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Somehow everytime they went their separate ways, they always found a way back to each other. They couldn’t live without one another. 💕

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He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


Throwback to that time James made Aleks laugh so hard he fucked up his progress


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.


The first official update of part 2! *throws confetti*
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It contains npcs that will probably never be seen again :3
From left to right, their names were Mia, Cassie, Asul, and Howard~

Part Two: Renegade
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Outer Heaven Guy: “Hey Boss, we have one more new recruit. He just needs a code name.”
Venom Snake: “I’m out.”
Outer Heaven Guy: “Huh?”
Venom Snake: “We have used every adjective and every animal. There’s no combination left.” 
Outer Heaven Guy: “No way. What about, like, Screaming Vole?”
Venom Snake: “Taken.”
Outer Heaven Guy: “Redolent Aardvark?” 
Venom Snake: “Used it.”
Outer Heaven Guy: “Defenestrator Pangolin?” 
Venom Snake: “Sentry on the third floor.” 
Outer Heaven Guy: “Dang.”
Venom Snake: “All right, let’s see…what kind of talents does he have?”
Outer Heaven Guy: “He has a gun.”
Venom Snake: “Special skills?”
Outer Heaven Guy: “He can shoot it.”
Venom Snake: “…”
Venom Snake: “(sigh)
Outer Heaven Guy: “Look, it doesn’t really matter, right? We just have to call him something.”
Venom Snake: ”I’ll work on it.” 


[ONGOING] SEVENTEEN’s ‘One Fine Day’ Episode Links

Hey guys! This is going to be a masterlist for Seventeen’s new reality show, One Fine Day! I’m going to be updating this post every time a new episode airs + adding in links to subbed videos when they are released as well! ^^ (it will be under the tag “ofd masterlist”)

(160215) EPISODE 1 
RAW: Dailymotion (Part 1 / Part 2), Dailymotion (FULL), youtube (FULL), youtube (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), youtube (Part 1, 2, 3, 4), youtube (FULL)

(160222) EPISODE 2
: Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), youtube (FULL),
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL), youtube (part 1, 2, 3, 4), youtube (FULL)

(160229) EPISODE 3
: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (Part 1 / Part 2), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL), youtube (1, 2, 3, 4)

(160307) EPISODE 4
RAW: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL) Dailymotion (Part 1/ Part 2), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), youtube (FULL)

(160314) EPISODE 5
: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (1, 2, 3, 4), youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (FULL)

(160321) EPSIDOE 6
: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (1, 2, 3), youtube (FULL)

(160328) EPISODE 7
RAW: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL), youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (FULL)

(160404) EPISODE 8
: youtube (FULL), youtube (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (FULL)

(160411) EPISODE 9 (FINAL)
: youtube (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL)


Hey guys, so new edit focused on Kara, and how she’s one of the kindest characters in a lot of ways. So I hope you like it! 

Spring Date Outfits with BTS




Rap Monster:




Side note: Hey guys! We wanted to try out something new, so one of the admins made some outfits to see if you guys would like them! Tell us what you think~ 

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Kismet : Chapter One

Hey guys! My new short, multi chaptered baby fic to help ease your post finale blues…though it does start a bit angsty.

Title: Kismet

Pairings: Karamel/Sanvers

Chapters: 1/5

Next Chapter: 2


Mon-El’s gone and Kara’s left to deal. But she’s left with more than she realises.

Chapter One

Kara watched her old spaceship take off into the air with the man she loved locked safely inside. As it disappeared through the clouds and away from view, she could have sworn that the ship had taken her heart with it since it felt like it had been ripped from her chest.

After all this time, she had finally found true love with somebody and thought for just a second in time that maybe Kara Zor-El could finally have it all. Then Rhea destroyed all her hope of that being true and now she was standing in a field watching her love fade away from view with no hope and a broken heart.

Two Months Later

“Kara, are you okay?” Alex’s voice was soft and full of concern as she stood outside of the dressing room that Kara was currently inside as she tried on her maid of honour dress.

When Alex had announced her engagement to Maggie, Kara was ashamed to admit that her initial feelings weren’t of joy or happiness for her sister. No, it was a piercing, stinging rush of jealously that hit her hard and fast. How come everyone else was getting a happy ending but she couldn’t, even after all she had done for this planet?

She never let her emotions show though because Kara would never ever rain on her sister’s parade. She loved Alex and knew that she deserved all the happiness in the world. She’d shoved her negative feelings down and after a while she felt genuinely happy for the couple, throwing herself into helping Alex plan her wedding and taking on maid of honour duties as Alex would not have asked anyone else, which she had told a startled but pleased Kara when she’d asked her to take on the role.

Today was the day that Alex had taken Kara out to get fitted for her gown and to her delight, they’d found a beautiful royal blue strapless gown that was body hugging but flowed out from the calves to the feet like a mermaid tail.  Kara immediately found one in her size and slipped into the changing area to try it on, knowing that this was the dress that she was going to wear for her sister’s wedding…only for the dress to refuse to zip up and to add insult to injury, the dress brought to attention that Kara’s previously flat stomach had somehow rounded out which was impossible since she never gained weight. It was one of the perks of her alien biology.

“I don’t know…” she finally answered her sister as she frowned intently at her belly and the half unzipped back of the dress.

Alex waited for her to elaborate but when she fell silent again, her sister spoke up. “Can I come in?”


The door flew open immediately and her sister stepped inside with a look of concern for her younger sister. “What’s going on, Kara? Why haven’t you zipped up the dress?”

Kara’s cheeks flushed at being forced to explain that for some reason the dress did not fit. “It won’t zip up, Alex. I don’t know how this is possible but I think I’ve gained weight”.

Alex’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and alarm and she quickly shut the dressing room door to give them privacy as she stepped towards her sister to exam her. “But that’s not possible, Kara. Your biology and metabolism make sure that’s impossible”.

“I thought so too but the dress won’t zip up and…err, my belly is definitely bigger”.

The DEO Agent and scientist’s eyes flickered down to her sister’s stomach and saw what she meant. Her sister’s figure had definitely changed which should have been impossible unless she was-

“Oh my god”.

Kara’s blue eyes widened at her sister’s words. “What?!”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, sis, but are you pregnant?”

“…” The blonde’s mouth lips parted in an ‘o’ of shock as she tried to formulate the words to respond with. Her first instinct was to yell no, there was absolutely no way but then she realised that yes, yes it was possible. She and Mon-El…well they were most likely compatible due to having more or less the same biology and they didn’t always use protection. There were times that they forgot…when one of them almost died or tried to sacrifice themselves to protect the other.

“I’m going to take that as a yes”, Alex stared at her. “Or a maybe. We should get to the DEO and see if we can confirm it because if you’re not then something is seriously wrong with you”.

With that said, the bridesmaid gown shopping was suddenly ended as Alex forced Kara to change back into her clothes (which were kind of snug now that she thought about it, why hadn’t she noticed sooner?) and dragged her to the DEO. J’onn stared at them with a frown as soon as they entered. “What are you two doing here? I thought you were out dress shopping for the wedding”.

“We were but now Kara needs examining…somehow…I don’t know how it will work since I don’t think an ultrasound will work on her”.

“What’s going on? What do you mean an ultrasound?” J’onn stared at them worriedly, his protective instincts for the girls that he considered daughters kicking in immediately.

“I might be pregnant but we don’t know”, Kara blurted out, her voice high pitched and she let out a short but hysterical sounding laugh. “I was just trying a dress on and now I think my entire life is about to change”.

“You’re right, Alex. An ultrasound won’t work on her normally”, J’onn confirmed after recovering from a brief moment of shock at her announcement. “But if we use some of our synthetic blue kryptonite then an ultrasound will work without putting her or the baby in danger then if we tried with normal kryptonite”.

Alex’s brown eyes lit up at his suggestion. “J’onn, you are a genius. Kara, would you be okay if we placed some blue kryptonite in the room?”

“Of course. I need to know…I need to know if I’m having a baby”.

J’onn nodded and told them “I’ll get everything set up”.

A few minutes later, Kara was lying on an examination bed in the medical bay with an ultrasound machine set up at the foot of the bed. Alex made her lift up her blouse and rubbed some cool gel onto her exposed stomach. Kara’s eyes zoomed in on her small bump (if that’s what it was) and she swallowed nervously while Alex began waving a wand over her stomach. “Oh my god”. Kara’s eyes flickered up at her sister’s words and to the screen. Kara squinted, not at all sure what she was looking at.

“I’m going to be an Aunt”, Alex squealed while Kara’s heart stopped in her chest for a moment. She was pregnant? She was going to be a mom…and Mon-El would never ever know about this, she realised as tears flooded her eyes. Alex’s excited smile faded when she saw the look on her sister’s face. “Kara, are you okay?”

“Yeah…it’s just…Mon-El should be here for this”.

Alex immediately felt terrible for getting excited. “I’m so sorry, Kara…I didn’t think”.

“No, don’t apologise. This is…this is a great thing. I’m happy, I am…I just wish Mon-El was here. He’s never going to know about his son or daughter and I know he would have made a great father”.

“You should never say never, Kara. Way more impossible things have happened to us”.

Kara smiled with watery eyes at her sister’s attempt to comfort her.

“Thanks Alex but I don’t see how he could come back to Earth when he’s allergic to the planet”. Then Kara paused, her eyes widening with horror. “Wait, what about the baby? Is the baby in danger?”

“I don’t think so, Kara. If the atmosphere was toxic for the baby then I think you would have miscarried by now”, the scientist flinched as she said it while Kara went chalk white. “But we’ll keep a close eye on you anyway. I’ll work on something in the meantime just in case but in all honesty, the baby is part you too so I think that’ll give it enough immunity to protect it. And I also believe that they won’t have as strong a reaction to Kryptonite as you and Clark do due to the Mon-El half”.

“We don’t know for sure though”, the reporter and superhero fretted. She’d only known she was pregnant for an hour or so and she was already feeling intensely protective for her child and the one part of Mon-El that she had left. “I don’t want to leave it to chance especially since chance has never worked in my favour before”, she scowled.

“It’ll be okay. I’ll make sure it is. And I bet mom will definitely help me to figure it out and dad too if he ever shows up”, her sister promised her, taking her hand in her own and squeezing it. “I’m not going to let anything happen to my nephew or niece in there, alright?”

“Okay”, Kara responded with a shaky voice before bursting into tears as Alex hugged her close and vowed that she would do whatever it took to find an immunity against lead in a Daxamite. Not just for the baby but also for Mon-El too.

Later that day, Alex returned home to her and Maggie’s flat to find her fiancé waiting for her on the settee. “Welcome home, babe. How did bridesmaid dress shopping go?”

“Well we’ve still got to find Kara a dress so not great”, Alex sighed. “And our day definitely took a turn for the unexpected”.

Maggie sat up, her eyes filling with concern. “What happened? Did Supergirl get called away?”

“Nope, not Supergirl related. That would have been easier for Kara to deal with and she’d have been away and back in a few minutes”, the taller woman answered as she joined her future wife on the sofa. “Kara’s…pregnant”.

Maggie was glad that she had not been drinking anything at that moment or she would have been choking. “She’s what now?”

“She’s pregnant. Apparently Mon-El left her a gift before hell broke out”.

“How is she handling it?”

Alex pushed a hand through her hair as she recalled driving Kara home to her apartment since she hadn’t been in state of mind to fly. “She’s in shock but I think that she’s happy about it. She’s sad that Mon-El isn’t around but this is Kara’s first blood related family outside of Clark so of course she’s happy about it overall”.

“You know if she needs anything at all, I’m here. Make sure she knows what”, Maggie said, feeling a wave of compassion for her future sister in law.

“I will. In the meantime I’m going to make damn sure that my future niece or nephew won’t be sick due to the lead in the atmosphere and I’m going to find a cure so that maybe someday Mon-El can come home”.

The cop smiled softly at the fire in her fiancé’s eyes. “I love you, Alex Danvers”.

“I love you too” was the almost reflexive response before the two women shared a brief kiss.


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Monsta X Reaction To Their s\o Confessing They’ve Never Kissed A Guy

Hey guys I’m back!!!! So I just got a new laptop because my old one was acting cray-cray. I’m so glad to be back to posting reactions. I have a couple in my inbox and those will be posted today and tomorrow.

*gifs are not mine* requested by anon!

Shownu: You and Shownu have been dating for 9 months and you told him that you wanted to take it slow. He was all for that until he realized slow meant really slow. You guys haven’t kissed yet and he’s been trying. Every time he goes in for a kiss, you dodge or turn your head like you didn’t notice it coming. He finally confronts you and you say you’ve never kissed a guy let alone date one. He’d be shocked and kind of giddy because that means he’d be sort of your first kiss. He’d assure you that it’s the same except he’s a guy and not a girl.

Originally posted by hyungnu

Wonho: He’s a major flirt when it comes to you. He’d be trying to get any type of kisses, but you just wouldn’t be feeling it. He’d finally ask you if it’s because he has bad breath, and you’d laugh. “No! I’ve just…I’ve never kissed a guy before,” you say quietly. He’d smirk and pull you onto his lap. “Well today’s your lucky day,” he’d say. After the kiss he would tease you and say he’s the best and will be the only person to kiss you from now on.

Originally posted by ew-wonho

Minhyuk: He’s the type to initiate a lot of skinship, so him not being able to kiss you would have him a little frustrated. He’d try anything and everything to get you to kiss him. When you finally told him that he’d be the first guy you’ve ever been with and the first guy to kiss you, he’d laugh and pinch your cheeks. “You’re really cute, you know.” After your confession, he’d guide you into the kiss, but wouldn’t make it extra because he wants your first kiss with him to be something you look back on and feel no regret.

Originally posted by theseoks

Kihyun: When he first began dating you, he noticed that you didn’t really want to kiss so he respected the decision and didn’t try to at all. One day out of curiosity he asks you how come you never initiate kissing with him. You explain that you do, it’s just the fact that you don’t know how to kiss a guy or if there’s a specific way guys like to kiss. He’d be very confused because he didn’t know there was a specific way to kiss. You’d say I’ve never kissed a guy, just girls. He’d nod his head in understanding and would smile. He’ll pull you closer and give  you a small peck that leaves you blushing. “Now, was that scary?”

Originally posted by babywoon

Hyungwon: Every one knows he has thick lips out of all his members, and you noticed right away. You’d let him know straight up that you’ve never kissed a guy and you want to take it slow. He’d squeal and pinch your cheeks, calling you innocent and adorable. “Ahh I’ll be your first kiss ever!” He’d go teasing you saying don’t fall in love to quickly when he gives you a kiss. You’d burst his bubble real quick with a, ‘You’re not my first kiss. I’ve kissed plenty of girls.’ He’d shut his mouth in embarrassment. “Oh…I see…”

Originally posted by min-shookga-yoongi

Jooheon: He knew that you dated girls before him, but what he didn’t know was that you had never been with a guy, at all. You guys were sitting in your small apartment on this small sofa, when suddenly you just said it. He’d look at you surprised. “What!? My girlfriend has never kissed a guy!?” You laugh and tell him yes it’s true. He would smirk and pull you on top of him. “Well why don’t we try that today?” You kissed, finally, and because you’re embarrassed you’d poke his dimples to stray the attention away from your blushing face.

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

I.M: When he found out you’ve never kissed a guy, he’d be so nervous. He’d go to his hyungs for advice on how to make the kiss enjoyable. He’d be overthinking things like, “What if the girls she kissed are way better’ and “What if she thinks it’s disgusting”. When the moment finally came, he’d give you a quick peck, which would end up with bot of you guys blushing. You guys aren’t looking at each other, but after the awkward silence, you’d give him another peck, causing him to smile and blush.

Originally posted by mykeem

Okay guys hope you enjoy and remember requests are always open for BTS GOT7 and Monsta X.

Masterlist Update (5/24/17)

Hey guys! It’s definitely been a while! If you’d like, I wrote a new one shot called “Comfort and Peace”! Check it out! Hope you all like it!


Osric x Reader - In collaboration w/ @crowleysplaythings

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Rob Benedict - Dad

Part of the Band: Chapter 1

Next Chapter>>

Word Count: 2.9K

Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst

Characters: EXO + Reader

Summary: You always wanted to be a singer, you wanted that moment in the spotlight and now you were finally going to have that moment. But the people you must share it with turn out to be someone entirely unexpected.

A/N: Hey guys! A new series for you. This one was actually a request and I decided to have a little freedom with it ;) There is a surprise love interest later on so keep reading to find out!

The air was thick with tension, every one of your nerves were on end and sending signals to your brain to just simply run away. You knew yourself it was a crazy idea and the fact that you were here in this room was making your head spin. You made sure to avoid the piercing gazes of the nine men that were scattered about the room. A large amount of them were congregating around the couch in the corner, the few stragglers were already warming up by the mirrors and all of them had stopped when you entered the room.

You had bowed respectfully to your seniors of the music industry, just having come out of your training and thrust head first into the world famous group of SM Entertainment known as EXO. But now you were standing in the back watching them dance. The choreographer was working on a song that didn’t involve you first so you inched your way along the wall and stood in the corner, your back leaning against the wall as you watched the members of EXO move in perfect unison.

You stared dumbfounded and completely jealous. How were you expected to just jump into this group? They had been working together for years and they all knew each other, their strengths, their weaknesses, and even the quirks that made each individual unique and stand out despite them being a massive group of unison.

You still remember the day months ago when you had been dragged to a meeting by your manager. Suho had been in the room with his manager and the rest of the room was filled with the company officials. You had gotten a bad feeling right away and your fears came true right in front of you. They told you and Suho that they needed a new vibe with EXO, that they wanted to take an entirely different route than any other company. So they threw you into the mix, to make things interesting, to get a wider fanbase for the group. You knew the reason for them doing this. They wanted to bring in more fans, intrigue people further and in turn just get more money for their greedy little hands to stuff in their pockets.

So here you were, in the practice room that had seemed like a second home to you during your training days, feeling like an alien from another planet. It didn’t help that all of the members after the first initial mumbled hello had ignored you. Everything was different now; even the place where you had normally put your stuff down to practice had been taken and filled with Sehun’s things. You were going to learn how to get cozy with this little corner, that was for sure.

“Alright good job. Now we are going to have to work on one of the new songs. Your… second debut is just around the corner and we have to get this down before your showcase.” Your eyes snapped up to the choreographer as he spoke, making his short speech for the members. “I assume you have already met your newest member, help her out and treat her nice everyone.” His hand had come up to beckon you forward, inviting you out of the tight confines of your little corner.

You stumbled at first when you pushed off from the wall but you made your way to the front where the choreographer stood by the stereo. As you stood there with your back facing the mirrors you bowed once again, your eyes trained directly on the ground.

“Hello. It’s nice to meet all of you. Thank you for accepting me into the group.” there hadn’t really been a choice for them and you knew that but you still wanted to sound polite anyways, hopefully getting some of them to lighten up on the tension between you.

When you stood up straight again your eyes flitted from man to man, watching as they all stared at you. Most of them with blank looks and some of them not even looking at you anymore. Your hopes were slowly breaking apart bit by bit as you looked for solace in one of the men in front of you. When your eyes locked onto Minseok’s eyes he was staring blatantly right back at you.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” His voice sounded a little different than it did on camera but it was still a relief to hear him say that. “I’ve seen you around here and there as a trainee. You’ve been here for ages right?” You nodded your head quietly, giving him the answer he desired. “Welcome to the group.”

“Thank you.” You managed to give a small smile despite the growing ache in your chest. What you didn’t expect was the smile returned to you from Minseok, I guess he was going to be the one member that wasn’t so bad in all this.

Your choreographer gave you a gentle push on the back and you made your way into the little huddle the group had formed, waiting for the first instruction of the new song. Luckily you only worked on one part for the rest of the day, getting your assigned places and working on the transitions to different spots. The song kinda showcased you and you stood in the middle for the most part, either being completely hidden by the large group of boys or being highlighted completely with their formation tight around you and giving you center stage. You had the majority of the parts too, having the boys take turns to harmonize with you but the main vocals getting in their parts as well. Then of course there was the rap part that had Chanyeol and Sehun doing a duet.

By the time practice had ended you were exhausted. Even as a trainee you never spent that much time working on one thing. They always had you doing new things, perfecting them within a week and having to showcase them to judges to keep you on your toes. You moved back to your corner, taking a large swig of water and gathering your things quietly. You didn’t mean to but you wound up eavesdropping on a conversation a few of the boys were having.

“I’m starving. We should go get something to eat before heading back to the dorm.”

“Minseok is heading to the dorm right away. He said it was his turn to get the hot water.” The group of boys easily erupted into laughter at that and you had the strangest feeling you wouldn’t be getting a hot shower in a long while.

“Well then we will bring him some food from the store. But I want to go out.” Sehun was pestering the smaller group, using a slightly whiny voice to try and get the others on his side.

“Alright fine we’ll go out to eat.” Suho was the one to speak up this time but he was quickly intercepted by a softer hushed voice you couldn’t place.

“Should we invite the new girl? I heard she moved into the dorm this morning.” You had zipped up the bag on the last half of it but you still managed to barely make it out. You decided to take another long swig of your water in order to hear the reply.

“No. It’ll just get weird around. I’ll pick something up for her and Minseok on our way back to the dorm. Let’s go.” I mean, at least Suho wasn’t about to let you starve.

You didn’t want to hear any more and you certainly didn’t want to go to dinner with them. You wouldn’t have been able to take them ignoring you much longer and you would rather prefer to get a shower in before the entire group got home. Not to mention the comfortable bed that waited for you back at the dorm as well. Long were the days where you had to sleep on the floor with ten other girls. You had a room to your own now and a bed to your own. You stood up and made your way to the exit of the practice room, making a beeline along the way to avoid getting too close to any of the boys. You kept your head down as you made your way out of the building, taking in a deep breath once you made it outside.

You stopped and closed your eyes, now that you were away from all that stifling tension you could let yourself relax, enjoy being away from their blank stares. You opened your eyes and started walking down the street, heading toward the dorm . Minseok was a few blocks down from you because he had left before you. You were only able to recognize the jacket that he had worn during practice. He was walking pretty slow, his eyes scanning the shops beside him as he made his way up the street.

He had spoken to you in the practice room but you weren’t sure if that was an invitation to speak to him again. For all you know he could end up being down right rude to you. You didn’t have much time to think things through because you were walking a faster pace than him and sooner or later you were walking right behind him.

“Um. Minseok?” You reached out and tapped his shoulder, making him turn to face you. At first he had a stage look on his face and you knew he had expected to turn around and see a fan that had recognized him. When he noticed it was you his face relaxed and went back to a blank look, more along the lines of a tired look but you could still see the curiosity he had about why you had stopped him.

“Yes?” His voice was just as smooth as it had been before, slightly higher pitched than the other boys but it still had an undertone of a deep rumble that gave his voice a unique characteristic.

“I was just…” you stopped speaking, your eyes flitting around trying to think of anything to say to him. Honestly you should just ask him about a move in the dance or something. “I was just wondering if you would like to get some fish bread.” You mumbled out your sentence as your eyes fell on the fish bread cart. Really? Fish bread?

“Oh.” his eyes followed yours and he looked over at the cart across the street as well. “Yeah sure. I don’t think we have anything back at the dorm anyways.” You were a little shocked that he agreed to say the least. Even more so when he stopped in the middle of the street and waited for you to follow him. Perhaps Minseok could be your friend after all.

“I’ll pay for it. I have a little extra cash.” you shifted your bag on your shoulder in front of you, digging around for the small wallet you kept on the bottom. You wanted to make a good impression on him, hoping that he would warm up to you a lot more.

“Here.” a fish bread cut into your vision and was held right beneath your nose as you fingers latched onto the wallet. You looked up and saw the lady who had been cooking the food sliding his cash into her pocket before turning back to the food. “You know you don’t have to try so hard to get on my good side. I’m not going to be like the others.” he gave you a heart warming smile as he bit into his own bread. “I understand that you didn’t ask for this and that we didn’t ask for this but that this was thrust on us without much warning. It’s not right to make you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in the group when you had no choice in the matter.”

You quietly took your snack from him, nibbling a little on the tail as you processed his words. You were so grateful to have someone understand, to have someone that was on your side. You wouldn’t have to deal with this transition alone and it gave you a glimmer of hope that maybe, in time, the others would accept you as part of their group as well.

“Thank you.” Your voice was still quiet, not wanting to burst the good atmosphere that surrounded you now.

“Don’t worry about it. If you need help you can always come to me ok? I don’t want you feeling alone when we are supposed to be working as a team.” You nodded and gave him a bright smile.

“Thank you. Really. I was actually really scared with starting this whole thing and I am so glad that I’m not going to be entirely alone and an outcast.” With that statement you had Minseok laughing, his laugh a cute short burst of chuckles that matched his voice and it had you letting out a quiet laugh as well.

“Come on. Let’s get home.” He turned on his heel and started making his way up the street again, not looking back this time but smiling when you jogged up next to him. “The other guys will come around eventually. You have to give them time. Our group has been through a lot of changes and just when we were feeling a little more stable again you show up. Not that I’m complaining, but I just don’t want everything to come crashing down. I’m not sure what SM was thinking.”

You completely understood where he was coming from. The fact that this group had lost three members in such a short time, and that they had only been a group for five years seemed rough even to you. You were able to witness the dynamic shifting yourself having joined the group, and you couldn’t imagine them having to think things over three different times with the loss of their members. It must have been really tough to keep going so strong.

“I won’t try to push them into being comfortable with me. I will keep my distance as best I can. I don’t want anything to happen to the group either. I always looked up to you guys as a trainee and I still do. Even with everything that is going on.” You didn’t get much time of silence before Minseok was jumping in, his excitement peeking through his tired facade.

“Really? Are we popular among the trainee’s?” The way his eyes widened and his smile stretched across his face had you giggling at the child like look.

“Yeah I would say you guys are pretty popular.” You shrugged your shoulders, as you finished off your late night snack. “Most of the guy trainee’s talk about your team work a lot. The girls of course mainly just talk about how hot you guys are. I never really joined in on that talk though.” You saw the look that was starting to form on his face at that last sentence and you quickly corrected yourself. “Not that you guys aren’t hot or anything! I just… well I just don’t do girl talk.”

“Oh I see.” He nodded his head, his facial expression softening back to normal as he stuffed the last of his bread in his mouth.

It only took a few more minutes to reach the dorm, your legs throbbing from the long hours of use. Your eyes searched the small entry way as you tried to find a place for you to leave your shoes. The amount of shoes that were littering the floor was still shocking even though you knew nine different men lived in this dorm. You glanced to your right to see that they still had even more shoes stored away in cubbies. You had to admit you were thankful the entryway didn’t smell like shit.

“I won’t take long in the shower. That way you still got some hot water left.” Minseok easily found a spot for his shoes. You took the chance to place yours in a random spot on the floor, not caring if it may have been someone else’s spot anymore.

“Alright. Thank you.” He disappeared quickly, carrying his stuff farther into the dorm. You trudged your way back to the room your manager had told you was yours and flopped down on the bed.

You smiled to yourself, relieved to finally be able to lay on a bed that you could call your own. You heard the sound of the shower starting up and you couldn’t help but wonder to yourself how the boys normally acted in the dorm. You were sure the dynamic was going to change here as well. But were you making things uncomfortable for all of them by being here?

The thought that they would probably have to change their habits because you were here just made you feel like you would be alienated more. Your hands flew up to your face and you covered your eyes. A long sigh found it’s way out and your head was throbbing. Why did all of this have to happen to you? What kind of trick was the universe playing on you?

You closed your eyes and curled up into a ball. You didn’t want to move right now, all you wanted was to wake up from this awkward dream. The only thing is that it wasn’t a dream and the moment you wake up you would have to face all of them once again. You shook your head and shut your eyes, if there was one thing you knew was true is that tomorrow was a new day and you were going to have to put all your effort in trying to warm up to the boys. Exhaustion hit and you found yourself slipping into sleep, not even stirring when a soft knock echoed through your room.


Hey guys! Today, I’m releasing one of the first songs from my new album I’m writing called Homebound, inspired by the Percy Jackson fanfic of the same name!

This is track 5 of a 13 song album. This is also my gift for the end of Jasico week!



Hey guys!
I’m opening commissions again to save up for a new apartment, one with windows and that allows pets. So far the apartments I’ve canvased with my almost-new roommates are pretty pricey especially if we want to live near the city and we need help paying for 2 months rent advance of security deposit and some key money.

Does not help most of my money is going to laptop repairs, life insurance, current rent and bills. *sobs*
It would be totes awesome if you could help us out!

What you’re gonna get:

-Hi-resolution PNG file, 300dpi
-Rights to do anything you want just as long as you dont resell or claim as your own


There are two versions one in American dollars (USD $) and one in Philippine Peso (PHP ₱). The rates are based on how much detail the commissioner demands.

B & W sketches: USD $ 3-7 ; PHP   ₱ 46-230 (depends on add ons)

1 Character (full color)
half body:
USD $15-20 ; PHP ₱ 460-670
full body : USD $20-25 ; PHP ₱ 670-920

character (each): USD $12 ; PHP ₱ 300
background: USD $20-60 (depends on how much detail)

What I can draw

fandom art
slight NSFW (#freethenipple)
slight gore (a few bruises and bloodynoses)

graphic nsfw
graphic gore
super complex backgrounds

Some Rules:

- Payments can be done via PayPal. If you dont have that, payments can be done via Bank Deposit, LBC, M Lhuillier or Cebuana.
- Once we settle all the details of the commission, i’ll send you an invoice.
- For OCs please, send me good references of the character(s).
-Through the whole process, i’ll be sending you thumbnails,WIPs and ask you for your opinions.

- Send me a PM to this blog 
- Email me at dickerd00dles.sofia@gmail.com
       Subject: Commission
       Content: tumblr username, commission details, references