hey guys can i play

((hey guys I started playing TSW and I can’t stop, this is Jayce my main, she’s a reboot of a character I’ve had since I was 11 but somehow I still love her, everyone in the TSW fandom please talk to me I love you all I have a discord we have to play together and RP and everything))

has anyone made the ml band au

if not im here bitche$

  • so hold on tight 
  • marinette plays guitar
  • adrien plays drums
  • remember the smelly wolf recreation thing except they’re actually talented
  • marinette and adrien were in shitty bands that they leave because everyone in them sucked and just wanted to win battles and shit and get famous
  • but mari and adrien r in it for the MUSIC
  • marinette goes by the stage name ladybug, ofc, for no reason really
  • adrien goes by chat noir bc gabriel is a famous musician and he doesnt want people to think that he’s only where he’s at bc of his dad
  • anyways chat and ladybug kno of each other and go to band things/concerts and meet up sometimes
  • they have a lil jam session at a party once and r like
  • “yo….. u wanna start another band together”
  • and so theyre like HELL YEA
  • chat is constantly flirtin lb up bc shes like a hot guitarist girl how can u not
  • BUT u kno.. u always need more than two members in a band
  • TADA adriens like hey i kno this guy who does edm but he can play synth
  • VOILA….. nino (aka the bubbler, or perhaps dubbler) enters
  • and THEN marinettes like hey i kno this cute emo girl who dropped from her punk band
  • yo juleka she was a guitarist but she got a killer voice even tho shes really shy abt it 
  • alya hears abt marinettes band back in the scene and shes like GIRL U NEED A MANAGER.. THE MANAGER IS ME NOW
  • and FINALLY.. adrien meets nathanael jammin on a bass a little bit at a party
  • SO U GOT:
  1. 2 rocker band drop outs who like probably only wanna cover queen songs
  2. an edm artist
  3. a lil indie ginger
  4. and an emo

how beautiful like and subscribe thanks

what if one time the young avengers were having like a big sleepover or something and at like 3 am Tommy’s like “Hey guys I can’t sleep, let’s play truth or dare.”

And Billy’s like, “No Tommy please I’m trying to sleep.”

And Noh-Varr sits up still half-asleep and fumbles for their ipod and then puts on “Truth Or Dare” by Marianas Trench and waves the ipod at Tommy, then goes right back to sleep with a quiet mumble of, “Are you happy now?”

David was cuddling with Tommy and was woken up because Tommy got too restless and so he’s just like, “Sure I’ll play.”

“Hey David I dare you to kiss me.”

“I’m literally dating you Tommy that’s not even a dare.”

Honestly the best part of the trailer is the fact that Bruce is the one going around collecting people because the fact that Hal wasn’t one of those people definitely indicates he’s gonna show up uninvited just “hey guys what’s up can I play too” and Bruce is gonna be like 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

I can’t believe this is happening but I love it. You’d best believe my friends and I decided where we were going for happy hour based on this. The manager was refreshing the lure (the pokestop was essentially in the restaurant) every half hour. Once one of my friends put his own lure up when it ran out, rather than wait, and like twenty minutes later the manager came by and was like “hey! Are you guys playing? Can I ask a favor? I’ve been refreshing the lures, but last time someone put their own up [we all point accusingly] and it totally threw off my timing! So let me put the next one up okay?”

Okay. If you insist.