hey guys! did you miss me

  • Lance: *shouts random spanish swear words*
  • Allura: I don't recognise that language
  • Hunk: Yeah lance is from Cuba
  • Shiro: Keith actually knows some spanish
  • Lance: No way that mullet head can speak spanish
  • Keith: *walks in* Hey guys what did I miss?
  • Hunk: Just letting everyone know that Lance is from Cuba
  • Keith: Oh. Really. *smirks* Bien entonces hombre sexy. Que piensas de mi ahora
  • Lance: *blushing uncontrollably*
  • Hunk: dude. you ok?
  • Lance: Y-yeah, I-I'm f-fine.
  • Keith: Tu no esta bien eres hermosa
  • (Im stopping this before I type something I'll regret)
  • translations
  • -Bien entonces hombre sexy. Que piensas de mi ahora - hey sexy man. what do you think of me now
  • -Tu no esta bien eres hermosa- you're not fine. you're gorgeous
The 100 ways to say 'I love you' OTH edition
  • 1. "Always and forever."
  • 2. "I wanted you to fight for me."
  • 3. "Don't say I never gave you anything."
  • 4. "Hey, pretty girl."
  • 5. "I don't know what I'd do without you."
  • 6. "This is how I spent my summer, wanting you."
  • 7. "You are not allowed to quote from my letters."
  • 8. "You are not an idiot, not even close."
  • 9. "I needed to hear your voice."
  • 10. "Didn't you miss me while you were away?"
  • 11. "This is gonna work, right?"
  • 12. "When are we gonna get to that kissing part?"
  • 13. "I am the guy for you, ____."
  • 14. "You told me to fight for you and I did."
  • 15. "Please stay."
  • 16. "It means a lot to me to know you are here."
  • 17. "Why won't you ever just let me all the way in?"
  • 18. "I’ve given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life, and they’ve both been with you."
  • 19. "I miss this, you know? Talking to you."
  • 20. "I need you to need me back."
  • 21. "Can I help you?"
  • 22. "I’m here for you forever."
  • 23. "You always make everything better for me."
  • 24. "Hoes over bros?"
  • 25. "You have me no matter what."
  • 26. "I wish you would've told me."
  • 27. "We made it, didn’t we?"
  • 28. “You think I need to see you with my eyes to know what’s going on with you.”
  • 29. "You're always saving me."
  • 30. "I can't live without you."
  • 31. "When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me... It's you."
  • 32. "Nothing will happen to you, I promise."
  • 33. "It’s always gonna be there, isn’t it? Me and you?"
  • 34. "I sort of like you, you know that?"
  • 35. "I want all the same things you want."
  • 36. "I don't hate you."
  • 37. "Your art matters. It’s what got me here."
  • 38. "Or I can stay if you want."
  • 39. "I wanna have everything with you."
  • 40. "It didn’t mean anything."
  • 41. "It won't happen again."
  • 42. "That girl has been nearly impossible to find but worth every second of the wait."
  • 43. "Maybe I can wish something for you."
  • 44. "You look skinny as ever."
  • 45. "You deserve this."
  • 46. "You’ve taught me to trust."
  • 47. "You see the world in a way that no one else does."
  • 48. "You appreciate everything."
  • 49. "There’s no one in the world like you."
  • 50. "I like it when you get me."
  • 51. "I’m happy to be gotten."
  • 52. "You make sad look beautiful."
  • 53. "I realized how empty my world was without you in it."
  • 54. "Hey, gorgeous."
  • 55. "You don't know me well enough to judge me."
  • 56. "Actually, I feel like I do know you."
  • 57. "We’re us, _____."
  • 58. "You’re sexy when you play football."
  • 59. "You look even more beautiful than in my dreams."
  • 60. "You should know I plan on making every one of your dreams come true."
  • 61. "I could have held you in my arms forever and it still wouldn’t have been long enough."
  • 62. "I need you to get past this."
  • 63. "You are too amazing to carry this around."
  • 64. "Every song ends, is that any reason not to enjoy the music?"
  • 65. "Everything was so much simpler when it was just you and me."
  • 66. "I gotta be honest with you, I could never officially give you away."
  • 67. "Because my world is better with you in it."
  • 68. "I will always be there for you."
  • 69. "I will always protect you."
  • 70. "Can I stay with you tonight?"
  • 71. "I just don’t want to do anything to drive you away."
  • 72. "I don’t want to be that guy anymore."
  • 73. "I wanna be somebody that’s good enough to be seen with you."
  • 74. "We made it."
  • 75. "Thank you for believing in me."
  • 76. "I am not going anywhere."
  • 77. "I don’t ever want to lose you."
  • 78. "Till kingdom come."
  • 79. "But everything is better with you."
  • 80. "I miss you in forever ways."
  • 81. "I like you, more than you know."
  • 82. "You are the devil, aren't you?"
  • 83. "I do like waking up to you."
  • 84. "It's unbelievable how much I hate you."
  • 85. "They are great. So are you."
  • 86. "I promise you I’ll still feel the same way about you that I do right now."
  • 87. "I’m voting for her because of her heart and her spirit."
  • 88. "Do you know how terrible it is to be disconnected from your best friend?"
  • 89. "I could’ve loved the girl in this picture."
  • 90. "I'm gonna miss you most of all."
  • 91. "How can you not see that?"
  • 92. "I remember looking in that mirror and telling you how special you are."
  • 93. "Girls just want somebody to want them back."
  • 94. "What's underneath all the clothes?"
  • 95. "I wanted to come see you because I knew something was wrong."
  • 96. "Forgiveness is love, you know?"
  • 97. "You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."
  • 98. "It's absolutely your business."
  • 99. "My home is your home now."
  • And...
  • 100. "I love you, you know that?"

anonymous asked:

So I read the translation of Kubo's Pash interview and I'm basically heartbroken 😭 how do you feel about it? The fact that Victuuri aren't romantic after all despite kissing and exchanging rings etc although even Victor claimed they were engaged??? That's the impression I got anyway. To me it just seems like it WAS queer bait now like all those haters said and as a gay guy it's ripped me to pieces 😢 what do you make of it???

Hey there. You’ll have to let me know if there’s something in the Pash interview that I missed. Here is the translation I read. I didn’t see anywhere that it blatantly stated they aren’t romantic? (Granted, I did read it VERY quickly, and it’s possible I missed something.)

I did see the part about Yuuri purchasing the “pair” rings, but that’s still not enough to convince me that they aren’t in a romantic relationship. Even if the rings just mean “good luck” and aren’t representative of an engagement, the boys are still wearing them after the GPF as symbols. That’s … pretty darn romantic.

The creator seems to like the idea of letting us make up our own minds about where Victor and Yuuri are in their relationship. She’s being vague on purpose.

In the past, she’s admitted herself that she doesn’t particularly care for stories about romance, so maybe she personally likes imagining them differently. That’s her right.

But she’s also not flat out denying that Victor and Yuuri kissed or are in a relationship. (At least, not that I can tell.) She’s doing that for us. She’s letting Victuuri fans fill in the blanks of the story the way we want to.

Take advantage of that blessing from YOI’s creator! She has invited you to interpret her work the way you want. So if you wanted them to kiss in Episode 7, then that’s just what happened. If you want their rings to mean more than “good luck”, then they are.

And please do let me know if there’s something in the interview that I missed, though I hope no one does. I don’t particularly want to be sad today sooo…

New Season (Sherlock Fandom)
  • Sherlock: *sobbing* AAAH!
  • Supernatural: You alright?
  • Doctor Who: I think he's far from alright.
  • Supernatural: Did someone-
  • Sherlock: YES NOW SHUT UP!
  • Doctor Who: Don't worry-
  • Sherlock: SHUT UP I NEED TO THINK! *takes deep breath* I'm calm now.
  • Hetalia: Hey guys I'm back! Miss me?
  • Sherlock: GET OUT!

Did ya miss me?!

hey guys! it’s been sooooo long since i’ve been on here , I apologize >.< so many things have been going on in my life recently, my sister got married, and she’s expecting!! I’m so excited to become an aunt! they worked pretty fast on that one though ;) I’m also working on my 3rd album for you guys! I cant wait for you all to hear it and hopefully buy it ;) but that won’t be out for a couple more months, I’ll make a post closer to the date it’s gonna be released, still working in the studio atm tho :) also have been looking to start some modeling, so if anyone knows of any good agencies to work for message me! <3

I’ve missed so many of your beautiful faces on here, and I see a lot of new faces! So for the new faces, let me introduce myself ;)
My names Marciella Biello , but I go by Marci or Mar most of the time, I was born in the beautiful city of Venice, Italy and moved to New York when I was about 8. I’m a singer/songwriter, I have released 2 albums so far , MARCI and DREAMS which you can still buy on iTunes ;) I’m a cat lady and stoner and just love to vibe out whenever I’m not working lol I love making new friends so hit me up sometime so we can chill if you’d like :)

again, I’ve missed you all so much and I PROMISE i will be posting more frequently <3


Duality songs in one sentence
  • The Haunting: Have fun getting over me.
  • N.M.E.: Does your new significant other know you're an asshole, because if not, I'll totally let them know.
  • Why Worry: Stop stressing, it's not good for you.
  • Ancient History: I should REALLY break up with you, but you're hot so I'll wait a bit.
  • Bleak December: I should've found out you were an asshole before we got this far into our relationship.
  • Duality: I'm not a good person, but hey, at least I admit it.
  • Tomorrow: You'll make it through this, and you're chance will come, trust me.
  • Bad Guy: Why are you calling me an asshole when all I did was try to keep this relationship alive?
  • Miss Mysterious: I didn't know you were an asshole because you're so good at hiding and now I regret it.

Hey, I miss interacting with everyone here so let’s do the “requests” thing again, a bit different tho’. 

I usually try (and fail) to draw everything you guys ask, I won’t be able to do that now, but I still want to know, so just tell me anything if you want to and I’ll try to pick something later and do a smol drawing.

No promises because I don’t trust myself for it right now, but even so I just really love to know what you’re all up to and heck everyone is sort of precious so yeah…

Three’s a Crowd

A/N: Hey guys! I have not written on here for a long time, but I really missed it so I thought I would start writing a sisfic! I hope you like it. The character’s name is “Y/N” and I did this so that everyone reading can somehow feel connected to the story. Feel free to leave me a message about suggestions, comments, or even if you just want to say hey!

Episode: Pilot (S01 Ep01)
Words: 11,131 (whoa)

I am currently sitting in the passenger seat of Dean’s 1967 Chevy Impala. My lips are pursed and my arms are crossed like a young teenager giving her parents attitude for not letting her go to a party. That’s exactly how I feel too because Dean and I are currently on our way to Sam’s apartment at Stanford University in California. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love Sam and we grew up really close—I mean I had no choice…we shared a womb together for nine months. It’s because we were so close that I was heartbroken to hear that Sam left for college without any goodbye. After a huge blow out with my dad, he stormed off with his pre packed luggage and took off while I was at the store. When I got home, Dean told me the whole story—the ultimatum my father gave him: Sam could stay and we’d pretend like the college fight never happened or Sam could leave and never come back. It’s a damn shame he chose the latter. My twin brother would occasionally call Dean and I after he settled in. He told me that he was sorry for leaving me so abruptly and I’d forgiven him. But then his calls kept getting less and less frequent. He stopped calling us about two years ago and neither Dean nor I have spoken to him since. Of course at first we were nervous that his hunting life had caught up to his Apple-pie life at Stanford so dad, unknowingly to Sam, would stop by and check up on him. It turned out he was fine! He was living the life up in beautiful California. The fact was he had just stopped bothering to call. And to be quite honest, I don’t know what result would have hurt most, but Sam being okay and just forgetting about us was a real heart breaker.

Unlike my sourpuss attitude, Dean is excited to seeing Sam again. Our father has been MIA for the past couple of weeks, which wasn’t too strange until Dean got a voice mail from him a couple of days ago that had some weird EVP on it. It was Deans idea to get Sam in on the weird phone call, which is why we were on our way to the luxurious California, despite my protests to figuring this out on our own.

Dean parks the car in front of a tall white apartment complex a couple of blocks from Stanford’s main campus. He shuts the engine off and looks at me, waiting for me to say something, considering I’ve been silent this entire ride besides the small bickering about the situation at hand.

“Would you stop acting like a whiny teenager and just accept the fact that Sam has the right to be included in this,” Dean says. I scoff at him. I don’t know who he’s kidding. Sam doesn’t want to be included in this! “It’s his dad too!” Dean adds.

“Whatever,” I drop my arms and run my fingers over the door handle. “We can go in there and do our thing, but it’s all gonna be a waste of time because he’s not gonna wanna come out with us. He chose this this—” I motion to the apartment complex, indicating a normal life “—over us.” I open the door and hop out of the car. I wipe my palms over my light-washed ripped jeans and fix my black v-neck top.

“Come on, Y/N, you can’t hold a grudge against him forever,” Dean sighs, following me to the building. Did we even know what room number was his?

I shake my head, “I’m not holding a grudge, Dean. I’m being realistic. You really shouldn’t be getting your hopes up, you know.”

 Dean grabs me by my elbow to turn me around and gives me a stern look mixed with an expression of confusion. “We’re about to see our brother that we haven’t seen in four years. Isn’t that enough for you to drop the attitude?” With one last glance in Dean’s eyes I bite the inside of my cheek and stare down at my boots. Maybe he was right. I should make the most out of this situation.

 I sigh in defeat, “Fine.” Dean gives me final look. “I said fine, now let go of me,” I shake away from his grip and walk forward with him right next to me. “Do we even know what apartment is his?”

Dean wiggles his eyebrows at me and motions towards a second story window. I scrunch my eyebrows in confusion. Was he suggesting we break though the window instead of knocking on his door? 

“No way,” I hiss. This town was quiet for a Sunday night. “Let’s just knock on the door.”

“You need to use the buzzer to even get into the building. It’s late and Sam will probably ignore us.” Dean says. I lift my hands in exclamation. He basically just proved my point in one sentence. He sees this and rolls his eyes. “Shut up and give me your lock-picking kit.”

“You’re gonna make me lift you?” I give him an incredulous look. “You’re like a hundred pounds heavier than me." 

"Exactly,” Dean says. “I’ll lift you up once I get in. I can at least help lift myself up by the window sill.” I look up and see the widow sill. Once he gets his hands on it, he will be able to help lift himself up. “Fine,” I groan, tossing him the kit and holding my palms out for his foot.

Dean steps in and jumps, almost whacking me in the face with his boots. I grunt as I try keeping balance while holding his fat ass up. He takes hold of the ledge, picks the lock quickly, and lifts himself in. He pokes his head out and lifts his arms for me to take. I hold on to his hands and walk up the brick wall. Dean grabs my waist to help me fit through the window and we both fall the ground. Well if Sam wasn’t awake yet….

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Hey guys! I’m back from England, London. Did you all miss me? Yes? No?
I’ve been there for a few days and I was there as well during the terror attack of Wednesday. It happened when we stepped out of the London eye.
I only saw police and ambulances, I lucky didn’t saw it happen, but I was near the bridge that day and went into and souvenirs shop when that man hit the 4 France students and some other people. I’m still a bit in shock from that, because that could have been me. But because our teachers told us, we were going to use the buss to get to the British museum, we weren’t allowed to walk on our own. But if they had said yes that moment, I would have been on that bridge with my classmates at that moment since I wanted to go to that side of London.
So our trip was ended faster than expected and returned with the buss to our hotel since the police  had the road’s cordoned off of whole Westminster…
I made photo’s of it and I’m grateful I wasn’t there on the bridge that moment. Our buss was behind the building that stood next to the London eye, for the 4D experience. And in the same street as the St. Thomas Hospital. Our hotel had wifi, but you had to pay for that the whole time so that’s why I didn’t had any contact with people I used to rp with or to talk to. I’ve called my parents that moment when it happened to tell them we were there during the terror attack and they put on the television right away. Our buss seems to be have filmed and we weren’t allowed to leave for the next 1,5 hours and 5 students of our group had been locked up inside an building because the security had locked all doors and windows, they got stuck there, which made us unable to leave that place for 1,5 hours.
In the end when they were allowed to get out again they got back to the buss and we all left to go back to the hotel.
The next day we had to go home anyways and I arrived home late yesterday.
I’m glad to be back and to be alive.

Selfie was made 10 minutes before the terror attack. ^^ I’m glad to be home again.

FC Barcelona Imagines

Originally posted by dailyfcb

Hey guys x here are all the Imagines about the barca players I got for right now. I always wanna know what you think about my imagines so please tell me! I really hope you like them, also I wanna say thank you for always reading my imagines, love you ♡




hey guys !! it’s aneeka, she/her pronouns, & i’m back but ik no one missed me that much jdnfsjdf i visited my family & there was a situation with my laptop lmao. long story short my laptop just sucks but i’m back & happy to be back !! again i brought my baby boy baek as jeon jaejoon, your local emotional puppy basically !! for the most part he’s the same as he was before but i did change some aspects of him like his label & such !! under the cut is the basics on his family & personality, but you can check out his profile here ( complete with more in depth family history & personality details ) and maybe even check out my plots page ?? it’s much better than before believe me jdnjsdf !! anyway like this if you want & i’ll msg you for plotting !! love you guys !!!!!

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GOT7 REACTION: When they have a crush on you and they found out that you're single

Hey guys! I missed u! ^^


“Y/N-ah, I can solve it…”

“Wait… What?”

“What do you think about a date?”


“Good news…”


“You’re single?”


“Mark, forgive me…” Jackson would murmur, thinking that you weren’t listening “This is the end of Markson…”

“What did you say?”

“Oh… I’m just saying I’m wild and sexy, you know?”


“Whooa… I can’t believe!”


“That is my chance…”



“OMG! Y/N is single!”

Owww I’m in love with these boys! T.T

~ADM Misso

GIF Credits to Their Original Owners!

Hey, I´m back!

I was all the weekend at a cottage with friends without phone coverage!!
I survived without look at the phone every 5 minutes LOL!

Was super fun but I glad I’m back here, I have a lot of things to read and watch.
Did I miss something big in the Shamy world? I know that Mayim has a new video, but nothing more, please help me! 

I missed you guys!

And sorry @rgbcn I missed your video-live, I hope you had fun, I´ll watch it tonight in your patreon!

Workout Warriors

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Hey guys! I didn’t post the first week because I didn’t contribute. I had some injury induced laziness, illness, and some travel that bled into this week so while I didnt do my normal stuff, I did something! Thanks for being so great last week!

I just had two days:

3/10 Friday: 54 minutes walking (11 points)

3/12 Sunday: 36 minutes running (7 points); 15 minutes weights (4 points); 18 minutes stationary bike (4 points). 

Points: 26

I’m still a little sick so I dont know that I’ll be back to what I normally like to do this week, but I’ll at least try to do lengthy walks. I already have one for this week!

MBTI (stereotypes) - Unhealthy Types

WARNING: if you are very sensitive dont read this post.

ESTJ: You are going to follow me. And I am not going to follow you. You are going to help me reach my goals and I will crush your dreams in a second.

ISTJ: I dont even know the rules and I feel so lost. Oh no, you just touched your face! Did you guys see that? Is it acceptable to touch your face?

ISFJ: I am going to talk about MYself, MY family, MY posessions, MY achievements….and…please please can you listen to me because nobody ever does that and I honestly dont know why also everybody hates me but why like I am super nice.

ESFJ: That girl is so ugly. I hate her. *ugly girl walks by* Hey girl! I missed ya. Whats up? I love you very very much.

INFP: Why are these people so mean? Why do they keep criticizing me? Why didnt that person stop in the street to help me tie my shoelaces? Why are you even listening? Why am I even talking?

INTP: …what is this I am experiencing…TEARS? ohhhh a learning opportunity let me check the amount of gases in tears.

ENFJ: I feel alone…like nobody understands me…like I dont fit in…and all of this is because I didnt talk to a person for eight minutes!

ENTJ: I am strong, I am awesome, and you are not. End of story.

INTJ: Sometimes I feel like I am the only one in the county that understands the complexity of life. Oh wait, not SOMETIMES, always.

INFJ: hun, I know whats best for you. You dont. Because you people obviously have no minds and hearts to choose what you want.

ESTP: I thought that you getting hit on the head with a bowling ball wouldnt hurt you so much. It was just a prank!

ISTP: mmm no youre wrong. That isnt the way it is. You have got a huge imagination… a huge and unrealistic imagination.

ISFP: The famous” I may be quiet but I have killed you in my head one hundred times.”

ESFP: Let us have a fight about this really dumb issue. You dont wanna have a fight? Okay lets have a fight about you not wanting to fight me. Let. Us. Begin.

ENTP: I have come to a realization that all of you have hurt me at least once. Now I am going to hold grudges and make snarky sarcastic comments at your super dumb sayings.

ENFP: I am not paying attention to my inner world that I often used for escaping hardships. So does that mean that the things I am going through arent hardships? What if they are just an illusion. Alright then, I am going to pretend I am super bubbly while I am slowly dying inside. Oh, and I will use manipulation to get what I want.

For people who found this stereotypical or mean, I am really sorry. But the title said “stereotypes” and I wrote a warning.
What Does That Mean?

Requests: i sorry but i think a second “first dates” would be amazing okay ily

Omg could u do part 2 of first dates where it’s the next Monday and reader and reid keep teasing Rossi and everyone was like “wait how did you 2 found Rossi was on a date” so they figure out they were also on one and then the teasing passes to them haha. Did this make sense? I hope so! Anyways your writing is amazing! Xx

A/N: This was super fun! I really hope you guys like it!!

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"So, did you miss me?"

Hey guys sorry it’s been a while! Here’s the next one! 

The next day you had come back, work turned out to be pretty slow as everyone was caught up in their own tasks. 

Around lunchtime you got a call about a ghost in an apartment building and the girls rushed into action. As you sat alone in the firehouse you began to think about your last encounter with Holtzmann. 

Just like she had mentioned you had begun to fall for her a little bit, but hadn’t talked to her today - she had only smirked at you when she arrived. 

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