “Who wants to go with who?” Nash asked. “Ok how about we put all our names in a hat and pick out two and those two have to share the same room?” I suggested. “Y/N is a genius!” Matt squealed and we all laughed. I wrote each one of our names down and ripped up the paper, then placing it into a hat which Matt gave me. I gave the hat to Matt and he started to pick out names. “First up, Johnson and Nash” then he kept on going picking out names then I heard my name being called out “Y/N and Matt” after listening to himself Matt squealed for the second time today. I was low key hoping for it to be Sammy but maybe next time, as I said we have 2 weeks so I may have a chance. So the roommates ended up being, Johnson and Nash, Cam and Gilinksy, Sam and Hayes and Nate got the daybed in the sunroom. “How bout’ we go to the pool” Sam exclaimed as everyone had just started to leave. We all nodded in agreement “Ok so meet you all at the pool in 5?” I asked “Yep” Sammy replied.

I left to get up stairs then I changed into my white mesh two piece swimmers and tied my hair up into a messy bun (Picture up top)

I went to Matt’s and my room and changed my iPhone cover to a waterproof one so I could take pictures and stuff like that. Then I started walking down stairs and filled up my bottle of water in the kitchen and I grabbed a plate of strawberries then I started making my way to the pool. I was looking through Instagram when I bumped into someone. I looked up and saw Nate towering over me with a smirk. “Looking good lil’ ma” “Thanks Nate” I replied and I smiled back. I continued walking to pool hoping that the pool would be nice and heated. One I was near the pool the sun had just started to set and I unlocked my phone and started to take a picture when Sammy said he wanted to be in it. I agreed and he stood with his back facing the camera, then I took the picture and posted it to insta with the caption “The road trip has finally begun with my boys!” As I was posting the picture I got a notification from all my social Medias and they all said Sam Wilkinson and Nate Maloley have followed you. I had a mini fan girl moment and I internally screamed. Just as I locked my phone and placed it on the table along with my strawberries and water, someone picked me up and started walking closer and closer to the pool. I squealed a little bit and when they had started to drop me into the pool I grabbed their back so that we both fell into the pool. Luckily my plan worked and as I rose to the water I looked and saw Nash wiping his face with his hands. I laughed at him and said “Looks like your plan kinnda backfired!”

“Y/n I’m going to get you, you better watch out!” he answered. Then I heard Sammy’s voice “Nah Nash you ain’t gonna get her if I’m there to protect her” he said as he pretended to flex. I looked at him and he did his signature smirk. Oh god I was dying.                                                                                               After a chaotic time in the pool I dried up and connected my phone to the sound system I the house and some RnB and Hip Hop started playing. I danced my way upstairs then I danced all the way to my room. I kept on dancing in my room when noticed that Matt was in there the whole time. I started laughing in embarrassment and Matt joined in too. Then I heard someone knocking on our wall telling us to be quiet “Hey guys can you shut up? There is a good song playing which I would like to listen to”. I guessed I was Gilinksy because it was Bruno Mars’ Treasure that was playing. I gathered all my stuff and made my way to the bathroom to have a shower. Thankfully there were 3 bathrooms so we could all share.                                                                                                                 After I finished, I walked to my room and checked my phone, there were so many twitter notifications but I didn’t bother to look at them. I grabbed my phone and made my way to dinner which btw smelt so fricking good. I walked into the kitchen and saw that it was Cam cooking. “Need any help?” I asked. “Sure, keep me company” Cam answered. I nodded and started talking to Cam then he randomly asked me “Y/N?”, “Yeah?” I replied, “Who do you fancy right now” he questioned putting on his best British accent. Was he serious?? 

Side note: If you were wondering what the word in the bracket was (Malayalam) that’s one of the many languages in India and it’s the one I speak. Yes I edited this because an anon found the previous post of this story, offensive because I called Indian a language as it is an ethnicity.

Hey guys here is the 2nd part to this fan fiction. if you have any ideas or feedback of what could happen later in this story please message me.                                                                                                                           Rose xoxo

I can’t believe this is happening but I love it. You’d best believe my friends and I decided where we were going for happy hour based on this. The manager was refreshing the lure (the pokestop was essentially in the restaurant) every half hour. Once one of my friends put his own lure up when it ran out, rather than wait, and like twenty minutes later the manager came by and was like “hey! Are you guys playing? Can I ask a favor? I’ve been refreshing the lures, but last time someone put their own up [we all point accusingly] and it totally threw off my timing! So let me put the next one up okay?”

Okay. If you insist.