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hey guuys! I love this blog so much and have been coming to it for my sterek needs for yearss, y'all are awesome and legit the real MVPs! I was wondering if you could update the neighbors tag? The last thing posted in it is from 10 months ago. Much love! xx


Shower Buddy by Nigellica (1/1 | 2,066 | NC17)

Ever since Stiles moved into his apartment he hasn’t had a shower to himself, his neighbour is always there, right on the other side of the wall stealing his water pressure and changing his water temperature like a Katy Perry song. Time to do something about it.

A Late Night Rendez-Vous by Lonaargh (1/1 | 1,220 | G)

It’s 3 AM when Derek wakes up because somewhere, someone is screaming. Loudly. And sure, this is Beacon Hills where there are bloodcurdling screams every five minutes. And sure, it’s 3 in the fucking morning. And sure, it’s cold outside. But will that stop Derek from getting out of bed and checking up on his new neighbour? Of course not!

Body Heat by 42hrb (1/1 | 1,034 | PG13)

When the heat in Stiles’ apartment breaks he gets drunk to stay warm, then goes to visit his hot neighbor Derek. 

Accidental Peeping by LadyDrace (1/1 | 2,783 | NC17)

Stiles loves his apartment. It has a delightful view. Even if it does end up making things a little awkward with one of his neighbors.

The Trash Monster by icshly (1/1 | 3,836 | NR)

Stiles doesn’t get it. Most of the time he’s a well adapted adult. So why is it that his neighbor The Most Beautiful Man In The World always catches him in the most awkward situations? Why does he always have to look like a Trash Monster in front of the most perfect human being on this earth? Sometimes he looks nice you know? Sometimes he’s completely sane and normal, sometimes he’s even attractive. But it’s not like The Most Beautiful Man In The World will ever find that out.

The Misadventures Of Thin Walls and Passive Agressive Notes by MelodramaticSalad (1/1 | 2,653 | PG13)

Derek Hale is stressed enough as it is. With looming deadlines and multiple social engagements, he’s at the end of his rope with his patience. And then his hot next door neighbor just so happens to push him further by having the loudest sex possible.

Things Out There by AsagiStilinski (1/1 | 4,900 | PG13)

“He writes gay werewolf novels? Stiles…. this has to be a joke,”

“Oh sure Scott, he’s published twelve books, designed his website, and made up a bunch of business cards for the express purpose of tricking me, I’m sure when the books get here I’ll open them up and they’ll just be pages of nothing but ‘Stiles Stilinski is an idiot’ or whatever,”

“You bought his books?”

“Well I mean…. yes…. why the hell wouldn’t I?”

“Because it’s weird?”

“Scott I’m living next to a published author who apparently is NOT lacking in the money or the inspiration departments, who writes a huge variety of paranormal books of varying genres- and sexualities, mind you, they aren’t ALL gay… I think- and he HIMSELF is a werewolf- possibly a gay werewolf if the cute little rainbow flag on his website means anything, he even has a corny pen name! D.H. Wolfe? Come on that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard!! So why would ANY of that be weird?”

“Stiles every single word you just said is weird,”

Jungkook dating a foreign girl would be like [PART1]:

Hey guuys~~ SOOO~ I am going to try dating foreign girl AU but this time with KOOKIE~~ A lovely Anon asked me to do it and I gladly accepted~ ♥ Please enjoooy~ 

How you two would meet for the first time: 

  • OKAAYY~ let’s do this~ ^^
  • You thought it’s the perfect day to clean your dirty windows. So you went to your bathroom fill your yellow bucket with cold water and throw your yellow cloth into the bucket. You climbed carefully up to your windowsill and put the bucket beside you and started cleaning the window. After finishing the inner side you started cleaning the outside. But how clumsy human being you are, you accidentally drop the bucket out of your window right outside. You shrieked and at the same time you heard someone outside shrieking as well. Your eyes widened and you looked down.
  • And here comes trouble you thought yourself you saw a boy all wet because of you. He looked up all shocked. He started yelling at you and before you could open your mouth he entered your entrance. You quickly went to the door and opened and waited for the stranger to come upstairs. Hopefully he is not injured you thought yourself, thankfully you was living just on the second floor. As he appear in front of your door you didn’t know what to do. He looked at you in disbelief. He was tall and good looking. Hell he was handsome. He was wearing a black ripped jeans and a white tee. Well it wasn’t really white anymore you thought.
  • “What do you think you are doing? I almost died, Am I doing the ice bucket challenge? ”, he scolded you. “I am so sorry I was just cleaning my window and somehow it happened”, you would say and you would talk pretty fast. Then it would hit him that you were actually a foreign girl and how fluent your Korean was. He would take a glimpse of you. You probably would look like a fool.
  • “Now tell me what I should do huuh?”, you think I can go out like this?”, he would question you. “I-I can wash your clothes.” You would suggest. He would raise an eyebrow but he would nod. You would let him in, because you wouldn’t want to get in trouble, your roommate made clear not the get in trouble till she comes back from her trip.
  • “Thankfully I am having some spare clothes with me”, he would say and you would just look at him. He would ask you if he could shower you would freeze for a few seconds and then you would slowly nod. Well you wouldn’t have many options.
  • He would go showering after you showing him where the bath is. After he closes the door you would go to your living room and have a mental breakdown. How could you let a stranger come to your dorm and if it’s not enough you let him take a shower, are you even real? Where is your brain?
  • Soon the stranger would come out, out of your bathroom. His hair wet he was wearing his black jeans again and  a white tee but this time the tee was actually white and clean.
  • You two would stand in front of your bathroom and being all awkward about the situation. He would be the one who starts talking first. “SOO you are going to clean my shirt right? Because it’s my favorite one”, he would say in a serious tone. You would race an eyebrow. What does he mean it is his favorite one you would think.  “But you the one you are wearing right know looks excatly the same”, you would babble out. He would raise his eyebrow. “Still it’s my favorite one”, he would say childishly and you would laugh at him and he would laugh with you.  You would give him your phone number so he could call you and take his precious t-shirt back. You wouldn’t find his name out till you two meet for the seconde time.

His reaction when you talk in your native tongue:

  • This puppy would be so lost. He would think that you were turning into a completely different person.  Like when you talk in Korean you seemed so cute and fragile. But when he hears you talking in your mother language he would think that you are all savage and wild. He would see a different side of you, with more confident and much louder.
  • The first time him hearing you talk in your mother tongue would be probably like you trying to call your bff but accidentally calling your bf which is Jungkook. He would be so lost and would check out the caller ID like 5 times to make sure if he is hearing the right person.
  • You wouldn’t even realize till you wonder why your bff is not responding back. So you would look all confused and check out your caller ID. You would curse at yourself. And you would be like “Kookieee~ I am so sorry, I mean I thought you are my bff and didn’t realized but why didn’t you stoped meeee?”, you would explain and scold him at the same time.
  • And he would be like “Jagi you are talking since 10 minutes straight and you didn’t even give me any chance to talk, but daaamn jagi you sound all sexy and wild when you talk in your mother tongue”. You would blush so hard and would laugh nervously. You two would laugh pretty much.
  • He would probably try to learn a few phrases in your own language so he could tease you and make you all blush because he is a little shit who likes to tease you. But low key he would learn to say I love you and some romantic stuff bc he is Jungkook after all. But you always would end up laughing at him bc he would pronounce it wrong and it would sound so cute and adorable. He would always pout at you and you would give him a quick kiss and apologize for being shitty. But you two would end up laughing. He would make sure to tease you after he cames back home. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well~ shouting out to the lovely anon who requested this~ have fuuun~~~ ♥ Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think ~ ♥

Hey guuys!

So I know some of you know about my girlfriend (y/n)…

I am going to be meeting her today…

First time in months so I’m sorry if I don’t tweet much and stuff today

I’m really excited

I’ll talk to you guys soon…Bye

AU: You’re coming to America for the first time to visit Ashton on his day off while he’s touring and he Keeks about it