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He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

Outer Heaven Guy: “Hey Boss, we have one more new recruit. He just needs a code name.”
Venom Snake: “I’m out.”
Outer Heaven Guy: “Huh?”
Venom Snake: “We have used every adjective and every animal. There’s no combination left.” 
Outer Heaven Guy: “No way. What about, like, Screaming Vole?”
Venom Snake: “Taken.”
Outer Heaven Guy: “Redolent Aardvark?” 
Venom Snake: “Used it.”
Outer Heaven Guy: “Defenestrator Pangolin?” 
Venom Snake: “Sentry on the third floor.” 
Outer Heaven Guy: “Dang.”
Venom Snake: “All right, let’s see…what kind of talents does he have?”
Outer Heaven Guy: “He has a gun.”
Venom Snake: “Special skills?”
Outer Heaven Guy: “He can shoot it.”
Venom Snake: “…”
Venom Snake: “(sigh)
Outer Heaven Guy: “Look, it doesn’t really matter, right? We just have to call him something.”
Venom Snake: ”I’ll work on it.” 


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Throwback to that time James made Aleks laugh so hard he fucked up his progress

hey guys, linh here, with a new tattoo. just like my other one, this really expresses how i feel and who i am.

Bruises On Another (part two)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body.

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, etc. I mean no disrespect to anyone or to upset anyone, this story starts off rough but I can say that things will get better.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently.

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

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You left you last class of the day as quickly as you could. It wasn’t that it was per-say a bad class, or that the entire day had been bad, but the people in the room itself made you uncomfortable and you’ve never been one for socializing. Not to mention you couldn’t shake the sight of that boy, who you’d learned was Steve when Mr. Jones had called on him, had the exact same bruise on the exact same eye as you.

It must of be coincidence. That was the only logical explanation but you’ve see the bruise on your eyes enough times to know that the bruise on that boys face was identical to yours. Not just in the same place, but where the bruise faded and where it begun was exactly the same. You’d never seen anything like it, and you just knew that avoiding Steve was your best case scenario. It wouldn’t be good to get involved with a boy and you knew your father wouldn’t like it.

Once you made your way outside of the classroom, your fingers found the same sheet of paper before and with delicate fingers you searched for your locker number. You soon enough found it and once you did, your eyes begun to glance around the halls for the matching locker. Surprisingly it seemed this time it didn’t take you as long to find what you were looking for and you mentally sighed in relief, the sooner you were able to put your books away the sooner you could get home and you knew that’s what your father liked best.

Dialling the code into the lock, it soon enough popped open and you swung open your locker. You didn’t dwell long at the sight of your very old and very ruined locker, opting instead for shoving your books inside and shutting it the minute you were done. Once the books were out of your hand, you glanced around the busy hallway for a moment and paused in thought. This was to be the rest of your year, spending half of it in this hellhole and the other half at home where it was hell.

Your hand found its way to your neck where you found a necklace, the necklace that never seemed to leave your neck no matter what. To bite down the sickness that welled within you, you gripped the necklace pendant; a gold bird with it’s wings spread and felt some of your anxiety lessen. 

Though as you stood there, your eyes met a familiar brown pair and you paused. There was a second that you just stared into his eyes before you shook your head and turned the other way. You were meant to stay away from him, not literally gaze into his eyes from afar like some romantic drama. So that’s what you did, and soon enough you found yourself on the path towards home, clutching your backpack strap nervously.

Your arm ached but you ignored the pain and instead focused on the peaceful walk home. This new path home seemed to be your only solace now as it gave you time to truly be alone and by yourself. And as you walked you let your mind wander over just exactly how your life had turned this way. You thought about your old life, in Florida and realized how much you truly missed it. Your father and you had moved to Hawkin’s so abruptly and quickly it’d never really given you the time to think about everything. And now that you were here, you realized you’d give anything to go back to the way the things were.

Though, as always, the peace never did quite last long and soon enough you found yourself in front of your front door, just staring at it. You couldn’t quite describe the feeling that welled within you, knowing what waited behind the door but you knew you couldn’t avoid it anymore.

It was inevitable.

So slowly you slid your house key into the deadbolt and unlocked the door. You’d done this for so many days, you’d expected to grow use to the feeling by now but still you couldn’t seem to get ride of the weighing feeling that fell upon your shoulders or the way your hands began to shake in dread. You swung the door open and were relieved to see no one else around, and taking a step in you slipped off your shoes.

“Father?” You called softly, your voice barely above a whisper; just like it had been for so long.

You thought for a moment that you were in luck and you made your way to the staircase in relief but then footsteps echoed and a hand caught your arm. You closed your eyes for a moment, before turning around and meeting the gaze of your father. “Father.” You repeated, this time as a statement and respectively smiled his way. 

“You’re home late.” Was all your father said in a gruff voice.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and laughed lightly; “only a few minutes. And besides, it was the first day-” You stopped speaking the moment you felt his grip tighten, considerably, and bit your lip. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.”

“How many times have I told you-” Your father began and you felt the sinking feeling within you grow as you knew that he wasn’t going to just let this pass. “I want you home before four thirty, no later. And I expect dinner to be ready by five.” 

“Yes,” was all you said.

Your father tugged you forward harshly, making you nearly trip over your own two feet as you narrowly missed falling down the stairs. Once your feet met solid ground, you straightened yourself out, trying to ignore the way your breath grew heavy and glanced back at your father nervously. You hated the way he glared at you, as if you’d actually done something wrong. Something more than arrive home a few minutes late.

“Dinner.” Your father ordered, letting go of your hand and you sighed in relief, the pain lessening considerably. “I expect it to be ready by five.” You nodded, knowing better than to speak and your father shoved in you in the direction of the kitchen harshly. This time you weren’t so lucky, and you tripped over your own feet and fell to the ground.

You let out a soft groan as your knees smacked against the hardwood and as you glanced behind you, you found your father already gone. Taking a deep breath, you ignored the pain in your knee and crawled up. With shame you made your way into the kitchen and leaned against the kitchen counter with a heavy sigh. You clenched your fists tightly, ignoring the way your nails dug into your palm and felt your body shake.

This was nothing new but yet every time it happened, it seemed to upset you more.

How was this fair?

Steve stood next to Nancy, leaning against the lockers with a distant look as he heard the chatter from the girls beside him. Normally, despite the sometimes girly talk, he was much more involved but ever since yesterday he couldn’t seem to get the image of you out of his head. The same day you appeared, bruises begun to appear on his arm and there was something about you yesterday; something that seemed off.

Mind you, he’d only seen you in one class and the only thing Steve knew about you was that you were a new student… but there was a feeling within Steve. He couldn’t describe it- but there was just something.

“Steve?” Nancy called, glancing over at her boyfriend in wonder. Furrowing her brows when the boy didn’t answer, she waved her hand in front of his face; “Steve?” That seemed to snap him out of whatever stupor he’d been in and blinking, he shifted his body to glance at Nancy with curiosity.

“Uh- what?”

Nancy laughed and a smile slipped over her friends face; “I asked you a question.”

Steve blinked again, feeling guilt well within him at the fact that he hadn’t been listening. Shaking his head lightly, he shifted his body so he was leaning towards Nancy and crossed his arms over his chest, letting a smile fall across his lips. “Sorry. What was it?”

Nancy shook her head in response, “it’s nothing.” She replied, waving it off and Steve nodded in response. Before he knew it he found himself glancing around the hallway in distant thought and Nancy pursed her lips, glancing over at her friend in question who only shrugged in response. “Hey.” Nancy called, setting a hand on Steve’s arm as his gaze fell to hers once again. “What’s wrong? You’ve seem odd ever since yesterday.”

Steve paused; “it’s nothing.” He shrugged, not wanting to worry Nancy. Pausing a moment, he decided to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind. “Hey, have you guys seen the new girl?”

“The one with the H/C hair?” Nancy’s friend questioned and Steve nodded in response.

“Yeah, I helped her find her class yesterday. I think she has english with you.” Nancy answered and Steve nodded in response, his eyes looking around in thought. 

“Yeah-” He nodded, “yeah she does.”


“Oh nothing.” Steve waved off, “she just seemed a bit off.”

“Well she was wearing that thick sweater in this heat, which I have no idea how she wasn’t dying.” Nancy commented, narrowing her eyes in what seemed like concern for a moment before looking over at her friend. “And she almost seemed jumpy. When I went to hand her back this piece of paper, she jumped as if i’d hurt her or something.”

“I heard some girls saw her covering up a bruise yesterday in the bathroom.”

Steve paused, his face falling with realization and he glanced over at Nancy’s friend, who he’d never bothered to learn the name of and asked; “what?”

Nancy’s friend raised an eyebrow and blew a bubble with her bubblegum. “Yeah,” she shrugged, like it was no big deal which it really wasn’t. Wasn’t to everyone except Steve. “Apparently a huge bruise over her left eye, all purple and shit.” The girl explained, taking her hand to demonstrate further. Steve slumped against the locker in confusion- it must- it has be a coincidence.

“Much like your’s Steve.” Nancy commented off-handedly.

“Yeah…” He mumbled, not really thinking. He’d known something was off with you yesterday, especially when he’d met your eyes and you almost looked like you’d seen a ghost. A bruise… exactly on your left eye just like his and his own had appeared the same day you did. Steve shook his head, this was crazy. There was no possible way that you had something to do with the bruises appearing on his body…


“There she is now.” Nancy spoke up, pulling Steve from his thoughts as he peered up and found you. Though his face fell when he saw exactly who you were with.

“With Billy?”

Part 3?

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The first official update of part 2! *throws confetti*
I am not a fan of drawing backgrounds~ ;w;

Anyway, enjoy the teaser segment~
It contains npcs that will probably never be seen again :3
From left to right, their names were Mia, Cassie, Asul, and Howard~

Part Two: Renegade
~Pages 41 - 43~

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“i can’t be spider-man if i don’t have you”// peter parker imagine

hey there guys it’s meg and tbh this is probably the first full imagine/blurb thing i’ve written so bear with me but i’m kinda digging it :’) 

requests are always open 

pairing: peter parker x reader

wc: 1391

warnings: angst, lil fluff, aNGSt 

description: you’ve always been supportive of peter and his double life hero obligations, but when he can’t make some time for your birthday, you grow disappointed and he has to acknowledge what is really important to him

      it’s obvious peter’s time management skills could improve, but hey, he’s kind of trying to save new york one bad guy at a time so of course you’ve been forgiving. however tonight of all nights was the one night you’ve truly asked peter to make a priority. you’ve been nothing but supportive and understanding throughout his spidey career and he couldn’t be more thankful, but when your birthday rolled around and he swore up and down he’d prioritize your birthday dinner with your family, you expected him to live up to his word. you had your doubts when he first made that commitment but when he swore on your relationship, it put some ease into your mind, considering he made it known that you were the center of his whole world and everyone knew that. 

     unfortunately, when 6pm rolled around and there was no sign of him, your mind began to race with worry. 6:30 pm came sooner than you liked and your family was beginning to question how good of a guy peter really is for you if he’s standing you up on your birthday. when 7:30pm crept up and you had done your best to stall throughout the whole meal, you finally caved in with a feeling of defeat that conquered your body. the thought that peter couldn’t make this a priority made you feel nauseous, a sick feeling sweeping through you and making your mind race with hundreds of thoughts as to why he wasn’t there. 

     the car ride home was consumed by sympathetic glances and comments by your family members trying to help, but the only thing that could help was a very good and well-deserved explanation from the source of your frustration. that night after the rest of your birthday festivities, you slipped into something more comfortable and groaned in irritation when you realized you had subconsciously threw on a hoodie that belonged to none other than peter and an old pair of sweat-shorts. checking your phone, there were still no texts or calls from peter which only agitated you more. you turned on some music and laid down, doing your best not to think about the evening but peter consumed your thoughts. you couldn’t decide if you were more mad or hurt, but you were for sure disappointed. 

     just as you were contemplating your true feelings, your window swung open, startling you, and a still suit-clad but unmasked peter stumbled, not so gracefully, through your window. he landed with a small thud and scrambled to stand up, whipping his head around to locate you in your small room. as soon as his eyes landed on you his heart rate sped up and he scurried over to you. “y/n, you have no idea what the hell i’ve been through tonight and i know i have no excuse-” peter began to ramble but you held your hand up, barely making eye contact with him. 

     "it’s fine. i’m over it,“ you said with a monotonous sound, sinking further under your covers. 

     "y/n/n, w-what the hell are you talking about i know i screwed up and i’m so sorry i-i lost track of time-” he began. 

     "yeah i know peter, you lost track of time, you were saving the world, you were stopping a bank robbery i get that, but i asked you for one night of your time. i’ve never asked you to put me above your superhero life but just for once i wanted my boyfriend, peter parker, to be there for me,“ you breathed out. your tone never really changing. you picked at your comforter as you rambled this and throughout your mini speech, peter could feel his throat tightening, beginning to realize his mistake. he put his hands on your thighs gently, but you moved them away. this small action was enough to make his body run cold and he could suddenly feel his heart weighing down. 

     "no, no, b-baby please listen to me i’m s-so sorry you have no idea i-it’s just that there was this heist g-going down and i needed to be there and-” peter defended, his voice breaking off, taking a notice in the fact you still wouldn’t look at him and had your eyes focused else where, a few tears escaping your eyes. the sight of this killed him. and he knew it was because of him. 

     "ever since you got these powers, i just question if you even care about your old world you know? i don’t mean to sound selfish right now but goddamnit peter i can’t remember the last time we sat down and even hung out, i barely even see you at school anymore,“ you stated, trying to remain calm and not give into the hurt that was overpowering your voice completely. peter was staring at the ground now, guilt coursing through him, knowing he had really hurt you. "i wish you could be peter parker and spiderman at the same time but honestly i think you’ve lost that balance,” you whispered this part, and it had gotten peter’s attention. he snapped his head up to look at you and when he did it nearly broke your heart, he had tears welled up in his eyes and the expression on his face was nothing but remorse and regret. 

     "maybe mr. stark was r-right. he said i didn’t deserve the suit if i couldn’t be myself without it, a-and i can’t be s-spiderman if i don’t have you. you make up almost all of m-me. i-i don’t mean to forget things and y-you need to know i’m always thinking about you. you’re the biggest thing that keeps me going and m-makes me want to do this b-because i know i have you to come back to,“ peter chokes out. his voice giving up in between sentences. 

     "i just feel like this relationship is one sided lately,” you say softly, not daring to meet his eyes, knowing you’d instantly crack. you wanted him to know that you were truly hurt. 

     "y/n i know this is unforgivable but please, l-let me make it up to you, i don’t know how b-but i will,“ he scooted closer to you and put a hand back onto your leg before continuing, "i-if you want i’ll lock the suit a-away for a week o-or have happy come pick it up. please just let me make this up to you,” he rambled, a hand tugging through his hair. you half smiled at that, partially because you imagined the annoyance happy would endure whilst completing this task. 

     "peter i’d never ask you to give up spiderman. i just need my peter sometimes, i miss you,“ you confessed. you leaned forward and rested your head into the crook of his neck. he exhaled loudly the breath he was unaware he held, as you finally made some physical contact with him. he wrapped both his arms around you, pulling you onto his lap, making you look up at his face. 

     "i promise i will be better about this. i-i’m so sorry still you have no idea a-and i probably disappointed your parents a-and i don’t know how i’ll make that up and i-i already worry w-what they think and-” you shut his ramble up by quickly pressing your lips to him, making him relax immensely. your hands tangled into his hair and he pulled you closer, beyond thankful that you were somewhat forgiving him. 

     as if you read his mind, you declared to him, “you’re not off the hook yet, tiger. i’m still upset but i’m not ready to lose you.” peter nodded quickly before leaning around you to check the time on your bedside alarm clock. 

     "technically there’s still 28 minutes of your birthday left,“ he said with a raised eyebrow, an infliction in his voice making the statement almost sound like a question. you raised both of yours and shrugged your shoulders. 

     "i can name some things we’ve done in half that time…” your voice trailed off, with a suggestive tone to it. the tone of your voice made him blush and his eyes widen which made you giggle slightly at your boyfriend’s shyness. as soon as he collected himself, he flipped you two over so he was on top of you. he gazed down at you and suddenly noticed your hoodie just happened to be his, making him grin pridefully, considering you still wore his clothes despite being mad at him. 

     "y-you know as good as this looks it should probably come off so i can start m-making things up to you…”

Can You Hear Me?

Hey Guys! New MultiChapter Alert! I’m Kind Of In Love With This One And Its Pretty Long So Let Me Know What You Think!

Riverdale, a small town riddled with political drama, town wide disagreements and the occasional murder that sent each and every resident into a flurry of destruction and stressful decision making. These things however monumental and pressing they seemed in the moment, well they passed. Everything seemed to pass in Riverdale, chaos and confusion eventually found its place buried deep in some invisible capsule never to be seen again, never to be spoken of for fear of disrupting whatever semblance of peace they had all managed to put together in the moment. But one rather large bump in the town that spoke of Unity, of togetherness, well… that never wavered, never went away.

That bump? that bump was none other than the infamous Southside Serpents.

Betty Cooper, perfect in every sense of the word, from the honey blonde curls that fell softly on her shoulders to her trim figure, earned by the written down diet and exercise regimen she followed religiously. The sixteen year old cheerleader and journalist was everyone’s best friend, her gentle way of speaking and her soft green eyes made her already warmhearted nature easy to spot and impossible to escape. She was the very picture of light and everyone knew it, which is why when she mentioned a dance, a Welcome to Riverdale High Winter Formal, no one had disagreed.

Southside High had burnt down last month, a Serpent prank gone terribly wrong leaving all of the students without a place to go. Riverdale High had been the only option and after a ridiculous amount of Town Meetings everyone had finally agreed that the children needed a place to learn. It had been tense in the High school from that point on, the anticipation and suspense would end tomorrow when the schools finally merged but as for tonight? tonight was a mixer, a chance to change perceptions, a chance to make friends, to unite.

“You do realize some of these people are criminals right? they’ve been in jail, they’re…hardened” Veronica Lodge exclaimed, heiress to Lodge Industries fortune and the most exotic thing Riverdale had ever seen. Her jet black hair, sharp eyes and knockout body had every boy within a ten mile radius drooling. She was also Bettys best friend since birth and had the kind of fierce loyalty you could only wish for in a friend. Right now though? her beautiful face was contorted into a grimace, Veronica, like most north siders was not looking forward to sharing her side of Riverdale.

“Didn’t your dad just get out of prison like last month?” Kevin Keller added, Kevin was also Bettys best friend and he was on her side no matter the circumstance. They had been thrown together at a young age, perfect Betty Cooper with the blonde pigtails and pink ribbons and the sheriffs son, it was a match made in heaven, It wasn’t long until they both found out that Betty wasn’t quite Kevin’s….type, they had been inseparable ever since.

“Totally not the point” Veronica waved a makeup brush in Kevin’s face threateningly as she slid into a skin tight  black dress by some designer Betty could only afford if she sold her arm. “ Listen all I’m saying is that we have to be careful, we have to look out for each other. these are not the good guys.” Veronicas eyes fell on Betty involuntarily as Kevin kept quiet, Betty knew he probably agreed with her, they were fiercely protective of her ever since the accident.

oh yeah something that should probably be added, she was  deaf.

We don’t know that. they could be really sweet and misunderstood” the beautiful blonde sighed, smiling when Kevin handed her the soft yellow dress, zipping her up and nodding in approval. She had made the dress herself, layers of see through fabric made for the softest flowing skirt she had ever worn, the fabric skimming mid thigh as the strapless top was woven intricately in the same fabric, her makeup was minimal and her hair was pulled up into a loose bun resting low on the back of her neck,loose strands falling and resting on her cheeks.

“beautiful” Kevin signed. Betty could read lips amazingly well, she had only lost her hearing two years ago but she had been quick to learn sign language “ just in case the surgeries don’t work” she had explained. Kevin had been right alongside her, learning and at one point even teaching, They had a bond that was something so much more than special.

“well now that we all look absolutely amazing, as always, lets go break some Serpent hearts. Reggie’s already downstairs and you know how impatient he can be.” Veronica grabbed her clutch and breezed out the door.

Kevin rolled his eyes and turned to Betty “whenever you want to leave. let me know. well be out of there and in a booth at pops in seconds flat.”

Betty grinned “I love you Kevin” she whispered pulling him down the stairs, she glanced at the fridge in her kitchen ,a note hanging by a statue of liberty magnet

      “ have a great time at the dance, went away for the week. see you next Tuesday. love you! - mom and dad”

of course, her parents were never home she supposed it had been harder on them than it had been on hear, losing her hearing was burden everyone had to carry.

suddenly she was up and swinging around the kitchen, a familiar pair of incredibly muscular arms had her squeezed tight, a surprised giggle escaping her lips.

“Reggie.” she laughed, her feet finally touching the ground

“Look at you! you look mighty fine little mama.” he smirked, handsome as ever.
Reggie Mantle was her protector, her friend, her brother, he watched over her, guarded her, confided in her. He was a good person with a terrible reputation, but none of that mattered to her, first and foremost he was one of her closest friends and she loved him with all her heart.

“you don’t look so bad yourself Mantle.” she grinned

“What can I say, I clean up real nice.” he was such a goofball it instantly warmed her heart. “ now come on , we gotta go. whos gonna spike the punch bowl if I’m not there? a sober homecoming. a tragedy.”  

The four teens arrived at the dance just a half an hour late “ leave them guessing, B. first impressions are everything.” Veronica had explained as they sat in the gas station parking lot for twenty minutes.

There was absolutely no subtlety regarding the divide between the two separate schools, An alarming amount of leather and short skirts crowded the left half of the room while suit jackets mixed with Letterman jackets occupied the right.

“okay, okay! its not so bad! at least they came right? that’s a great sign!” Bettys unparalleled optimism was something to be admired.

“ It was mandatory, they kind of had to come.” Kevin shrugged apologetically.

“well, I’m going to go dance, this is my song and I have moves!” Veronica shimmied her way to the dance floor, pulling Reggie with her. Kevin’s eyes lit up when he spotted someone halfway across the dance floor, he looked nervously at Betty.

“Go” she signed, a genuine smile on her face as he scurried away, practically tripping over his feet. Betty squirmed, she felt eyes on her, someone was watching her. Glancing up she gasped at the intensity of the boy across the rooms stare, he was standing next to a girl with bright purple hair and a redheaded boy holding a flask, his rainstorm blue eyes burning into hers. he was beautiful, there wasn’t a question about it.

The Serpent currently watching her stood at least 6 feet tall, his long legs and ripped jeans tucked into worn in brown combat boots, his wavy ink black hair was messy, a single curl hanging in his eyes. There was a spattering of freckles and beauty marks covering his olive skin, and his lips were a shade very similar to Bettys favorite Perfectly pink lipstick. it was clear he was in shape by the way his leather jacket stretched across his biceps, the simple white t shirt snug on his chest. it took all of thirteen seconds for betty to realize she had been checking him out and half a second for her to tear her eyes from his and head the complete opposite direction, only stopping  when her classmates stopped her to talk.

Eventually Betty found herself behind the sound system, she could relax here, no one would look for her here. pressing her open palm to the speaker on her side, Betty closed her eyes. she could feel the rhythm pumping into her palm, the music flowing to her fingers. There were a lot of things she missed, the sound of an engine starting, Kevin’s laugh, Veronica singing her to sleep over the phone, even the crowded hallways passing classes but the one thing she missed more than anything was music. The doctors had been sure that she would gain her hearing back “a temporary thing” they had said, but slowly she saw the worry creep into their eyes after every failed surgery , every year that went by.

“have faith, betty. that’s all you can do” everyone said, but no one knew, no one understood.

she felt him before she saw him , the steady clomp of combat boots mixed with something much more stealthy. Looking up she wasn’t surprised to see the dark haired boy with the curious eyes standing in front of her, his hands shoved into his pockets as he said something far too quickly for betty to understand.

“ I can’t hear you, can you repeat that?” she questioned, stepping closer, her eyes trained on his lips.

he spoke again, still too quick to read but clearly he was attempting to speak louder

Betty shook her head, a soft smile on her lips as she grabbed his hand much to his surprise pulled him away from the speakers and into the hallway.
“its not because its too loud in there” she explained “ I cant hear you because I’m deaf. you speak a little  fast and I just couldn’t get a grip on your words” she smiled, nodding her head and encouraging him to try again.

It didn’t seem to phase him but when he spoke Betty noticed he was clearly trying to slow down.

“ I asked if you wanted to dance, I saw you and.. Listen I know its kind of a stupid thing to do.. I don’t even know you.. honestly I don’t even know why I asked.. I’m a jackass.. I set myself up for failure ya know? here I am asking a north side girl who looks like you to dance like a friggin wuss.. not that there’s anything wrong with how you look! you’re ya now.. I mean you know you’re beautiful, what are you like the prom queen? I’m jughead Jones , not that you asked or care.. I’m gonna stop talking now and walk away.” Jughead rambled turning 0n his heel before a tiny scarred palm landed on his forearm.

“ I’d love to dance with you Jughead Jones. I’m Betty Cooper” betty wrapped her arms around the surprised boys neck guiding his hands to her waist.

“Yeah?” he questioned “right here? you cant even hear the music?” he winced

“doesn’t matter much to me, No one ever asks me to dance because they’re afraid ill be insulted but actually I love to dance.” she beamed up at him, smile so bright it was almost impossible not to smile back. it was quiet for a minute before Betty spoke again, tilting so she could see his face “Why did you ask me to dance? there’s so many beautiful girls out there.”  

a funny kind of smile graced the gang members face
“ I cant explain it , I just know.. there’s not one other place Id want to be then right here.”

it was almost slow motion, no one knew who leaned in first, right before their lips were about to touch the fire alarm blared through the hallway the vibrations sending Betty backwards as she glanced around panicked

“Hey, Hey, its just the fire alarm its okay.” Jughead reached for her


a new voice from behind Jughead shoved him aside, a muscled Asian with a terrified expression gripped her hand “We gotta go! some snake set the locker room on fire, the cops are coming!”

“Jug! Lets get out of here, one more mark on our records and were done!”

Archie called from behind him. He had turned for only a second but by the time he looked back Betty was just a flash of blonde and yellow.

hopping on his motorcycle that night there was only one thing on his mind.

Who was Betty Cooper and why the hell did he feel this way?


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

Maple Pancake

Street racers!AU

warnings: Daehwi is older here, past and present, last one and then the finale, sneak peak, for the confused souls (I’m sorry), strong language, (ft. Minhyun), Daniel gets burned here but I’ll give him a happy ending, bloody graphic.    

You slumped down on the couch after throwing the records on the table. Kicking your flats off your feet, you stretched your legs on the sofa before grabbing the list of patients from the shelf beside you. Your fingers brushed against the coarse paper as you scanned for a specific name; a familiar one. However, you were interrupted by a sudden phone call.

You lowered the list and took the call, a female voice ordering you to head to the desk counter. Quickly wearing your coat and heels, you left your office and walked towards the head desk. You placed the file down on the desk before getting inside the counter and talking to the other nurses. Thereafter, you scanned the file once again, this time questioning a friend of yours, “When was the last time you checked on patient 0172893?”

“A month ago,” the younger female answered. You grabbed your stethoscope, sliding it around your neck thus advanced to the patient’s room. When you accessed the patient’s room, you saw the girl sleeping calmly under the covers until you noticed the tears streaming down her cheek. Silently, you observed the room around you; everything was well-organized, the books were stacked neatly inside the shelf, a few CDs lying on the desk, and a picture frame facing down on her table.

You only gave the picture frame a glance before writing down the recorded data; intensive cleaning, excessive sleep (always restless), and a very curious behavior. You explained in the record, picture frame faces down when the patient could’ve not placed it on the table at the first place. You added in the probable disorders or mental illness: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Severe Depression (previous record), developing insomnia.

Your attention shifted towards the girl who abruptly woke up. She stared straight at the ceiling to focus her vision before turning to you. You asked, “Nightmares?”

“It never ends,” she replied. You smiled as you stated, “Not easily, but eventually. How many hours do you sleep?”

“Four to five at most, but I have a few difficulties in between. Sometimes, I just feel restless after a long nap.” She answered truthfully, pushing her head deeper into the pillow. You recorded it down on her profile, thus threw another question, “Feeling any other discomforts besides sleep?”

She responded after a minute or two, “Just the same nightmare from before.”

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Dapper Jack is mute in my mind, just putting that out there, also, while we're at it, what will the other septics do when this new ego shows up?

(I definitely think that’s a solid head canon! It looks canon based on the video, too, so until Sean says otherwise, Dapper will definitely be mute on this blog.)

Marvin is watching the Addam’s Family on Netflix one spooky Halloween afternoon when he hears a distinct knock at the cabin door. He pushes his mask down over his face, thinking that it must be trick-or-treater’s–odd for a cabin in the woods, though–and scrounges up a peppermint, some loose change, and a paperclip to offer them.

What he finds instead is a black and white fellow with a hat and a glorious mustache fiddling nervously with his sleeves. “Oh!” Marvin says, pushing his mask back on top of his head. “You’re new! Funny, Sean didn’t mention he was introducing a new guy.”

The little man gives a shocked look and smiles cheekily before winking and gesturing to himself as if to say that he is just as surprised as Marvin. “Hey, guys!” Marvin calls into the cabin. “We got a new one!”

It sounds like a herd of cattle storming to the door as the other Septic Egos rush to the entrance to greet the newbie. “Come on in,” Chase insists with a laugh. “I’m Chase Brody. The cat-mask guy is Marvin.”

“Und I am ze great doctah Shneeplestein!” Schneep shouts happily, shaking the other man’s hand vigorously.

“And I’m Jackieboy Man, brave hero by day and an even braver hero by night,” the super hero says proudly. “But you can call me Jackie. What’s your name, little fella?”

The new Ego looks surprised and taps his fingers against his mouth while shaking his head. “Oh! Can’t talk, can ya?” Marvin asks. “That’s alright. Here you can write your name for us.”

He hands the black and white man a pad and paper, but he shakes his head before scratching out five simple words, “I don’t have a name.”

Chase holds up the pad for the other Septics to read before smiling at the new guy and clapping him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, bro! I’m sure you’ll get a name soon, and until then, we can just call ya Dapper!”

The little man nods his head excitedly and claps his hands together, glad to have been accepted by the others so well.

Chase nods. “Alright, Jackie, Dapper can bunk with you for now, just until we’ve got things figured out, ok?”

“No problem!” Jackie puts an arm around Dapper’s shoulders and starts to lead him back to their room. “Don’t worry, kid. You’re going to love it here!”

[ONGOING] SEVENTEEN’s ‘One Fine Day’ Episode Links

Hey guys! This is going to be a masterlist for Seventeen’s new reality show, One Fine Day! I’m going to be updating this post every time a new episode airs + adding in links to subbed videos when they are released as well! ^^ (it will be under the tag “ofd masterlist”)

(160215) EPISODE 1 
RAW: Dailymotion (Part 1 / Part 2), Dailymotion (FULL), youtube (FULL), youtube (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), youtube (Part 1, 2, 3, 4), youtube (FULL)

(160222) EPISODE 2
: Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), youtube (FULL),
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL), youtube (part 1, 2, 3, 4), youtube (FULL)

(160229) EPISODE 3
: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (Part 1 / Part 2), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL), youtube (1, 2, 3, 4)

(160307) EPISODE 4
RAW: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL) Dailymotion (Part 1/ Part 2), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), youtube (FULL)

(160314) EPISODE 5
: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (1, 2, 3, 4), youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (FULL)

(160321) EPSIDOE 6
: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (1, 2, 3), youtube (FULL)

(160328) EPISODE 7
RAW: youtube (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL), Dailymotion (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL), youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (FULL)

(160404) EPISODE 8
: youtube (FULL), youtube (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (Part 1 / Part 2), youtube (FULL)

(160411) EPISODE 9 (FINAL)
: youtube (FULL)
ENG SUB: youtube (FULL)

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yknow that one vine: "hey guys look at this cool new dress my mom got me- S I K E you were fooled!!! ahahaha" thats celine

yes lmao that is definitely her! that ending was so wild omg i can’t wait for tomorrow’s vid

okay, before I burrow back into my blankets with my art equipment, I know we all crave for the CotIG fandom to be bigger, with movies, a tv show, and more fan fics, more fan art, more merch, and generally more people to understand what we’re actually talking about.

but I gotta admit a little, selfish part of me, is glad it’s not a huge fandom, and a little, selfish part of me, doesn’t mind it staying that way. don’t get me wrong, i’d absolutely eat up, be blown away by, and die in the first 5 seconds of seeing a Here There Be Dragons trailer, let alone film or t.v. series. yet there’s something so utterly magical of being in this fandom while it’s so small. we all know each other, or know of each other in any case and it’s kinda like a little family. and the people who I don’t talk to regularly are like those cool cousins you only get to see at family gatherings, but you’re kinda too shy to go say hello to. 

I dunno. Whatever the case, I love us as we are. No matter what we get, or how big the fandom grows, I want you guys to know I’m not gonna forget you main six, absolute nerds or the fun times we geeked out and yelled ‘BANGARANG’ at each other in the caps lock